Chapter 500: Heavenly Emperors Investigation

    Chapter 500: Heavenly Emperor's Investigation

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    This was completely no problem with that! In fact, Mo Wuji was anxiously waiting for the purple-robed woman to actually suggest that. Then, he would agree immediately, and get the hell out of this forsaken place.

    As expected, the purple-robed woman continued, "Today, your fate with Xiangyu will end. Today, I intend to make a decision for you and Xiangyu, to end this worldly marriage and to cleanse your dao hearts. If you meet again, you will merely be passers-by. Yan Ye, are you willing?"

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart; Murong Xiangyu would only be free from her inner demons when Yan Ye agrees to this willingly. If it was the original Yan Ye, even if he was forced to agree, he would definitely feel an ache in his heart. Fortunately, he wasn't Yan Ye, and this purple robed woman was right; he was truly a mere passer-by.

    Mo Wuji stood up; fully intending to clasp his fist and agree with this purple robed woman's words, ending his fate with Murong Xiangyu. However, he never expected Murong Xiangyu to step forward and say, "Master, I feel that my mortal marriage with Yan Ye hasn't fully come to a conclusion. If we were to rush its ending, I'm afraid that might cause some knots in my heart, which might eventually affect my dao heart."

    Mo Wuji was momentarily dumbfounded; what's going on? He definitely didn't believe that Murong Xiangyu had feelings for Yan Ye; he was merely being used, this was exactly the same as with Ji Yue. This Yan Ye's life was really a tragedy, he's constantly being used by different woman.

    The purple robed woman frowned slightly, and sighed, "Xiangyu, this time, you and Qianyan will be going to the Broken World together. You need to end this mortal relationship, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous. You must know that in our Supreme Dao Sect will still need to eventually form emotions; Qianyan is a dragon among man and is also a Six Star Genius of the One Sword Sect. He's a man suitable..."

    "Junior Sister Xiangyu, Senior Aunt Qin is right. This time, we will enter the Broken World together. I am willing to fight and advance together with Junior Sister Xiangyu." The imposing youth stood forward, clasped his hands towards Murong Xiangyu, and spoke with tenderness in his voice.

    Mo Wuji finally came to a complete understanding. At this moment, his heart was only filled with sorrow on behalf of Yan Ye. But was 'sorrow' a good enough word to describe what was happening now?

    In reality, Murong Xiangyu was supposed to go to the Broken World together with this Qianyan. One can clearly imagine the various kinds of interactions they would have when they enter the Broken World together. As the two continue to interact, they might even fall in love with one another. If his marriage with Murong Xiangyu had yet to be abolished, then Murong Xiangyu would definitely have knots in her heart. And if she were to fall in love with this Qianyan, it would be extremely disadvantageous to Murong Xiangyu.

    It was exactly because of this, that Murong Xiangyu's master wanted him to divorce her before Murong Xiangyu entered the broken world.

    From the start to the end, Yan Ye was only an ant that was being made use of. No one cared about Yan Ye's dao heart, nor did anyone consider Yan Ye's feelings.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. Fortunately, he wasn't Yan Ye. If he met with such a situation himself, he might actually spit on this purple robed old grandma's face then think of ways to get rid of this Qianyan. You can be a dragon among your piece of sh*t men, but if you dare think of courting my wife, it would be better if you court death.

    Even though this matter was not related to him, Mo Wuji still felt that it was greatly unfair for Yan Ye.

    "Master, I feel that we should let Yan Ye go to the Broken World with us. Only through more interactions, will the knots in my heart slowly disappear." Murong Xiangyu didn't directly respond to the youth's words. Instead, she bowed towards her master.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with disdain; he could also guess Murong Xiangyu's intentions. That was to let him join them on their trip to the Broken World; and as he is juxtaposed against this Qianyan, he would look bad in comparison. Thus, Murong Xiangyu would naturally gravitate towards that Qianyan, and her heart would be free from pressure.

    This woman was exactly the same as that Ji Yue; just for her own benefits, she didn't care anything about others.

    The purple robed woman frowned momentarily before she spoke slowly, "Xiangyu, the Broken World is not within the Yong Ying Immortal Domain; it's fraught with danger. Those that enter are the geniuses of the different Immortal Domains. Going there isn't easy... If Yan Ye were to go, it might be harming him."

    Mo Wuji was sure that the purple-robed woman's last sentence could be ignored. He definitely didn't believe that Murong Xiangyu's master would care about his wellbeing. The primary reason was probably because it wasn't easy to get him to the Broken World.

    Murong Xiangyu sank into silence; her gaze landed on Mo Wuji. If she caused Yan Ye to perish in the Broken World just because of her dao heart, would she be able to live with it? From the start till now, Yan Ye was indeed helping her. Even though Yan Ye could do whatever he wanted in the Yan Clan, he had always cared about her face.

    Her master was also right; one would have to severe emotions first, before forming them again. She never had any emotions with Yan Ye, so there was no need to talk about severing it. Between them, there was only karma, but after this matter, this karma between them would end.

    As she thought of this, she subconsciously glanced at Qiao Qianyan. Qiao Qianyan was one of the Ten Great Xuan Immortals of Yong Ying Immortal Domain. He had an imposing and dignified appearance and was also a Six Star Genius. Compared to Yan Ye, he was indeed multiple times better.

    Murong Xiangyu sighed in her heart. Actually, Mo Wuji's guess about her intentions wasn't entirely correct. The reason why she wanted Yan Ye to come, was because she didn't really want to change the person she would form emotions with. Since she had chosen Yan Ye, she would first form emotions with Yan Ye, then walk away from them. However, with Yan Ye's current appearance, it was indeed quite hard for her to fall in love.

