Chapter 482: I Had One Chance

    Chapter 482: I Had One Chance

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    "Lianxi, where's that pill king..." Even Wen Hou could feel his voice trembling; he was too excited.

    He never imagined that his daughter was the one to discover that pill king, and she even got him to concoct a batch of pills.

    "Pill king?" Wen Lianxi looked at her father in doubt. Thereafter, she shook her head and said, "Dad, he is no pill king, he's merely a pitiable person. That time, just so that he could survive, he lied that he was a pill refiner. In the end, I believed him, so I helper him. Afterwards, he told me that he had not concocted pills for a long time, so his standards had fallen. So he continued to scam me and asked me for some spiritual herbs and immortal herbs to help him recover his standards. An entire day passed, but he was unable to even concoct a single batch of pills."

    "Where is he?" This time, the one asking with anxiety was Tan Liang. He was experienced with alchemy, he naturally knew the reason why there wasn't even a batch of pills. It was because that person wasn't even concocting pills, he was purifying herbs.

    "Eventually, I left him. Before I left, I had Qian Shan take back the storage ring that I gave him..." As Wen Lianxi replied, she was filled with confusion; why were they so interested in a pill refiner that couldn't even concoct a batch of pills?

    "You..." Tan Liang wanted to scold Wen Lianxi, however, he immediately knew that it was not his place to scold Wen Lianxi. He promptly changed his tone, "Niece Lianxi, hurry and get him back. This person's skill in the Dao of Alchemy is no simple matter. If you can invite him back, during the Yong Ying Domain Grand Alchemy Competition that will take place ten years later, Water Ying Immortal City would have a huge chance of obtaining a ranked placing."

    Wen Hou added, "Right, daughter, where's that pill refiner from? Hurry and invite him back. Alternatively, you can tell me where he is, I will personally invite him myself."

    "Ah..." Wen Lianxi stared at her father and Pill King Tan in confusion, she was completely unable to understand what they were saying. Mo Wuji was merely an Earthly Immortal, and it was highly likely that he had snuck in from Half Immortal Domain. When she first saw him, some of his spirit channels were broken. He's actually so impressive?

    Wen Hou sighed, "Daughter, you really misjudged him. That pill refiner, no, it should be pill king, is an exceptional expert. Do you know what's the level of purity of the residual solution we found in his pill furnace? 100%! Even your Uncle Tan isn't able to purify spiritual herbs to such a degree. Clearly, this person is at least a pill king, and an expert that has hidden methods when it comes to alchemy. If we can invite this person to compete together with your Uncle Tan, how could our Water Ying Immortal City not be able to win a placing?"

    After another "Ah...", the scene of when she met Mo Wuji appeared in Wen Lianxi's mind.

    "Previously, I was able to concoct Tier 9 Heavenly Spiritual Pills. Because of my broken spirit channels, I wasn't able to concoct this sort of heavenly spiritual pills for a long time. I believe that as long as you are able to provide me with enough spiritual herbs, and wait for me to re-attune myself, I will be able to concoct Tier 9 Heavenly Spiritual Pills.

    "Dao Friend Mo, can you tell me, how long did it take for you to become a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner since you started learning about pills?"

    "Approximately two to three years."

    "If I gave you another ten years would you be able to advance from a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner to a Tier 3 Pill Monarch? I now I am rushing it, and ten years is too short..."

    "If I have plenty of herbs and plenty of immortal crystals, I'm sure that I will be able to achieve that. However, the condition is that you need to give me a simple pill manual. It would also be good if you give me some immortal pills as a reference."


    As she thought of that conversation, Wen Lianxi suddenly said, "I understand."

    Wen Hou hurriedly asked, "Lianxi, what do you understand?"

    "Uncle Tan, do you think it's possible for a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner to reach the Tier 3 Immortal Pill Monarch level in ten years?" Instead of answering, Wen Lianxi asked Tan Liang a question.

    Tan Liang shook his head, "I believe that's not impossible. Even if it's possible, it's as rare as a phoenix feather or a qilin horn, and that person would definitely be the most exceptional genius when it comes to alchemy. Advancing from Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner to Tier 3 Immortal Pill Monarch in ten years is not simple even for geniuses."

