Chapter 474: An Unkillable Person

    Chapter 474: An Unkillable Person

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    After verifying that He Junhu was unable to do anything to him, Mo Wuji was even more unbridled. Even though he had used up most of his immortal elemental energy, he was different from other people; he still had his elemental storage channels.

    With the immortal elemental energy from his elemental storage, he was able to continue to rain down his onslaught of lighting rain.

    Without the interference from He Junhu, coupled with the assistance of Han Qingru and Tong Ye, Mo Wuji slaughtered these Heavenly Immortals as easily as chopping vegetables.

    Some of the stronger Heavenly Immortals managed to block against the lightning swords, but they would then be sliced by Mo Wuji's Half Moon Halberd Light. Even if Mo Wuji wasn't able to deal with them, Han Qingru and Tong Ye would not let them go.

    Being merciful to their enemies would be akin to suicide.

    Ever since Han Qingru started cultivating, she had never killed as many cultivators as she had now. However, she had to do it. In fact, she didn't even have time to take a break to catch her breath.

    The light from magic treasures continuously clashed against the lightning swords; what used to be the rest house was now a scattered mess.

    Except for a few Heavenly Immortals that were able to counter attack, most of the Heavenly Immortals could only use all their power to defend against the lightning swords, before getting killed.

    As for those who could defend against the lightning swords and still counter attack, they would gain the special attention of Mo Wuji.

    The wounds and injuries on Mo Wuji and co.'s bodies continued to increase, but the number of Heavenly Immortals surrounding them continued to decline. This was especially the case for Mo Wuji; those cultivators who could counter attack would use their killer moves on Mo Wuji. If not for his vitality channel, even if he ate an endless amounts of healing pills, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been able to survive the constant attacks from the magic treasures. This left Mo Wuji aware of his urgent need to learn a defensive-type skill, or to obtain a top grade defensive treasure.

    If he had a defensive treasure, this battle would be much easier.

    When some of the cultivators noticed that He Junhu had yet to take action, they stealthily slipped out of the battle and swiftly departed.

    "Boom!" Just when Mo Wuji used his lightning sword to pin a Heavenly Immortal onto the ground, the battle finally stopped.

    The stench of blood and burnt corpses filled the air. There were still many cultivators standing around, but none of them went forward to fight.

    Mo Wuji took out several jade bottles. After passing some to Han Qingru and Tong Ye, he himself swallowed half a bottle of pills.

    Even though consuming too many pills would cause detriments to his cultivation, at a time like this, Mo Wuji only cared about recovering his immortal elemental energy and his injuries.

    Tong Ye started to sweep the battlefield while Han Qingru stood on guard by the side. On the other hand, Mo Wuji held the Half Moon Halberd and walked towards He Junhu. His vitality channel was continuously recovering his wounds. Even though he looked like he was full of injuries, a portion of them would recover with every step he took.

    Previously, he was severely injured, not simply because his power was far lower than He Junhu, but also because he had to deal with the hordes of Heavenly Immortals. But now that he wasn't surrounded by a crowd of enemies, he had no need to fear He Junhu, even if he was running out of immortal elemental energy.

    "Mo Wuji, it seems like I was wrong, I never expected for you to be so capable. With your lightning sword rain, I believe that you wouldn't be from a simple sect, right? Today, I, He Junhu, on the behalf of your sect, will let you go," He Junhu said coldly as he saw Mo Wuji walk towards him.

    Mo Wuji was slightly startled; He Junhu actually knew his name. However, he wasn't completely surprised. Since this fella was working together with Lao Cai, Lao Cai would naturally tell him of such matters. Lao Cai probably knew of the things that Mo Wuji had done in Hundred Flowers Manor.

    That's not right ah. If Lao Cai had told He Junhu of his name, then He Junhu wouldn't have thought that he was from a big sect. Moreover, if He Junhu had such an idea, he wouldn't have been so unbridled with his previous attacks.

    "This He fella, you think that the battle will just stop just because you deem it so? Since when was life so good?" Mo Wuji said with contempt. He was sure that He Junhu wasn't so compassionate; something must have happened to He Junhu.

