Chapter 468: The Cultivator Who Uses Immortal Lattice Stones To Bid

    Chapter 468: The Cultivator Who Uses Immortal Lattice Stones To Bid

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    The Jin Yun City Square Auction was held at the biggest merchant house in Jin Yun City Square, Jin Yum Merchant House. When Mo Wuji and co. arrived at the entrance of the merchant house, it was already filled with cultivators.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned the area fearlessly as he could roughly tell that there were at least five Golden Immortals around.

    Because Mo Wuji used his spiritual will fearlessly, tens of spiritual will landed back on Mo Wuji's body and there were even traces of stern warnings within majority of the spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji acted as though he didn't feel any spiritual will as he continued using his spiritual will to scan the area. Besides this, he even returned peremptory spiritual will to those who sent him the warnings.

    Mo Wuji never intended to stay low during his trip to the Jin Yun City Square Auction so why would he fear the spiritual will warnings of others?

    Perhaps because nobody knew about Mo Wuji's identity which was why regardless of what Mo Wuji was doing with his spiritual will, nobody bothered finding trouble with him.

    Just because nobody bothered finding trouble with Mo Wuji, he naturally wouldn't find trouble with others before the auction started. He simply walked into the auction place openly.

    First Cultivator Merchant House was only a small ordinary merchant house in the Ying Bian City so the auction jade token that Mo Wuji received would only get him a position in the main hall and not a personal box.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind because he didn't have any intention to conceal himself.

    Han Qingru and Tong Ye knew about Mo Wuji's intention but they simply chose to sit beside him quietly. They were clearly aware that after this auction ended, a great battle was bound to occur.

    If they win, they would be able to go to the Ying Bian City. If they lose, there would be nothing left to say.

    Because this auction was a joint conduct by several big powers of the Corner of Yong Ying, the number of people attending this auction was incredibly huge and almost every reputable person of Yong Ying was here. Moments after Mo Wuji and co. sat down, the pot-shaped auction place was already fully filled with people.

    One hour later, restrictions were put in place on the entrance of the auction place after every cultivator with jade tokens had entered.

    A crystal platform with radius of a few metres started floating up from the centre of the auction place and a pretty, well developed woman was standing on it. Mo Wuji only needed one look at this woman and he could tell that she had already condensed her immortal lattice and should be in the Great Circle of the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    After bowing in all four directions, this woman said in a crisp and clear voice, "Corner of Yong Ying's joint auction is held once every decade and this could be considered the biggest ever auction of the Corner of Yong Ying. The auctioneer of this auction will be Li Yue. On behalf of the the various big city squares of the Corner of Yong Ying, I welcome all experts to this auction and I wish everyone good luck and that you would be able to go home with a treasure of your likings.

    Let me go through some of the rules of this auction: Firstly, we will not be accepting low grade immortal crystals and one must only use immortal lattice stones, top or intermediate grade immortal crystals to bid. One immortal lattice stone would be worth 10 top grade immortal crystals. Secondly, no one is allowed to interfere with interested bidders making their bids. Otherwise, they will be forced out of the auction place for provocation. If anyone dared to attack, they would be killed on the spot.

    The auction begins now and the first treasure on auction would be a Grade 3 immortal grade magic skill, Howling Moon Wolf Claw. The starting price is 10,000 intermediate immortal grade crystals and each increment must be no less than 1000..."

    After Li Yue finished talking, a dark yellow jade letter instantly started to float in front of her. The jade letter was surrounded by restrictions such that spiritual will would not be able to seep through it.

    Mo Wuji sighed coldly in his heart because one immortal lattice stone was equivalent to 10 top grade immortal crystals and with about 40,000,000 immortal lattice stones on him, how many immortal crystals would it be equivalent to?

    Back then, Mo Wuji was indeed butchered by that fella, Gong Hou. He used 100,000 immortal lattice stones to exchange for only about 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals which was equivalent to only about 30,000 top grade immortal crystals. Gong Hou that fella was only giving him about one tenth of the actual price. Starting a immortal lattice stones business here would be extremely profitable.

    Tong Ye couldn't help but exclaimed, "Brother Mo, this jade letter is too ridiculous."

    Mo Wuji laughed and replied, "Brother Tong, Senior Sister Qingru, if you see anything that you like, feel free to bid for it. Don't need to stand on any ceremony or worry about the price, all the cost will be under my name and I'll pay for everything in one go afterwards."

