Chapter 476: Someone Really Dared To Attack Ying Bian City

    Chapter 476: Someone Really Dared To Attack Ying Bian City

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    "Senior Sister, stop the flying car, I know this person." After Mo Wuji finished speaking, he had already landed at the front of the flying car.

    Moments later, Han Qingru steered the flying car to a stop, and a flying ship pulled up by the side.

    "Ku Ya, it's been so long." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully, and spoke with a tinge of joy in his voice. He never expected that he could meet Ku Ya this close to Ying Bian City, and Ku Ya even had dense spirituality about her, evidently having gone through the Heavenly Immortal heavenly tribulation and changed over to immortal elemental energy.

    Half Immortal Domain's Earthly Immortal Stage cultivators all had strong foundations, so it wasn't unusual for them to immediately advance to Heavenly Immortal Stage after reaching the Corner of Yong Ying. What made Mo Wuji shocked was the flying ship that Ku Ya was on. This flying ship very obviously outclassed his flying car, even reaching the level of a Grade 3 immortal equipment.

    When Ku Ya saw Mo Wuji, happiness glittered in her eyes for a moment, before she bowed respectfully, "Ku Ya greets brother Mo. I knew that brother Mo would not perish in the Immortal Chasm, and indeed it is so."

    "Ku Ya, let's catch up in my flying car." Ku Ya's immortal elemental energy was dense, and she also had a decent flying ship, which naturally meant that she had met with some good luck.

    "Sure." Ku Ya didn't think about it, and landed straight on Mo Wuji's flying car.

    "Ku Ya, why are you here?" Seeing Ku Ya approach him, Mo Wuji asked immediately.

    With a sigh, Ku Ya replied, "Back when I received news about Jia Qi, I was trapped in an immortal estate. That's also where I met some good opportunities, even obtaining a magic treasure and cultivation technique..."

    As she spoke, Ku Ya was about to reach for her ring, but Mo Wuji waved it off, "Ku Ya, although you have joined Tian Ji Sect, but these cultivation techniques and magic treasures were found by you, and hence it belongs to you. There's no need to take them out to show me."

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, Ku Ya ceased with her actions, and continued, "After I inherited and assimilated the cultivation technique then did I open up exit the estate. By the time I reached Ying Bian City, it was too late. I've always been waiting here for the perfect opportunity to rescue Abacus who's being hung from the city gates. But before I could make my move, I met brother Mo, what luck."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "I'm just about to go to Ying Bian City to save people too. Let's go together then."

    He could feel that Ku Ya sincerely wanted to save Abacus. This was purely based on his gut feeling, and not because Ku Ya had changed the way she referred to him.

    "Sure." Ku Ya agreed without hesitation. She did not take out her own flying ship, as they had already reached the outer region of Ying Bian City. A little further and they would be inside.

    "Let me introduce you, this is Han Qingru, a new member of our Tian Ji Sect. Senior Sister Qingru, this is Ku Ya, she came from the Half Immortal Domain just like us." Mo Wuji briefly introduced.

    Seeing that Han Qingru's flying car was heading straight for Ying Bian City, without any camouflage at all, Ku Ya couldn't help but ask, "Brother Mo, there's four Golden Immortal Stage cultivators in Ying Bian city. On top of that, there's an emergency transfer array linked directly to the Immortal World. Do we still go over just like that?"

    "Ku Ya..." Tong Ye cried out in surprise as he walked out. He had just finished refining the steel umbrella..

    "Ku Ya, what do you think?" Mo Wuji knew that Ku Ya was the most meticulous person on board, and was not easily tricked either. If Ku Ya was also in the team that took part in the rescue, Tong Ye's companions should not have perished, and Kou Yuan would not have lost his life.

    Ku Ya replied seriously, "I've done some investigating, while the Golden Immortals are strong, but they have a fatal weakness: they do not dare to go all out. Once they use all of their strength, it will break their regulation talisman, and they will be crushed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. The strongest of the four Golden Immortals is the castellan of Ying Bian City, Luo Yun. He's at the Great Circle of Golden Immortal Stage, and possesses an extremely strong red coloured blade. I've got a way to stop this guy for an incense's worth of time, and while I do so, Brother Mo can protect Tong Ye and this sister to make the rescue. I have a flying immortal equipment too, so once we've completed the rescue, we can get out of there swiftly."

    After hearing the whole plan, Mo Wuji did not speak. He somehow felt that Ku Ya's plan was a little too simplistic, and the main problem with it was that there was no consideration made for the other three Golden Immortal Stage cultivators. Even the defensive array of Ying Bian City was ignored.

    Ku Ya carried on, "Brother Mo, the plan I just proposed is the least favourable one. It mainly hinges on you being able to block the counterattack of the remaining Golden Immortals, so if any part of the plan screws up, none of us will be able to leave Ying Bian City."

    "Ku Ya, please tell us what your plan A and plan B are then." Mo Wuji nodded his head. He knew that Ku Ya was an expert in scheming.

    Ku Ya continued, "The second strongest in Ying Bian City is Lao Cai. This guy is the manager of the He Lian Merchant Union. I heard that he went for the Jin Yun Auction, and while I've been surveilling the outside of Ying Bian City, I've yet to see him return. Brother Mo can directly steer the flying car to Ying Bian City. There's no need for any concealment. My idea is that brother Mo continues as per the previous plan, while I'll execute the rescue.After that, we'll rendezvous outside of Ying Bian City and immediately flee."

