Chapter 488: You Actually Dare To List Me As Wanted

    Chapter 488: You Actually Dare To List Me As Wanted

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    Ying Bian City.

    As the largest city in the Corner of Yong Ying, as well as being the Immortal World's symbol in the Corner of Yong Ying, Ying Bian City had always been the most flourishing place in the Corner of Yong Ying.

    Even though a cultivator from Half Immortal Domain had destroyed its defensive array not long ago, to Ying Bian City, it wasn't a huge problem.

    Moreover, after the previous defensive array got destroyed, Ying Bian City's defensive array had been re-installed and modified. Currenly, Ying Bian City's defensive array was a true and solid Grade 3 immortal array; it was no longer something that merely looked grand on the surface.

    Outside of Ying Bian City's defensive array, a huge wanted notice was hung. On that notice, it was written: Wanted - Half Immortal Domain Expert Mo Wuji. This person is savage and brutal. Previously, he assassinated Ying Bian City's Castellan Luo Jun, and robbed from Seven Smoke Sect's Manager He Junhu, as well as Han Zhiqi. Additionally, this person has murdered more than a hundred Heavenly Immortal cultivators from the Corner of Yong Ying. Any cultivator with news would receive huge rewards. This includes 5,000 immortal lattice stones, 100,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals. Those who are able to apprehend this person, would be rewarded 100,000 immortal lattice stones, 500,000 high grade immortal crystals, a Grade 3 attack-type immortal equipment, a Grade 3 flying-type immortal equipment, one Falling Dust Immortal Piil...

    With such bountiful rewards, people easily ignored the other wanted posters.

    However, even though the rewards were great, up till now, no one had come forward to provide Ying Bian City with news of Mo Wuji.

    Almost everyone knew that the poster was lying; it said that Mo Wuji had assassinated Luo Jun. However, it was under everyone's eyes that Mo Wuji fought and killed Luo Jun in an outright battle; it was no assassination.

    At this instant, a blue robed cultivator arrived outside Ying Bian City. He lifted up his head and saw the wanted crystal ball notice and said indifferently, "They want to arrest me with just 100,000 immortal lattice stones. This Ying Bian City does seem to think much of me."

    Constant streams of cultivators flowed in and out Ying Bian City. These words were immediately noticed by some surrounding cultivators.

    Many of them did not even need to see the image on the crystal ball as they exclaimed, "You're Mo Wuji..."

    "That's right, I'm Mo Wuji. If you want to catch me, you better hurry." Mo Wuji flipped his hand and the Half Moon Halberd appeared in his palm.

    Some of those that recognised Mo Wuji immediately lowered their heads. Not only did they not attack him, those that were intending to enter Ying Bian City hurriedly turned and left.

    There was no need to talk about themselves; even back in Jin Yun City Square, more than hundred Heavenly Immortals and even a Golden Immortal attacked Mo Wuji but they weren't even able to ruffle Mo Wuji's feathers. Eventually, Mo Wuji could even fight his way to Ying Bian City and killed the Ying Bian City's castellan.

    As long as they weren't idiots, they wouldn't dare to fight Mo Wuji.

    Immortal lattice stones and immortal crystals were good, and the Falling Dust Immortal Pill was amazing, but being able to cultivate to the Heavenly Immortal Stage, how many of them were idiots? This wanted notice had already been out for three years but there still wasn't any news about Mo Wuji. Moreover, the new castellan didn't raise the importance over arresting Mo Wuji. Who didn't know that they would have to risk their lives to get these things?

    Seeing that no one dared to make a move on him, Mo Wuji laughed coldy and suddenly, the green halberd in his hand formed a 30 meter long Half Moon Halberd Light.

    "Boom!" The halberd light directly shattered the wanted crystal ball in dust; that Grade 3 immortal array also started shaking violently.

    Mo Wuji did not stop there; the green halberd in his hands continued to slash outwards, forming one 30 meter long Half Moon Halberd Light after another which struck continuously at the same spot. In a little more than ten breaths time, a fracture appeared in the array.

    Even though the array had already been strengthened, when placed it front of an array expert like Mo Wuji, it would still be destroyed.

    "As we cultivate to become immortals, we must cultivate to such a degree. Only then, can we walk with our heads held high." One of the cultivators standing outside Ying Bian City sighed with emotion as he saw Mo Wuji's actions.

    "How many people can be like him? To kill a Golden Immortal while in the Heavenly Immortal Stage; or to cross the Immortal Chasm by himself? I heard that not even Xuan Immortals could necessarily cross the Immortal Chasm safely, and this fella could do that as an Earthly Immortal. He's clearly not simple."

    "Speak softly, don't let the experts from Ying Bian City hear you."

    "Keke, now that this person has come, do you still think that there are experts in Ying Bian City?"

    "Err... Dao friend is right."

    From a greater distance, a few cultivators in the elementary Heavenly Immortal Stage were clenching their fists as their blood boiled endlessly. Others might not know Mo Wuji, but they did; because they were from Half Immortal Domain.

    A middle-aged man sighed, "Those years ago in Half Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji was already savage without equal; even Dao Lord Guang Quan didn't dare do anything to him. I even thought that he was too arrogant. Only now do I know that he was still hiding his power."

    "Unfortunately, my power is too weak. Otherwise, I would definitely take out my magic treasure to stand beside Brother Mo and destroy Ying Bian City's defensive array, then kill our way into Ying Bian City."

    "All of us cultivators from Half Immortal Domain owe a debt of gratitude towards Brother Mo. if not for him, we wouldn't be able to use the transfer array to come here. The Half Immortal Domain was continuously collapsing, and if we were to stay there any further, we would have perished in the Immortal Chasm."


