Chapter 498: There’s Still Another Wife

    Chapter 498: There's Still Another Wife

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    Mo Wuji reacted swiftly; the moment he heard these words, he could guess that this Ji Yi had been sent over by Ji Yue. As expected, he saw that Yan Tianyu's face had turned cold, clearly, he wasn't very welcoming towards this Ji Yi.

    "You can go over first, I wish to talk to Tianyu," Mo Wuji casually replied Ji Yi. He was not interested in seeing that Ji Yue.

    According to his original intentions, he would leave immediately after he met Yan Yi. He did not want to have any relations with Ji Yue, so naturally, he would not even want to see her. Now that he met Yan Tianyu, he might not even need to personally find Yan Yi.

    When she heard Mo Wuji's reply, a hint of astonishment appeared in Ji Yi's eyes. What's going on with Yan Ye? In the past, he would have thrown everything down and immediately followed her over; why was his current reaction so peculiar?

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glimpse at the Ji Yi's eyes to know that his performance had been inappropriate. He hurriedly said, "I have a urgent matter to discuss with Tianyu. You can go first."

    Ji Yi doubtfully nodded her head, then she turned and left.

    "Yan Ye, you seem to have changed." After Ji Yi left, Yan Tianyu stared at Mo Wuji curiously, seemingly trying to discern the change.

    Mo Wuji revealed an expression of grief, and he tried to speak as hoarsely as Yan Ye had, "I almost lost my life this time. If I didn't find an immortal herb that could detoxify poison in the lightning lake, I would have long lost my life."

    As he said this, Mo Wuji glanced towards Gou Xinghao, who was staring at him, then he patted Yan Tianyu's shoulder, "Tianyu, let's talk somewhere else, there're some nasty bugs around here."

    Seeing Mo Wuji leave with Yan Tianyu, Gou Xinghao's face turned incomparably somber; he did not dare block Mo Wuji. The Yan Clan behind Mo Wuji was no small power; he would be unable to bully Mo Wuji, unless his father came over.

    "Alright." Yan Tianyu nodded, then followed Yan Ye.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already followed Ji Yi to the Ji Clan encampment. Soon, he discovered that the Yan Clan wasn't very far from the Ji Clan. Mo Wuji didn't go towards the Yan Clan encampment, but chose a different direction.

    When he saw that Mo Wuji chose to avoid the Yan Clan, Yan Tianyu sighed and said, "Yan Ye, even though there are many snobbish people in the Yan Clan, they are still our family. I know what you're thinking, but it's still best for you to pay respects to our elders. After all, your actions this time were truly too much. As for the immortal herbs from the secret domain, it's okay if you don't hand any over..."

    Mo Wuji rapidly discerned the situation in his heart: Yan Ye's position in the Yan Clan wasn't very high, and it looked like he even had some apprehensions towards towards the Yan Clan. However, it seemed like the Yan Clan was rather tolerant of him. As for what he had done that was 'too much', Yan Tianyu didn't talk much about it. From the way that Yan Tianyu spoke, Mo Wuji could also tell that Yan Ye's relationship with this Yan Tianyu was still not bad.

    Seeing that there was no one in the surrounding, Mo Wuji stopped.

    Before Mo Wuji could start speaking, Yan Tianyu started ranting, "I've told you this before, that Ji Yue doesn't truly like you. Furthermore, you already have a wife, even though..."

    The moment Mo Wuji heard the last sentence, Mo Wuji almost coughed out a mouthful of blood. If not for the fact that he was impersonating Yan Ye, he would have cussed out loud. That Yan Ye fella actually didn't tell him about his wife; that fella was simply screwing with him.

    That fella was also really shameless; he had a wife and a sister, but he's still thinking of using Ji Clan's clan-saving favour to help some other woman.

    Yan Tianyu seemed to recall something, and he immediately changed the topic, "There's no need for me to say anything, but by now, you should have felt that the poison in you is related to the Ji Clan, right? There are a family of ingrates. They are only making use of your feelings towards Ji Yue. To be honest, Ji Yue only looks a little prettier, but other than that..."

    As he got here, he subconsciously stopped talking. This was because in the past, whenever he said anything bad about Ji Yue, Yan Ye would be triggered. However, to his surprise, even though he had scolded Ji Yue, Yan Ye actually didn't act up. He only had an ugly expression on his face.

    In Yan Tianyu's perspective, Yan Ye had really changed.

    Mo Wuji sighed helplessly, "Tianyu, I already know all this. To be honest, if not for some good luck, I would have already died by the poison. You see the lightning scars on my face and neck, right? Now, I couldn't even be bothered to find pills to remove these scars. After coming so close to death, I came to understand many things. I also don't have the face to return back to the Yan Clan. Help me pass these things to Yan Yi and my wife..."

    With that, Mo Wuji took out two storage rings and handed them to Yan Tianyu.

    Mo Wuji was also rather helpless; he guessed that Yan Ye hadn't mentioned his wife becasue he was too infatuated with Ji Yue. Now that he was no longer infatuated, he naturally had to think about his face. Thus, if he was leaving, leaving a ring for his sister and not his wife might actually cause suspicions.

    "Yan Ye, don't you hate Junior Sister Xiangyu?" Yan Tianyu stared questioningly at Mo Wuji.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was thinking: I don't even know whether that Junior Sister Xiangyu is fat or thin, how am I to hate her? However, this sentence told him of someone Yan Ye was close to, Xiangyu. Of course, he still didn't even know her surname. At the same time, he could guess from Yan Tianyu's words that Yan Tianyu should be older than Yan Ye. Otherwise, he wouldn't call Yan Ye's wife "Junior Sister Xiangyu".

