Chapter 493: Advancing Even Without Immortal Lattice

    Chapter 493: Advancing Even Without Immortal Lattice

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    When Mo Wuji woke up, the lightning tribulation was over and a bright morning sun shone on Mo Wuji's body which made him feel extremely comfortable.

    The moment Mo Wuji felt the vigorous immortal energy and the vast sea of consciousness, he wanted to shout his lungs out in joy. He was a Golden Immortal, a stage where he was over 10 times stronger than a Heavenly Immortal. Previously, he was able to deal with a Golden Immortal when he was only in the Heavenly Immortal Stage was mainly because there were the restrictions of the laws of heaven and earth in the Corner of Yong Ying. Also, these experts were unwilling to use the regulation talisman to go to the Corner of Yong Ying.

    'One wouldn't be able to advance to the Golden Immortal Stage without condensing the immortal lattice.' It seemed like this statement was definitely not valid for him. He didn't condense any immortal lattice using his immortal mortal technique but he was still able to advance like the rest.

    Mo Wuji contained his urge to shout out loud as he stood up. His clothes were torn to pieces while his face and neck were all filled with terrifying scars from the lightning bolts. While most of his internal injuries were recovering well, the lightning scars on his skin had yet to disappear. However, Mo Wuji knew that he just needed one spiritual circulation in his vitality channel and these lightning scars would disappear immediately.

    Not only did Mo Wuji not allow the spiritual circulation of his vitality channel to let his scars disappear immediately, he even stopped his vitality channel from healing the rest of the scars on his face and neck. He even intended to change his name or at least wait till he was strong enough before doing anything else.

    With the mess he created in the Ying Bian City twice, who knew how many people he had offended? More importantly, he even snatched the gourd on the Lifeless Riverbed before he arrived at the Immortal World.

    While the gourd was lying in his Undying World, Mo Wuji didn't even dare use his spiritual will to scan through it. His intention was to find a safe enough place, install layers and layers of defensive arrays before touching the gourd in his Undying World. The gourd was capable of emitting energy that could cleanse the body spiritually so how could something like this be ordinary? The Immortal World was nothing like the Corner of Yong Ying. With the number of experts here, the moment he revealed a little of this energy, experts might find him and finished him off immediately.

    After washing up, Mo Wuji changed to a fresh set of clothes. It was only now that he realised how extremely ordinary he looked after advancing into the Golden Immortal Stage. He no longer exuded any tinge of spirituality and if he were to be thrown into a mortal world, no one would be able to tell the difference between an ordinary mortal and himself.

    "Eh, what a good weapon," A surprised voice could be heard as Mo Wuji saw the young man with fair skin holding on to his Half Moon Halberd Blade from afar.

    Mo Wuji extended his arm and grabbed his Tian Ji Pole before clasping his fists and said in a polite tone, "Dao friend, the magic treasure in your hands is mine as I accidentally dropped it while I was undergoing my lightning tribulation."

    Mo Wuji only asked politely because he really didn't want any troubles. Otherwise, because he had already refined this Half Moon Halberd Blade with three layers of restrictions, he only needed to wave his hand and the Half Moon Halberd Blade would fly back to his hand.

    The fair skin man's face turned solemn as his tone became cold and said, "What are you? So whatever broken treasure your old man pick up is yours? Are you even fit to use this?"

    Just as this man finished his sentence, two more silhouettes flew by and landed not too far from where they were. One of them was a middle-aged man while the other was a young girl.

    "Young Master, what happened?" The one speaking was the middle-aged man.

    Because of this middle-aged man, Mo Wuji contained his urge to attack once more. This middle-aged man's cultivation level was higher than his and Mo Wuji suspected that he should be a Xuan Immortal stage cultivator. Sensing this fella's aura, he would at most be in the elementary stage of the Xuan Immortal stage.

    "I, Young Master, picked up an incomplete magic treasure but this fella claimed that it was his. This is the first time I, Gou Xinghao, have met such an arrogant fella, haha..." The fair skin man laughed sinisterly.

    "It would be a good thing if you, Gou Xinghao, are not arrogant so how dare you call someone else arrogant? This was the first time I've heard something like that too," Yet another voice was heard and another young man walked over.

    Mo Wuji felt that this cultivator resembled a person he knew: Hou Yucheng. Hou Yucheng looked slightly nuttier than this fella but Hou Yucheng's cultivation level should be far away from this young cultivator's. From Mo Wuji's judgment, this young fella should be in the Great Circle of the Golden Immortal Stage.

    Gou Xinghao grunted as he didn't bother about this nosey young man.

    "Long time no see, Junior Sister Xi Li," This young man, who just arrived, took the initiative to greet someone from far away after greeting Gou Xinghao sarcastically.

    Mo Wuji saw the young woman from away and he had a feeling this woman didn't intend to come over but because the young man called out for her, she had no choice but to come over. She bowed respectfully and said, "Xi Li greets Senior Brother Zhong of the True Cliff Immortal City and Senior Brother Gou of the Blade Scar Mountain."

    This woman wore a faint blue dress while carrying a long sword on her back. Her entire body seemed to float along the clouds as she strolled over. She looked extremely pretty, gentle and refined in a way that people would always want to get closer to her.