    Mo Wuji took out 2,000,000 immortal lattice stones and handed it to Tong Ye which was meant for him to condense his immortal lattice. This was to tell Tong Ye not to use the immortal lattice stones meant for him to condense his immortal lattice to bid for items later.

    Without Mo Wuji's reminder, Han Qingru and Tong Ye understood because if they were to compare, Mo Wuji would most likely be the richest fella here.

    As the three of them were conversing, the Grade 3 Howling Moon Wolf Claw was already purchased by someone for a price of 67,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals.

    "Congratulations to the friend who managed to acquire the Grade 3 magic skill Howling Moon Wolf Claw. The next item would be a Tier 2 immortal fruit, Falling Dust Immortal Fruit. The starting price of this fruit is 100,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals and every increment will be no less than 10,000..."

    If the Howling Moon Wolf Claw was not considered to be popular, the moment Li Yue mentioned the name of this Falling Dust Immortal Fruit, the whole auction place burst into cheers.

    The Falling Dust Immortal Fruit was indeed not a high tier immortal fruit as it was only in Tier 2. Normally, these Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivators wouldn't even bother looking at a Tier 2 immortal fruit. However, things were different with the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit because this was an immortal fruit which could help a Heavenly Immortal Stage expert advance to the Golden Immortal Stage.

    If a Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivator wanted to advance to become a Golden Immortal, he needed the Falling Dust Immortal Pill and the main ingredient for the pill would be the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit. Even if the fruit was not to be concocted into a pill and eaten directly, there were still possibilities for a Heavenly Immortal Stage expert to advance into the next stage.

    There was a large number of Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivators in the Corner of Yong Yong so the moment this fruit appeared, its price would naturally surged at an insane rate.

    Of course Mo Wuji knew about the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit because if it wasn't for the Three-eyed Dove's trap, and the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit that it threw at him, he was almost unsucessful in trying to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    In a short period of time, the price of the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit had already surged to 300,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals.

    "Brother Mo, I think we should acquire for this immortal fruit because even though we might not be able to concoct it into a pill, we could hire other immortal pill master to help us concoct the Falling Dust Immortal Pill," Tong Ye told Mo Wuji.

    Even if Tong Ye didn't tell him this, Mo Wuji had already decided to get this Falling Dust Immortal Fruit.

    "5,000 immortal lattice stones," Mo Wuji started his bid.

    The moment Mo Wuji's bid was out, the entire auction place fell silent.

    It wasn't because Mo Wuji's bid was extraordinarily high because the previous bid before him was already close to 400,000. Mo Wuji's bid of 5000 immortal lattice stones was equivalent to 500,000 intermediate immortal crystals and even though this increment was huge, it wasn't exactly ridiculous because it was the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit after all.

    The ridiculous thing about Mo Wuji's bid was that he made his bid using immortal lattice stones. Even though they had already stated from the beginning that one could use immortal lattice stones to bid, the truth was that not many experts would actually be willing to use their precious immortal lattice stones to bid.

    It was almost impossible to purchase immortal lattice stones here in a place like the Corner of Yong Ying. Immortal lattice stones was the main way to condense one's immortal lattice here which was why the immortal lattice stones were so valuable here. If they were in the Immortal World, where there were more methods of condensing one's immortal lattice, the immortal lattice stones wouldn't be as valuable.

    Spiritual will of the masses landed on Mo Wuji as they quickly realised who Mo Wuji was. He was the arrogant Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivator who used his spiritual will to scan the entire place when he first entered.

    Some people were already starting to look into Mo Wuji's origins because for a person to use immortal lattice stones to bid, his origins could be very interesting.

    "5,000 immortal lattice stones calling once, 5,000 immortal lattice stones calling twice, 5,000 immortal lattice stones calling thrice, deal!" Li Yue called out three times in the shortest possible time because it was definitely more favourable for the auction to receive immortal lattice stones as compared to immortal crystals. She would rather have 5,000 immortal lattice stones than 550,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals.

    The transaction was very swift because just as she shouted 'deal', the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit was sent straight to Mo Wuji already. Since Mo Wuji had truckloads of immortal lattice stones, he immediately handed 5,000 immortal lattice stones over.

    After the deal was completed, Li Yue took out the third item and said, "The next item for auction is a Grade 3 immortal equipment, Impermanence Gemini Ring. The starting price is 50,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals and each increment is no less than 5000 intermediate grade immortal crystals..."

    After reporting this, Li Yue's eyes were still unable to leave Mo Wuji's body. However, Mo Wuji had no interest in this Impermanence Gemini Ring and had no intentions to bid for this.
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