Chapter 480: Too Impressive

    Chapter 480: Too Impressive

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    Besides Mo Wuji, everyone else was condensing their immortal lattice. Han Qingru had already condensed her immortal lattice, so she was cultivating that wood-type skill that she purchased.

    Ku Ya had passed the Water Dispelling Pearl to Mo Wuji; so Mo Wuji started examining this immortal estate. There were some rooms in the immortal estate which could not be opened. But since this immortal estate was left behind by Ku Ya's ancestor, Mo Wuji naturally didn't try to pry around.

    A few days later, Mo Wuji left a jade letter behind and left the immortal estate. He was sure that even if there was a path from the Lifeless River to the Immortal World, it wouldn't be related to this immortal estate. Thus, he was prepared to search within the Lifeless River for that path.

    It was pitch silent within the Lifeless River; Mo Wuji was unable to sense any other forms of life within the river, not even a fish or a shrimp. There was only deadly silence within the Lifeless River.

    Mo Wuji only cared about searching for the path to the Immortal World, so he didn't really care about the fact that there was no other forms of life.

    At the beginning, Mo Wuji was still searching around the proximities of the immortal estate. As a month passed, Mo Wuji started to gradually move away from the immortal estate.


    Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Among the seven immortal domains in the Immortal World, Yong Ying Immortal Domain was ranked the lowest; it was also the weakest.

    Water Ying Immortal City; it was an ordinary immortal city within Yong Ying Immortal Domain. There was no need to compare it to the immortal cities of the other immortal domains, even within Yong Ying Immortal Domain itself, Water Ying Immortal City below average. In terms of grades, Water Ying Immortal City was a low-grade immortal city.

    At this moment, within Water Ying Immortal City's castellan mansion, a middle-aged man in scholar robes was sitting on an immortal fragrant wood chair; he was frowning as he sat unmoving.

    A woman with pretty facial features walked into the room. She carefully walked to the side of the scholar and sat down, she whispered, "Wen Hou, if it's really impossible, then our Water Ying Immortal City should just give up on this opportunity."

    This middle-aged man was the castellan of Water Ying Immortal City, Wen Hou. Wen Hou's name was rather unique; not only was his name Wen Hou, his title was also Wen Hou. (Hou = Marquis. Hence, Wen Hou = Marquis Wen.)

    Wen Hou came back from his deep thoughts; he held the pretty woman's hand, sighed, and said in a gentle voice, "Qianling, I have also thought of giving up. But if I abandon this opportunity, then our Water Ying Immortal City might never have to chance to advance into a high-grade immortal city ever again. This time, the Heavenly Emperor will be opening the Immortal Valley. This might even be the only chance that our Water Ying Immortal City has. Thus, our Water Ying Immortal City must take part in this alchemy competition, and we must obtain the top 50 in order to have some chance."

    By his side, the pretty woman sighed and went silent. She knew that her husband was right. If Water Ying Immortal City didn't have a good opportunity, it might not even retain its position as a low grade immortal city; it wasn't impossible for it to be reduced to become a subsidiary immortal city. If it actually becomes a subsidiary city, then his position as a castellan would be powerless, and it would become much more difficult for them to raise their cultivation.

    "Lord Castellan, Pill King Tan has returned." A soldier in immortal armour suddenly appeared at the entrance of the castellan mansion. After he bowed and made his report, he immediately went back to the side.

    When the melancholic Wen Hou heard that sentence, he immediately stood up and said with agitation, "Quickly, invite Pill King Tan..."

    "Brother Wen, because of some private affairs, Tan Liang is late. I've made Brother Wen wait." A tall but thin man appeared at the entrance of the castellan mansion.

    Wen Hou chuckled, he had already left his seat. He took a few steps forward, grabbed Tan Liang's hands and said, "Brother Tan, I, Wen Hou, will engrave your actions in my heart. I will never forget this favour of yours."

    The woman, who was sitting by the side, had also stood up. She bowed towards Tan Liang.

    After hurriedly returning the courtesies, Tan Liang sighed and said, "Brother Wen, in this coming competition, there's as many competitors as there are hairs on a cow, and several big immortal cities have sent out top grade pill kings to compete for them. I'm merely a Tier 4 Pill King; I'm afraid that my abilities might not make the cut, and I may hinder Brother Wen's plans."

