Chapter 467: Mo Wujis Suspicion

    Chapter 467: Mo Wuji's Suspicion

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    However, this fist didn't just end here as the fan shaped fist domain exploded too. The explosive flame from the Heavenly Fire enveloped all the blackness caused by the punch.

    The piles of immortal crystals surrounding Mo Wuji were destroyed as Mo Wuji hurried to absorb all the immortal elemental energy in time. In this short period of time, Mo Wuji could feel a surge of energy within his body as he advanced straight into the intermediate Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    The flying ship couldn't stop trembling as Han Qingru landed the flying ship forcefully on the ground.

    "Junior brother, what was going on?" The moment she stopped the ship, Han Qingru rushed to the stern of the ship.

    Tong Ye followed as they had no idea how Mo Wuji caused such an uproar.

    The immortal elemental energy around Mo Wuji started to regain its calmness as he smiled and said, "Nothing much, I just got enlightened so I threw out a punch. Senior Sister Qingru, how far are we from the Jin Yun City Square?"

    "We have arrived. Now, we would only need to walk for another one hour and we will be there," Han Qingru hurried to answer.

    Mo Wuji revealed a shocked expression, "I have been in closed doors cultivation for three days?"

    He felt as though it had only be a moment but in actual fact, three days had passed?

    "No, senior sister had already reduce our speed. You have been cultivating for five days already," Tong Ye added.

    Time was indeed the least valuable thing during cultivation. Mo Wuji kept the flying ship and said, "Since this was the case, let's go now."

    "Aren't we using a disguise?" Han Qingru asked subconsciously as she continued to wonder if the First Cultivator Merchant House would send any Golden Immortals there.

    "There is no need for that, we shall walk without disguise," Mo Wuji answered as he was aware that putting on disguises wouldn't be of much use. After making his decision to come, he was ready for a fight before leaving. If he couldn't even survive this place, he could really forget about the Ying Bian City.


    The Jin Yun City Square was at least 10 times bigger than Can He City Square. Instead of calling this place a city square, it would perhaps be more appropriate to call it a average sized immortal city.

    Countless of defensive arrays had been put in place outside of the Jin Yum City Square and even some of these deathtrap arrays were beyond Mo Wuji's knowledge. Mo Wuji was aware of his own knowledge for arrays and he believed he would at most be equivalent to a Grade 1 immortal array master. However, Mo Wuji was certain that these arrays put in place here were definitely at least Grade 2 and Grade 3, which he would eventually understand more about it if he had time to study about it.

    The moment the trio entered the Jin Yun City Square, Mo Wuji could feel several spiritual wills landing on him. Mo Wuji didn't mind because since he knew he had to come, he didn't come unprepared.

    If he were to survive this time round, he had to visit the First Cultivator Merchant House eventually.

    "Let's find a place to stay for the night before heading out to the auction tomorrow," Mo Wuji just finished his sentence and could feel Han Qingru standing closer to himself. He could even feel her fear from her footsteps.

    Mo Wuji lifted his head and saw a man in a golden shirt staring at the three of them.

    Mo Wuji could feel an aura greater than that of a Heavenly Immortal but he could also feel a restraint on his cultivation.

    "He is Lao Cai," Han Qingru whispered in her trembling voice as she sounded extremely panicky. It was evident that she had not completely free herself from the fear of Lao Cai's tyrannical abuse.

    Mo Wuji patted on Han Qingru's back, "Senior Sister Qingru, we have to avoid such fears in our pursuit of cultivation Dao. Since you dare visit the Ying Bian City with me and disregard death completely, why do you fear a small manager like him? At the very most, we will kill him now."

    Han Qingru sighed slightly before whispering, "Thank you, Wuji."

    At this moment, her thoughts became clear and she managed to calm herself down. Mo Wuji wasn't wrong because if she wasn't afraid of death, why should she be fearful of a small manager?

    "Junior Sister Qingru, I've never expected myself to see you here. After this auction is over, why don't you follow me to the Ying Bian City?" Traces of killing intent flashed through Lao Cai's eyes as he chuckled in front of Han Qingru.

    Presently, Han Qingru was finally no longer fearful of Lao Cai as she said faintly, "It's okay, I will go over with junior brother."

    Lao Cai's eyes fell on Mo Wuji, "Remember not to touch Qingru, otherwise, you will live to regret it," Lao Cai had evidently noticed how Mo Wuji patted Han Qingru on the back earlier on.

    Mo Wuji sized Lao Cai up calmly and just as he was about to speak, Han Qingru suddenly hugged Mo Wuji's arm and said, "Junior brother, let's go."

    "Alright," Mo Wuji didn't bother saying anything because now that the auction hadn't started, this wasn't the right time to attack Lao Cai.

    Seeing Mo Wuji and the two others entering the city square, traces of killing intent flashed by his eyes as he swore to let this ant who dared touch Han Qingru wished that he was dead.

    As for Han Qingru, he was sick of her already. He would definitely throw her to the Double Cultivator Building for others to have a taste of her after this. What's the point of keeping a woman who fails to appreciate his kindness?

    "Senior sister Qingru is truly incredible to keep her cool. Back then when we sneaked into Ying Bian City, Kou Yuan was killed by this fella," After the trio brushed shoulders against Lao Cai, Tong Ye mentioned this.

