Chapter 475: Heading Towards Ying Bian City

    Chapter 475: Heading Towards Ying Bian City

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    An intense sense of death loomed over him; He Junhu promptly turned back. With fear in his eyes, he said in aghast, "Mo Wuji, you dare to kill me? I'm Seven Smoke Sect's manager. If you dare to kill me, when you get to the Immortal World, there will be no where for you to hide..."

    The Half Moon Halberd Light shone with greater brilliance. Even though it was merely accumulating power, all the cultivators could feel the intense killing intent from the light. Even an idiot knew that Mo Wuji was going to kill He Junhu, and Mo Wuji's killing intent was simply bursting.

    "You say that I don't dare to kill you? If I didn't care about the reputation of the auction, I would have killed you back at the auction site. I simply love killing arrogant people, who asked you to be more arrogant than him?" Mo Wuji didn't know why He Junhu didn't dare many a move, but his killing intent continued to grow and expand.

    He Junhu knew that Mo Wuji was bent on killing him. Once again, he brought out his huge square stamp and filled it with immortal elemental energy.

    The killing intent accumulated within the Half Moon Halberd Light had already reached its peak; it swiftly raced through the air, slicing towards He Junhu. Even though He Junhu also smashed forward with his stamp, it did not manage to accumulate much energy.

    Before that stamp could collide against Mo Wuji's Half Moon Halberd Light, Mo Wuji heard a peculiar cracking sound. Thereafter, Mo Wuji saw a scene which caused him to suspect his own eyes. Out of nowhere, He Junhu actually shattered into countless pieces; a storage ring landed on the floor.

    "Pfff!" Mo Wuji's halberd light flew past the stamp which had already lost control, slicing through He Junhu's shattered body.

    Mo Wuji was filled with astonishment as he suddenly felt the majestic and boundless pressure from the Heaven and Earth. Just now, when He Junhu had been crushed into pieces by the laws of the Heaven and Earth, he had been the closest. Thus, he felt the pressure clearly. Under the terrifying pressure of the Heaven and Earth, even he would be crushed into pieces.

    No wonder why He Junhu had been so afraid, and didn't dare to attack him. It should be because this fella's regulation talisman had met with some problems. From the looks of it, Lao Cai had escaped because he was afraid that Mo Wuji would attack him.

    A Golden Immortal was indeed an unrivalled existence in the Corner of Yong Ying. However, if a Golden Immortal met a fella like Mo Wuji that could cause his regulation talisman to break, even the most ruthless of Golden Immortals wouldn't want to take the risk to fight Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was not especially happy; he simply picked up He Junhu's storage ring. He wasn't afraid of He Junhu's sect, the Seven Smoke Sect. Back when he was in Zhen Xing, he had offended many experts to the point where all the sects in Zhen Mo were hunting him, but didn't he still turn out well? If not for those pursuits, he was sure that he wouldn't have achieved what he had today.

    Without pressure, there was no motivation. Ever since he started cultivation, he, Mo Wuj, had always been growing through adversity.

    The reason for Mo Wuji's silence was because he felt the minuteness of his life. Even if his power was multiplied by another ten thousand times, he would still be an ant in front of that pressure of the Heaven and Earth.

    The feeling that his fate wasn't in his control had left Mo Wuji feeling completely helpless.

    He recalled his Lightning Calamity; his Lightning Calamity had been much fiercer than other cultivators, and there was even a wave of black lightning that tried to kill him. Now, Mo Wuji knew that he was still given a tiny life line. If he was struck down with that previous power of the Heaven and Earth, even a thousand of him would not be enough to deal with it..

    Mo Wuji's gaze turned towards the two Golden Immortals that were spectating the battle. When the two of them saw Mo Wuji's gaze, they remained expressionless. They wouldn't take the risk of damaging their regulation talisman to battle Mo Wuji, nor would they specially appease him.

    Mo Wuji brought out his flying car and said, "Senior Sister Qingru, let's go."

    The flying car left behind a misty mark as it sped through the air. It soon charged out of Jin Yun City Square, disappearing among the clouds.

    The moment Mo Wuji left, Jin Yun City Square was filled with all sorts of speculations and discussions. No matter where Mo Wuji came from, such a power Heavenly Immortal was simply hitherto unheard of. Even though they know that it would be hard for Mo Wuji to enter the Immortal World, many of them were still filled with admiration towards Mo Wuji. After all, not every Heavenly Immortal could be as powerful as Mo Wuji.


