Chapter 465: Without A Domain

    Chapter 465: Without A Domain

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    Sensing that Mo Wuji wasn't feeling too pleasant, Han Qingru didn't continue questioning him as she could roughly guess why Mo Wuji was feeling like this. No matter how good Mo Wuji was at condensing his immortal lattice, he couldn't have condense much in just half a month's time. The lesser the number of immortal lattice stones used, the weaker his condensed immortal lattice would be.

    One must know, she had spent half a year to condense her immortal lattice and with her speed, she only managed to used over 600,000 immortal lattice stones. Now that Mo Wuji had only used half a month, one could imagine how little immortal lattice stones he would have used.

    "Oh yes, Senior Sister Qingru, may I ask if you know about the Gods Tower?" Mo Wuji suddenly remembered about his initial deal with the Heaven Seeking Palace's white moustached fishing elder.

    Han Qingru looked slightly at loss as she replied, "I don't know anything about it. Junior brother, why do you ask?"

    "It's okay. Oh, is it a must for one to condense the immortal lattice before ascending the Immortal Seeking Staircase?" Mo Wuji guessed that this matter should be related to the Immortal World, and should probably have nothing to do with the Corner of Yong Ying. As for the Half Moon Prison, Mo Wuji didn't bother asking about it as he was sure that Han Qingru wouldn't know anything about it.

    Han Qingru nodded, "Of course, the Immortal Seeking Staircase contains the law of the Heaven Dao and unless you're born in the Immortal World, you will not be able to step onto the Immortal Seeking Staircase."

    "Since this is the case, I will send you to the Immortal Seeking Staircase first," Mo Wuji responded quickly.

    Han Qingru looked at Mo Wuji and asked in doubt, "Junior brother, won't you be ascending the Immortal Seeking Staircase with me?"

    Mo Wuji answered awkwardly, "I still have a few friends here and they all came from Half Immortal Domain. A portion of the immortal lattice stones I have with me belongs to them so I would naturally have to return their share of the lattice stones. Otherwise, they would never be able to condense their immortal lattice."

    "I am willing to go with you," Han Qingru answered as if it was inevitable that she would follow Mo Wuji.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to reply, his spiritual will sensed the silhouette of a familiar person passing by.

    Tong Ye? Just as he saw the silhouette disappearing in his spiritual will, before Mo Wuji could chase after him, he sensed another two more silhouette following him.

    "I saw someone I know," The moment he finished saying this, he executed his Wind Escape Technique.

    Han Qingru saw that Mo Wuji had already left, she followed closely behind him. Even though her speed was nowhere near Mo Wuji's, she wouldn't lose track of him even if she was not capable of catching up to him.

    After one hour, Tong Ye came to a halt as his spiritual will could sense that Mo Wuji was right behind him too.

    "Why did you stop running?" The duo chasing Tong Ye were both in the advanced Heavenly Immortal Stage as they stood on either side of him, trapping him in the centre.

    Tong Ye drew out his Ascending Dragon Knot but stared at the direction which the two of them came from.

    "Is it really you, Brother Mo?" Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique was extremely fast so in a blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of them. After confirming that he was really Mo Wuji, Tong Ye shouted out in excitement.

    The two Heavenly Immortal Cultivators blocking Tong Ye turned and guarded against Mo Wuji cautiously as they were naturally aware that someone was following right behind them too. However, they believed that whoever Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't interfere with their affairs. Now that they saw how Mo Wuji recognised Tong Ye, the expressions on their faces turned ugly.

    "Brother Tong, it has only been a while since we last met and congratulations on advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage," Mo Wuji laughed and said as he could notice how the dense immortal elemental energy were surrounding Tong Ye's body. He didn't only advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, he managed to convert his elemental energy into immortal elemental energy too.

    "I thought..." Tong Ye was indeed very surprised as he truly believed that Mo Wuji had fallen in the Immortal Chasm. He would never have expected Mo Wuji to survive the Immortal Chasm and even appeared fine like he was now.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "We can talk about this later."

    Among the two who were chasing after Tong Ye, the man with the slightly darker skin clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Dao friend here, this man sneaked from the Half Immortal Domain and we will be representing the Yong Ying Immortal Domain to take him away. May we ask that you do not interfere with this?"

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly, "I came from the Half Immortal Domainso why don't you bring me away too?"

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, the two cultivators exchanged glances with each other before taking a few steps back to trap Mo Wuji in the centre with Tong Ye.

    The duo didn't act immediately because they were aware that another person was about to arrive.

    Half a moment later, Han Qingru arrived beside Mo Wuji. Even though Mo Wuji didn't say anything to her, she had already realised what situation they were in. Even before Mo Wuji drew out his magic treasure, Han Qingru took the initiative to draw out her's first.

    "Let's do it..." The black face cultivator saw Han Qingru's posture and knew that this fight was inevitable. A few metres long whip was swung towards Mo Wuji while the other cultivator charged towards Han Qingru and Tong ye.

    It was evident that the duo had already planned things out as they would have already sensed that Mo Wuji had the lowest cultivator level among the three of them while Han Qingru was the strongest.

    Han Qingru had already condensed her immortal lattice and exuded strong aura. On the other hand, Tong Ye had probably been cultivating in the Half Immortal Domain for many years so advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage would only be natural once he reached here. Mo Wuji looked the youngest among them and his spirituality seemed extremely ordinary so he was treated as the weakest.

    The black face cultivator wanted to get rid of Mo Wuji first before joining hands to deal with Han Qingru and Tong Ye.

