Chapter 462: All Because of Immortal Lattice Crystals

    Chapter 462: All Because of Immortal Lattice Crystals

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    Mo Wuji laughed coldly; this woman had a high self-esteem. However, he was looking for Han Qingru, so he couldn't be bothered to care about this woman's nagging. Mo Wuji extended his hand, a pile of immortal lattice stones appeared in his palm and fell to the ground. There were at least thousands within that pile. He asked calmly, "Are you asking about this?"

    He didn't believe that Han Qingru would reveal that he had large amounts of immortal lattice crystals on him. It must have been because Han Qingru had just condensed her immortal lattice, and was thus held hostage by these people. Moreover, he went searching for Han Qingru the moment he came to this city square, so they decided to blackmail him.

    "Immortal lattice crystals?" Wei Gongfeng and Zhu Yiyan hurriedly stood up; their eyes gleamed with searing light as they stared at the pile of immortal lattice stones in front of Mo Wuji.

    Zhu Yiyan went one step further and tried to grab some stones. With a wave of his hand, Mo Wuji directly swept the pile of immortal lattice crystals away.

    "Could Deacon Zhu be trying to steal my crystals?" After Mo Wuji kept the stones, he spoke with a hint of disdain.

    Anger instantly emerged on Zhu Yiyan's face. However, it soon disappeared, and she threw out multiple array flags.

    After these array flags landed on the ground, some mechanical noises sounded behind Mo Wuji.

    Following which, the wall behind Mo Wuji disappeared and a new room appeared, which merged with the room Mo Wuji was in.

    "Qing... senior sister." The moment the wall behind him disappeared, Mo Wuji saw Han Qingru.

    Indeed, there was a piece of black cloth around Han Qingru's face. Moreover, Mo Wuji could feel that Han Qingru's energy was unstable. Clearly, she had been in a battle not long ago.

    "Junior Brother, why are you here?" The moment Han Qingru saw Mo Wuji, her heart tightened. However, she soon came to an understanding; Mo Wuji must have been looking for her, and as a result, was scammed by these people from First Cultivator Merchant House.

    Mo Wuji said to Wei Gongfeng and Zhu Yiyan, "May the two of you please leave first. I can give you as many immortal lattice crystals as you need. Just let me have a discussion with my senior sister, then we can proceed with the transaction. Oh right, there's a deposit of 10,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals which must be given immediately. Otherwise, I will not engage in business with the two of you."

    Wei Gongfeng was just about to speak when Zhu Yiyan lifted her hand and stopped him. She threw a storage bag to Mo Wuji and said, "There's 10,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals here, and I give you an incense's time to discuss."

    "The discussion time would be two hours. There's much that my senior sister and I have to talk about." Mo Wuji grabbed the storage bag, and said unkindly.

    "Two hours it is." Zhu Yiyan wasn't afraid that Mo Wuji was able to escape from this place. After giving Wei Gongfeng a meaningful glance, the two of them left the room swiftly.

    "Junior brother, sorry... I've done you harm...." Han Qingru wanted to continue speaking, but Mo Wuji raised his hand and stopped her. At the same time, Mo Wuji formed a barrier around himself.

    "Senior sister, we can talk about this later." After forming the barrier, Mo Wuji immediately grabbed a handful of those immortal crystals that Zhu Yiyan had just gave him, and started recovering his elemental energy.

    The immortal spiritual energy from within the intermediate grade immortal crystals were continuously being sucked out by Mo Wuji. In a short amount of time, the energy had enveloped Mo Wuji's entire body.

    Han Qingru knew that Mo Wuji was recovering his elemental energy, so she waited anxiously by the side.

    She was soon stupefied by what she saw before her; the rate at which Mo Wuji was extracting the spiritual energy from the immortal crystals was too terrifying. That large number of intermediate grade immortal crystals rapidly turned into dust.

    If it was her, she would have to cultivate for a long period of time to use thousands of intermediate grade immortal crystals. However, Mo Wuji was sucking these immortal crystals dry in the blink of an eye. What kind of junior brother did she find herself with?

    Mo Wuji's 108 meridians were absorbing the immortal spiritual energy unbridledly. With all 108 meridians in reverse circulation, a huge circulation path was formed; it would be weird if his absorption of spiritual energy was slow. Furthermore, he was trying to recover his power, so he absorbed the spiritual energy at a crazy pace.

