Chapter 479: The Immortal Estate at the Bottom of Lifeless River

    Chapter 479: The Immortal Estate at the Bottom of Lifeless River

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    "Junior Brother, you're hurt?" Han Qingru panicked as she heard Mo Wuji coughing.

    Mo Wuji coughed a few more times before speaking, "I'm fine. I was only ambushed by that guy with a small needle. After we leave this place, I'll force it out."

    "Sigh, I'm the one that implicated Brother Kou Yuan."Lou Chuanhe seemed rather down.

    Seeing that Ku Ya had returned, Mo Wuji pat Lou Chuanhe on the back, "We'll definitely avenge Brother Kou Yuan. No matter where Lao Cai hides, he'll still be in the Corner of Yong Ying. We can't stay here much longer. Let's leave immediately."

    Mo Wuji could feel that the Life Draining Spike in him was very strong. Even his vitality channel could not suppress it completely. The only person that could deal with Golden Immortals was him, so if he couldn't fight, it would be very dangerous to remain here.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's instructions, Ku Ya quickly took out a flying ship. A stream of people boarded it and soon they charged out of Ying Bian City into the distance.


    Half a month later, Mo Wuji pulled out a thin needle that was so small that it almost could not be seen by the naked eye. The width of this needle was barely a tenth of a strand of hair.

    After the past half month of constant tug of war with it, Mo Wuji knew that this was a decent magic treasure called the Life Draining Spikez

    Once it was removed from his body, Mo Wuji felt a refreshing feeling all over, as though as all of the pressure on his body had been relieved.

    Impressive. Mo Wuji thought to himself as he held the Life Draining Spike in his hand. The person that forged this was definitely a top notch master smith.

    The moment he thought of master smiths, Master Pu Zi came to mind. Immediately, he stood up and swept outwards with his spiritual will.

    "Brother Mo, you've recovered?" The flying ship belonged to Ku Ya, hence she could instantly sense it when Mo Wuji stood up.

    "Yes..." While Mo Wuji spoke, he stepped out of the cabin.

    "Sect Head, thank you for saving me. Joining Tian Ji Sect has been the best decision of my life." Once Mo Wuji showed himself, Abacus quickly went forward to thank him.

    Abacus' face was rosy red, and immortal elemental energy surrounded his body, a clear sign that his injuries were almost all gone.

    "Abacus, you're almost well too?" Mo Wuji asked surprisingly. He knew that Abacus' cultivation had been destroyed, so he was planning to see whether Abacus could cultivate using meridians like himself, if his spirit channels could not be repaired.

    Abacus soon clarified, "It's Ku Ya who helped me. She found a Sky Channel Fruit in an immortal estate and gave it to me. I used it to repair my spirit channels."

    Mo Wuji stared at Ku Ya, but he didn't say a single word of gratitude, believing that she could understand his feelings. Since Abacus risked his life to rescue Lou Chuanhe, he was someone worth saving. So since Ku Ya could produce a Sky Channel Fruit, how could Mo Wuji not feel thankful towards her.

    Everyone knew how valuable a Sky Channel Fruit was. It was a gradeless spiritual ingredient like the Sky Channel Flower. Such spiritual ingredients would sometimes outclass immortal ones. This was because gradeless ingredients had the same effect for both immortals and mortals.

    Moreover, Sky Channel Fruit came from Sky Channel Flower, and Sky Channel Flower was extremely difficult to obtain from the cultivation realm. It was the best herb to use for building spirit channels. However not ever a single Sky Channel Fruit would be produced from a hundred Sky Channel Flower, which is the reason why Sky Channel Fruit was the truly scarce treasure here.

    The only use for Sky Channel Fruit was to repair spirit channels. No matter how damaged your spirit channels were, as long as they were not disintegrated to nothing, the Sky Channel Fruit would be able to repair them.

    "Brother Mo, we're reach the cave that I found if we continue heading this way. I intend to bring everyone there to cultivate for a period of time, and we'll see what we should do after condensing our immortal lattices." Ku Ya took the initiative to explain.

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji understood what Ku Ya meant. He had so many immortal lattice stone on him, so it was natural for him to distribute it out for everyone to condense their immortal lattices. In fact, this suggestion should have come from his mouth, but since Ku Ya brought it up, it meant that everyone had grown much closer than before. To the level that no one would feel embarrassed to use Mo Wuji's immortal lattice stone to condense his/her immortal lattice.