    When Wen Lianxi heard those words, she said to Wen Hou with an apologetic tone in her voice, "Father, I have indeed met an alchemy expert. During that time, he claimed that he was a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner, but from the looks of it, he should be far above the Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner level. He might even be a Tier 3 Immortal Pill Monarch..."

    With some regret, Wen Lianxi explained her meeting with Mo Wuji. She did not hide the matter of her sending Mo Wuji to Hundred Flowers Manor.

    At this instant, no one could understand the emotions in her heart. Ever since she was young, she had received a good upbringing and education. Moreover, she told herself not to underestimate anyone; even if the person looked completely ordinary, she would still give him a chance. However, she had a chance right in front of her, but she threw it away. This was a huge mistake; she had let a great pill refiner slip away right in front of her eyes.

    Perhaps she had viewed Mo Wuji's thick skin with contempt, but Mo Wuji was also rather peculiar. In a field that he knew nothing much about, he actually made such a hasty conclusion.

    Now, in Wen Lianxi's eyes, Mo Wuji was definitely not an Earthly Immortal. Mo Wuji must have offended someone, and coupled with his broken spirit channels, he decided to conceal his cultivation. If he concealed his cultivation, he would naturally conceal his skills in alchemy. The reason why he said that he said that he could slowly advance to Tier 3 Pill Monarch, was probably because he wanted to test her character. If her character was lacking, he would sneak away eventually.

    "Lianxi, hurry and bring him back from Hundred Flowers Manor." Wen Lianxi's mother instructed anxiously; more than anyone else, she knew the importance this Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition was to her husband.

    Wen Lianxi's eyes had turned slightly red. Her voice was slightly hoarse as she said, "After I came back from Yong Ying Thrush Mountain, I heard news of an unforeseen situation in Hundred Flowers Manor. The Hundred Flowers Manor Lord had suddenly disappeared, and it is unknown whether that Mo Wuji had been killed during that mess."

    "..." When they heard Wen Lianxi's words, everyone glanced towards one another. Opportunity had presented itself, but they had unknowingly lost it.

    "Sorry, father. I was wrong..." When Wen Lianxi saw the look of depression on her father's face, she felt an indescribably ache in her heart. Originally, she wanted to help her father with his worries. Unknowingly, not only didn't she help him, she had only made him feel worse.

    Wen Hou waved his hand, "You can't be blamed. You can leave first."

    "Yes." As Wen Lianxi left, she was constantly thinking of how she could find Mo Wuji again.

    "Qian Shan, tell me, if we were to go back to the Corner of Yong Ying now, do you think we can find that pill refiner called Mo Wuji?" After leaving the alchemy lab, Wen Lianxi immediately asked.

    Qian Shan shook his head, "Little miss, I feel that it's better if we do not go. There's no need to talk about the incident at Hundred Flowers Manor, it's unknown whether that Mo Wuji was still alive. Even if Mo Wuji is still living, the Corner of Yong Ying is so huge, how are we going to find him? Moreover, there's another huge incident that took place in the Corner of Yong Ying recently."

    "What incident?" Wen Lianxi asked urgently.

    Qian Shan whispered, "It's said that a fierce person has appeared in the Corner of Yong Ying, and that person was from Half Immortal Domain. Because his friend had been captured in Ying Bian City, he went into a fury. As a result, he brought two of his friends straight to Ying Bian City. Now only did he kill four Golden Immortals, he even killed Ying Bian City's Castellan Luo Yun."

    "He's so strong? Could he be a Golden Immortal?" Wen Lianxi asked in surprise.

    Qian Shan shook his head, "It wouldn't be such a huge story if he was a Golden Immortal, even though Golden Immortals would be suppressed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. But with his cultivation at the Heavenly Immortal Stage, he was able to kill Golden Immortals. Not only that, he even destroyed the transfer array from the Corner of Yong Ying to the Immortal World. Now, Yong Ying Immortal Domain is creating a path to the Corner of Yong Ying, to catch and kill this man."

    Wen Lianxi didn't ask any further. Suddenly, she recalled that Mo Wuji said that he was from Half Immortal Domain. Could he be that fierce man? No, that's not possible. It was highly unlikely that Mo Wuji was from Half Immortal Domain, otherwise, how could his skill in alchemy be so strong?
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