    There were similar traces of killing intent in Mo Wuji's heart because he was the one who personally invited Kou Yuan onto the Immortal-Traversing Ship. Kou Yuan was sincere and just because he had already advanced to the Heavenly Immortal Stage, he didn't think of himself as being on a higher level than the rest. Additionally, after knowing what happened to Lou Chuanhe, he didn't hesitate as he hurried to try and save him. Based on this act alone, Mo Wuji made his decision to avenge him no matter what.

    "I believed he recognised you but the only reason why he didn't act against you should be because he wanted to respect this city square," Mo Wuji said to Tong Ye.

    Tong Ye replied in a calm tone, "Since I've made my decision to come, I have no intention of going back alive. So what if he was a Golden Immortal? Even if I have to fight to my death, I will make him bleed."

    Mo Wuji responded cooly, "Blood of a mere Lao Cai wouldn't even be valuable. I'm certain that this fella would attack after the auction ends so hand this fella to me, I will kill him to avenge Kou Yuan. I will go exchange for a few immortal lattice stones, otherwise, we might not have enough immortal crystals for the auction."

    "Junior brother, there is no need to exchange the immortal lattice stones. Normally, auctions in the Corner of Yong Ying would accept immortal lattice stones too and in fact, it is worth more than the immortal crystals," Han Qingru hurried to stop Mo Wuji.


    In a place further away from Mo Wuji and co. was a well developed woman with a thin waist as she stared shockingly at Mo Wuji and co. entering a building. It was only after a while that she sounded out, "How daring must he be to come here without any disguise?"

    This woman was the First Cultivator Merchant House's Zhu Yiyan and even though she predicted that Mo Wuji would arrive at the Jin Yun City Square, she didn't expect him to come without any disguise.

    There were two more people standing beside her and one of them was the Manager Wei Gongfeng of the First Cultivator Building. He couldn't wrap his mind around it too because according to Zhu Yiyan and his logic, as long as Mo Wuji came over with a disguise, they would first find Mo Wuji's foothold and then find others to deal with him together.

    Mo Wuji's arrival without any disguise came as a huge surprise to everyone.

    "Shall we stick to our original plan?" Wei Gongfeng said in a low voice.

    Zhu Yiyan furrowed her brows and was deep in thoughts for a while before answering, "This person is definitely very strong but no matter how strong he is, how could he be so daring to enter the Jin Yun City Square without bothering to put on any disguise? Could he really have a dependable backer supporting him?"

    After pondering for a while, she continued, "No matter who's his backer, I will make him spit out whatever he took from the First Cultivator Merchant House. Gongfeng, we have to alter our plan slightly. We must find one more Golden Immortal to cooperate with us against Mo Wuji."

    "I've heard that Manager Lao Cai of the He Lian Merchant Union is here too. I've also heard that he was in the advanced stage of the Golden Immortal Stage and was even stronger than senior Bi Tai," The other man added.

    "Alright, we will visit Manager Lao Cai now," Zhu Yiyan made her decision without hesitation.


    "Brother Tong, let me ask you something. Was it Senior Brother Lou Chuanhe's request to keep the Immortal-Traversing Ship or was it everyone's idea?" After the trio entered a building, Mo Wuji asked. He kept having this feeling that something was amiss but he just didn't know what was the thing.

    Tong Ye shook his head, "It wasn't Senior Brother Lou's request but Ku Ya's suggestion. Back then, Master Pu Zi wanted to keep the Immortal-Traversing Ship for his further research but Ku Ya mentioned about the deep bond between Senior Brother Lou and you. Since this ship belongs to you, everyone agrees that the ship should be temporarily placed with Senior Brother Lou."

    Mo Wuji's heart sank as he still felt that something was amiss.

    "Did Abacus say where Ku Ya went?" Mo Wuji asked once more.

    "No, Ku Ya suddenly left and even Abacus had no idea. Furthermore, Abacus sent Ku Ya a few messages but Ku Ya didn't reply to any of them," Tong Ye didn't like to overthink but Mo Wuji's words got him thinking.

    "Then Master Pu Zi didn't follow everyone else to the Ying Bian City and didn't reply to your messages?" Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because if Ku Ya was around, they would definitely not be so reckless.

    "That's right."

    "Then can you tell me if Master Pu Zi wanted to turn the Immortal-Traversing Ship around to look for me when I was stuck with the Yin Fire Centipedes?" Mo Wuji's tone turned solemn.

    Tong Ye answered, "We did turn back to look for you but it wasn't Master Pu Zi's intention to do so. He said that there were a lot of risks involved to turn back and look for you but Senior Brother Lou Chuanhe, Kou Yuan and everyone else decided to make our way back to find you. Afterwards, Master Pu Zi asked us to express our opinions and we all agreed to look for you eventually. Before we found you, we were forced back by endless amount of Gui Water Spiders... Oh yes, just as we were about to cross the Immortal Chasm, Ku Ya's spiritual will seemed to have found you and while she pleaded to turn the Immortal-Traversing Ship around, Master Pu Zi objected the idea and said that we would be courting death by turning back."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head and patted on Tong Ye, "I understand now, everyone have some rest. Nobody thought of giving up on me during our time in the Immortal Chasm so I will never give up on anyone. After the auction tomorrow, we will kill our way out."

    Mo Wuji had his own suspicion but he didn't say it out to Tong Ye. He was even thinking that it the Immortal-Traversing Ship was with Tong Ye, he might be the first to have met with troubles.
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