Chapter 473: Disadvantaged

    Chapter 473: Disadvantaged

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    If He Junhu didn't rush into the battle himself, even if his conditions were better, probably no one would have helped. But now that a Golden Immortal like him had entered the fray, no matter how strong Mo Wuji was, death was the unquestionable outcome.

    His conditions were merely adding decorations to something already perfect, and they were so generous; who wouldn't be willing to accept it? In just an instant, many of the cultivators, that were merely spectating, now surged forward with ferocity.

    Mo Wuji's final performance was now completely useless. When He Junhu said that Mo Wuji had a million immortal lattice stones, many of the cultivators believed him. As they thought about it, Mo Wuji using the pill furnace as a bid could have been a cover up.

    Mo Wuji had never seen the power of a Golden Immortal. Now that the Golden Immortal He Junhu had charged straight at him, how could he still hold back? All 108 meridians surged furiously, sending out immortal elemental energy like waves, which then transformed into concentrated lightning rain. At the same time, he swung out with his newly formed Half Moon Halberd. Additionally, his spiritual will had been focused on Lao Cai; after all, He Junhu wasn't the only Golden Immortal trying to deal with him.

    He was a Heavenly Immortal. Not only did he have to fight many cultivators at the same stage, he had to fight with He Junhu, and he even had to pay attention to Lao Cai; he was under immense pressure.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Heavy streams of lightning swords descended down with fury. Those Heavenly immortals that charged into the battle were instantly trapped within this violent lightning sword rain.

    A 10 feet long green Half Moon Halberd Light formed within the boundless lightning rain. This green light sped towards He Junhu.

    "Bang!" He Junhu's Golden Immortal protective barrier was directly ripped apart. He forcefully retracted the square stamp that he was prepared to smash towards Mo Wuji, and used it to defend against that powerful green halberd light.

    "Crack!" The halberd light was clearly intangible, but when it struck against He Junhu's square stamp, it actually had a cracking sound, and it splashed out in all directions.

    A few streams of broken halberd light grazed across He Junhu's body, causing He Junhu to feel extreme discomfort.

    Moreover, these broken halberd lights actually tore a gap within his Golden Immortal Domain before he managed to fully restrain Mo Wuji.

    He Junhu's heart reverberated in shock. He had never expected that Mo Wuji's single halberd slash would be filled with such threatening power. Thereafter, his heart heated up with fervour. Even though Mo Wuji was impressive, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been able to force him back to such a state. He could only imagine that the real thing that was impressive wasn't Mo Wuji, but the Half Moon Halberd.

    When Mo Wuji tore a gap in He Junhu's Golden Immortal Domain, his heart went resolute. He was worried that he would be completely defenseless against a Golden Immortal, but seeing that he was still able to resist, then he would have nothing to fear.

    Before He Junhu could recondense his Golden Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji slashed out with his Half Moon Halberd.

    This time, there wasn't one halberd light, but ten halberd lights which raced towards He Junhu.

    Even though Mo Wuji had 108 meridians, he actually felt an intense feeling of emptiness after using that attack. It felt as though these ten halberd lights had sucked out his flesh and soul, leaving him incomparably fatigued.

    "Chi!" The sound of space being ripped through resounded through the air.

    Even though Mo Wuji had nearly depleted his immortal elemental energy, the immortal elemental energy within his elemental storage channel continued to form seals, forming lightning swords which continued to pour down like rain.

    "Crack crack!" He Junhu had just recondensed his Golden Immortal Domain, but those halberd light tore it apart again.

    A sense of impending doom surged over as astonishment filled his heart. Even though He Junhu knew that Mo Wuji's green halberd was impressive, he never expected for it to even be able to threaten his life.

    If he was in the Immortal World, he definitely wouldn't fear Mo Wuji. However, at a place like this, he only had 70% of his full power. This was because he was being restrained by the regulation talisman. If he were to burst out with his full power, he might actually destroy the regulation talisman. If that happened, he would immediately be forced down by the laws of the Heaven and Earth. Against these laws, there's no need to talk about a mere He Junhu, even an Immortal King would die without doubt.

    However, facing Mo Wuji's sharp and boundless Half Moon Halberd Light, how could he still hesitate about such matters?

    He Junhu gritted his teeth, furiously sending his immortal elemental energy into his stamp. The square stamp instantly expanded till it was a 30 meter wide mountain, smashing towards Mo Wuji's ten Half Moon Halberd Light.

