Chapter 495: Not Enough

    Chapter 495: Not Enough

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    Mo Wuji continued to swallow some healing pills; an intense sense of weakness inundated him. In his heart, he was calling, "Impressive!" He wasn't referring to this Xuan Immortal in front of him, but his Wheel of Life and Death.

    He even suspected that if he had used the Wheel of Life and Death first, instead of his Domain Smashing Fist, this battle would have ended much sooner.

    However, Mo Wuji soon denied this idea; such a method was too risky. The Wheel of Life and Death was indeed very impressive, but if his opponent was far stronger than him, even with his vitality channel, he might face the strong rebound of the Wheel of Life and Death.

    He did not fear the rebound of the Wheel of Life and Death; after all, he had the vitality channel, so he wouldn't die so easily. But the critical thing was, the moment he got struck with the rebound, his combat power would be severely affected, and he would not be able to fight his opponent on equal terms. Thus, the Wheel of Life and Death could only be used as an absolute measure, not as some battle technique.

    After depleting all his energy to kill this Xuan Immortal, Mo Wuji rested for a single minute before he struggled to stand up. He picked up this Xuan Immortal's storage ring, then lifted his palm to send a ball of fire towards this Xuan Immortal, burning him to ash. Thereafter, he swiftly left this location.

    Currently, he was heavily injured; even the most ordinary of cultivator would be able to kill him.

    Half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji found a grey and sandy patch of land, and immediately entered his Undying World. The Undying World transformed into a grain of sand and blended into the surrounding.

    Ever since he obtained the purple gouud, besides escaping for his life, Mo Wuji also passed his tribulation and even went through a life and death battle. Thus, up till now, he hadn't gotten the chance to go to his Undying World to take a look.

    The purple gourd was still in his Undying World. What left Mo Wuji relieved, was that the energy from the purple gourd did not seem to be leaked.

    Mo Wuji did not dare to touch this purple goud as he hurriedly went to install a few seals around it. Only after doing all this, did he finally start on his recovery.

    Mo Wuji's main injury was from that blade light that came when that blade scar split apart. Not only did that Xuan Immortal's blade light contain a sort of tearing energy, it also encompassed a bone-penetrating killing intent.

    If not for Mo Wuji having the vitality channel, he might not even have the chance to use his Wheel of Life and Death. He guessed that the blade scar should be related to this Blade Scar Mountain. If a mere house attendant had such a sharp blade scar attack, then if it was the Summit Lord of Blade Scar Mountain, then wouldn't he be killed with a simple lift of a hand?

    At this instant, Mo Wuji could only hope that everything would turn out for the best. The Summit Lord wouldn't specially hunt him down for a mere house attendant right?


    Thousands of miles from where Mo Wuji was healing, at least hundreds of people were gathering around a round-shaped tombstone.

    The tombstone emanated an intense killing intent. Not far from the tombstone, there were several corpses of Golden Immortals. Ostensibly, they hadn't been dead for long.

    "Everyone, wait. This tombstone might be the memorial tablet of the Lifeless Dao Sect's sect heads. The strongest among us only has a cultivation of the Xuan Immortal Stage. If we continue to force our way through, by the time the Lifeless Secret Domain closes, we still might not be able to open it. Thus, I suggest that everyone uses another method of breaking through this place." A handsome youth in brown robes stood forward, clasped his fists to the surrounding cultivators and said in a clear voice.

    "I agree with Senior Brother Qiao's word. We should not do things by force."

    "Senior Brother Qiao is one of the Ten Great Xuan Immortal Experts of our Yong Ying, and is also a Six Star Genius of One Sword Sect. Thus, I also believe that we should let Senior Brother Qiao lead us. Otherwise, we would only be a pile of loose sand."


    This brown robed youth's words instantly incited the support from many of the cultivators. Thereafter, he motioned for the crowd to quieten down before he continued, "Many thanks for all of immortal friends' support. Since that's the case, then I, Qiao Zhongyan, wouldn't dally any further. Now, may all immortal friends that are experts in arrays please step forward. All immortal friends in the Xuan Immortal Stage please step forward as well..."

    In the corner of the crowd, Gou Xinghao frowned slightly. He looked in a particular direction, and after some time, he said discontentedly, "Exactly what's going on with Hong Qi? Just a small matter but he still isn't back."

    The young girl beside him hurriedly said, "That Golden Immortal should have some fleeing methods. Perhaps Manager Hong went to chase after him, so he isn't able to come back immediately."

    "Send him a message. Get him to hurry back. Otherwise, the moment this place opens, we wouldn't be able to get much. That ant... we can take care of him later," Gou Xinghao snorted coldly.

    "Yes, young master." The young girl lifted her hand and sent a message.

    "Eh, isn't this Blade Scar Mountain's trash-picking Young Master Gou? There are many people here, so you would need to pay close attention. Perhaps, if someone drops something, you might be able to pick it up." Gou Xinghao's most hated voice sounded.

