Chapter 472: Encircling The City Square

    Chapter 472: Encircling The City Square

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    Just when Mo Wuji was no longer able to control the arrays within the room, that explosive flame suddenly calmed down. It turned back into a thumb sized fire, and landed back in Mo Wuji's hands.

    At the very first moment, Mo Wuji could feel that the temperature of the Scholar's Heart had increased by multiple folds. However, he also had another feeling: the Scholar's Heart had not successfully been evolved into an immortal flame. The reason why it stopped was because one Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence wasn't enough to allow the Scholar's Heart to fully evolve.

    Mo Wuji was slightly disappointed, but he was also rejoicing slightly. Even though it had not been a complete evolution, he was almost unable to hold back the flames. If it had been a complete evolution of his Scholar's Heart, this rest house would have definitely been razed to the ground.

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji no longer worried about the matter of the Scholar's Heart, and took out his green halberd blade. The 2 feet long halberd blade exuded a terrifying baleful intent; its ancient aura seemed to contain a trace of unwillingness and desire.

    Mo Wuji knew that this Half Moon Halberd Blade wasn't simple, otherwise, it wouldn't have a similar aura as his Undying World. His Undying World could not even be considered a pocket dimension, but it had an indescribably depth that no other pocket dimension could compare with; the Undying World had not been created by man, but it had been born out of his insights into the dao.

    In other words, in his perspective, it contained a similar aura as to when Pangu splitted the heaven and earth apart. Now that the Half Moon Halberd Blade contained a similar aura, didn't that mean that it was really amazing?

    Mo Wuji knew that refining this halberd blade was no simple affair. He directly spat a drop of vital blood onto the halberd blade; this was the fastest and most suitable method he could use to refine this halberd blade.

    Two days passed in a flash. Mo Wuji merely refined one of the restrictions within the halberd blade but he already felt an ancient and mighty power. With a thought, the blade light that was almost 3 meters long formed and ripped his trap array apart.

    "Boom!" An explosive elemental energy exploded outside his trap array. Immediately after, Mo Wuji saw Han Qingru flying towards him, coughing a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Mo Wuji took a step forward and supported Han Qingru; he could feel that Han Qingru had suffered heavy internal injuries.

    A bloodied Tong Ye saw that Mo Wuji and immediately flew to Mo Wuji's side.

    "Brother Mo, they have come. This rest house has already been torn apart," Tong Ye coughed a mouthful of blood and explained.

    Only then did Mo Wuji realise that only his room had remained in this rest house. If not for Han Qingru and Tong Ye defending him, he wouldn't even have been able to refine the first layer of restrictions of the green halberd.

    "Crash!" Just when Tong Ye finished that sentence, the floor beneath Mo Wuji's feet started to collapse. The three of them immediately sprang up.

    When the three of them landed on the ground, they were already surrounded by over ten cultivators. There were two Golden Immortals leading the cultivators and Mo Wuji recognised both them. One was the Golden Immortal from the auction, while the other was He Lian Merchant House's Manager Lao Cai.

    "These people actually dared to make a move in the city square. We are completely surrounded by trap arrays," Tong Ye said hatefully.

    Mo Wuji retrieved some healing pills and handed them to Han Qingru and Tong Ye, then he said calmly, "Being able to endure for two days, these fellas are actually quite patient."

    Mo Wuji was sure that the Golden Immortal worked together with Lao Cai, he managed to guess Mo Wuji's origins, which was why he would suddenly attack.

    That Golden Immortal stared at the halberd blade in Mo Wuji's hand, it was emitting faint green light. He said coldly, "It's not as if you don't know that you can't hide in this rest house forever. Do you know why I only decided to kill you now?"

    Mo Wuji completely ignored this Golden Immortal, and turned to look at the Half Moon Halberd Blade. This fragmented halberd blade was extremely strong, to Mo Wuji, it was more suitable than the Tian Ji Pole. The only pity was, this halberd blade didn't have a hilt. Without a hilt, its level would fall greatly, and it would also be uncomfortable to use.