    The young man laughed out loud and turned to Mo Wuji before saying, "Dao friend here, did Gou Xinghao take your things earlier on? I have intentionally invited Junior Sister Xi Li of the Frosty Immortal Lake to be a witness, to see if this young summit lord of the Blade Scar Mountain likes to seize other people's items forcefully."

    Mo Wuji noticed that after Xi Li walked over, Gou Xinghao's air of arrogance toned down significantly as if he wanted to show the gentlemanly side of him to Xi Li.

    Even though Mo Wuji had no idea if this cultivator with the surname 'Zhong' from the True Cliff Immortal City wanted to make use of him to attack Gou Xinghao, Mo Wuji still clasped his fist and said, "Mo Xinghe greets fellow Dao friends. Not too long ago, my magic treasure was destroyed by my tribulation and because I was severely injured too, I wasn't able to keep the loose pieces of my broken magic treasure in time..."

    "Ah, so you claim that this broken piece I picked up here is yours? Do you really think that I, Gou Xinghao, don't dare to touch you just because a Zhong Zhen from the True Cliff Immortal City spoke up for you?" Gou Xinghao sneered even before Mo Wuji could finish his sentence.

    Even though he had already guessed that Mo Wuji might not be lying, this incomplete magic treasure that was broken could be considered to be without an owner. The refined spiritual will imprint of a broken magic treasure would naturally be destroyed when the magic treasure was destroyed. Unless Mo Wuji was much stronger than billions of immortal experts, he wouldn't be worried that Mo Wuji's spiritual will imprint would still be on the broken piece.

    However, he was aware that Mo Wuji only just underwent tribulation and turned into a Golden Immortal cultivator so he didn't think that a person like himself would be able to place his spiritual will imprint on his broken magic treasure. What he didn't know was that this incomplete magic treasure was refined solely by Mo Wuji.

    "Mo Xinghe, how are you going to prove that this incomplete magic treasure is yours?" Zhong Zhen didn't bother about Gou Xinghao as he questioned Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "This is my item so there is no need for me to prove anything."

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, Zhong Zhen wasn't the only one shocked because even Xi Li furrowed her brows without saying anything. She guessed that this Gou Xinghao was adamant on stealing this rogue cultivator's item but she didn't expect this rogue cultivator to say something like this. This was simply putting down Zhong Zhen who spoke up for him.

    From Mo Wuji's appearance, he should be an extremely poor rogue cultivator. He wasn't even capable of removing the scars on his face and one must know that it wouldn't even cost a few immortal crystals to purchase a healing pill.

    "Haha..." Gou Xinghao chuckled.

    Before he could finish laughing, everyone heard a humming sound and the Half Moon Halberd Blade flew straight into Mo Wuji's hand.

    Everyone was stunned and Zhong Zhen reacted the quickest as he laughed and said, "Brother Gou, this item you picked up actually had someone's else spiritual will imprint. Truly impressive, impressive..."

    After saying this, Zhong Zhen shook his hand and a piece of Heaven and Earth diviner fell to the ground. He bent over dramatically to pick up his diviner and said worriedly, "So close, so close. It was so close to getting picked up by someone. There is a master picker around here so I have to be careful."

    Gou Xinghao's face turned extremely ugly and even the calm Xi Li couldn't help but laugh at Zhong Zhen's mockery of Gou Xinghao.

    "I really didn't expect this Half Moon Halberd Blade to be your incomplete magic treasure. I really like this blade so name a price and I will buy it over from you," Gou Xinghao was really adaptable as he actually approached Mo Wuji to purchase this Half Moon Halberd Blade after it returned to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji placed his Half Moon Halberd Blade straight into his storage ring as he said instinctively, "I won't sell my item."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Zhong Zhen and said, "Thank you Dao friend for speaking up for justice earlier on."

    Gou Xinghao sneered as he looked at Mo Wuji with his killer eyes before turning to Xi Li, "After I leave this place, I would like to welcome Junior Sister Xi Li to be a guest at my Blade Scar Mountain. I have something on so I'll make my move first."

    After you leave this place? Mo Wuji was astonished. Wasn't this place the Immortal World?

    Zhong Zhen noticed that Gou Xinghao had left as he grunted disdainfully before saying to Mo Wuji, "You don't have to mention it, Dao Friend Mo. Just be careful in the future because this fella brought along a Xuan Immortal fighter with him. Did you enter this place by yourself? I suggest you find a few people to form a group."

    Could this be a secret realm? After getting out of the Lifeless Riverbed, could he have arrived at the secret realm?

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to ask more, an intense explosion from far away was heard and then a dazzling flame shot up into the sky.

    Zhong Zhen acknowledged both Mo Wuji and Xi Li briefly before hurrying over.

    "Senior Brother Zhong Zhen was right, you have to be careful on your own," Xi Li hurried to add in this before rushing over too.

    Mo Wuji wanted to follow over but he suddenly felt an impending threat as he subconsciously retreated. In the next moment, a middle-aged man appeared close to him.

    "It's you?" Mo Wuji's heart turned cold as this middle-aged man was the Xuan Immortal following Gou Xinghao. He wasn't shocked because this fella was in the Xuan Immortal stage but because this fella returned back to his side even without him noticing.

    "Young boy, you must have obtained a great treasure to be able to undergo your Golden Immortal tribulation here. Hand over your storage ring and then kill yourself. I will allow you to die in one piece," The middle-aged man said coldly.
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