Chapter 466: Fist Domain

    Chapter 466: Fist Domain

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    Mo Wuji turned solemn because frankly speaking, even though there were so many people on the Immortal-Traversing Ship, Mo Wuji was the closest to Lou Chuanhe. This wasn't just because both of them were Star Lords of the Star King Mountain. More importantly, Lou Chuanhe was forthright and could be a considered as his true friend.

    "Has Jia Qi informed everyone else who reached the Corner of Yong Ying?" Mo Wuji was fully aware that he was still not strong enough to go against the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. However, he was already one of the strongest among those who came over from the Half Immortal Domain which meant that even if Jia Qi were to inform the rest, they might not be able to save Lou Chuanhe.

    Tong Ye nodded his head, "Yes, when we saw Jia Qi, she told us that she had already informed everyone who descended from the Immortal-Traversing Ship but two of them hadn't arrived."

    "Who were the two?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "Ku Ya, the girl who was always with Abacus, hadn't arrived. Abacus said that Ku Ya and himself separated after arriving at a neighbourhood city and then she became uncontactable ever since. The other person was Master Pu Zi," Tong Ye replied.

    "What about the rest of the crew?" Mo Wuji suddenly felt a slight chill down his spine.

    Tong Ye said depressingly, "My brother broke a limb and is better off dead. Abacus's cultivation was wasted and was left alone in the periphery of the city. Kou Yuan was killed while Jia Qi was captured alive. I am the only one who managed to escape..."

    Mo Wuji clenched his fist and even though he knew he wouldn't be strong enough, he had to make a trip to the Ying Bian City. Initially, everyone agreed to establish the Tian Ji Sect but now, he, the sect head, is still alive while some of his members were killed, hurt and on the run. If the sect head doesn't make an appearance to do something about it, he wouldn't be able to live with this guilty conscience.

    "Brother Mo..." Tong Ye noticed the burst of killing intent around Mo Wuji and hurried to speak, "Ying Bian City has a few Golden Immortal experts and we would simply be courting death by heading there."

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before saying calmly, "I know that heading there now would be equivalent to throwing our lives away but I have to go. I won't go now, but I have to fight for those who's lives are still in danger."

    After he said this, Mo Wuji turned and said to Han Qingru, "Senior Sister Qingru, your immortal lattice has been condensed so please go ahead to the Immortal World first. Members of my sect have been trapped in the Ying Bian City and I have to make a trip there."

    Han Qingru looked calmly at Mo Wuji and said, "Junior brother, back when I was chased by Lao Cai, you helped me till the end. Now that you need help, you want me to go to the Immortal World first? Could it be that in your eyes, I am the type of person who is ungrateful and afraid of danger?"

    Mo Wuji was shocked as he immediately understood Han Qingru's temperament. Even though she looked extremely gentle and kind, she had her own set of values. It was just like how she went to the city square previously even though he insisted that she shouldn't take such a risk.

    "Junior brother, what is your sect called?" Han Qingru saw that Mo Wuji didn't answer her so she asked once more.

    "It's called Tian Ji Sect. I have no idea if there was a Tian Ji Sect in the Immortal World so I simply established a Tian Ji Sect," Mo Wuji answered.

    Han Qingru chuckled, "In the future, I am a member of the Tian Ji Sect too."

    "Alright," Mo Wuji was extremely straightforward because after being convinced that Han Qingru wouldn't go to the Immortal Seeking Staircase alone, he didn't bother trying to persuade her.

    "Brother Mo, do we go over now?" Tong Ye also knew that going over now would mean death but with his brother suffering, he simply couldn't let it go just like that.

    "No, we will head towards the auction first," Mo Wuji stared at Han Qingru and said, "Senior Sister Qingru, how long more before the auction starts? And where is the auction held at?"

    Mo Wuji was aware of the high possibility of death if he were to go against the Ying Bian City now without condensing his immortal lattice. This was why he would like to participate in the auction first to get his hands on some valuable magic treasures. The other reason would be that he needed to improve his Heavenly Fire Sacred Art to a higher level.

    "Ah, but..." Qingru looked suspiciously at Mo Wuji because she recalled Mo Wuji saying that going to the auction now would be equivalent to walking into a lion's den now.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "I know, but if we couldn't even deal with the threats of this auction, there would be no point in us going to the Ying Bian City."

    Han Qingru didn't question any further because she understood Mo Wuji's train of thoughts. Mo Wuji wanted to improve his own strength and prestige through fresh blood from this auction before heading towards the Ying Bian City.

    There were no shortcuts heading into a place like this Ying Bian City and there was only one way to enter it, which would be to fight their way in.