    Wen Hou sighed, "How can I not know of what Brother Tan is saying? However, I don't have any other options. Among the people I know, Brother Tan is the best when it comes to the Pill Dao. If Brother Tan is also unable to help me, then it would simply mean that I'm never meant to get that fortune."

    Tan Liang nodded; he understood the meaning behind Wen Hou's words. Indeed, he had come here to help Wen Hou on account of their friendship. In reality, as a Tier 4 Pill King, he would be an esteemed guest no matter which immortal city he went to.

    "Brother Hou, in this alchemy competition, we will not only be competing in pills, but drugs as well. I would need two able drug assistants. Otherwise, the chances of me winning would be lower." Tan Liang spared the courtesies; Wen Hou and him had been friends for hundreds of years, there was no need to beat around the bush.

    Wen Hou hurriedly said, "Follow me to the alchemy lab then Brother Tan. Even though I don't have any exceptional pill refiners here, I do have some pill refiners that can also refine drugs. I will have them refine drugs, then Brother Tan can make your choice."

    "Alright." Tan Liang wasn't courteous. Right from the start, he was here to help Wen Hou. Even though Wen Hou didn't treat him badly, but as a Tier 4 Pill King, no one would treat him badly regardless of what immortal city he went to.


    Even though Water Ying Immortal City was a low grade immortal city, its alchemy lab was grand and luxurious. There were imposing rows of earth fire furnaces and the immortal spiritual energy here was rich. To concoct pills here, even those who were weaker would be able to have higher success rates.

    Ten pill refiners were in the alchemy lab concocting pills. Even though the highest grade pill refiner here was a mere Tier 3 Pill Monarch, they all had a pretty maidservant by their sides. These maidservants were awaiting orders; as long as these pill monarchs instructed, they would immediately attend to the task.

    Seeing Wen Hou and Tan Liang enter, all the pill refiners stood up. Wen Hou waved his hands and said, "Everyone, continue with your pill refinement, there's no need to care about us. If your pill refinement or drug refinement catches Pill King Tan's eyes, you would have the opportunity to represent our Water Ying Immortal City for the Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition."

    After hearing the castellan's words, all the pill refiners went excited. Who didn't know of the Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition? Moreover, they were pill refiners.

    Being able to represent Water Ying Immortal City in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition was not only a peerless honour, it was also an invaluable opportunity. Even if they didn't win anything, being able to watch great pill kings concoct pills was something that they would rarely get in their lifetimes.

    If they would be able to get ranked, then the reward would be the greatest fortune that they had in their entire lives.

    Thus, after Wen Hou uttered those words, all the pill refiners here started to place their full concentrations in their pill refinement. Almost every single pill refiner was concocting their best pills.

    Tan Liang's gaze swept from the first pill refiner to the last pill refiner; it was hard to conceal the disappointment in his eyes. Even though some of these people were able to concoct Tier 3 immortal pills, there were still lacking if they wanted to participate in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition.

    When Wen Hou saw the disappointment in Tan Liang's eyes, he was also filled with helplessness. There were truly too little pill refiners, and the impressive pill refiners weren't willing to stay in a place like Water Ying Immortal City.

    "Eh!" Tan Liang suddenly exclaimed softly.

    By Tan Liang's side, Wen Hou immediately rejoiced. Just when he was about to ask Tan Liang which pill refiner caught his eye, he saw Tan Liang walk quickly to the corner of the alchemy lab. Then, he saw Tan Liang pick up a pill furnace.

    Even Wen Hou could tell that Tan Liang had merely picked up a Grade 1 immortal pill furnace. The value of this pill furnace was extremely low. Even though it was also in the alchemy lab, no pill refiner was willing to use this low grade pill furnace.

    "Impressive, too impressive... He was actually able to refine a 100% purity medicinal solution. Too strong, too strong..." As Tan Liang grabbed this Grade 1 immortal pill furnace, he continuously muttered to himself. The excitement in his eyes couldn't be concealed; even he was unable to purify a Tier 9 spiritual herb and refine a 100% purity medicinal solution.
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