    "Zhong Zhen, your True Cliff Immortal City is merely a mid grade immortal city. My Blade Scar Mountain doesn't have to be scared of you." Seeing Zhong Zhen walk over, Gou Xinghao snorted angrily.

    Zhong Zhen sneered, "Gou Xinghao, don't think that the rest of us don't know about your shady business. This is a grand matter of unsealing a treasure, yet your Hong Qi isn't here. Hehe, don't tell me you went to kill that newly-transcended Golden Immortal?"

    "Young master, there's no reply." By Gou Xinghao's side, that young girl suddenly uttered; her voice was filled with slight anxiety.

    Gou Xinghao couldn't be bothered about Zhong Zhen; he immediately sent out a flying messenger sword. However, a few instants later, his face turned ugly; he felt that his flying messenger sword was not able to find its target and it got destroyed.

    In this Lifeless Secret Domain, the reason why the flying messenger sword wasn't able to find its target definitely wasn't due to the fact that the distance was too far. The only possibility was that the target had disappeared.

    "That's impossible." Gou Xinghao shouted angrily.

    From his perspective, that 'Mo Xinghe' was merely a Golden Immortal that just passed his tribulation. No matter how impressive he was, he still wouldn't be able to kill Hong Qi.

    Just as Gou Xinghao shouted, a sharp spiritual will landed on him; that spiritual will contained a hint of stern warning.

    Gou Xinghao instantly jolted, and immediately calmed himself. Even though he was not bad, when compared to the Qiao Zhongyan who just used spiritual will on him, he was nothing more than an ant. Just a simple elder from this fella's One Sword Sect would be enough to eradicate his Blade Scar Mountain.


    As he hid in his Undying World, Mo Wuji continuously got nourished by his vitality channel, and gradually, his injuries diasppeared. Towards the end, all the immortal elemental energy within his 108 meridians flowed with power, causing a sense of control to fill his mind.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes; his cultivation had risen really quickly. By now, he was already used to getting much stronger every time he recovered.

    After that battle with that Xuan Immortal, Mo Wuji's self-perception had improved tremendously. Not only did he know that his power was still slightly weaker compared to a Xuan Immortal, he also knew of his deficiencies.

    Even though he had always used various sorts of physical tempering methods, he was still far from being an expert. That Xuan Immortal was merely an ordinary cultivator at the elementary Xuan Immortal Stage, but he was almost killed. If it was a slightly stronger Xuan Immortal, he wouldn't even have been able to put up a fight.

    Secondly, he felt that his spiritual will was still not strong enough. Compared to other cultivators in the same stage, his spiritual will was indeed much stronger. However, his strength came from his pill refining, his usual tempering and his own Immortal Mortal Technique. Such strength was limited; if he met a much stronger cultivator, his strength wouldn't even be worth mentioning. In fact, he might not even gain the advantage when pitted against genius cultivators in the same stage.

    Thus, besides finding a way to strength his fleshly body, he needed a method to train his spiritual will.

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji took out that Xuan Immortal's storage ring. This was his first time obtaining a Xuan Immortal's ring, so his heart was filled with anticipation.

    With Mo Wuji's proficiency with arrays, the seals within this storage ring were easily broken.

    Instantly, he was greeted by piles of immortal herbs. Most of them were Tier 2 and Tier 3 immortal herbs, while there were some Tier 4 herbs.

    Against expectations, there weren't many high grade immortal crystals; only a few tens of thousands. This left Mo Wuji feeling a bit of disdain; a Xuan Immortal actually wasn't even as rich as him.

    Other than that, there were some smithing materials and some average immortal equipment.

    Mo Wuji disappointedly kept that storage ring. If not for that pile of immortal herbs, that Xuan Immortal might as well be a beggar.

    After arranging all those herbs in his own ring, Mo Wuji added additional seals around the gourd's opening. At the same time, he installed a concealment array around the gourd. Only then, did he leave his Undying World.

    Now, he really needed to find another person and get answers. Exactly what was this place? Or more accurately, what secret domain was this? The only thing was, he wasn't able to directly ask these questions. If he did, the other person would definitely know that his origins were shady.

    "Boom!" Another violent explosion could be heard; Mo Wuji stared curiously at where the explosion came from. A few days ago, that same place had such an explosion. He never expected that another explosion would occur within a few days.

    However, Mo Wuji did not intend to go over. He had killed a Xuan Immortal from Blade Scar Mountain, so his priority now was to find out how to leave this place.

    Just at this instant, a majestic aura, similar to that from his Half Moon Halberd, flooded out. Mo Wuji could feel it even though he was so far away.

    "Boom!" An even more berserk explosion resounded, and a burst of immortal spiritual energy erupted from the ground.

    Mo Wuji, who originally did not intend to go over, was now speeding over.
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