Chapter 477: Youre Still Too Late

    Chapter 477: You're Still Too Late

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    "I know who he is, at Jin Yun City Square..." A cultivator exclaimed.

    Without any further explanation, everyone knew what was going on. Many days ago, there was an extremely ruthless Heavenly Immortal cultivator at Jin Yun City Square who killed over a hundred cultivators of the same cultivation level, even including Seven Smoke Sect's He Junhu.

    After they realised who Mo Wuji was, most of the cultivators immediately rushed out of Ying Bian City. As promised, Mo Wuji did not stop them either.

    "Who dares to speak such bullsh*t at my Ying Bian City!" Before the sound of the voice completely faded away, a tall figure charged out from the depths of Ying Bian City.

    "Let's begin." Mo Wuji's halberd swung out multiple times at the figure that just emerged. This man was bursting with immortal elemental energy, obviously a Golden Immortal Stage expert.

    Ku Ya rushed into Ying Bian City almost at the same time when Mo Wuji started his attack. Two Heavenly Immortal cultivators who got in her way simply got cut up by a thin streak of light.

    Once Ku Ya made her move, Mo Wuji, who had always been observing her movements, immediately knew that since they arrived from the Half Immortal Domain, her strength had grown by a lot.

    Han Qingru leapt towards the city walls, preparing to save Abacus, while Tong Ye followed close behind Ku Ya to charge into Ying Bian City. He had been here before, hence he had a good idea of where Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi were imprisoned.

    "Don't care about the other people, just surround and kill this guy." THe Golden Immortal Stage cultivator that faced off against Mo Wuji roared out after exchanged a round of simple blows with him.

    Everyone understood what the Golden Immortal meant: as long as they could kill Mo Wuji, it would be useless even if the rest of the crew succeeded in their rescues.

    Seeing that his opponent did not continue attacking Han Qingru and co, and did not start a massacre either, Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept to Ku Ya, discovering that all surrounding restrictions that blocked out spiritual will were broken by her.

    This made Mo Wuji admire Ku Ya more. Ku Ya was a real genius, to actually think of destroying those spiritual will restrictions to allow him to observe the situation within Ying Bian City.

    "You're that Mo Wuji? I heard you killed Seven Smoke Sect's He Junhu? And also over a hundred Heavenly Immortal cultivators in Jin Yun City Square too?" The large Golden Immortal blocked Mo Wuji's path, but cooled down instead, not making a move against Mo Wuji immediately.

    At this moment, a red clothed man rushed over. Mo WUji and the Golden Immortal cultivator had fought before, and once he saw this red clothed cultivator, he knew that this was another Golden Immortal cultivator.

    Two Golden Immortals stood in the way of Mo Wuji, whole many other Heavenly Immortal cultivators blocked off all of his escape routes.

    "That's right, I'm Mo Wuji. It looks like you must be Ying Bian City's castellan, Luo Yun." Mo Wuji spoke as his spiritual will continued to track Ku Ya.

    According to Ku Ya, even if Lao Cai did not return, Ying Bian City should still have another Golden Immortal cultivator. However, only two appeared before him, which meant that there was still one of them hiding in the dark.

    He, Ku Ya, Tong Ye, and co. had agreed that as long as anyone saw a Golden Immortal Stage cultivator, they would immediately inform him.

    At this point, Han Qingru had already rescued Abacus, and was simply waiting outside of Ying Bian City.

    "I'm indeed Ying Bian City's castellan, Luo Yun. Mo Wuji, you've no chance here. You broke the rules of the Corner of Yong Ying, and dared to kill the Golden Immortal cultivators of a large sect, hence even if you went to the Immortal World, there's nowhere that you can settle down at. I'll give you one option. Since you have exceptional strength, we're willing to allow you to properly join Yong Ying Immortal Domain to become a person of Yong Ying."

    While this was going on, Mo Wuji's spiritual will detected that Ku Ya was destroying the transfer array, which was shining brightly at the borders, an obvious sign that someone was trying to transfer over. Luo Jun also noticed this almost at the same time, and his expression took a turn for the worse.

    "Is it Yong Ying first, then Yong Ying Prison next?" Mo Wuji raised both of his hands as he spoke, and one by one, dao techniques formed on his hands, causing a rain of lightning bolts to come falling down.

    "You actually know about Yong Ying Prison..." Luo Yun could not bother about the transfer array being destroyed anymore, and charged straight for Mo Wuji.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji did not hold back. Once he let loose the Boundless Lightning Rain, he threw out a punch. A fist domain that caused an area to freeze began to spread out, and all cultivators entrapped in it were killed by the rain of lightning.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji could feel that his opponent's Golden Immortal domain was slowed down by the fist domain, and as compared to when he tested this fist alone, the extent of slowing down was increasingly serious. Mo Wuji's immortal elemental energy in his elemental storage channel burst forth once more, and there was no holding back of spiritual will from his spirit storage channel, causing the fist domain to spread out at an increasing rate.

    Once the fist domain began to spread out in a fan shape, Luo Yun could sense it immediately. With a swipe of his left hand, a round saw like magic treasure appeared, and was swung towards Mo Wuji's punch.

