Chapter 494: A Tough Battle

    Chapter 494: A Tough Battle

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    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to answer that fella as he drew out his Tian Ji Pole.

    The Xuan Immortal expert expected Mo Wuji to try to escape the moment he heard his words and then the Xuan Immortal would restrain him the instance he tried to escape. He didn't expect Mo Wuji to dare attack him because Mo Wuji was simply a cultivator who just underwent the Golden Immortal tribulation and didn't even exude any immortal aura.

    "You couldn't tell my cultivation level?" This Xuan Immortal finally realised that it must be because Mo Wuji couldn't tell his cultivation level which was why he had the guts to do what he did.

    Mo Wuji had already swung his pole towards him, "Stop blabbering and fight me if you want."

    "Buzz!" A trace of shadow pierced the space apart as it charged towards the Xuan Immortal expert. Mo Wuji merely used 5% of his immortal energy in this attack because he just wanted to test the difference between their strength and if he couldn't take the difference, he would leave immediately.

    "What a wild ant," This Xuan Immortal was finally enraged and shot out a white light against Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole.

    A lacerating coldness incursed Mo Wuji's body as an immense amount of immortal energy followed and sent Mo Wuji flying.

    Seeing how Mo Wuji was sent flying by a simple stroke of his hand, this Xuan Immortal laughed coldly as he felt that Mo Wuji should be able to feel the difference in strength now. One must know that he didn't even use his immortal domain and that the ravine between a Golden Immortal and a Xuan Immortal could not be filled up by courage alone. He had never seen a Golden Immortal being able to hold up against a Xuan Immortal even if he was only at the elementary Xuan Immortal stage.

    The Mo Wuji that was sent flying was actually calm because he knew that there was a slight difference in strength between the Xuan Immortal cultivator and himself but he was clear that the difference was not very significant. He could even find an opportunity to finish him off and his best bet at winning this battle was to let the opponent believe that he had collapsed in one blow.

    "Small boy, go and die," This Xuan Immortal didn't even wait for Mo Wuji to land on the floor as he took a step over and enveloped Mo Wuji with his tremendously strong Xuan immortal domain. A Silver Dragon Shovel emitting cold radiance brought along large deathly radiance which wrapped around the immortal domain as well as blocked off Mo Wuji's escape route.

    He had to end this battle as soon as possible because if Zhong Zhen were to find out about how he went back to kill someone for a treasure, it would be a serious damage to the reputation of the Blade Scar Mountain's young master.

    When Mo Wuji sensed the boundless Xuan Immortal domain on its way to restrain him as well as the large cold radiance covering the sky, he shut his eyes instead.

    At this moment, he could clearly feel the damage he would suffer from this attack.

    This Xuan Immortal was evidently trying to kill him so desperately that his attacks covered all four directions, sealing up any possible routes of escape for Mo Wuji.

    However, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief because although it seemed like the opponent was giving his all in this all directional attack on him, he was actually still underestimating Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji might be only an elementary Golden Immortal stage expert but he wasn't someone a Xuan Immortal could restrain so casually.

    Mo Wuji's immortal domain didn't break out while the killing intent within the Xuan Immortal's immortal domain was seen clearly by Mo Wuji. In fact, he could even sense the inch long blade hidden within the large shovel radiance. The long blade was the Xuan Immortal's true lethal tactic. If Mo Wuji didn't manage to dodge the Silver Dragon Shovel radiance, the hidden blade would not be activated but the moment he managed to dodge the radiance, this blade would act like a poisonous snake within his Xuan Immortal domain.

    The Xuan Immortal cultivator grew suspicious as he saw the blade radiance of his Silver Dragon Shovel almost tearing Mo Wuji apart. Logically, no matter how weak Mo Wuji was, he should have some reaction when facing an overwhelming attack like this. However, why was Mo Wuji not reacting at all? Even if he had already restrained the opponent with his domain, Mo Wuji could have struggled a little too. Something was definitely not right...

    Just as the Xuan Immortal thought about this, Mo Wuji made his move. The whirlpool domain which Mo Wuji had been storing for a long time broke out violently and at this moment, not only did he not dodge the overwhelming Silver Dragon Shovel radiance, he took a step forward and let out a punch.

    After sensing that Mo Wuji had made his move, this Xuan Immortal was more surprised than shocked because he initially thought that Mo Wuji had some tricks up his sleeves but he was only trying to garner energy...

    However, his pleasant surprise was cut off almost instantaneously as he realised his Xuan immortal domain was unable to contain Mo Wuji's domain. In fact, Mo Wuji was even able to move freely as if the domain had no effects on him. Moreover, Mo Wuji's own domain was like a series of crazily wild waves. Was this really the domain of a mere Golden Immortal?

    "Boom!" The domains clashed and an intense surge of pressure was felt when the Xuan Immortal finally understood. He understood that this small Golden Immortal cultivator didn't exert his full force previously and that this was a true display of his strength.

