Chapter 487: Wheel Of Life And Death

    Chapter 487: Wheel Of Life And Death

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    Mo Wuji was only in the Heavenly Immortal Stage. But with his 108 meridians completely open, and his large amount of high grade immortal crystals, the immortal spiritual energy around Mo Wuji was brimming. The immortal spiritual energy extracted from the high grade immortal crystals formed one whirlpool after another, just like Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain, as they got sucked in by Mo Wuji.

    In merely half a year, Mo Wuji's cultivation rose from the intermediate Heavenly Immortal Stage to the advanced Heavenly Immortal Stage, then to the peak. He did not meet with any bottleneck, nor did he administer any immortal pills during this time.

    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating as he stabilised his cultivation. He was feeling rather emotional; previously, he had concocted a huge amount of immortal pills in case he met with any bottlenecks.

    Mo Wuji was learning from his previous mistake; back when he was preparing for his Heavenly Immortal Tribulation, if not for the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit which he obtained by a stroke of luck, he would have been destined to fail. Thus before he started cultivating, he specially prepared so many low grade immortal pills.

    He never expected that even after preparing so many immortal pills, he actually didn't even use one. Indeed, even he still didn't know much about his meridian cultivation method yet.

    If Mo Wuji was in the Immortal World, Mo Wuji would have taken one step more and charge into the Golden Immortal Stage. However, Mo Wuji didn't dare do it now. The image of those Golden Immortals shattered into pieces by the Law of the Heaven and Earth remained indelible in his mind. He had witnessed those scenes personally; if he charged into the Golden Immortal Stage now, he would only be courting death.

    It should be time for him to go back to the Immortal World. It would be best if the transfer array from the Immortal World had been reconstructed, and a new castellan despatched. That way, he could heartily cause another ruckus.

    Unfortunately, his attacks were still too ordinary. Even with his whirlpool domain, his most power attacks were merely his Domain Smashing Fist and his Spatial Imprisonment. As for his Half Moon Halberd, he managed to infuse it with his Nirvana Pole Shadow's shadow skill, but he didn't have a proper and complete halberd sacred art.

    His attacks were still rather plain, but they should be enough to deal with Ying Bian City.

    Just as Mo Wuji stepped out from the black whirlpool, he felt a violent shockwave sweeping over. Even though Mo Wuji was already at the peak of the Heavenly Immortal Stage, this simple shockwave had left all the bones in Mo Wuji's body shaking. He suspected that if he were to wait any longer, his fleshly body would be thoroughly damaged.

    Hurry and go back! Mo Wuji did not think twice as he turned back towards the black whirlpool.

    However, the moment Mo Wuji stepped out of the black whirlpool, it disappeared without a trace. From Mo Wuji's experience, if he wanted to go back, he would need to wait for an entire day.

    "Boom!" An intense flood of elemental energy charged over. Mo Wuji's Water Dispelling Pearl was directly shattered as the violent immortal elemental eneergy and pressure crashed against Mo Wuji's body. Right on the spot, Mo Wuji coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood and slammed heavily on the riverbed below him.

    What a powerful sacred art, Mo Wuji's heart was filled with astonishment. Ever since he started cultivating, he had never met with such a terrifying sacred art. Nor had he met with a situation where the repurcussions of another's battle had almost killed him. It could even be said that if not for his vitality channel, he would have already been dead.

    "Bang! Bang!" It was as though two huge mountains descended from the sky, sending and displacing water in all directions; two figures appeared in Mo Wuji's spiritual will.

    One of them was a yellow robed daoist nun. Mo Wuji couldn't see her face; he could only see the layer of white jade snow around her. That white jade snow was like a round world, allowing her to control everything in the surrounding.

    Opposite the daoist nun was a black faced man. He looked like he had just dug himself out from hell; his entire body was dirty black, and he exuded a suffocating Yin energy from his body. His aura was no weaker than that daoist nun.

    "Li Qinggu, let's see where you can run off now. Die for me..." The black faced man's voice was hoarse as he shouted venomously. As he spoke, he extended both his black hands and formed a circle in mid air.

    "Gu Jiushi, you still don't have that ability..." The yellow robed daoist nun sneered. However, she only completed half her sentence before she shouted angrily, "Gu Jiushi, you actually dare to use the Yin Yang Radiance, you must be mad..."

    "Hahahaha!" The black faced man laughed maniacally, "That's right, this is the Yin Yang Radiance, one Yin and one Yang. Today, only one of us will survive. If I'm not able to kill you today, I would die right where I stand..."

    A sort of crazy and violent aura of death swept across the entire area. Mo Wuji, as the creator of the meridian cultivation technique, knew what was going from this aura.

    This Yin Yang Radiance of Gu Jiushi's was a sure-kill method; the moment it was released, either him or that yellow robed daoist nun would die. This sort of move was a double-edged sword, it could cause both his or his opponent's death.