    Once this plan was proposed , Mo Wuji knew that Ku Ya should have guessed his style of handling things, and at the same time made a rough estimate of his strength. If he did not have a certain level of strength, he definitely would not have charged straight towards Ying Bian City. This plan of Ku Ya was made based on how strong he was, and the prerequisite was that he could perform as well as he made himself to be.

    "Plan A is for us to stop for a while, find a place to alter our appearance, then enter Ying Bian City..."

    Before Ku Ya completed the explanation of her plan, Mo Wuji cut her off, "Let's merge the least favourable plan and plan B. Plan A doesn't seem very pleasant to execute. We'll charge directly into Ying Bian City, and immediately destroy the transfer array linking the Immortal World and Ying Bian City. At the same time, Tong Ye will do the rescue, while I wreck havoc in the city."

    As she heard Mo Wuji's bold plan, Ku Ya could feel her blood frothing too. She could feel how heroic Mo Wuji was at the Half Immortal Domain, where he was roamed unrivalled. Even Half Immortal Domain's Dao Lord, Guang Quan, did not dare to utter a single word of bullsh*t towards him."

    This kind of head on clash was really Mo Wuji's style.

    "Sure, let's fight our way in like that then." Ku Ya agreed instantly.

    But Mo Wuji gazed upon Ku Ya with a confused look, "Ku Ya, I thought that you would advise against such a plan."

    Yet Ku Ya replied with a grin, "Brother Mo, while I'm not very sure what your dao is, but I've had a little exposure to it. For such a mission, fighting our way in definitely is the most suitable for you. I believe that since you're bold enough to battle into the city, you must have some level of confidence. From another perspective, even if I fall in Ying Bian City with brother Mo, it would still be worthwhile."

    "That's right, I agree with Ku Ya. FIghting our way in is really an exciting plan." Tong Ye loudly agreed."

    "We've arrived at Ying Bian City." Han Qingru stopped the flying car.

    The four of them disembarked from the flying car, and Mo Wuji kept it with a wave of his hand. At the moment, they were staring at the city walls that extended into the clouds.

    This was the largest city wall in the whole Corner of Yong Ying, and also where the rest of the Immortal Domain (Corner of Yong Ying) was governed from.

    However, The first thing that caught Mo Wuji's attention was not the grand city walls, but Abacus, who was hung from the side of the city. He could not sense any vitality from Abacus either, but could only see him flapping in the wind like a dried piece of fish.

    Ku Ya bit her lip, and her nails dug so deep into her palm until she drew blood. But she still did not move, instead waiting for Mo Wuji's call.

    After taking in a deep breath, Mo Wuji thoroughly felt how insignificant his cultivation level was. If he was stronger, then he wouldn't have had to go to Jin Yun City Square and could have come here with Tong Ye ten days ago to bring Abacus away. Thankfully, he still made it here eventually.

    "Ku Ya, how's your array dao?" Mo Wuji didn't charge straight in, but instead asked a seemingly unrelated question.

    "I'm confident that I can take down the transfer array linked to the Immortal World in the shortest amount of time possible." Ku Ya was rather smart, so even though Mo Wuji didn't explicitly say what he wanted her to do, she could infer it all from one question.

    "Good." Mo Wuji continued after uttering that one word, "When we charge into Ying Bian City later, Han Qingru will save Abacus, Tong Ye will rescue Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi. Leave the rest to me."

    As everyone acknowledged their roles, Mo Wuji opened his hand, drawing out the Half Moon Halberd in one swift motion.

    A 30m long halberd radiance tore apart the defensive array base outside of Ying Bian City. The originally blurry city completely came into focus after this move.

    Although Ying Bian City was the largest city and also the center of the Corner of Yong Ying, but it was also a symbol of power; the highest point that cultivators aim for in the Corner of Yong Ying.

    In such a place, even without the defensive array, no one would dare to start a fight. Moreover, there were the strongest Golden Immortal as the city's castellan and a few other Golden Immortals around too. Hence, the defensive array of Ying Bian City did not have to be strong, but was there just to beautify the surroundings with some aura of spirituality.

    To someone who was well versed in array dao like Mo Wuji, such a, empty vase of a defensive array had its array base completely exposed. So what if this was a Grade 3 Immortal Array? He could still break its array base with a swing of his halberd.

    Only after Mo Wuji threw out that halberd strike did he truly understand the extent of his improvement. Back in the Jin Yun City Square, he had also swung his halberd in a similar manner, but the amount of energy expended then was many times more. It was clear to him that this was not because his strength had multiplied by many folds, but as he had refined the Half Moon Halberd to the third level of its restrictions.

    Countless halberd radiances followed right after the array base had been split.

    "Crack!" The pretty but useless defensive array of Ying Bian City shattered totally in an instant. Many cultivators stared at Mo Wuji, who took a step over in midair, without any clue as to what had just happened.

    If anyone said that Mo Wuji was here to attack Ying Bian City, everyone else would think that he was joking. There has not been a single person that has had the ability and courage to launch a head on assault into Ying Bian City.

    But what Mo Wuji said next stunned most of the crowd, "Those with no relations with Ying Bian City, please leave quickly, otherwise I won't be responsible for whether you live."

    There was actually someone who dared to assault Ying Bian City.
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