    "What do you want? He Junhu said harshly. Even the people beside him could hear the weakness within his voice.

    He was feeling a bit of regret, he should have taken the opportunity to flee just now. He thought that Mo Wuji's immortal elemental energy had been depleted, and with more than a hundred Heavenly Immortals surrounding them, Mo Wuji and co. would undoubtedly die.

    He never expected that Mo Wuji would still be alive despite receiving so many heavy injuries, like an unkillable cockroach. Every time Mo Wuji received a heavy injury, he didn't fall but continued to rain down with lightning swords. It was because of this, Mo Wuji was eventually able to survive, and even kill more than a hundred Heavenly Immortals.

    It was also because he was still coveting Mo Wuji's treasures that He Junhu didn't leave immediately.

    As he was speaking, He Junhu subconsciously glanced towards Lao Cai. Only then, did he discover that Lao Cai had already disappeared.

    What a coward. Mo Wuji was definitely an arrow at the end of his flight; if Lao Cai chose to stay behind, they would definitely be able to kill Mo Wuji. But that fella was really a coward. That cowad had actually fled and left him behind to die. Indeed, those from merchant unions were all useless scoundrels.

    However, he did not know what was on Lao Cai's mind. Lao Cai was very clear that Mo Wuji had yet to reveal his full power. According to the Ji brothers' death site, Lao Cai knew that Mo Wuji still had an impressive sacred art, the Heavenly Fire Punch.

    With a single Heavenly Fire Punch, Mo Wuji was able to kill Ji Yan. Now that Mo Wuji obtained the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence, as long he wasn't an idiot, he would have definitely used it to evolve his heavenly fire. If Mo Wuji's heavenly fire had been upgraded into an immortal fire, Lao Cai would very likely turn to dust if Mo Wuji were to use the same punch, right after He Junhu.

    Others might not know that He Junhu's regulation talisman had been broken, but he knew it clearly. It was precisely because the regulation talisman broke, that He Junhu didn't dare make a move.

    So, Lao Cai knew that Mo Wuji still had a trump card. However, Mo Wuji had yet to use it, what did that mean? He, Lao Cai, had been able to survive till this date; how could he not know that Mo Wuji was reserving that punch for him? If he dared to attack, he would follow after He Junhu into the afterworld. Moreover, he could also tell that Mo Wuji's lightning sword rain had passed the threshold of a kill, and was a sacred art. With a sacred art that dominated group battles, would he want to send himself to death? At this point, he even suspected that Mo Wuji was the person who managed to cross the Immortal Chasm alone.

    Lao Cai's guess was right; Mo Wuji was indeed reserving his trump cards for Lao Cai.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji truly felt the benefits of being a pill refiner. After downing half a bottle of pills, coupled with his vitality channel, his injuries were gradually healing and he had recovered a portion of his immortal elemental energy. Coupled with the immortal elemental energy from his elemental storage channel, he was sure that he would be able to unleash a single punch. Now that Lao Cai was gone, even if his punch wasn't able to kill He Junhu, he would leave He Junhu crippled for life.

    "I don't intend to give you my treasures, nor have I gotten a taste of that 'regret' that you mentioned. So, I really want to know, what methods do you have to make me feel that 'regret'. And how do you intend to get me to kneel in front of you and pass you my treasures?" As Mo Wuji spoke, the Half Moon Halberd in his hands was already enveloped in killing intent.

    Mo Wuji even had a perception; he felt that He Junhu's current domain was fake. He believed that if he were to slash lightly with his halberd, he would be able to rip apart He Junhu's domain.

    "I already said. On behalf of your sect, I will not be calculative with you. Hmm!" With that cold snort, He Junhu actually turned and walked away.

    This fella definitely wasn't such a kind person. Back in the auction, this fella was already arrogant to the point of death. As Mo Wuji thought of this, he was no longer polite. WIth his green halberd, he formed a 10 meter long halberd light, which he used to envelope He Junhu.
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