    Under the pressure from the round saw, Mo Wuji's fist domain cracked wide open, and now, the best option for him was to quickly evade it, before consolidating his strength and striking again.

    But Mo Wuji knew better than anyone that he could not dodge. Once he did, his opponent would find out about his fist domain, and the next time he attempted a sneak attack, there would not be such a good opportunity any more. There would be the rounds saw and additional defences waiting for him if he did so.

    Spatial imprisonment! With another wave of his hand, countless dao techniques formed a solidified space. This solidified space did not fly towards Luo Yun, instead it went towards the round saw that was tearing through air.

    At this point Mo Wuji knew that he had to get rid of the strongest Golden Immortal as soon as possible, otherwise it would be very difficult to cement their victory.

    "Boom!" A burst of killing intent shot towards Mo Wuji from his side, and he immediately knew that it originated from the red clothed man . His lightning rain could be used to harvest countless Heavenly Immortal cultivators' lives, but they had no effect on this red clothed Golden Immortal Stage cultivator.

    Death seeped into Mo Wuji's consciousness, and even his subconscious was pushing him to run away, otherwise his life would be at risk. It was clear that he could not dodge away. If he did, he would indeed avoid being killed by the red clothed cultivator, but he would not be able to kill Luo Yun either.

    As long as he could not kill Luo Yun this time, he would be dead as his trump card had been revealed already.

    A plan popped into Mo Wuji's head. He forced himself to barely twist his hip and threw fist covered with heavenly fire. Following which, the half moon halberd vibrated slightly before releasing a slash. Perhaps because Mo Wuji did not consolidate sufficient strength, this slash of his halberd was much weaker than before, and only extended a few meters out, slightly off in direction even, striking an area around a meter beside Luo Yun's current position.

    A spatial passage opened by heavenly fire appeared before Luo Yun, Ying Bian City's castellan. This made Luo Yun's expression change suddenly, while at the same time he heaved a sigh of relief.

    Luckily he still had the Spatial Saw, otherwise he would have had a tough time avoiding this fist. Luo Yun believed that his Spatial Saw could grind Mo Wuji's punch to dust, and indeed with his Spatial Saw, the impact from the punch was reduced to the level where it only injured him.

    However, as the pressure from Mo Wuji's fist domain and heavenly fire came crashing down, Luo Yun could only forcibly twist his body just as Mo Wuji had.

    Soon after, Luo Yun's facial expression changed. He could see his Spatial Saw halt in midair for a moment while it moved forward. Even though it was only for a short instant, Mo Wuji's Heavenly Fire Punch tore through space and arrived in his face.

    Immediately, Luo Yun was shocked senseless. It was apparent that once he got hit by this punch, no matter how strong he was, he would die. This was simply because Mo Wuji's punch could shatter the regulation talisman on him.

    At this point, he didn't even think about how Mo Wuji could produce a slash that was just a meter long that missed him. Almost instantly, he , attempting to escape from the punch. But the direction that he was dodging in was where the slash awaited.

    "Boom!" This punch of Mo WUji still landed on Luo Yun's waist, tearing a good half of it into nothingness.

    "Clang!" As Luo Yun was about to get cut into two by the slash, a dark brown saber descended from above, completely parrying it.

    Deep inside, Mo Wuji was a little stunned. Man can only plan, while the heavens determine its success. He didn't expect the third Golden Immortal cultivator to come with such impeccable timing to disrupt his plan to kill Luo Yun.

    "Pew!" A burst of light shot cleanly through Mo Wuji's hip.

    The shot went through the left side of his hip and came out from the right, bringing along with it a stream of blood. If not for Mo Wuji's quick reaction of turning his hips, this strike would definitely have torn him into two.

    After that he consumed many pills, and put his vitality channel into overdrive. The only reason he dared to bear this killer strike was due to the existence of his vitality channel.

    "Brother Luo, thankfully I'm still not too late." The cultivator that blocked Mo Wuji's half moon halberd's slash and saved Luo Yun's life landed beside Luo Yun.

    Yet, there was no spirit left in Luo Yun's eyes, as he spoke while sighing, "No, you're still too late..."

    The Golden Immortal cultivator seemed to understand something, and suddenly retreated as his expression took a change for the worse. But just as he did so, Luo Yun's body was crushed by an immensely strong instance of the essence of heaven and earth .

    Seeing that Luo Yun did not die under his hands, but was still killed by the Laws of Heaven and Earth, he could finally heave a sigh of relief in his heart. There was a big difference between facing up against three and two Golden Immortal Stage cultivators.

    Now, he did not wait for his vitality channel to completely heal his injuries, throwing out a rain of lightning swords. The difference between foreigners and those from Ying Bian City did not matter anymore. All within the range of his rain of lightning swords was a target to be hunted.

    The Golden Immortal cultivator that ambushed Mo Wuji snorted after seeing that Mo Wuji remained this cocky even as he had taken significant damage. Hence he drew a magic treasure and sent countless suppressing instances of light to cover Mo Wuji.

    At this point, Mo Wuji was thinking of the same thing. Since this Golden Immortal dared to ambush him, how could he leave it at that? He did not bother about the other Golden Immortal cultivator that appeared subsequently, swinging his Half Moon Halberd repeatedly at the Golden Immortal right in front of him.
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