Chapter 461: Han Qingrus Whereabouts

    Chapter 461: Han Qingru's Whereabouts

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    Can He City Square. This was a small scale city square in the Corner of Yong Ying.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was standing outside Can He City Square. Because this place was close to Five Lotus Mountain, he only used a day to get here.

    If Han Qingru were to go to a city square, she definitely would have come here. Moreover, Han Qingru had also mentioned that there was a city square near Five Lotus Mountain. According to Mo Wuji's conjecture, Han Qingru should have been referring to Can He City Square.

    Before he even entered Can He City Square, Mo Wuji discovered the multiple defensive arrays outside the city square. These defensive arrays were not bad; they had some trapping effects.

    After entering the city square, Mo Wuji found that it was quite lively, with a steady stream of people.

    In reality, there weren't any cultivator cities near Can He City Square. However, there were several huge mountain ranges in the surrounding; Five Lotus Mountain Range was just one of them. Besides Five Lotus Mountain Range, there's also Can He Mountain Range and Gentle River Mountain Range.

    These mountain ranges were full of all sorts of immortal herbs, and there were even peak grade minerals and ores which could be excavated on these ranges. Thus, many cultivators temper and train themselves here, and when they found some things, they would typically sell them at Can He City Square.

    The layout of the city square was not messy. Besides merchant houses and stalls, there were also pill houses, material shops, etc. All these shops that sold the same kind of goods were located near one another. Thus, if people wanted to purchase an item, they would not take very long.

    If Han Qingru came to exchange for immortal crystals, she definitely would have gone to an immortal herb stall. Thus, Mo Wuji immediately headed to the area which sold immortal herbs.

    After circling the area, he still wasn't able to find Han Qingru.

    Mo Wuji walked in front of a spiritual herb stall of a middle-aged woman, clasped his fists and said, "Senior Sister, I would like to ask you some questions about a person."

    This middle-aged woman saw Mo Wuji's polite greeting. Moreover, Mo Wuji looked older than her but he was still courteous to call her "Senior Sister". Thus, she immediately replied with a smile, "This dao friend is too polite. If I know anything, I will be sure to tell you."

    Mo Wuji roughly described Han Qingru's appearance and attire. After some thought, he added, "She may have been wearing a disguise mask."

    Han Qingru was being pursued by Lao Cai. Thus, Mo Wuji believed that she would definitely have disguised herself.

    When the middle-aged woman heard Mo Wuji's description, her face instantly changed. She immediately shook her head and said, "I don't know."

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glance at this middle-aged woman's expression to know that she was definitely hiding something. He continued, "I'm her junior brother. My junior sister has been gone for a few days and has yet to return. I'm really worried which was why I'm looking around for her."

    "Oh, you're her junior brother? More like a lover, isn't it?" A sudden voice interrupted Mo Wuji's words; an extremely thin man strolled by.

    Because Mo Wuji's vitality and elemental energy had been severely sucked away by the Undying World, he had yet to fully recover. Thus, he still looked incomparably emaciated. However, this man that came over was actually thinner than Mo Wuji.

    When the middle-aged woman saw this thin man, she immediately lowered her head, afraid to utter another word.

    "You're Mo Ru's junior brother? Why do I think that you're Mo Ru's lover?" This thin man walked in front of Mo Wuji and sized him up; his tone was unbridled and pompous.

    Mo Ru? Mo Wuji was slightly startled before he reacted; this must have been Han Qingru's alias. He clasped his fists and said, "That's right, I'm Mo Ru's junior brother, Mo Wu. May I know where my senior sister is right now?"

    As for the other sentence, it had been completely disregarded by Mo Wuji. Now, he didn't even know where Han Qingru is. Naturally, he had to get things clear first. Fighting had to wait till after he found Han Qingru.

    The thin man sized Mo Wuji up once more, then said, "Mo Ru is doing well. Since you're her junior brother, follow me then."

    With that, the thin man turned and walked off. Mo Wuji did not hesitate to follow behind him.

    Even though Mo Wuji had yet to recuperate fully, he had recovered around 70% of his strength. He was already much stronger than when he was at the Great Circle of Earthly Immortal.

