Chapter 470: Half Moon Halberd Blade

    Chapter 470: Half Moon Halberd Blade

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    "100,000 immortal lattice stones going once, 100,000 immortal lattice stones going twice..." As Li Yue reported this, she was feeling worried for Mo Wuji.

    Even though she hoped for the auction to obtain more immortal lattice stones, she did not wish for Mo Wuji to die without a reason. If 5,000 immortal lattice crystals were enough to make a person jealous, 100,000 immortal crystals was completely able to make a person your enemy.

    As a Heavenly Immortal, he actually dared to use immortal crystals to bid in such an unbridled manner. She really didn't know whether his balls were unreasonably big, or he actually had some backer behind him. Regardless, she felt that Mo Wuji shouldn't have gone to offend those Golden Immortal experts that were in the box.

    "100,000 immortal lattice stones going thrice. Congratulations our dear friend, No. 1233. You have won the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence." With no one else competing with Mo Wuji, the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence landed in front of Mo Wuji without question.

    The auction for the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence had ended. By this time, everyone at the venue, Mo Wuji included, knew that the struggle for the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence was just the beginning.

    The moment he received the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence, Mo Wuji sent it straight into his storage ring. If he wasn't in this auction venue, he wouldn't have waited, but would have immediately evolved his own fire with this Nirvana fire.

    Seemingly trying to draw the attention away from Mo Wuji, Li Yue actually didn't congratulate Mo Wuji for winning the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence. She waved her hand, and an ancient pill furnace floated in front of her.

    "This is an ancient furnace which dates back to countless of ages ago. According to its aged aura, this pill furnace is at least hundreds of thousands of years ago. Even though it has experienced the vicissitudes of time, the grade of this pill furnace remains no lower than a Grade 3 immortal equipment. The only pity is, a part of the seals within the pill furnace had been damaged, and it can't be refined fully. Otherwise, this pill furnace might even reach Grade 5 or Grade 6..."

    "This pill furnace's starting price is 300,000 intermediate immortal crystals; each increment must be no less than 10,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals..."

    "3,000 immortal lattice stones." The moment Li Yue's words descended, Mo Wuji started bidding. Mo Wuji was exactly lacking a pill furnace; all his pill furnaces were from the cultivator world. Previously, Wen Lianxi had given him a Grade 1 immortal pill furnace, but she still took it away. Even though the damage with the restrictions would cause the pill furnace to be unable to be fully refined, it would not be of a huge influence to him.

    Some cultivators wanted to bid, but after seeing Mo Wuji's bid, they stopped. Everyone knew that No. 1233 was a rash dolt, and a rich one at that. As long as they were not retarded, they wouldn't compete with this rash dolt.

    Originally, this Grade 3 immortal pill furnace would have definitely reached the price of 500,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals. But because Mo Wuji was the first to bid, no one else actually went to bid for it. Eventually, this pill furnace was purchased by Mo Wuji at the starting price.

    Li Yue, who originally felt sympathy for Mo Wuji, was instantly left speechless. If this fella was the first to bid every time, then wouldn't the others not be able to compete?

    Fortunately, her worries were not confirmed. After this pill furnace, Mo Wuji stopped; he didn't place a bid for the following ten items. On the other hand, both Han Qingru and Tong Ye, who were by Mo Wuji's side, purchased one item each; Han Qingru purchased a wood-type skill while Tong Ye purchased an astrolabe. [1]

    "Next, we'll auction the highest grade immortal equipment we have in this auction, the Half Moon Halberd. According to our immortal equipment's expert verification, this should be a Grade 9 immortal equipment..."

    Li Yue's second sentence instantly sent the crowd into a flurry of discussion. A Grade 9 immortal equipment; even in the Immortal World, it would be a peak existence. Why would it appear in the Corner of Yong Ying?

    Li Yue gestured to quell the noise within the crowd, then she smiled and said, "Everyone, please don't let your mind wander. The reason why this Half Moon Halberd would appear in a place like this, could be attributed to two reasons. Firstly, this halberd is a mere fragment; it is only left with half a moon, and it's also missing its halberd body and hilt..."

    When they heard this, the crowd came to an understanding. This meant that this Grade 9 immortal equipment was not even a quarter of its glorious self. Since that's the case, this halberd was indeed nothing more than a defective item. It couldn't even be compared to that pill furnace which was missing a portion of its restrictions.

