Chapter 478: Domain Crushing Fist

    Chapter 478: Domain Crushing Fist

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    A large swath of Mo Wuji's halberd radiance clashed with the red clothed Golden Immortal's magic treasure, causing a giant explosion.

    When he felt the extent of the strength from the half moon halberd, the red clothed Golden Immortal roared out, "Han Zhiqi, what are you waiting for?"

    Without any further prompting, the last Golden Immortal cultivator made his move. A burst of light shot through the air and stuck around Mo Wuji. At the same time, his magic treasure was drawn out. Han Zhiqi's magic treasure was a pair of Yin Wheels. Once they were out, a shiver went through Mo Wuji's body, as if there were a creepy pair of hands grabbing his arm.

    Mo Wuji knew that he had his limits, hence he did not bother about Han Zhiqi's attack, ignoring even that infinitely thin streak of light. Instead, he continued to punch towards the red clothed cultivator.

    Seeing Mo Wuji ignore Han Zhiqi to focus on killing him, the red clothed cultivator's expression changed immediately. He never thought that Mo Wuji would be one who bore grudges. Just because he had ambushed Mo Wuji once and caused severe injuries, this guy actually wanted to kill him, even if it meant death for himself.

    No matter how ballsy he was, he did not dare to face this punch of Mo Wuji head on. The strength of this punch was apparent, as Luo Yun's regulation talisman was destroyed by it, which eventually caused him to be crushed by the laws of heaven and earth.

    While the red clothed man thought highly of himself, but he dared not compare himself with Luo Yun; two of him might not even be a match for Luo Yun. So once he saw Mo Wuji's punch come flying over, there were no second thoughts as he dodged aside swiftly. Even the magic treasure he used to block Mo Wuji's half moon halberd was left behind.

    But he could sense something was wrong when he retreated, because the punch from Mo Wuji did not have any restraining effect on him at all. Could this punch be a dud? The next moment, his suspicions was confirmed.

    Almost immediately when he turned around, Mo Wuji's figure suddenly made a turn, and punched out once again. The scorching heat from the second punch was clearly felt him even while fleeing. Only then did he realise that Mo Wuji's real target was not him, but Han Zhiqi.

    When Han Zhiqi saw his Life Draining Spike penetrate Mo Wuji's body, he was laughing to himself on the inside. No matter how brutal Mo Wuji was, once the Life Draining Spike entered his body, he would have half a foot in the grave already. Not only would his immortal elemental energy and spiritual will dry up, but his vitality would also be drained away at an alarming rate.

    Han Zhiqi shot an impatient look at the faraway red clothed Golden Immortal, before raising a yin storm with the dual wheels in his hands while shouting, "Die!"

    The moment that the Life Draining Spike dug into Mo Wuji's flesh, Mo Wuji knew that something was wrong. This thin needle like thing could actually absorb his vitality and also suppress his spiritual will and immortal elemental energy on top of that.

    If it were anyone else, Han Zhiqi's attack with the Yin Wheels would have sent him to the afterlife.

    However, Mo Wuji was not just anyone else. Even if his vitality was being drained, and his immortal elemental energy and spiritual will was being absorbed, but his punch still did not slow down one bit. When his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel were engaged, this punch even became much stronger than before.

    "Let's see who's going to die here." Mo Wuji's spiritual will and immortal elemental energy from his two storage channels were stacked onto the punch. He had to kill with this strike. His half moon halberd was called back to deal with the Yin Wheels that were coming his way too.

    "Boom!" The terrifying aura of heavenly fire exploded while the fist domain spread out in a fan shape. Although Mo Wuji's fist domain could not match up to the completeness of the Golden Immortal's domain, but it was an attack type domain. Under the fist domain, Han Zhiqi's Golden Immortal domain began to break apart.

    The scorching aura from the heavenly fire blew open a path, and even without using any spatial imprisonment, Han Zhiqi was locked in place at the end of the path, while the punch arrived in front of him in an instant.

    From the moment that Han Zhiqi asked Mo Wuji to die, he knew that something was up. He saw the large area burnt by the flames, and within it there was a gigantic fist. The fist was filled with fierce killing intent and could seemingly not be withdrawn.

