Chapter 469: The Bidder With Guts

    Chapter 469: The Bidder With Guts

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    After the Impermanence Gemini Ring were the auctions of a few pills, magic treasures and even a Falling Dust Immortal Pill. The competition for the Falling Dust Immortal Pill was even more intense than the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit. However, Mo Wuji didn't bid for it because he was confident that he would be able to concoct the Falling Dust Immortal Pill and it would only be a matter of time before he succeeded. Even though Mo Wuji didn't bid, the final bid of the Falling Dust Immortal Pill was still slightly higher than the for the fruit Mo Wuji acquired.

    "The next item for auction would be an extremely valuable ore," At this moment, Li Yue didn't say the name of the ore but opened up the jade box floating in front of her before taking out a fully transparent stone.

    An indescribable heat could be felt by everybody around and Mo Wuji almost stood up in excitement.

    If it was a few years ago, he wouldn't even know what this was but after reading through Han Qingru's Grass, Wood, Stone, he was very clear of the value of the item Li Yue was holding.

    Being able to obtain the Scholar's Heart was entirely due to Mo Wuji's luck and coincidence because the truth was that regardless whether in the cultivation world or other places, Heavenly Fire were extremely rare to find, let alone obtain.

    Previously, Mo Wuji wasn't very proficient in forging equipments or materials used to forge equipments so he didn't have a full understanding of Heavenly Fire. All he knew was that his Scholar's Heart was a type of Heavenly Fire and that flames were divided into seven grades in the cultivation world. These seven grades were divided accordingly to the colours of the flames which included red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple.

    When he first started concocting pills, he even used a firestone before. Firestone's grades were also divided based on the colour and the purple firestone was coveted for by everyone on this planet, it was simply a priceless treasure. After Mo Wuji obtained his Heavenly Fire, he had never used the firestone ever since.

    No cultivator would still harp on using a few firestones to concoct pills after acquiring a Heavenly Fire of their own.

    Until Mo Wuji left Zhen Xing and arrived at the Half Immortal Domain, he still didn't know what was the grade of his Scholar's Heart because no matter whether or not the Scholar's Heart had advanced, its colour remained as cyan and even the tone of cyan remained the same. Only he knew whether or not his Scholar's Heart had gotten stronger. In the previous battle against Cang Jue of the Wolf King Mountain, his Scholar's Heart absorbed Cang Jue's the flames of his Flaming Futon and it was clear to Mo Wuji that the strength of his flame had increased to another level but the colour remained as faint cyan.

    This Scholar's Heart was very similar to his reverse immortal mortal technique because no matter how strong it was or what level it had advanced to, it still looked like ordinary. It was the same for him as the stronger he became, the more ordinary he looked.

    A few months ago, after he obtained the Grass, Wood, Stone, he knew that after a flame had reached purple in colour, it was basically at the extreme already. If it wished to advance further, it needed to undergo nirvanic evolution. Flames which went though nirvanic evolution were known as immortal flames and the immortal flames were further divided into nine grades.

    The main and most valuable material of this flame would be the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence. Therefore, one could imagine how precious this material would be especially since it could turn a flame into an immortal flame.

    At this moment, the ore that Li Yue was holding in her hands was a Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence.

    The reason why Mo Wuji was so excited wasn't only because this ore could turn his Scholar's Heart into an immortal flame but more importantly, because the moment his flame advanced to a higher level, the powers of his Heavenly Fire Sacred Art would most definitely strengthened by multiple folds. This was equivalent to adding one more layer of protection to his small life.

    "I believe most people can recognise this and indeed, this is a Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence. The Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence is extremely rare and whether or not you have a flame of your own, obtaining this will not put you at a disadvantage. The starting price of this fire essence is 100,000 high grade immortal crystals and each increment must be no less than 5,000 high grade immortal crystals. Let the bidding begins now..."

    Indeed, many people could recognise the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence and the few cultivators who owned a flame became as excited as Mo Wuji. Try imagining who wouldn't want their flame to become an immortal flame?

    However, the moment the starting price was announced, many cultivators sat down helplessly. To any cultivator of the Corner of Yong Ying, 100,000 high grade immortal crystals was a massive amount they could only imagine themselves having it.