    "Crack!" After another halberd light, the fracture in the defensve array finally widened. At this moment, the city gates to Ying Bian City appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

    "Which dao friend is dissatisfied with my Ying Bian City, and is attacking my Ying Bian City?" A deep voice resounded. Following which, a white faced man descended outside Ying Bian City.

    Over ten other people swiftly joined him.

    Mo Wuji glanced towards these people. Including this white faced man, there were at least four Golden Immortals. Moreover, there were more than ten experts in the late Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    Lao Cai and that red robed cultivator were among their ranks, which had left Mo Wuji rather contented. From the looks of it, he wouldn't need to go around searching for Lao Cai. Today, the first person he would kill is Lao Cai. Not only did he want to take revenge for Kou Yuan, he would also help his Senior Sister Qingru vent her resentment.

    "Chang Luo's Mo Wuji." Mo Wuji opened his hand and the Half Moon Halberd landed beside him; he did not continue attacking. Chang Luo was his birth place back on Earth, it was merely a county-level city.

    "Chang Luo's Dao Friend Mo, my Ying Bian City has no grievances with you, why would you attack my Ying Bian City?" The white faced man's face turned ugly. His power was not much different from Luo Jun. Moreover, he had heard of Mo Wuji's might before; Luo Jun, Han Zhiqi and Hong Ju, three Golden Immortals, had attacked him simultaneously, but Mo Wuji was actually able to kill two of them. Furthermore, both Lao Cai and Hong Ju currently weren't able to fight to the best to their abilities.

    He had also heard that Mo Wuji was not afraid of group battles. If he, Bi Kang, was to fight with Mo Wuji, he would very likely end up following Luo Jun's footsteps.

    Even though he was aggrieved and infuriated, Bi Kang forcefully suppressed his emotions. Unfortunately, this wasn't the Immortal World; if this was the Immortal World, he would have destroyed Mo Wuji long ago. If this was the Immortal World, he wouldn't think twice to eradicate an arrogant Heavenly Immortal ant.

    Mo Wuji naturally knew the intentions behind the other party's "dao friend" and "Chang Luo"; he's feigning innocence. Mo Wuji merely chuckled and did not speak, then he suddenly pounced towards the slowly retreating Lao Cai. At the same time, he punched forward, "Since you dare to list me as wanted, then let this old man see how capable you guys are."

    Compared to his ruckus at Ying Bian City the last time, Mo Wuji's power was higher by multiple folds. However, Mo Wuji decided that he should still get rid of Lao Cai as soon as possible.

    Searing hot flames boomed outwards; at the same time, the four Golden Immortal simultaneously exhibited their domains. They all knew that Mo Wuji didn't have a domain; now that Mo Wuji suddenly attacked, they would first superpose their domains and heavily injure Mo Wuji.

    However, the moment the four of them displayed their domains, they knew that something was wrong. Not only did Mo Wuji have a domain, Mo Wuji's domain was incredibly peculiar; it contained an intense whirlpool force.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The Golden Immortal Domains were immediately grinded away by Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain.

    The red robed Hong Ju hurriedly retreated. He had battled with Mo Wuji before, and he was the person that was most familiar with Mo Wuji's power. At this moment, wasn't Mo Wuji multiple folds stronger than when they battled previously? He was sure that even if all four of them worked together, they would only barely block Mo Wuji's attack. All this was based on the premise that they worked together and be united in their concerted effort.

    In reality, he knew better than anyone else that the four of them wouldn't be able to work together. Thus, he, Hong Ju, wouldn't fight Mo Wuji with all his efforts. Moreover, he knew that even if they worked together and blocked Mo Wuji, his regulation talisman might still shatter.

    Was Mo Wuji really a simple Heavenly Immortal?

    The moment Hong Ju retreated, the Golden Immortal Domains, that were already being destroyed by Mo Wuji, became even weaker.

    Bi Kang snorted and brought out his magic treasure; it was a leopard tail serpent pike. However, before he could even attack Mo Wuji, that terrifyingly hot energy burned a passage in space. A strong and intense oppressive force surged within that passage.

    This was a fist domain?

    Bi Kang stared in shock at that searing hot spatial passage; fear and trepidation filled his heart. If this was the Immortal World, he could defend against this punch with all his power. However, if he were to use all his power here, he would only be courting death.

    Why did such a heaven defying Heavenly Immortal come to the Corner of Yong Ying? Even if this fella was in the Immortal World, few Heavenly Immortals would be able to battle with him.

    Even Bi Kang subconsciously took a step backwards while the other Golden Immortal went ahead to protect himself. As for Lao Cai, no one wanted to risk their lives to save a mere manager of a merchant house.

    "Crack!" Lao Cai's domain disintegrated under Mo Wuji's Domain Smashing Fist and whirlpool domain. The gloomy aura of death enveloped him. Currently, his heart was filled with a single regret: he regretted staying in Ying Bian City.

    There was no need to talk about him, even the people from the Immortal World didn't think that Mo Wuji would come back to cause another ruckus.

    "Brother Bi, save me..." At this moment, Lao Cai couldn't care about anything else, as he furiously tried to struggle free of the surrounding superposed domains and go towards Bi Kang for help.

    Bi Kang's face was unsightly. Naturally, he wouldn't help Lao Cai. The strength that Mo Wuji had just displayed had let him know that Lao Cai's and Hong Ju's reports were all wrong. Mo Wuji's power was far, far, far higher than what he expected. He would only be courting death if he went to help Lao Cai.
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