    This was not good. He had been too complacent after the Life Draining Spike hit Mo Wuji. What sort of person was this, to not fear his Life Draining Spike?

    "Bang!" The half moon halberd collided with the Ying Wheels, but the killing intent that blew outwards was blocked by Mo Wuji's fist domain. At this point, there were only two options for Han Zhiqi. The first was to use all of his strength to block Mo Wuji's fist, and the second was to put everything on the line in a clash with the fist.

    Inside, Han Zhiqi knew that no matter which option he took, it would ultimately lead to death for him. It was not because he was inferior to Mo Wuji, but Mo Wuji's fist was obviously aiming to break his regulation talisman, and the fist indeed could do so if it hit.

    Igniting his vital blood, Han Zhiqi threw out a punch of his own. Even if he died, he would die with some of his dignity intact.

    "Boom!" The two fists made contact, and the surrounding space showed waves of ripples propagating outwards. Following which, sounds of bones breaking could be heard. In his state of desperation, Han Zhiqi had actually managed to block Mo Wuji's fist by igniting his vital blood.

    However, his face was as pale as a ghost, and a pitiful smile appeared on it. There was nothing to celebrate at this point. This punch used up almost all of his immortal elemental energy, so even if Mo Wuji decided to turn around and leave, he would still die.

    "You're really strong, one of the strongest Heavenly Immortals I've ever seen in my life. Even if I did not have a regulation talisman, I might not be able to defeat you." Han Zhiqi's regulation talisman broke into pieces as he completed his sentence. The terrifying pressure from the laws of heaven and earth started to press onto him, eventually crushing him into bits.

    Mo Wuji coughed a few times before calmly gazing upon the area that Han Zhiqi disappeared from. Then he took Han Zhiqi's ring.

    "This punch will now be known as the Domain Crushing Fist." Mo Wuji raised his fist into the air. The domain of this punch of his could tear open a Golden Immortal's domain and kill one, which made him very proud of it. The name 'Domain Crushing Fist' was very apt too.

    There was still more to improve for this punch in the future, as it borrowed the aura of the heavenly fire to break the opponent's domain, but did not allow the full wrath of the heavenly fire to be unleashed.

    After coughing a few more times, Mo Wuji turned around. The red clothed cultivator was nowhere to be found anymore. When Mo Wuji killed Han Zhiqi, he had taken the chance to run away.

    This sort of Heavenly Immortal was not one that he could kill.

    Mo Wuji cast a cold look at the surrounding Heavenly Immortal cultivators, and spoke slowly, "Ying Bian City is no longer a puppet of the Immortal World. Everyone can carry on with their lives, and at the same time no one is allowed to kill the cultivators from the Half Immortal Domain."

    The rest of the group would be seeking death if they spoke up for the Immortal World after witnessing Mo Wuji kill two Golden Immortal experts. Moreover, what Mo Wuji just did was something many wanted to do for the longest time but did not do so.

    The most comforting thing was that Mo Wuji did not take action against anyone else after killing the two Golden Immortals of Ying Bian City.

    "Brother Mo, I've taken apart the transfer array to the Immortal World. Near it I saw another transfer array which seemed to be linked to the Half Immortal Domain." By the time Ku Ya arrived at Mo Wuji's side, the battle was long over.

    The scenario he predicted of a large group of experts attacking him at once did not happen in the end. Apparently, the cultivators had less of a sense of belonging towards Ying Bian City than he expected.

    "Take it down too..." Just as Mo Wuji finished speaking, he saw Yong ye bringing Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi over.

    "When I saw those guys running away, and no one trying to block me, I knew that brother Mo had used his abilities to kill Luo Yun." Tong Ye loudly declared from a distance.

    "Brother Mo, you're actually alright." Lou Chuanhe laughed as he saw that Mo Wuji was fine.

    Jia Qi also bowed respectfully, "Thank you brother Mo for saving me."

    Mo Wuji could not help but cough, and waved his hands while speaking, "All of us are brothers and sisters of a sect, so there's no need for any thanks. Brother Tong, has your brother Tong Cheng been found yet?"

    Tong Ye shook his head, "No. I've asked around and my brother should not have been caught, just like me."
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