Chapter 463: Just A Heavenly Immortal Cultivator

    Chapter 463: Just A Heavenly Immortal Cultivator

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    Han Qingru stared at Mo Wuji in pleasant surprise. She was very clear of Mo Wuji's power; that punch just now was even stronger than when he killed the Ji brothers. Moreover, she knew that Mo Wuji did not exert all his power with that punch. When Mo Wuji killed the Ji brothers, his punch was merged with heavenly fire. If Mo Wuji had merged his previous punch with heavenly fire, that thin man from First Cultivator Merchant House would have probably been killed.

    Could Mo Wuji have advanced to the Heavenly Immortal Stage? But she didn't see Mo Wuji pass his tribulation?

    Mo Wuji looked just like an ordinary mortal; he did not exude any hints of spirituality. From the surface, it could not been seen whether he was a Heavenly Immortal or an Earthly Immortal.

    "Why aren't you afraid of the trap array?" Wei Gongfeng exhaled deeply, asking in disbelief.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and threw out additional array flags, then he said indifferently, "Now, we can discuss about the reimbursement. You cheated my senior sister, and you made her slave for you. How many immortal crystals do you intend to pay?"

    When Wei Gongfeng heard these words, he chuckled loudly. He extended his hand and a flying sword appeared in his hand.

    Before Wei Gongfeng could throw the flying sword, Zhu Yiyan suddenly grabbed his hand, "Brother Wei, we've been trapped."

    Wei Gongfeng wasn't adept with arrays. When he heard Zhu Yiyan's words, he asked in aghast, "Yiyan, this is First Cultivator Merchant House. We are the ones in control..."

    Zhu Yiyan didn't reply to Wei Gongfeng's words, but clasped her fists towards Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, I know that your skill over arrays far exceeds mine. In the blink of an eye, you have already reversed the trap array. But if you wish to use this trap array on us, I have to tell you, that you're terribly wrong. My First Cultivator Merchant House has stood tall for so long, we are not completely helpless."

    When he heard these words, Wei Gongfeng came to an understanding, and he hurriedly scanned outwards with his spiritual will. Soon, his face changed drastically; his spiritual will had actually been blocked. Not only that, within the region of his spiritual will, there were radiant blades revolving around. Clearly, these moving radiant blades had already gone under Mo Wuji's control.

    This Mo Wu's [1] skill with arrays was so strong?

    Mo Wuji's cultivation technique was the reverse circulation technique. Coupled with his knowledge on arrays, he easily reversed the trap array. Seeing that Zhu Yiyan wanted to discuss conditions with his, he continued to threaten, "If I want to deal with the lot of you, I wouldn't even need to use this trap array. Didn't you see, I didn't even carry on to install the array flags for a killing array. If I bring out all my array flags, I wouldn't even need to make a move to kill the load of you. I really don't care much your people in the First Cultivator Merchant House."

    When Zhu Yiyan heard these words, her heart skipped a beat; she believed that Mo Wuji definitely wasn't lying to her. A person that could easily reverse her trap array, how could he be a simple person?

    "Dao Friend Mo, this incident is truly the fault of our First Cultivator Merchant House. Actually, the trap arrays in our First Cultivator Merchant House weren't installed by me. If we cause too much trouble, we might alarm that senior." Zhu Yiyan finally understood why Mo Wuji wasn't afraid and didn't hesitate when he first entered this room; he simply didn't fear any trap array here.

    "Since the two of you don't wish to discuss on our reimbursement, then there's no need to talk any further." After he finished this sentence, Mo Wuji threw out ten more array flags; wistful killing intent immediately pervaded through the room.

    As the array flags continued to descend to the ground, concentrated and shrill sounds of gushing winds filled the air. In a short amount of time, the killing array had been activated. Mo Wuji clearly wasn't boasting; he really had the capability to do as he said.

    Zhu Yiyan's face turned more unsightly. She understood a bit about arrays, and knew that Mo Wuji had installed a killing array.

    "Wait, Dao Friend Mo, how to you want us to compensate you?" Zhu Yiyan finally relented. If Mo Wuji dared to install a killing array here, that meant that he clearly wasn't afraid of any consequences. Before this fella decided to kill them, she hurriedly agreed to his demand.

