Chapter 496: Help Me Marry A Woman

    Chapter 496: Help Me Marry A Woman

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    Mo Wuji stopped; in front of him was an opened tomb. The tombstone had been tossed aside and there were more than ten corpses outside the tomb; no one else could be seen. Rich immortal spiritual energy was surging out from the entrance. Even though Mo Wuji was the latest to arrive, he could tell that this tomb wasn't simple.

    After hesitating for a few breaths, Mo Wuji directly entered the tomb.

    An inclined path that was a few meters wife appeared in front of Mo Wuji. If he did not know that this was a tombstone, Mo Wuji might have even thought that he was on a wide, sloping road.

    Mo Wuji hastened his pace, and in half an incense's time, he arrived at a small scale plaza. There were at least ten statues erected around the plaza; there was a tablet in front each of the statues, and huge words were inscribed on the tablets. Also, around the plaza, there were at least ten pathways. After scanning them with his spiritual will, Mo Wuji could only tell that each pathway led to an unfathomable depth; from the looks of it, this was like an underground maze.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the biggest statue. On its tablet, there was a name, "Lifeless Emperor", as well as some records of what the Lifeless Emperor did as the progenitor of the Lifeless Dao Sect. According to these records, Mo Wuji could tell that the Lifeless Dao Sect was started along the Lifeless River. That means to say, the Lifeless River was even older than the Lifeless Dao Sect.

    Mo Wuji wasn't really interested in the other stories inscribed on the tablets. As for the other statues, he merely scanned through them before he picked a pathway and swiftly left this plaza.

    The further he went along the path, the narrower it got. A few signs of battle could be seen, and he even found a corpse with its brains smashed in.

    "Boom!" A deep-sounding impact resounded by Mo Wuji's side. Mo Wuji subconsciously took a step back and he soon discovered that there was merely a stone wall beside him.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the stone wall, but he found that his spiritual will was completely unable to penetrate it.

    "Boom! Boom!" Another two hollow impacts could be heard. Following which, a crack actually formed in the wall.

    Mo Wuji saw it in an instant; it was no crack, but the seams of a stone gate. Because of the two's battle, the stone gate had been blasted open.

    From the looks of it, he was late. These pathways should have several stone gates at its center. However, because he had come late, he didn't know of that.

    With what seemed like his fastest speed, Mo Wuji rushed into that crack.

    "Pff!" The moment Mo Wuji entered this stone room, he was welcomed by the spray of blood. Mo Wuji's body flashed slightly as he avoided that blood spray. The moment he landed on the ground, the stone gate had closed itself, and a corpse fell on the floor.

    From the looks of it, a victor had been decided between the two. Mo Wuji did not care about the corpse on the floor; instead, he turned his attention to the cultivator that attained victory.

    Instantly, he was shocked; this fella actually resembled him; perhaps up to a 90% similarity. If not for the lightning scars on his face and neck, this similarity would be even higher. If this wasn't the Immortal World, he would have even thought that this fella was his long lost brother.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously stroked his own face; by now, his appearance no longer had any difference to the one he had back on Earth.

    "Crash!!" This cultivator did not seem to escape without heavy injuries as he collapsed heavily onto the ground. He was the same as Mo Wuji, his eyes were staring dead towards Mo Wuji and his face was plastered with shock. He seemed to be in a state of disbelief at the extreme likeness between him and Mo Wuji.

    "Who are you?" The collapsed cultivator asked with a hoarse voice.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Who I am isn't important. The important thing is, if you don't heal yourself soon, you wouldn't be able to survive."

    Mo Wuji knew that this fella's injuries were devastating; if he were the one with such heavy injuries, it would also be enough to choke him.

    After saying that simple sentence, Mo Wuji started to examine this stone room.

    In the stone room, there was a shrine, and a stone table. That was all.

    "There's no need to see, there's nothing else here..." As he saw Mo Wuji scanning the area, the collapsed cultivator said grudgingly.

    Even if this cultivator didn't say anything, Mo Wuji could tell that there was nothing here, and that shrine and stone table did not have any signs that they had been touched. Even though he didn't understand why these two cultivators would fight even though there was nothing, he also knew that this wasn't his business.

    "Since that's the case, I'm leaving." With that, Mo Wuji turned.

    It wasn't that he didn't want to save this fella that looked very much like him; but it was because this fella truly couldn't be saved. At a single glance, he could tell that this fella's spirit channels had been ruptured, and his sea of consciousness damaged. Even if Mo Wuji wanted to save him, he would have to exert all his effort and even use his own vitality channel and spirit storage channel.

    He didn't even know this person, so he wouldn't put in all his efforts to save a stranger in a dangerous situation like this. He, Mo Wuji, was no saint. Moreover, if it was someone else, he would have used this opportunity to rob this fella. He was already kind enough to not do that.

    "Wait wait!" The moment the fallen cultivator saw Mo Wuji leaving, he beckoned for Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji stopped and said, "Your injuries are very serious. The pills I have would be completely useless on you, so asking me to wait would not be able to save you."

    The cultivator shook his head, "I'm not asking for you to save me; I also know that I'm going to die soon. Even if the Immortal Emperor was here, he wouldn't be able to save me. Not only are my sea of consciousness and spirit channels damaged, my primordial spirit is also starting to collaspe. I only want to ask you for some help..."