    "Yan Ye, what's your intention?" Supposedly, the most suitable person to ask this question was either Murong Xiangyu's master or Murong Xiangyu herself. Mo Wuji never expected that it would actually be that young man called Qianyan.

    Even though he was filled with discontent towards this Qianyan, he knew that it was best for him to say that he didn't want to go to the Broken World and that it was best to just end his relationship with Murong Xiangyu.

    This answer would appeal to the majority of them. While it might cause Murong Xiangyu some slight disappointment, it would satisfy Murong Xiangyu's master and that Qianyan. More importantly, it would satisfy his own needs as he would be able to leave. Mo Wuji also knew why Qianyan asked this question. This fella wanted to threaten him; if he answered inappropriately, it would be equivalent to offending this fella.

    Even though he was feeling displeasure in his heart, Mo Wuji also wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

    Just at this moment, a red flying messenger sword flew in, landing within that middle-aged man's palm.

    The middle-aged man glanced at the flying sword and a look of astonishment immediately appeared on his face.

    "Dao Friend Tu, is anything the matter?" The purple robed woman asked curiously.

    The middle-aged handed the flying sword to the purple-robed woman and said, "The Breath of Hongmeng [1] that led to the destruction of Lifeless Dao Sect those years ago had reappeared at the Corner of Yong Ying's section of the Lifeless River. Because it's unknown where the person who took the Breath of Hongmeng went, Heavenly Emperor Fengyun is requesting to seal the Lifeless Secret Domain. At the same time, people of unknown origins are temporarily not allowed to leave."

    "It's actually the Breath of Hongmeng!" The purple robed woman took in a deep breath and exclaimed.

    After some time, she sighed, "From the looks of it, the Heavenly Emperor also knows that the chances of finding the Breath of Hongmeng are very slim. The people here are all ordinary people.."

    The middle-aged man nodded; he understood the meaning behind the purple-robed woman's words. If the Heavenly Emperor thinks that that thing could appear in the Lifeless Dao Sect's ruins, he wouldn't have simply sent an order but would have come personally.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock. He knew that the energy within that gourd was amazing, but he didn't know that it was the Breath of Hongmeng. If anyone found out that he had it on him, even ten thousand of him wouldn't be enough to kill. There was no need to that about that Heavenly Emperor, just the two in front of him would be able to hack him into millions of pieces; even his bones would be shredded.

    "Yan Ye, you haven't answered Qianyan's question." The purple robed woman knew that the Breath of Hongmeng was far from her reach, so she turned her attention back to Mo Wuji. She also wanted Mo Wuji to give her definite answer, to allow her precious disciple to have a pure dao heart.

    If this was before he knew that the Heavenly Emperor was investigating about the gourd, Mo Wuji would not have hesitated to say that he didn't want to go to the Broken World and to go off on his own. But now, Mo Wuji knew that it would be dangerous for him to be by himself.

    His main concern was with Gou Xinghao; Gou Xinghao had seen his Half Moon Halberd. Anyone that came from the Corner of Yong Ying would know that he used the Half Moon Halberd. This would place him in extreme danger.

    Perhaps there were too many cultivators that went to the Lifeless River, and Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor might never find out about him. However, Mo Wuji did not want to consider such uncertain things. In his past life, he was a researcher; he knew that even the most minute of errors can cause the greatest of mistakes. Thus, Mo Wuji would never engage himself in wishful thinking.

    "Answering senior. To me, Junior Sister Xiangyu's dao heart is the most important thing. Just now, Junior Sister Xiangyu said that she hadn't fully concluded her fate with me, and there were even some knots in her heart. I also feel the same way. Even if you kill me now and grind me into a million pieces, it might not be able to remove these knots on Junior Sister Xiangyu's heart. I live for the sake of Junior Sister Xiangyu, so even though it might be fraught with danger, I am willing to follow Junior Sister Xiangyu to the Broken World, all the way till those knots disappear." Mo Wuji's tone was filled with emotion; his voice was filled with resolution.

    Murong Xiangyu stared at Mo Wuji in surprise; could it be that she had yet to understand this husband of hers? Those words just now were words that Yan Ye would never have said. In her eyes, Yan Ye was a cowardly person that liked to engage in his own fantasies. At the same time, he only acted based on his own self-interest, and would never care about anyone else.

    The purple robed woman lamented in her heart. This Mo Wuji clearly wasn't trying to help; he was simply causing trouble. However, she understood Xiangyu's character; if Xiangyu was able to severe her worldly relations, fall in love with Qiao Qianyan, then walk away from those emotions, she would become the Supreme Dao Sect's next Immortal Emperor expert.

    However, these words of Yan Ye was not that bad. If Yan Ye went to the Broken World together with Qiao Qianyan, it would be easier for Murong Xiangyu to make a decision. That way, after Xiangyu forms emotions, she would no longer be shackled by her past.

    Moreover, it was still within her capacity to get a slot to the Broken World.

    [1] Hongmeng is the name of the chaotic energy which existed in the primordial world before the universe was created. Hongmeng is a wordplay, translated as "Mists-of-Chaos", "Vast Obscurity", "Big Concealment", "Vital Principle", and "Natural Energy".

    TL: Okay, all this talk about emotions seems quite confusing, and the author talks about them one part at the time. First, in 499, the author talks about severing worldly and mortal relations and emotions. Then in this chapter, he talks about how one would have to fall in love and form emotions after severing the past ones. Then eventually, to be strong they would have to walk away from these emotions.

    So in Murong Xiangyu's initial thoughts, she wanted to stay true to her original wedded husband, Yan Ye. Since she never had feelings for him anyway, she could form emotions with him, then walk away. (But she's facing a bit of difficulty since he's looking like some ugly ass scarred man like Deadpool)
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