    At the Earthly Immortal Stage, he was already able to kill the Ji brothers. Now, even if his opponent had some scheme or trap, they wouldn't be able to deal with him easily.

    Moreover, he heard from Han Qingru that Golden Immortals were not allowed here. If Golden Immortals wanted to come here, they would need a peak grade regulation talisman. Since his opponent was also in the Heavenly Immortal Stage, there was nothing for him to fear.

    Soon, they reached a rather grand merchant house; at least, it was considered grand in Can He City Square. Outside of the merchant house, there were even some large words: First Cultivator Merchant House.

    "Come in then." The thin man gestured to Mo Wuji while at the entrance of the merchant house, then entered the building.

    Mo Wuji was adroit with arrays; how could he not know that there were many arrays in this building? He did not care too much about it, and directly entered the building.

    Compared to those in Hundred Flowers Manor, these trap arrays were seriously lacking. These trap arrays were dreaming if they wanted to trap him.

    The moment he entered the merchant house, Mo Wuji swept outwards with his spiritual will. His spiritual will was soon blocked by all sorts of spiritual will barriers, and it was unable to sweep any further.

    The thin man brought Mo Wuji to the second floor of the merchant house, then turned and left.

    A young woman was standing at the entrance of the room of the second floor. She bowed to Mo Wuji and said, "Dao Friend Mo, please enter."

    Mo Wuji looked at though he was completely unguarded as he walked into the room unhesitatingly. There was no one inside the room. However, he did not mind, and found himself a chair to sit down on. He believed that if this First Cultivator Merchant House had called him here, they wouldn't simply attack him without reason.

    Just when Mo Wuji entered the room, two cultivators appeared outside the room - one man and one woman.

    The man looked healthy and fit; his face was long and his lips were thick; his eyes were sparkling, as though everything was within his control. When he saw Mo Wuji enter the room, a trace of disappointment flashed through his eyes, "This person hasn't condensed his immortal lattice, and we know nothing of his origins. Clearly, it's very unlikely that we would be able to obtain immortal lattice crystals from him."

    This woman had a very curvy figure, her chest and butt were protruding significantly; it was hard to miss. When she heard the man's words, she smiled slightly, "That's hard to tell. What if this person is very lucky and has a large amount of immortal lattice stones? Didn't they say that there were people from Half Immortal Domain that have infiltrated into the Corner of Yong Ying? Perhaps he met those fat lambs from Half Immortal Domain and became filthy rich."

    The man nodded, "Regardless, we should first go in and take a look."

    "Dao Friend Mo, I'm the manager of First Cultivator Merchant House, Wei Gongfeng. I didn't anticipate your visit, I seek your forgiveness." The moment the man entered the room, he grinned and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    After that, he gestured to the woman by his side and introduced, "This is my First Cultivator Merchant House's Deacon Zhu Yiyan."

    The woman nodded towards Mo Wuji, but she didn't say a word.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "Where's my senior sister?"

    His spiritual will had already discovered the trap arrays and killing arrays within the building. These arrays were considered Grade 1 immortal arrays. If it was any other Heavenly Immortal that was clueless about arrays, these host of arrays were enough to trap him indefinitely.

    However, Mo Wuji did not care too much about these Grade 1 immortal grades; instead, he cared about Wei Gongfeng and Zhu Yiyan. These two looked like experts that had already condensed their immortal lattice. The aura that they exuded were clearly stronger than the Ji brothers.

    "The matter of your senior sister can be discussed later. I heard from your senior sister that you have a large amount of immortal lattice stones on you. I wonder if that's true?" Zhu Yiyan directly interrupted Mo Wuji's words and went straight to her point. In her eyes, Mo Wuji was merely a fat lamb ready to be roasted.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart, "How did this woman actually get such a figure? She had such fat chest and ass, but her arms are so thin." Mo Wuji was even worried that if this woman used too much force in her arms, those thin arms might just snap off."

    "If your eyes continue to stray around, I would first gorge them out, then discuss about the immortal lattice crystals," Zhu Yiyan snorted as she noticed Mo Wuji's gaze.
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