    "Senior Sister Qingru, how long will it take for u to get to Ying Bian City?" Mo Wuji asked, the moment the flying car left Jin Yun City Square.

    Han Qingru calculated, "Your flying car is even better than a half immortal equipment; it is infinitesimally close to being a Grade 1 flying immortal equipment. If we move forward at full speed, it would take at most five days to reach Ying Bian City."

    "Then use the fastest speed to move to Ying Bian City. I will use these five days to cultivate." Mo Wuji decided to continue to refine the Half Moon Halberd Blade.

    During the battle in Jin Yun City Square, Mo Wuji became acutely aware that he would not necessarily lose if he went to Ying Bian City. Moreover, he had committed many mistakes during the battle at Jin Yun City Square.

    If he immediately attacked He Junhu, he probably wouldn't have suffered such heavy injuries. Of course, He Junhu and Lao Cai had also made mistakes in that battle. Those two fellas had underestimated him. By the time he damaged He Junhu's regulation talisman, it was too late for Lao Cai to enter the battle.

    Now that he had committed this mistake once, he definitely wouldn't do it again.

    These Golden Immortal cultivators could only come here because of the regulation talisman. Even if there were Golden Immortal cultivators at Ying Bian City, Mo Wuji did not believe that there would be many of them; at most three to five people. By that time, he would not have to think about anything else and immediately go all out; he would even use his trump cards. He didn't need to kill his opponents; as long as he damaged the regulation talismans of those Golden Immortal cultivators, he wins.

    A restrained Golden Immortal could not be called a Golden Immortal.

    "I will also cultivate." Tong Ye knew that a huge battle would ensue when they reached Ying Bian City. With that, he took out a large number of storage rings and passed them to Mo Wuji.

    "Brother Tong, wait." As Mo Wuji spoke, he also took out He Junhu's storage ring.

    Even though He Junhu was a Golden Immortal, after Mo Wuji killed him, Mo Wuji was still able to open He Junhu's storage ring.

    Soon, Mo Wuji found an exquisite steel umbrella from He Junhu's storage.

    "I was right, this fella really had a defensive magic treasure. This steel umbrella is at least a Grade 2 or Grade 3 defensive immortal equipment. Brother Tong, use these few days to refine this steel umbrella. When we get to Ying Bian City, you need to help protect me when I attack." Mo Wuji passed the steel umbrella to Tong Ye.

    When they get to Ying Bian City, Mo Wuji decided to get rid of the Golden Immortals first. After eliminating the Golden Immortals, he would need to fear the other cultivators that were at the same stage.

    As for the pile of storage rings which Tong Ye took out, Mo Wuji kept them all. It wasn't because he was the one that killed the majority of the Heavenly Immortal cultivators, but because he wanted to establish Tian Ji Sect.


    Within internal compartment of the flying car, Mo Wuji took out the Half Moon Halberd and started to refine the second layer of restrictions. Even though it was a fragment of a treasure, Mo Wuji was still able to achieve such power by refining the first layer of restrictions. If he continued to refine more layers, the power of his Half Moon Halberd would definitely increase by another fold.

    Four days passed in a flash. Mo Wuji had already refined the third layer of the Half Moon Halberd's restrictions, but he could no longer go any further. He didn't know whether it was because the Half Moon Halberd Blade was losing its main body, or because his cultivation was too low. No matter what he tried, he would only feel a murky energy, and he was completely unable to feel the next layer of restrictions.

    Mo Wuji did not forcefully try to refine the blade; by refining the third layer of the Half Moon Halberd Blade, its power had risen by another fold. This was equivalent to another trump card for him.

    "Junior brother." Seeing Mo Wuji, Han Qingru stood up. Ever since she joined Mo Wuji, she started to understand many principles and ideas. Take meeting Lao Cai for example. Previously, Lao Cai was like a thorn in her heart; every time she met Lao Cai, she would feel discomfort throughout her body. But now, that Lao Cai actually fled on his own accord.

    "Senior Sister Qingru, how long would it take to get to Ying Bian City?" Mo Wuji also felt the change in Han Qingru. When he first met Han Qingru, she was patient and tolerant, but she lacked courage. But after experiencing so many things, Han Qingru had already started to change.

    "Probably half a day... Eh, junior brother, there's a flying ship chasing after us," Han Qingru said in surprise.

    Even if Han Qingru didn't say anything, Mo Wuji had already seen the flying ship. Moreover, he recognised the person standing on the deck of the flying ship.
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