    Mo Wuji might be strong but no matter how strong he was now, he wouldn't be able to fight his way into the Ying Bian City no matter what. Doing so would simply put himself in the field of death and the only way to survive would be to fight.

    Han Qingru sighed because she understood Mo Wuji. Besides trying to become stronger, he wanted to search for opportunities from the auction to increase their odds of survival. Her life was saved by Mo Wuji so if she were to walk away at a time like this, she would never be able to forgive herself for doing so. Mo Wuji was aware of how she felt so he didn't bother convincing her.

    "It is held at the Jin Yun City Square in which we would need about three days to travel there. The auction starts six days later," Han Qingru answered.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Senior Sister Qingru, you take the helm of the ship because I need some time to enlighten a sacred art of my own. Inform me the moment we reached the Jin Yun City Square."

    Mo Wuji didn't offer Tong Ye to condense his immortal lattice because he wouldn't achieve much in just a few days' time. What he needed now was to enlighten his own Heavenly Fire Sacred Art so that even without having his own domain, he wouldn't need to fear a Heavenly Immortal. The only worry would be the Golden Immortal but if his Heavenly Fire Sacred Art could also kill a Golden Immortal, he would have a shot at survival in the Ying Bian City.

    After handing the ship to Han Qingru, Mo Wuji didn't enter a cabin but instead, he headed straight to the stern of the ship. He needed to become stronger desperately.

    If it wasn't for the extreme simplicity of his immortal mortal technique, Mo Wuji was even thinking of enlightening a sacred art from that technique.

    Mo Wuji set up a simple concealment array and a pile of intermediate grade immortal crystals beside himself as he started using of his Dao revelation channel.

    The Dao revelation channel was originally used to enlighten sacred art but this was indeed his first time using it to enlighten a sacred art.

    The Heavenly Fire Sacred Art was enlightened by Mo Wuji during his time in the Immortal Chasm and if not for the crisis he was facing back then, Mo Wuji might not be able to combine his fist with the heavenly fire in his attack.

    Even though the Heavenly Fire Sacred Art was very strong, Mo Wuji was clearly aware of its shortfall. It was simply too simple because he could only depend on his aura to restrain the opponent. The moment the opponent could break his heavenly fire restraint, his sacred art would be meaningless.

    Now that he didn't even possess the domain, his sacred art could only be used together with the spatial imprisonment. The moment the opponent managed to dodge his first Heavenly Fire Sacred Art attack, Mo Wuji would have the advantage. However, the spatial imprisonment was his killer mace so he really didn't want to tie his killer mace tightly to his Heavenly Fire Sacred Art.

    This was why Mo Wuji had to consider his next move after a Golden Immortal dodged his first attack. The grade of the Nirvana Pole Shadow was simply too low so it was immediately eliminated by Mo Wuji. Lightning sword would be decent but it was still lacking when compared to his Heavenly Fire Sacred Art. As for his Shifting Flowers and Auxiliary Sacred Art, it was too incomplete to be used. The only way he could improve his strength was through the Heavenly Fire Sacred Art.

    The Dao spirituality of the Dao revelation channel fused with the Dao spirituality of the Heavenly Fire Sacred Art and in just a few days, Mo Wuji was in the midst of deducing a new sacred art.

    The Heavenly Fire Punch was constantly changing its form in Mo Wuji's mind.

    In his mind, the Heavenly Fire Punch was constantly being thrown out and with every punch, he was able to punch out an aisle of flame within the space. When cultivators with weaker cultivation level were up against such a flame, their mind would be restrained by this Heavenly Fire.

    However, Mo Wuji's intention was not to deal with cultivators with weaker cultivation level. The punch was still constantly changing while he was still in the midst of deducing a perfect one. It changed from the Nirvana Pole Shadow to all sorts of shapes of lightning punch and eventually returned to its original form.

    No matter what it turned to, Mo Wuji still felt that there was something lacking which was why he preferred its original form. The only difference was that this punch no longer required the nature of the Heavenly Fire to restrain his opponent because after he threw out this punch, it developed a new domain of its own, the fist domain.

    This came as a huge surprise to Mo Wuji because even before he could develop his own heavenly immortal domain, his sacred art had developed its own domain.

    As he threw this punch out, the surrounding of this punch formed into spiritual imprisonment and this belonged to his first domain. As long as the opponent was within the range of this punch, he would be trapped in the domain.

    Mo Wuji stood up and threw out yet another punch.

    This time round, he could clearly feel the different sectors of the space around the fist being restricted.

    "Boom!' The terrifying aura of the Heavenly Fire exploded within the space and a deathly pitched black space was punched open by Mo Wuji. The space trembled vigorously as it knocked off the flying ship which Mo Wuji was on.
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