Chapter 489: Three Conditions

    Chapter 489: Three Conditions

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    "Crack!" Lao Cai could no longer care about the regulation talisman; all the immortal elemental energy in his body surged to the maximum; he even ignited his vital blood. However, before he could escape from Mo Wuji's punch, his regulation talisman shattered.

    "Bang!" A fog of blood formed in a flash. Lao Cai, an esteemed Golden Immortal Stage cultivator, was now reduced into a fog of blood. It was unknown whether Lao Cai had been smashed by Mo Wuji's fist, or crushed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

    Mo Wuji's violent Domain Smashing Fist didn't dissipate just like that. Instead, it continuously burnt and formed ripples in space.

    "Crash!" The moment Mo Wuji retracted his fist, the Grade 3 immortal array collapsed on the spot.

    Even though he knew that Mo Wuji had specially reserved his fist to destroy Ying Bian's defensive array, Bi Kang didn't make another move. It was as though his heart had been dipped in ice cold water; just now, he had seen Mo Wuji's power clearly. He was sure that even if they were in the Immortal World, Lao Cai might not have been Mo Wuji's match.

    It was true that Lao Cai still had some other moves of his own, but didn't Mo Wuji also have other killer moves? At the very least, his defining Lightning Sword Rain had yet to appear.

    Mo Wuji opened his hands and caught Lao Cai's rings in mid air. At the same time, he looked at Bi Kang calmly. The reason why he didn't make a move, was because Bi Kang also hadn't made a move just now. If Bi Kang had attacked him while he was killing Lao Cai, he would already have slashed Bi Kang with his Half Moon Halberd.

    He didn't have grievances with Bi Kang. He didn't come here to cause a massacre, but to establish his might.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I am Ying Bian City's current castellan, Bi Kang. These two are from Yong Ying Immortal Domain, Dao Friend Hu Ming and Dao Friend Hong Ju. Even though there's some misunderstandings between us, perhaps we could discuss about it in my mansion." When Bi Kang saw that Mo Wuji didn't make another move after killing Lao Cai, he directly went to keep his magic treasure, then he clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji. At the same time, he also took the chance to introduce the other two Golden Immortals.

    After that, he secretly transmitted a message to Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, I believe that you're not a reckless person. If we can sit down and talk, I will definitely be able to offer Dao Friend Mo things that would satisfy you."

    Mo Wuji did not immediately answer Bi Kang. Instead, he looked at Hong Ju, who had already retreated tens of meters away. He spoke with an icy cold tone, "If you dare retreat any further, I will kill you right here and now. Do you believe me?"

    Hong Ju, who was retreating continuously, immediately had a pale expression of his face when he heard these words. Shaking, he brought his fists up and cupped them, then said weakly, "Dao Friend Mo's sacred art is far stronger than mine. If you want to kill me, Hong Ju, I naturally believe that it is possible."

    Only then did Mo Wuji say to Bi Kang, "Dao Friend Bi Kang, please wait for an instant!"

    With that, Mo Wuji took a step into the city; his fists punched out once more.

    "Boom!" Space scrambled around messily in all directions. That newly constructed transfer array to the Immortal World was, once again, destroyed by Mo Wuji's single punch.

    Mo Wuji lightly waved his hand, then he moved on to destroy the seals on the transfer array to Half Immortal Domain.

    After doing all this, Mo Wuji went back in front of Bi Kang; he extended his hand and said, "Dao Friend Bi Kang, you can lead the way."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji seemed to recall something. He turned back and shouted loudly, "If anyone dares to shout for the death or harm of cultivators from Half Immortal Domain, I will give him the gift of my fist. There will be a third visit to Ying Bian City."

    Bi Kang's lips twitched slightly but he could only sigh silently in his heart, as he brought Mo Wuji to the castellan mansion. Even though Hong Ju wanted to leave immediately, he didn't dare do anything, and could only follow along at the back.

    "Hahahaha! Solid! F*cking solid!" The moment Mo Wuji left, one of the cultivators in the elementary Heavenly Immortal Stage outside Ying Bian City started chortle loudly.

    As he noticed eyes landing on him, this chuckling Heavenly Immortal had no reservations as he said, "That's right, I'm frong Half Immortal Domain. Dao Friend Mo's actions today has earned my admiration and respect. Something must be wrong in my mind if I don't stand forward to support Brother Mo."

    If this was a usual time, the moment a person dared to say that he was from Half Immortal Domain, he would immediately be surrounded then sent to Ying Bian City.

    But at this moment, all the surrounding cultivators acted as though they hadn't seen anything as they let this Half Immortal Domain cultivator continue to rejoice and celebrate.

    Mo Wuji, this vicious person, had killed He Lian Merchant Union's Manager Lao Cai in a single move. With one halberd, he destroyed Ying Bian City's defensive array, and with another punch, he smashed the transfer array from Ying Bian City to the Immortal World. But in the end, what happened? In the end, he was cordially invited by the castellan to the castallan mansion. No farts were given. To act against a cultivator from Half Immortal Domain now, you must be kidding me, we all want to live for a few more years.


    The entrance of Ying Bian City's Castellan Mansion. The group stopped.

    Bi Kang clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Brother Mo, I, Bi Kang, admire geniuses. Dao Friend Mo is a genius among geniuses. Thus, I genuinely wish to invite Dao Friend Mo into my castellan mansion for a discussion."

    Bi Kang wasn't lying when he spoke these words. Mo Wuji was able to destroy Ying Bian City's defensive array in a short period of time. Clearly, Mo Wuji was an absolute expert in arrays; Mo Wuji, himself, might be able to install a Grade 3 immortal array.