    An Yin Yang Fish Wheel appeared.

    When that Yin Yang Fish Wheel appeared, despite being heavily injured, Mo Wuji actually closed his eyes. He had suddenly gained insights on a new world.

    "Boom!" That violent flood of energy came surging over once more, sending the closed eyed Mo Wuji flying again. All the bones within Mo Wuji's body started shattering inch by inch, and a boundless breath of death seeped into Mo Wuji's body.

    The moment Mo Wuji landed heavily back on the riverbed, the battling yellow robed daoist nun and the black faced man had already disappeared. At this moment, Mo Wuji did not have any signs of life as he lied on this desolate Lifeless Riverbed. Both his eyes were still closed.

    Time passed slowly. The sand and soil from the Lifeless Riverbed gradually covered Mo Wuji up.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's vitality channel was still continuously supplying Mo Wuji with life energy. Gradually, the meridians within Mo Wuji's previously lifeless body started to reverse circulate; the spirit storage channels started to heal Mo Wuji's shattered sea of consciousness while the elemental storage channels started to heal Mo Wuji's torn meridians.

    Two absolute experts had battled on the Lifeless Riverbed. Even though it was merely a short exchange, the shockwaves from their battle had not only killed Mo Wuji, but had even left Mo Wuji's meridians and sea of consciousness completely damaged.

    If not for his meridian cultivation method, which allowed him to have the vitality channel, elemental storage channel and the spirit storage channel, he would be thoroughly and completely dead.

    Even though Mo Wuji was already gradually regaining his vitality, and his meridians and sea of consciousness had completely recovered, Mo Wuji still didn't wake up.

    In Mo Wuji's mind, there were only the images of that black robed man's move; within that hand seal of Yin and Yang, there were also traces of life and death.

    He used the surrounding life energy and death energy to form tangible boundaries; two seperate and extreme domains where one side is Life and the other is Death.

    No, that's not right. It should be one thought is Life, and the other thought is Death.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel started to reverse circulate furiously; all of Mo Wuji's thoughts and insights started to sublimate within the dao revelation channel.

    After some unknown period of time, Mo Wuji suddenly stood up; it was as though there were lightning in his eyes as he raised his hands into mid air, forming an Yin Yang Taiji Seal.

    The river water from the Lifeless River, at this moment, was being pushed away by this seal.

    "Boom!" The gloom of death filled and inundated the entire area. It was as though the blood and soul within his body had been extracted; Mo Wuji felt his entire body turning empty. His spiritual will and immortal elemental energy, at this instant, was also furiously being sucked out of him.

    Suddenly, there seemed to be life energy within the Lifeless River. No, it should be said that all the life energy from the Lifeless River had been shifted to one corner, while the other corner was completely filled with the energy of death. This death energy could not be contained as it immediately went in and filled Mo Wuji's body.

    At the very next instant, Mo Wuji's entire body was brimming with boundless death energy; at this instant, he was dead. Following which, with the reverse circulation of his vitality channel, all that death energy had been transformed and had become life force.

    "I understand now," Mo Wuji muttered to himself; his eyes stared into the distance.

    From the black faced man's Yin Yang Radiance, Mo Wuji gained enlightenment on this move. Moreover, this move was far more enigmatic than that black faced man's Yin Yang Radiance, it encompassed the Dao of Life and Death.

    The moment this move appeared, one must survive while the other dies.

    "I'll call this move, the Wheel of Life and Death." Mo Wuji's voice was filled with intense self-confidence and majesty; this was the second sacred art that he had gained enlightenment from - the Wheel of Life and Death.

    When other exhibit this Wheel of Life and Death, they would also be placing themselves in utmost danger, because this move would kill either you or your enemy. However, Mo Wuji was not subjected to such a situation; he possessed the vitality channel. The Wheel of Life and Death brings one to the extremes of Life or Death; he would definitely be on the side of Life.

    As for that yellow robed daoist nun and that black faced man, those two of them were definitely much more powerful than an average Golden Immortal, and Mo Wuji was also sure that they didn't have any regulation talismans on them. Even without regulation talismans, these two experts were able to appear in the Lifeless River. Ostensibly, these two's cultivation had already passed the boundaries of the Law of Heaven and Earth, and they would no longer be oppressed by these laws.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji had etched this grudge towards the two of them in his heart. Even though he had gained enlightenment on the Wheel of Life and Death because of the black faced man's Yin Yang Radiance, but Mo Wuji was no fool. The moment the black faced man exhibited his Yin Yang Radiance, one of the two of them would definitely die. However, one of these two thick faced fellas actually directed the death energy towards him. Thus, the one who died was the innocent ant, him.

    If not for his vitality channel, he would have already have been dead. One day, he would definitely find these two people and settle this debt.
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