    Not only was Ku Ya's IQ high, her EQ was right up there too.

    "That's good. We'll discuss about this further after Ku Ya brings us deeper into the immortal estate. This is the Life Draining Spike that the Golden Immortal ambushed me with. It's very impressive, and can absorb one's vitality and suppress immortal elemental energy and spiritual will. I'm not accustomed to using such a magic treasure, so you should take it."

    The kind of battle that Mo Wuji liked was those that had an explosive start and end, hence such a thin needle that had a tinge of yin energy definitely did not suit his style.

    "Thank you Brother Mo." Ku Ya did not turn down Mo Wuji's goodwill, graciously accepting the Life Draining Spike that he passed to her.

    "Isn't this a large river?" Mo Wuji commented as he gazed upon the endless river that lay in front of him, contemplating the possibility that the immortal estate was located deep inside it.

    As she drew out a pearl the size of her fist, Ku Ya explained, "The immortal estate I obtained is at the bottom of the river. When Abacus and I first arrived at the Corner of Yong Ying, I felt something calling out to me. That calling brought me here alone to find my inheritance. After I split with Abacus and came here, I obtained a Water Dispelling Pearl which led me to the riverbed where I found the immortal estate."

    A Water Dispelling Pearl. Mo Wuji had obtained one before too, but it was not nearly as large as Ku Ya's. Its spirituality was nowhere as great as Ku Ya's either.

    "Ku Ya, lead the way, we'll take a look inside." Mo Wuji said without any hesitation.

    Taking out her Water Dispelling Pearl, Ku Ya stood at the bow of the flying ship as it charged into the river. The river seemed to be obstructed by some unknown force and automatically separated into two sides. Not a single drop of water touched the flying ship while it charged straight into the depths of the river.

    "This river is the Lifeless River. Based on some information on a jade letter I inherited, this river is actually linked to the Immortal Word. However, even after I searched for a long time, I never managed to find the path to the Immortal World. I'm afraid that we still have to use the immortal seeking staircase." Ku Ya explained as she steered the flying ship ahead.

    Never before had Mo Wuji seen such a deep river. With their current speed, they had not reached the riverbed even after two hours.

    Another half a day passed by, and Ku Ya's flying ship passed through a wavy veil before it came to a halt.

    "We're here. This is the immortal estate I inherited." Ku Ya was the first to disembark the flying ship.

    Everyone else followed behind her, and was immediately shocked by the scene before them.

    One might call this place a golden estate instead of an immortal estate. Even the large round doors of the estate was gold in colour, and the outer walls were the same too, giving the whole place an aura of nobility.

    "After I obtained my inheritance in the immortal estate, I found out that this place was left behind by an ancestor of the Ku clan. Those with the Ku clan blood flowing in them can enter the immortal estate. The Ku clan has not produced an Earthly Immortal for a very long time, and the only reason I could come to the Corner of Yong Ying was due to clan head's efforts, otherwise I would not have been able to obtain this inheritance." Ku Ya's voice was filled with gratitude, also calling Mo Wuji 'clan head' for the first time.

    As she spoke, Ku Ya had brought everyone into the immortal estate. A large hall tens of meters in radius awaited them beyond the golden round doors. A few golden pillars with carvings depicting various immortal beasts stood in hall, giving the whole hall an additional sense of spirituality.

    After Mo Wuji was aware that this was the inheritance of the Ku clan, he did not intend to touch anything in it anymore, instead saying, "Everyone find a room to condense your immortal lattice. Once we've lal done, we'll prepare to enter the Immortal World. Although it is safe for us to remain in the Corner of Yong Ying, but we can't raise out strength any further."

    When he finished speaking, Mo Wuji took out a few rings before continuing, "Each of these rings have two million immortal lattice stones in them, and some high grade immortal crystals together with a few immortal equipment. After everyone refines them, they will belong to you."

    Lou Chuanhe suddenly spoke remorsefully, "Brother Mo, I was not able to secure the Immortal Traversing Ship."

    "These can wait, condense your immortal lattice first." Mo Wuji spoke. Even though he had many questions, he knew that this was not the best time to ask them. The others probably did not have any questions of their own, so the top priority was for everyone to consolidate their immortal lattice first. Everything else could wait.
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