    Mo Wuji didn't draw out his Tian Ji Pole not only because the Tian Ji Pole couldn't catch up with his cultivation level, but because in his previous battle with the Ji Brothers, he felt that the Tian Ji Pole was not suitable to become his magic treasure.

    He was able to separate gratitude and hatred and was even more direct during combats. To him, hard-edged magic treasure like saber, sharp axe or blade would suit him more. A pole was simply too gentle for Mo Wuji to feel the thrill in using it.

    The black face cultivator's long whip was like a dragon as a terrifying roar could be heard before locking onto Mo Wuji. A huge domain extended outwards and Mo Wuji noticed it in an instant.

    Previously, when Ji Yan used a domain to lock him in, Mo Wuji felt as though he had stepped into a quagmire and found it extremely difficult to move his body. Presently, it was the same technique but Mo Wuji realised that this domain was even stronger than Ji Yan's one. However, Mo Wuji was still able to step out of it and threw out a punch without restrictions.

    "Boom!" A flame, which seemed like it could set the space between them on fire, charged out and this useless domain was instantly cracked apart.

    The powerful flame continued to bind him up and there was a drastic change in the black face cultivator's expression.

    "Heavenly Fire sacred art?" The cultivator kept shifting his body in an attempt to prevent himself from being binded by Mo Wuji's flames. However, he realised it a little too late as Mo Wuji's flaming punch had already pierced through his chest.

    "Puff!" A mist of blood appeared as his body was torn apart.

    Throughout the whole battle, Mo Wuji didn't even bother about this long whip because other than being confident of his Heavenly Fire sacred art, he wanted to end this battle as soon as possible.

    Mo Wuji was eventually struck by this whip and a stream of blood flowed out from Mo Wuji's back. Mo Wuji only furrowed his brows as he didn't even bother to try and heal his injuries. The long whip had lost it's ferocity because the black face cultivator died which was why it didn't hurt Mo Wuji badly. The reason why Mo Wuji furrowed his brows was because he couldn't understand why he was also in the Heavenly Immortal Stage yet he hadn't gain any insights of the power of domain.

    The only difference was that before he advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, Ji Yan was able to restrain him but this black face cultivator failed to do so. However, this didn't alter the fact that he didn't possess the power of having a domain of his own. If he had his own domain, he would not only be able to finish the opponent off easily, the opponent wouldn't be able to hurt him at all.

    After witnessing how his partner was killed by a single punch from Mo Wuji, the fear in the other Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivator grew exponentially as he simply fled and ran without a single thought of attacking Mo Wuji.

    Han Qingru's power was much stronger than his so the moment he turned, he was restrained by Han Qingru's domain and then Tong Ye's Ascending Dragon Knot pierced through his neck in the very next second.

    "Brother Mo, you have indeed advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage," Tong Ye exclaimed ecstatically.

    He didn't find it odd that Mo Wuji was able to kill that advanced Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivator in seconds because he was clearly aware of how unbelievable Mo Wuji was. Previously, even though Mo Wuji's cultivation level was considered to be the lowest in the Half Immortal Domain, his strength was uncomparable in the entire Half Immortal Domain. Now that Mo Wuji had advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, he wouldn't even need to break a sweat when facing someone of the same stage as he was in.

    Mo Wuji picked up the black face cultivator's storage ring and said, "Brother Tong, what was going on? Are there any differences in cultivators from the Half Immortal Domain and the Corner of Yong Ying?"

    Tong Ye kept the other storage ring as he handed it over to Han Qingru, who rejected it hurriedly.

    "Keep the storage ring for yourself. This is Han Qingru. Senior Sister Qingru, this is Tong Ye and he came from the Half Immortal Domain together with me. Brother Tong, why don't you tell me what on earth was going on?" Mo Wuji stopped Tong Ye from passing the storage ring to Han Qingru and briefly introduced the both of them.

    Tong Ye didn't stand on any ceremony as he bowed slightly towards Han Qingru before keeping the storage ring and said, "To be honest, I have no idea what was happening too. Initially after we traversed the Immortal Chasm, we discussed and came to a common consensus to each keep a communication bead with us and then went our separate ways temporarily. The Immortal-Traversing ship was left with Lou Chuanhe..."

    Mo Wuji retrieved his flying ship as he said, "We will talk as we move because we cannot afford to stay here for long."

    Once Tong Ye and Han Qingru boarded the ship, Mo Wuji started driving the ship as he started to suspect if he was overthinking things. He thought that Master Pu Zi would suggest keeping the Immortal-Traversing Ship and he really didn't expect that it would end up with Lou Chuanhe.

    This was because back when they were forming the team, Mo Wuji felt that Master Pu Zi was the only one who joined him for his own personal interest. The rest of them joined because of their friendship with Mo Wuji

    "Back then, my brother and I moved off together while I saw senior Lou Chuanhe moving together with Jia Qi. Abacus went with Ku Ya while Kou Yuan and Master Pu Zi went on their separate ways..."

    Mo Wuji didn't ask where Tong Cheng went as he believed that Tong Ye would explain.

    Indeed, Tong Ye continued, "My brother and my cultivation level had reached the peak or the Earthly Immortal Stage and we were only short of a suitable environment to undergo our tribulation. After we reach the Half Immortal Domain, it didn't take us long after going behind closed doors to feel the lightning tribulation and we even managed to succeed in a remote place. After we succeeded, we received news from senior sister Jia Qi that senior brother Chuanhe and herself were being chased down by people from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Eventually, senior brother Chuanhe was captured..."
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