    "100,000 high grade immortal crystals," Even though the price was exuberantly high, someone still went on to bid.

    "110,000 high grade immortal crystals," A new bid was shown.

    "115,000 high grade immortal crystals..."


    All the bids were coming from the auction box which clearly showed that these cultivators were all of very high status. These cultivators had to be big powers in the Corner of Yong Ying because the smaller powers here would definitely be unable to reserve a box for themselves.

    In a short period of time, the price of the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence rose to 170,000 high grade immortal crystals. At this moment, the number of bidders decreased but there were still two to three boxes competing.

    "50,000 immortal lattice stones," Mo Wuji started his bid and started it with immortal lattice stones.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji managed to stun the crowd the very moment his bid appeared. Just moments ago, the price hadn't even reached 200,000 high grade immortal crystals and Mo Wuji's first bid was actually 50,000 immortal lattice stones which was equivalent to 500,000 immortal crystals.

    This was what true fortune looked like.

    Han Qingru glanced over at Mo Wuji because she was one who knew how wealthy Mo Wuji truly was.

    She even recalled how she used over 600,000 immortal lattice stones to condense her immortal lattice and she wondered just how many high grade immortal crystals she could exchange with this amount. If it was not for Mo Wuji's generosity with his immortal lattice stones, she would never be able to condense her immortal lattice in such extravagant manner.

    "550,000 high grade immortal crystals," Just when even Mo Wuji didn't expect anyone to increase the bid, this announcement sounded.

    Only after this voice was heard, the massive display screen showed the bid of 550,000 immortal crystals.

    Normally when one bids, there was no need to announce to everyone because all one had to do was to write one's price and then the display screen would show your bid as well as your seat number or box number.

    Now that someone even announced his bid, and then displayed his bid on the screen for everyone to see, he was clearly expressing his unhappiness with Mo Wuji for competing for the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence with him.

    Everyone recognised this voice of a Golden Immortal expert and usually for a Golden Immortal to appear in a place like this, there must be some regulation talisman and he must have came from the Immortal World. As long as one was a cultivator of the Corner of Yong Ying, one would definitely not offend a person like him. After all, nobody would stay long in the Corner of Yong Ying because everyone here would eventually go to the Immortal World. If one were to offend people even before entering the Immortal World, one would certainly not have a future there.

    "80,000 immortal lattice stones," Mo Wuji would never fear the opposition because this concerned his small life which was why he really needed this Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence.

    "Stop!" A cold voice was heard from one of the box and tremendous killing intent was instantly felt throughout the auction place.

    The auction place fell silent and everyone was basically observing a moment of silent grief for Mo Wuji. Where on earth this fella came from? Could he be from the Immortal World too? They never knew that the Immortal World had this much immortal lattice stones.

    Even if Mo Wuji stopped competing now, he had already offended someone.

    Even though Li Yue mentioned about not interrupting the auction, Li Yue appeared as though she had not heard anything as this Golden Immortal was clearly threatening Mo Wuji. It was evident that even she didn't want to offend this Golden Immortal expert.

    "810,000 high grade immortal crystals, let's see who still dare to increase his bid," After the Golden Immortal expert in the box made his bid, the killing intent from his voice was directed straight at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart as he raised his bid to 100,000 immortal lattice stones without any shreds of hesitation.

    If he was afraid of threatens, he wouldn't have participate in this auction.

    "Alright, you have guts, real guts..." The cultivator was so angry even his words were not consistent. After saying this repeatedly, he didn't continue to increase his bid.

    He really did have guts and even the First Cultivator Merchant House's Zhu Yiyan and Wei Gongfeng stared at each other in disbeief. They knew that whether or not Mo Wuji was a rash person, their plan was smashed. Because Mo Wuji was already locked onto by this Golden Immortal expert and this expert would most probably be from a powerhouse in the Immortal World, so under normal circumstances, no one else would compete with them. Mo Wuji was doomed and the Golden Immortal would definitely not care about how the First Cultivator Merchant House was related to Mo Wuji.
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