    Seeing Mo Wuji frown, this cultivator hurriedly explained, "I have something here. See if it's useful to you. If it is, you can take it..."

    As he spoke, this cultivator struggled to take out a jade box.

    Mo Wuji extended his arm and the jade box landed in his palm. He opened the jade box and found that there was only an ancient map within it; the map was slightly blurred and only a few rough locations could be seen.

    This thing was completely useless to him. Just as Mo Wuji was about to throw this map back to this fallen cultivator, he suddenly noticed a bead drawn on the bottom corner of the map, and there were even three words written below it - Wood Elemental Bead.

    "This is a map that shows previous locations of the Wood Elemental Bead... If it's useful to you, then help me with something. If it isn't, then, then..." This cultivator seemed to want to say 'forget it', but his matter seemed very important to him, so he wasn't able to utter those words.

    Mo Wuji carefully placed the map back into the jade box and said, "You're not afraid that I will take this map and leave?"

    A trail of blood seeped out of the corner of this cultivator's mouth; he struggled to laugh, "You shouldn't be that kind of person. If you were such a person, you would have just killed me and taken my storage ring away."

    "This map is useful to me. Tell me, what do you want my help with." Mo Wuji kept the jade box, and at the same time, he took out an imaging crystal ball.

    If not for this fella's severe injuries, to the point where his primordial spirit was collapsing, Mo Wuji would have tried to save him.

    "My name is Yan Ye, my grandfather, Yan Qi, is the patriarch of the Yan Clan. My grandfather has seven sons, and my father, Yan Yechang, is the eldest son. My mother..."

    Mo Wuji cut off Yan Ye's words, "Dao Friend Yan, I suggest that you tell me directly what you need help with. Don't waste your tieme like this. Even if you don't tell me about your family situation, I would still help you. The premise is, it must be within my means. If I'm unable to do, there's nothing I can do, no matter what you say."

    To Mo Wuji, as long as he had the ability to do it, he would definitely help with this promise. But if he was unable to do it, even if this Yan Ye spoke with extravagant embellishments, he would simply remain aloof.

    "I know." Yan Ye's voice had gotten weaker, "I want you to use my identity, to go to the Yan Clan for three months. After the three months, you can go anywhere you like...

    Mo Wuji startled, impersonate Yan Ye? He immediately thought of his current identity; he didn't really have a specific identity, so he should be able to do this.

    As Yan Ye saw Mo Wuji remain silent, he continued, "After leaving this Lifeless Secret Domain, I will be marrying Ji Clan's proud daughter, Ji Yue. I just need your help with this matter..."

    The moment Mo Wuji heard Yan Ye's words, he immediately knew that this matter was impossible, "Sorry, I'm truly unable to help you with this matter. It's okay for me to impersonate you, but I can't marry that Ji whatever on your behalf. But if there's anything else, just say it. Oh right, this is the Lifeless Secret Domain? How did this secret domain appear, and how long? And when can I get out?"

    When Yan Ye heard the front part of Mo Wuji's reply, he did not find anything out of the ordinary. However, the moment he heard the later part, he was momentarily stunned. This Mo Wuji didn't even know the name of this secret domain, how did he manage to enter?

    "Oh, I came from somewhere else, and I accidentally entered this place." Mo Wuji did not bother lying to Yan Ye. Since the other party was dying, there was no way this fella could expose his secret.

    "That's even better. You can leave while borrowing my identity. Without an identity token, you would undoubtedly die..." As Yan Ye spoke, he pointed to his storage ring, "My identity token is in here."

    "Many thanks, but I'm still unable to help you," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said sincerely.

    Yan Ye hurriedly said, "I'm not asking you to truly marry Ji Yue, I just need you to help her. With this method, she would be able to leave the Ji Clan. Once she marries into the Yan Clan, she can leave by herself."

    Seeing the warmth and love in Yan Ye's eyes, Mo Wuji came to a realisation. This thing called 'feelings' was a simple thing; this fella liked Ji Yue, so he was willing to get used by Ji Yue. Using this method, he would help Ji Yue leave the Ji Clan, then he would let Ji Yue go.

    "The Ji Clan owes my father a clan-saving favour. I used this favour to ask for Ji Yue's hand in marriage, the Ji Clan had to agree..." Yan Ye stopped and started to pant heavily.

    Mo Wuji knew that a clan-saving favour was; it was the debt of gratitude when one saved an entire clan. For such a favour, there was no need to talk about a simple woman, even if he asked for more, the Ji Clan would still oblige.

    He grabbed a few pills and sent them into Yan Ye's mouth. As he waited for Yan Ye to catch his breath, he said, "You used your father's clan-saving favour, just to help a woman?"

    Yan Ye sighed, "My parents are no longer here. My situation is rather complicated, and it's hard to explain.

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt that he had fallen into a huge quagmire. His mind instantly cleared up, he stared at Yan Ye and said, "Yan Ye, tell me honestly. That cultivator killed by you, wasn't able to injure you so heavily, right? Much less damage your sea of consciousness, and collapse your primordial spirit? If you continue to lie to me, I will leave immediately."
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