    Mo Wuji intentionally gave a long sigh, "I've even seen the gates of death itself. What's there left for me to hate? If I go now, I might not have the chance to come back, Yan Yi..."

    Originally, Mo Wuji wanted to ask Yan Tianyu to take care of Yan Yi. Fortunately, he managed to catch his words. The more he talked, the more loopholes he would reveal.

    "You should take back the ring you wanted to give Junior Sister Xiangyu. Your items probably wouldn't even catch Junior Sister Xiangyu's eye. Any random gift from her sect would already outweight anything you give her."

    Mo Wuji's heart tightened, he immediately knew that he had been too rash. From the looks of it, his wife, Xiangyu, was also no simple person. From the looks of it, there's some politics involved. He hurriedly kept his ring and said, "Tianyu, I'm not going back home. I'll see you in the future if fate permits..."

    The less he talked, the less mistakes he would make.

    "Big Brother Ye..." A soft and aggrieved voice called for Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji turned back and saw Ji Yi standing beside a woman in a light purple dress. One glance at this woman and Mo Wuji could tell that she was definitely Ji Yue.

    It was because this woman was truly too beautiful. Even Han Qingru lost to this woman in terms of delicate beauty.

    She had a perfect oval face, and her pair of glistening eyes looked at though they could tell stories. Her delicate features reminded him of the sunlight that shone through the clouds; it was a sort of beauty that couldn't be simply described.

    Downwards, her white nape was dotted by fine threads carried by the wind, causing one to be lost in reverie. Naturally, her chest was clothed and covered, but somehow, it wasn't neglectable. After a single glance, even Mo Wuji couldn't help but imagine what was within those clothes.

    There was no wonder why Yan Ye liked this woman with such fervour; this Ji Yue seemed to possess all the beauties a woman should have, coupled with her faint panting, and that look of adoration in her eyes...

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart, this girl was truly not bad. Unfortunately, he was not Yan Ye; he was Mo Wuji.

    "Big Brother Ye, your face..." This was the second time Ji Yue called 'Big Brother Ye'. A look of rich concern appeared in her eyes, and when you paired that with her gentle and beautiful face, it really caused one's heart to skip a beat.

    Big Brothr Ye? Mo Wuji wanted to scratch his head, why did it sound so weird? [1]

    Even though he wanted to leave immediately, Mo Wuji helpless waved his hand, "Junior Sister Yue, there's no need for you to worry. I was plotted against in the secret domain and I almost lost my life. My heart is still not in place, but after a few days, it will be fine."

    Mo Wuji's heart, he was thinking: Of course it would be fine after a few days. By then, who knows where I would have run off to.

    "Big Brother Ye, I'm sorry, I've implicated you. This time, I want to leave with you, so if they want to do anything, they would have to do it to me too..."

    Ji Yue's words almost left Mo Wuji drenched in cold sweat. Leave with him? Then should he still leave?

    "Ah..." He suddenly felt as though his throat was dry to the point he wasn't able to utter a word. After some time, Mo Wuji struggled to say, "Junior Sister Yue, if we do this, do this..."

    He did not know what he should say. If he acted according to the original Yan Ye's personality, he would definitely say, "That's good, that's good. Hurry and leave with me." But to the current Mo Wuji, he didn't even have enough time on his own, so how could he spend time acting as a husband and taking care of Ji Yue?

    "Are all woman so shameless nowadays?" A clear, cold voice sounded, pulling Mo Wuji out of his quagmire.

    "Murong Xiangyu greets Big Brother Tianyu." A woman in a white dress walked over. After shooting a snide remark at Ji Yue, she actually bowed towards Yan Tianyu.

    What struck Mo Wuji was that this woman seemed to be icy cold. The moment she arrived, the surrounding temperature seemed to fall by a few degrees, then it seemed to turn into an ice-cold land. Even though her face could not be compared to Ji Yue, she had sharp eyebrows and a high nose. Her beauty was like a painting; she was also another absolute beauty.

    Fortunately, this woman said her name, so he knew that this woman should be that wife of his. However, Mo Wuji didn't know the problems between this couple, and he didn't even know whether the two of them were intimate. When he saw Murong Xiangyu ignore him, he also couldn't be bothered to say anything. Even though this Murong Xiangyu was cold like ice cream, Mo Wuji's opinions of her were slighly better than towards Ji Yue.

    Hearing Murong Xiangyu's words, Ji Yue suddenly started to tremble; two rows of tears flowed down like streams across her face.

    She lowered her head, and didn't look at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was not a person with low EQ like that Yan Ye. He knew that to Ji Yue, lowering her head was the best action. If she were to raise her head, she would make be making things difficult for him.

    Mo Wuji suddenly started to feel bouts of headache all over his brain. He started to regret using Yan Ye's identity token. What exactly did that della do, why was he tied to so many beautiful woman? He had a gorgeous wife but he was thinking of another woman. And if that wasn't enough, his wife did not seem like a simple person. From the looks of it, the two of them weren't intimate.

    "Yan Ye, follow me." With that, Murong Xiangyu turned and left. She couldn't even be bothered to look at Ji Yue's aggrieved face.

    [1] The Ye in Yan Ye's name means wild. And it would seem like she was calling him wild big brother. Perhaps Yan Ye was wild in the bedroom.
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