    Mo Wuji stopped, then said calmly, "Firstly, compensate us 500,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals. Secondly, I need one of the placings that my senior sister fought so hard for. I don't like to negotiate. If you agree, then that's it. If you disagree, then it will begin."

    "We haven't even gotten those placings, you..."

    Zhu Yiyan inhaled deeply, then stopped Wei Gongfeng from speaking. She solemnly said, "Alright. This is the jade token to enter the auction venue, it can allow two people in."

    Zhu Yiyan threw a jade token towards Mo Wuji. Thereafter, she threw a storage bag to Mo Wuji, "These are 500,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals."

    Mo Wuji accepted the jade token and the storage bag. With a scan of his spiritual will, he knew that the jade token was real, and the storage bag also contained 500,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals. He nodded, then fetched his array flags. After which, he said to Han Qingru, "Senior sister, let's go."

    When they reached the entrance, Mo Wuji seemed to recall something. He threw one immortal lattice stone to Zhu Yiyan, "This is what you bought with your 10,000 immortal crystal deposit, here you go."


    "Why did you let him go? We have gave him 500,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals like that? Even if he was adept with arrays and had trapped us, we were perfectly able to have sent out a distress message. I just don't believe that he is able to kill everyone in our First Cultivator Merchant House," After Mo Wuji and Han Qingru left, Wei Gongfeng asked with an unsightly expression..

    Furthermore, that jade token was the First Cultivator Merchant House's original placing. Can He City Square had a total of four such tokens, three had been given to three merchant houses, including First Cultivator Merchant House. The last one was what they were competing for. Now, the placing that they had already obtained have been taken by someone.

    Zhu Yiyan's face was even uglier, "You think that I wanted to let him go? I only did so because I know that he was definitely able to slaughter the entire First Cultivator Merchant House."

    "What?" Wei Gongfeng stared at Zhu Yiyan in disbelief, "He's just a Heavenly Immortal cultivator."

    Zhu Yiyan snorted, "Just a Heavenly Immortal cultivator? Have you heard of the cultivator from Half Immortal Domain that entered the Immortal Chasm alone, and even successfully traversed it?"

    "I heard of it..." Wei Gongfeng only replied half a sentence before he turned to stare at Zhu Yiyan in disbelief, "Yiyan, you're saying that he is that cultivator?"

    Zhu Yiyan nodded, "If I'm not wrong, he is definitely that cultivator. Otherwise, he wouldn't have so many immortal lattice crystals, but yet, hadn't condensed his immortal lattice. An Earthly Immortal that could cross the Immortal Chasm, you know how terrifying is that? If it was us, even if our powers were multiplied by ten times, we still wouldn't be able to cross the Immortal Chasm, right? Moreover, that person was also adroit with arrays."

    Wei Gongfeng went silent. A cultivator from Half Immortal Domain had crossed the Immortal Chasm; this news had already gradually spread throughout the Corner of Yong Ying. The reason why it was spread, was because this cultivator had defended himself against the spatial blade array at the edge of the Immortal Chasm. Facing this spatial blade array, there's no need to talk about him alone, even ten Wei Gongfengs wouldn't be enough to defend against it.

    If Mo Wuji was truly that cultivator, then he truly did have the ability to slaughter the entire First Cultivator Merchant House.

    Zhu Yiyan suddenly snorted, "But out First Cultivator Merchant House isn't so easily bullied."

    "Yiyan, you're saying?" Wei Gongfeng also seemed to have the same intentions as Zhu Yiyan.

    Zhu Yiyan said viciously, "That person took away our jade token to enter the Corner of Yong Ying Joint Auction. He would definitely participate in it. Our First Cultivator Merchant House might be helpless against him, but they doesn't mean that others would be the same. There would be a few Golden Immortal experts taking part in the auction. I don't believe that those Golden Immortals would do nothing when they know that this person has a large amount of immortal lattice stones on him.

    Wei Gongfeng understood the meaning behind Zhu Yiyan's words. He instantly chuckled loudly, "Yiyan, you're indeed smarter than me."


    "Junior brother, you've advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage?" The moment they left Can He City Square, Han Qingru asked eagerly.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I already advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage when you were condensing your immortal lattice. You didn't notice because you were condensing your immortal lattice. We need to find some place now, I also want to condense my immortal lattice."

    [1] If you forgot, this is Mo Wuji's alias, while Han Qingru took up the name, Mo Ru.
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