    Towards an array expert like this, he, Bi Kang, would only be courting death if he were to try to use arrays to trap Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "It doesn't matter how genuine you are. I, Mo Wuji, have nothing to fear. I'm not even afraid that you would act against me. To be honest, I have some soy beans but I don't have a pan to fry them in. I would actually prefer it if you attack me."

    Bi Kang started to tremble in anger. He didn't know about not being able to fry soy beans without a pan, but he guessed that it should mean that Mo Wuji wanted to attack but he didn't have an excuse to do so. Mo Wuji was so brutal and fierce; even if they joined forces, they wouldn't be a match for him. He definitely could give Mo Wuji an excuse to attack them.

    "Dao Friend Mo's jokes are so funny," Bi Kang forcefully smiled as he clasped his fists.

    Mo Wuji looked at Bi Kang's pretentious smile in disdain. If not for the fact that he knew another "Bi Kang" would come over after killing this one, he wouldn't have wasted so many words. After all, threatening one Bi Kang would cause them to have some fear towards him.

    "I don't have time to joke with you. I give you half an incense's time, release all the cultivators from Half Immortal Domain. Otherwise, I would do it myself," Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    Bi Kang clasped his fists, "Dao Friend Mo can rest assured. Now that I know that this is a misunderstanding, I will definitely release those Half Immortal Domain cultivators."

    In Mo Wuji's spiritual will, he noticed that Bi Kang had sent out a message. Soon, his spiritual will detected large amounts of cultivators being released; he had even met some of them in Half Immortal Domain before. From the looks of it, Bi Kang wasn't faking an act.

    "Lead the way then," Mo Wuji's face eased up.


    Minutes later, Bi Kang and the other Golden Immortals were sitting in the castellan mansion's guest hall.

    "Dao Friend Mo, please enjoy the tea." After a pretty female cultivator brought a cup of immortal tea to Mo Wuji, Bi Kang took the initiative to stand up and invite Mo Wuji to drink the tea.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to drink the immortal tea. Thereafter, he placed the teacup aside and spoke in a straightforward manner, "Castellan Bi, let's go straight to the point. If you are able to satisfy me with three conditions, I will leave immediately. If I'm not satisfied, I will go and find ways to satisfy myself. I don't like negotiating, I've never had such a habit."

    The way Mo Wuji spoke was incredibly tyrannical. He only gave them one chance to compromise, otherwise, he would kill the lot of them.

    The teacup in Bi Kang's hand only got crushed into pieces. He started to regret why he didn't place poison in that immortal tea. It took him much difficulty to calm himself down, and he tried to speak as warmly as possible, "Firstly, the three of us won't arrest any of the cultivators from Half Immortal Domain. But if you kill us, we don't have the power to guarentee that others would not arrest them."

    Mo Wuji knew that Bi Kang was merely a castellan despatched from the Immortal World; it was already pretty impressive that he could do something of this degree. Mo Wuji's gaze then turned towards Hu Ming and Hong Ju.

    Noticing Mo Wuji's gaze land on them, Hu Ming and Hong Ju hurriedly said "We only follow Castellan Bi's orders; Castellan Bi's words are the same as ours."

    Mo Wuji nodded, then turned back to Bi Kang.

    When Bi Kang saw that Mo Wuji didn't say anything much with this first condition, he heaved a sigh of relief and continued, "My Ying Bian City is willing to compensate Dao Friend Mo 100,000 high grade immortal crystals."

    Mo Wuji sneered, they want to make him leave with 100,000 high grade immortal crystals, do they think that he's a beggar?

    Seemingly noticing Mo Wuji's displeasure, Bi Kang hurriedly added, "Dao Friend Mo, actually, it's also incredibly hard for us to get high grade immortal crystals. After all, this is the Corner of Yong Ying, and not the actual Immortal World. I heard that Dao Friend Mo likes to refine pills, so I also prepared some valuable pill formulas for Dao Friend Mo."

    "Oh, why don't you take them out?" The moment Mo Wuji heard about the pill formulas, he instantly got spirited. He guessed that Bi Kang should have heard of his purchase of a pill furnace back in the Jin Yun Auction, which was why Bi Kang had this idea.

    Bi Kang, on the other hand, did not hesitate as he brought out a beastskin scroll and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji only swept across the scroll with his spiritual will to know that it was genuine. This beastskin scroll is at least thousands of years old; Bi Kang couldn't possibly have the time to produce such a fake.

    There were 7 pill formulas in the scroll and Mo Wuji had already known of two of them. There were also three of the pill formulas which weren't that valuable as they were wine brewing formulas. However, the last two pill formulas were especially valuable: one was the Xuan Crossing Pill, the other was the Drizzle Pill.

    The Xuan Crossing Pill was a Tier 3 Immortal Pill; it was a pill that could help a Golden Immortal advance into the Xuan Immortal Stage. This pill formula was incredibly valuable to Mo Wuji. The Drizzle Pill was also a Tier 3 Immortal Pill; this pill could help cultivators in the Xuan Immortal Stage and below to recover their immortal elemental energy. It was also very valuable.

    "These pill formulas are useful to me. I accept this condition." Mo Wuji had no trace of politeness as he kept the pill formulas.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had agreed to the second condition, Bi Kang heaved a sigh of relief again. Then, he took out a positioning ball and passed it to Mo Wuji, "This shows the location of an Immortal King Ruins in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. After I received this map, I never had the chance to visit it. If Dao Friend Mo is interested, you can take it."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will seeped into the crystal ball; indeed, it showed a mountain range shrouded in mist; there even seemed to be a huge river. However, Mo Wuji was sure that Bi Kang had definitely visited this ruins before. Moreover, this crystal ball was definitely a roadside good that many people knew about.
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