    "Boom! Crack! Crack!" When that violent Half Moon Halberd Light smashed against the huge stamp, it exploded into tiny streams and filled the air. Together with the lightning sword rain, the halberd light went rampant in all directions.

    Some of Heavenly Immortals who hadn't entered the battle subconsciously retreated. This power was too terrifying.

    A wave of immortal elemental energy, which seemed to engulf everything in its way, surged towards Mo Wuji. That huge mountain-like stamp slammed against Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole; it was like an actual mountain had slammed against Mo Wuji's chest, shattering his sternum. He immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backwards.

    Fortunately, Han Qingru had promptly rushed over and caught Mo Wuji. Otherwise, Mo Wuji would be sent flying into a crowd of enemies. Even if he was any stronger, he would definitely meet his end.

    "Pu!" Mo Wuji coughed out another mouthful of fresh blood. He immediately grabbed some healing pills and swallowed them. His heart was filled with astonishment; a Golden Immortal was indeed strong.

    From afar, Lao Cai had yet to take action. After seeing Mo Wuji's first Half Moon Halberd Light, he didn't attack, but took one step back. This time, Mo Wuji's halberd light had been shattered by He Junhu's giant stamp, and Mo Wuji had even been injured. Against expectations, Lao Cai took even more steps backwards.

    The messy battle actually went silent. It was like a half time break; there was a sort of peculiar tranquility.

    The lightning sword rain and the Half Moon Halberd Light dispersed. Tens of Heavenly Immortal cultivators had been sliced in half by the lightning sword, and the ground was stacked with many incomplete corpses. From the charred blackness of the corpses, one could see that many of them had been killed by the lightning swords. There were even some that were killed by the Half Moon Halberd Light.

    "Junior brother, you..." Han Qingru was incomparably anxious; she knew that the might lose her life today.

    "He's heavily injured, kill!" Some of the Heavenly Immortals immediately reacted, they charged towards Mo Wuji like a shark towards blood.

    The moment they thought about Mo Wuji's immortal lattice stones and treasures, how could they retain their sense of reasons? Countless magic treasures shone with brilliant light as almost everyone charged towards Mo Wuji.

    "I'm okay..." Mo Wuji stood up. The Half Moon Halberd in his hand slashed out once more, forming a green halberd light which formed an immortal elemental energy barrier around the three of them.

    Han Qingru and Tong Ye reacted. They also used their magic treasures and built layers of barriers around themselves.

    Everyone knew that these defenses would not last for more than 10 breaths of time. With more than hundred Heavenly Immortals attacking them simultaneously, and moreover, none of them had any sort of supreme defensive treasure, it would be stupid to think that they could stay behind these defenses for long.

    Seeing the three of them disadvantaged, more Heavenly Immortal cultivators joined in.

    Mo Wuji had never thought of going into defense. If not for the fact that he had went all out against He Junhu, he really wouldn't need to fear even if there were more of these Heavenly Immortal cultivators.

    But now, as he saw the large numbers of Heavenly Immortals encircling him, he felt a tinge of dismal in his heart. He had overestimated his own abilities. He did still have some trump cards, but what could he do after he killed He Junhu? Wasn't there still Lao Cai and all these Heavenly Immortal cultivators? Moreover, there were even some Golden Immortals observing from afar.

    Soon, Mo Wuji found that something was amiss; he noticed that He Junhu didn't continue to attack him. He Junhu would only have suffered some light injuries from their previous exchanges. Mo Wuji didn't believe that He Junhu wouldn't take this opportunity to attack him.

    The only possibility was: there was something wrong with He Junhu. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji didn't care any further. He took several steps up into the air, lifting his hands to form boundless lightning rain.

    Even though there were many Heavenly Immortal cultivators, Mo Wuji still kept half of his attention of Lao Cai and He Junhu.

    Soon, he found that his guess was not wrong. He Junhu's face turned unsightly, but he didn't go on to attack Mo Wuji.

    One must know that if He Junhu were to attack him now, Mo Wuji wouldn't have anything to do besides flee. In reality, Mo Wuji knew that he wouldn't even be able to flee, unless he was willing to abandon Han Qingru and Tong Ye. However, abandoning Han Qingru and Tong Ye was not his character.
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