    "Secondly, this halberd came from the Immortal Chasm. Due to a situation in the Half Immortal Domain, most of the cultivators from Half Immortal Domain tried to cross the Immortal Chasm. Even though most of them perished within the Immortal Chasm, there were some lucky few that were able to cross the final barrier. But when they met with the spatial blade array, they left behind the fragments of such peak grade treasures. This was how we obtained this fragment of the Half Moon Halberd..."

    When Li Yue said this, a trace of killing intent flashed across Mo Wuji's eyes.

    The people from the Corner of Yong Ying were too arrogant and tyrannical. Not only did they stop the cultivators from Half Immortal Domain from coming over, they also installed a grand spatial blade array after the final barrier. If not for his vitality channel, even he would have perished under that array.

    If he managed to have the ability, he would definitely open the transfer array from the Corner of Yong Ying to Half Immortal Domain, allowing anyone from Half Immortal Domain the opportunity to enter the Immortal World.

    "Now everyone, take a look at this halberd's Half Moon!" With a wave of her hand, a ripple appeared in the space in front of Li Yue; a Half Moon Halberd Blade that was nearly a meter long appeared in front of everyone's eyes. The halberd blade was green; even though it had experienced countless years of wearing and fragmentation, it was still shrouded by a sharp baleful aura.

    An ancient aura seeped into Mo Wuji's spiritual will. Mo Wuji suddenly closed his eyes, he seemed to hear the beckoning of the Half Moon Halberd Blade.

    This Half Moon Halberd Blade actually gave him a sense of intimacy and fervour; Mo Wuji was especially familiar with that aura, it was the same aura he felt when he just opened his Undying World. However, as compared to his Undying World, this Half Moon Halberd Blade's aura was more ancient and vast.

    This definitely wasn't a simple fragment of a Grade 9 immortal equipment; it was definitely a greater treasure.

    This halberd blade, he must have it. Mo Wuji opened his eyes and stared at the halberd blade with desire. Originally, he wanted to purchase a spear or a saber. Only such sharp treasures would be able to fully display his killing intent.

    But the moment this halberd's Half Moon Halberd Blade appeared, Mo Wuji was bent on getting it. There was no reason, just intuition.

    "The starting price of the Half Moon Halberd Blade is 500,000 high grade immortal crystals. Each increment must be no less than 10,000 high grade immortal crystals. Let the bidding begin." The moment Li Yue finished, she lifted her hand and formed a seal, sending this meter long halberd blade into a jade box and sealing it within.

    "600,000 high grade immortal crystals." At the same instant Li Yue kept the blade, someone started bidding.

    Everyone knew who this bidder was; it was the Golden Immortal that fought with Mo Wuji for the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence. This Golden Immortal had lost in the bidding battle for the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence, and now, he had set his eyes on this green Half Moon Halberd Blade.

    "650,000 high grade immortal crystals." A second bid came. Clearly, not everyone was scared by that Golden Immortal.

    Seeing that it wasn't Mo Wuji, this Golden Immortal didn't convulse in anger, but simply raised the bid to 800,000 high grade immortal crystals.

    Everyone knew that this Golden Immortal wasn't of simple origins, and when he raised the bid to 800,000 high grade immortal crystals, many people in the box gave up.

    The second bidder also knew that if he raised the bid, he would offend the other party, so he stopped bidding as well.

    "800,000 high grade crystals going once. Are there any higher bid? 800,000 high grade immortal crystals going twice..."

    "100,000 immortal lattice crystals." Mo Wuji's bid interrupted Li Yue's words.

    Once again, the auction venue was sent into a wave of activity. It wasn't because of this Half Moon Halberd Blade, but because the rash kid with immortal lattice crystals was starting another bidding battle with that Golden Immortal."

    "Haha, you have guts. 2,000,000 immortal crystals." That Golden Immortal chuckled, but his laughter was not filled with joy, but killing intent.

    Even though he knew that this kid would definitely die and the item would end up in his hands, he did not want to lose another bidding battle in front of the crowd, especially to a Heavenly Immortal ant that had yet to even condense an immortal lattice.

    [1] What does an astrolabe look like? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrolabe Click < to find out! It's some compass that's used to navigate with the stars.
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