    While he still didn't take Mo Wuji too seriously, he used his spiritual will to activate the concealed blade of the Silver Dragon Shovel. The originally long blade suddenly erupted, turned into a 100 feet blade scar as it charged towards Mo Wuji.

    Sharp killing intent filled the entire blade and it emitted an aura which felt like it was about to pierce through everything in its way.

    No matter how strong Mo Wuji's domain was, he would turn into ashes under an attack like this.

    "Bang! Kaka!" A burning hot energy rushed out of Mo Wuji's domain and transformed into a space path. No, it was a flaming space path.

    After activating his blade scar, this Xuan Immortal was dumbfounded. Mo Wuji's fist brought along a fist domain and as it combined with the heavenly fire domain, he was completely trapped by this attack. Of course, he still had his Xuan Immortal domain but during the clash of the two domains, his domain managed to force Mo Wuji's fist domain out.

    This was when the Xuan Immortal realised that this was the opponent's hidden killing tactic. The Golden Immortal cultivator he was currently facing was definitely not an ordinary Golden Immortal or a Golden Immortal who just came out of tribulation.

    "Blade scar, erupt!" The Xuan Immortal finally realised his mistake in underestimating Mo Wuji because if he didn't underestimate him from the onstart, he would be able to finish him off without suffering any injuries.

    Presently, under the attack of Mo Wuji's terrifying fist domain, he would be injured even if he managed to dodge it.

    "Puff!" This Xuan Immortal did his best to shift his body but Mo Wuji's fist still managed to break his body armour and struck against his waist.

    Bones cracking sounds could be heard and this Xuan Immortal cultivator spat out a mouthful of blood as his knees fell on the ground. Most of his internal organs felt like they were above an intense fire as if they were about to disintegrate into fine powder. Ever since he started cultivating, he had never suffered something so severe.

    Just at the moment Mo Wuji's fist managed to do some serious damage to the Xuan Immortal, the several foot long blade scar exploded and turned into hundreds of blade radiance. These immense blade scar energy trapped Mo Wuji and tore his whirlpool domain apart before pinning him to the ground. If not for his Tian Ji Pole blocking off the huge Silver Dragon Shovel radiance, Mo Wuji could have already been in pieces.

    Mo Wuji spat out several droplets of blood and managed to sit up forcefully. He knew that he was still not strong enough and if he was slightly stronger, he would release another spatial imprisonment the moment he released his fist domain. No matter how strong the opponent was, once he was restrained by his spatial imprisonment and then had to suffer the wrath of his fist domain, his body would definitely be broken into pieces.

    He was fully aware that if his spiritual will was not strong enough, the power of his fist domain would be decreased when he executed both spatial imprisonment and fist domain concurrently. His judgement wasn't wrong because the opponent's body was still intact even though he managed to garner all is force behind that fist domain earlier on. Evidently, this person's body was much tougher than his and after experiencing the lightning tribulation, Mo Wuji was resolute in cultivating a skill to toughen his body.

    "Keke!" The Xuan Immortal stood up, cough a few times before his eyes turned cold as he glared at Mo Wuji.

    "I have indeed underestimated you. I can't believe a mere Golden Immortal like you almost defeated me. Impressive, truly impressive..." This Xuan Immortal cultivator slowly walked over to Mo Wuji as every step brought along a deathly aura. Every step he took towards Mo Wuji would imply that Mo Wuji was a step closer to his death.

    Mo Wuji grabbed a few healing pills to swallow because his injuries were more severe than the opponent.

    He could only rely on his vitality channel because as long as his vitality channel could heal his injuries fast enough, he would still have a chance at survival.

    "Die in front of me. Because you almost killed me, I will expose how strong you secretly was after you die..." The Xuan Immortal cultivator raised his hand as he was only a foot away from Mo Wuji.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji couldn't even get on his feet like a dead fish on a chopping board.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand as well and formed a mysterious orbit before saying with a hoarse voice, "I didn't almost kill you, I have definitely killed you..."

    The Xuan Immortal suddenly sensed something and even though the sky was bright and shiny, he felt cold. The space around them seemed to have changed and he could feel an impending doom within a confined space.

    It can't be good, this small Golden Immortal ant still had killing methods. Presently, this Xuan Immortal cultivator couldn't care more about his injuries as he focused all his immortal energy to aid his escape.

    However, before he could even do anything, he felt a sense of helplessness as a deathly energy restrained him causing difficulties in his breathing. Fear grew in his eyes as he couldn't figure out what kind of mysterious technique was this.

    At this moment, his spiritual roots started to tear apart and his sea of consciousness crumbled.

    "Puff!" Mo Wuji finally couldn't take it anymore as he spat out blood once more. He felt extremely dizzy and it was almost like he had swallowed a dead mouse as he felt extremely nauseous.

    "Bang!" The Xuan Immortal cultivator standing opposite Mo Wuji finally dropped to the ground and even his primordial spirit was crushed by the deathly energy of that terrifying space.
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