    An hour passed. All the thousands of immortal crystals around Mo Wuji had already turned to dust. Mo Wuji heaved deeply and stopped his absorption. He wasn't able to recover his vitality immediately, but he was able to completely recover his elemental energy.

    "Junior brother, you're fully recovered?" Han Qingru looked at Mo Wuji in pleasant surprise.

    "Pretty much. Senior sister, now tell me, exactly what happened? You seem to have been a battle not long ago?" Mo Wuji's heart was filled with doubt. Logically, if Han Qingru had been held hostage, there was no reason that she would have fought in a battle not long ago.

    "Because I have many low tiered immortal herbs with me. Even though they weren't very valuable, I had a lot of them. After coming to Can He City Square, I set up a stall and sold my immortal herbs. However, I never expected that Zhu Yiyan woman to discover something amiss; she actually noticed that I had just condensed my immortal lattice..."

    Confused, Mo Wuji asked, "There's nothing wrong with that, right? Here, there should be many people that have condensed their immortal lattice. Why did she pick on you?"

    Han Qingru said with guilt, "Not only was she able to see that I had just condensed my immortal lattice, she could even tell that my immortal lattice was condensed with over 100,000 immortal lattice stones. It seems like she could tell all this because my immortal lattice had yet to stabilise itself. Then, she told me that First Cultivator Merchant House required a large amount of these low tiered immortal herbs. I thought that her words were true, so I followed them here. I never imagined that after I entered, I would be ensnared in their trap array.

    They forced me to reveal where I obtained my immortal lattice stones from, but I didn't tell them anything. Because they wanted to obtain the whereabouts of the immortal lattice stones, they did not dare do anything to me. However, they wanted me to represent them in the Grand Trade Union Competition."

    "Grand Trade Union Competition?" Mo Wuji was completely unaware of what those words meant.

    Han Qingru explained, "I heard that the various city squares in the Corner of Yong Ying want to organise a large-scale auction. Various city squares, clans, sects and immortal cities would be allowed to participate in this auction, but the number of places are limited. The First Cultivator Merchant House is quite reputable in Can He City Square, but they aren't the sole power here. In Can He City, there are at least two to three other merchant houses like First Cultivator Merchant House. Because my immortal lattice is thicker, my power exceeded an average Heavenly immortal cultivator. Thus, they wanted me to fight for First Cultivator Merchant House. Because I didn't want them to completely turn on me, I could only agree."

    Mo Wuji's heart was instantly filled with killing intent. Not only did they trap Han Qingru here as bait, they even wanted Han Qingru to risk her life for them.

    "Creak!" The door creaked open, Wei Gongfeng and Zhu Yiyan walked in. Behind them, was the thin man that brought Mo Wuji here.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and erased his barrier, staring coldly at the three of them.

    "Eh! You were injured previously?" Seeing that Mo Wuji was no longer that thin man filled with white hair, Zhu Yiyan exclaimed in surprise.

    However, she did not mind. Even if Mo Wuji had recovered his powers, First Cultivator Merchant House was the dictator here.

    "So how was your discussion?" Zhu Yiyan no longer asked about Mo Wuji's recovery. She didn't even bother to sit down, but stared straight towards Mo Wuji and asked.

    "You trapped my senior sister here, and you even get her to risk her life to fight for your First Cultivator Merchant House. We should first talk about reimbursements before going on to the matter of the immortal lattice stones..."

    "Courting death!" The moment Mo Wuji's words were uttered, the thin man snorted and pounced towards Mo Wuji. He did not place Mo Wuji in his eyes as his fist descended down towards Mo Wuji.

    When Zhu Yiyan saw this, a cold smile emerged on her face. At the same time, she threw out multiple array flags.

    Before those array flags could land on the ground, Mo Wuji also threw ten array flags out. At the same time, he took a step forward and punched forward.

    At this point, Mo Wuji did not intend to be friendly. This punch contained 80% of all his power.

    "Boom!" The two violent forces clashed against one another, splitting this room apart.

    "Pui!" The thin man opened his mouth and coughed out a mouthful of blood. His entire body was sent flying, smashing heavily against the wall, then immediately breaking the wall apart.

    With a "Blargh!", the thin man vomited out a huge mouthful of blood.

    Zhu Yiyan stared at Mo Wuji in shock, completely forgetting that the trap array had not trapped Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's punch did not utilise any skill; it was already so terrifying with pure, raw power. This was not someone that they could fight with.
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