    "Even though you will soon come to kneel in front of me and give me those items, I will still let you understand what is regret. Remember, I'm from Immortal World's Seven Smoke Sect, my name is He Junhu. Move, I only need this bold fella to stay alive." After finishing his words, this Golden Immortal didn't move personally, but instructed his subordinates.

    The ten over Heavenly Immortals surrounding Mo Wuji took out their magic treasures, and they all pounced towards Mo Wuji and co.

    Tong Ye and Han Qingru also took out their magic treasures. Around the three of them, layer after layer of immortal elemental energy barriers were formed. However, these barriers were like paper, they weren't able to hold for more than a few seconds before crumbling.

    Mo Wuji did not immediately attack, but brought out his Tian Ji Pole. He formed ten different hand seals, and soon, the Half Moon Halberd Blade had been connected to his Tian Ji Pole.

    For now, the Tian Ji Pole would be used as the hilt of this halberd blade.

    "Crack!" Tong Ye and Han Qingru's energy barrier directly crumbled. At the same time, Mo Wuji lifted his hand and formed waves of lightning sword rain.

    Blue lightning covered the sky; lightning swords descended down like rain.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Under such rapid and dense descent of lightning swords, even the Heavenly Immortals that had condensed their immortal lattice had to put in all their efforts just to defend themselves. Those weaker ones without their immortal lattice were directly killed.

    When the immortals spectating this battle saw Mo Wuji's power, their faces changed. Clearly, Mo Wuji had yet to condense his immortal lattice, nor did he create his own Heavenly Immortal Domain. If Mo Wuji had his own domain, this onslaught of lightning swords would easily kill half of the Heavenly Immortals surrounding him.

    Even Han Qingru was stunned by the ferocity of Mo Wuji's attacks; she knew that Mo Wuji could form a thick lightning sword, but she could never imagine that Mo Wuji could form countless of them. With such a skill, he wouldn't have to fear being surrounded. As long as his opponents didn't have significantly higher cultivation, Mo Wuji would easily sweep through.

    At this moment, Han Qingru realised why Mo Wuji would fearlessly come to this auction. With such a skill, the only real threats to Mo Wuji were the two Golden Immortals. To be honest, when she followed Mo Wuji to this auction, she had already prepared herself for death. But now that she had seen Mo Wuji's power, they might not necessarily die. In fact, it was more likely that they would survive.

    If they could survive, why would they willingly send themselves to die?

    As they thought of this, Han Qingru and Tong Ye struck out with greater fervour.

    Mo Wuji was now in control of the battle. With Han Qingru and Tong Ye attacking as well, the death count of the Heavenly Immortals surrounding them increased.

    He Junhu's face changed drastically. The moment Mo Wuji brought out the lightning swords, he knew that something was wrong. How could a rogue cultivator have such a strong lightning skill? In the Immortal World, there was there was a sect called the Lightning Sect; everyone in that sect was a lightning-type genius. If Mo Wuji was from the Lightning Sect, there was no need to talk about him, even his entire Seven Smoke Sect was nothing but trash.

    The Lightning Sect was considered a top sect within the Immortal World; the Seven Smoke Sect wasn't even on the same level.

    However, He Junhu soon came to a realisation: Mo Wuji definitely couldn't have come from the Lightning Sect. If the Lightning Sect had a genius like Mo Wuji, even if this was merely the Corner of Yong Ying, Mo Wuji would have a Xuan Immortal protector, instead of two simple Heavenly Immortals. Moreover, Lao Cai wouldn't lie to him about such matters. From the looks of it, Mo Wuji was a lightning-type genius from Half Immortal Domain.

    "Various dao friends, as long as you participate in this battle, I, He Junhe, promise on behalf of the Seven Smoke Sect to help ten of you condense your immortal lattice. If you have already condensed your immortal lattice, I am willing to offer you 10,000 high grade immortal crystals. Moreover, if you manage to kill this person, one-third of his items will be yours, and you would be able to join my Seven Smoke Sect. Moreover, I guess that there's at least a million immortal lattice stones on this person. I believe everyone should understand the reason why..."

    Even though He Junhu didn't fear Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji's violent lightning sword rain had left his heart unsettled. After he announced those words loudly, he rushed into the battle and directly pounced towards Mo Wuji.
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