Chapter 502: Sharphorn Immortal Ruins

    Chapter 502: Sharphorn Immortal Ruins

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    Whether it was high, intermediate or low-grade immortal crystals, they were all turned into dust by Mo Wuji's side. A few bottles of cultivation raising immortal pills were also rapidly depleted by him. At this instant, Mo Wuji had cast all other thoughts aside and was furiously using immortal crystals and immortal pills to raise his cultivation.

    When the final bottle of immortal pills was used, Mo Wuji finally stopped cultivating. He still had some immortal crystals, but without immortal pills to complement them, his cultivation speed would fall by a single fold. Moreover, this was a huge flying ship filled with people; even if he wanted to cultivate, be didn't date to install a spirit gathering array. And to solely absorb the energy from immortal crystals, would lack any hint of dao. Thus, even if he were to absorb spiritual energy from his immortal crystals at monstrous propensities, he wouldn't be able to achieve the state he wanted.

    Mo Wuji stroked the loose hair on his chin; it had been a long time since he tidied his long hair. As he felt his cultivation, he could only sigh in his heart. He spent an entire year during this closed doors session. Unfortunately, even though he spent so much time, and used so many immortal crystals and pills, he was still some distance away from the intermediate Golden Immortal Stage.

    With 108 meridians absorbing spiritual energy simultaneously, coupled with immortal pills and his own reverse Immortal Mortal Technique, Mo Wuji believed that his cultivation speed was definitely no less than any of those Star-grade geniuses. Even so, each step he took was so difficult. Clearly, the path of cultivation wasn't easy.

    This was the first time he didn't advance after a long closed doors session. Mo Wuji didn't even organise his thoughts as he sat rather blankly in the centre of his room. Now, he was pondering how he could get away from Murong Xiangyu when they reached the Broken World.

    Right at this instant, the restriction on his door was triggered.

    With his spiritual will, Mo Wuji instantly knew that the person at his door was Murong Xiangyu. However, he didn't understand why she would look for him. But with his fastest speed, he tidied himself up and changed to a fresh set of clothes. Then, he opened the restriction on his door.

    Murong Xiangyu immediately saw Mo Wuji's messy facial hair. Even though he had tidied himself up, his hair was still rather messy; she could not help but frown slightly. Before Mo Wuji could say anything, she directly walked into the room, then waved her hand and closed the door.

    "Is there any reason why you're finding me?" Mo Wuji brought out a wooden stool and handed it to Murong Xiangyu.

    Murong Xiangyu sat down. She stared blankly at Mo Wuji for a period of time before she said, "Yan Ye, the third time I saw you, you were at the Heavenly Immortal Stage. During that time, your aura contained spirituality. Now, you're in the Golden Immortal Stage, your cultivation had improved, but why do you seem weaker? Also, I gave you a Facial Restoration Pill, why didn't you use it?"

    Now that he was already here, Mo Wuji no longer cared whether Murong Xiangyu suspected his identity. He calmly said, "When I was advancing into the Golden Immortal Stage, my spirit channels got damaged heavily, which is why this happened. Now, cultivation has become very hard; ever since I came on this ship, I have been cultivating. Unfortunately, my cultivation level is still at the intermediate Golden Immortal Stage. Perhaps it might also be due to my damaged spirit channels, that the Facial Restoration Pill didn't work."

    Mo Wuji wasn't blindly speaking. He did not have any problems with his spirit channels; he didn't even have spirit channels in the first place. As for facial restoration, would he even need a pill to do that?

    Murong Xiangyu said faintly, "Being able to advance from the early to intermediate Golden Immortal Stage in a year already means that you're at least a Five Star Genius. Yan Ye, you said that you wanted my heart to be free of knots and worries; did you mean it when you said those words? Why didn't you come and find me since we boarded the ship? And if you cared about me, why wasn't there any hint of jealousy when you saw me together with Qiao Qianyan? Unless all those words you said previously were a lie? Just so you can come with me to the Broken World?"

    Mo Wuji really wanted to say: That's right, you are exactly right! Even though I didn't intend to come to this Broken World, I did want to use you to leave Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    However, he didn't say those words. Instead, he said, "Xiangyu, I'm fine if you're fine. If I continuously go to find you, I might actually affect your mood. I said it before, I came here so that you can completely forget about me. If being with Qiao Qianyan is able to help you do that, I will be extremely contented."

    Mo Wuji's final sentence was completely sincere; he genuinely wanted Murong Xiangyu to forget about him, and chase him away.

    Murong Xiangyu didn't continue on the previous topic. She said faintly, "The ship will soon be landing at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, this place could be considered a part of Mahesvara Immortal Domain [1]. However, Mahesvara Immortal Domain would rarely care about these parts, because there are various sorts of transfer arrays here that go to places like the Broken World and beyond. Thus, this place is better considered as a meeting place for cultivators from different Immortal Domains. Soon, we will alight, then use a transfer array to get to the territory of the Broken World..."

    Before Murong Xiangyu could finish her words, Mo Wuji suddenly stood up and said, "This is Mahesvara Immortal Domain? We have already left Yong Ying Immortal Domain?"

    Murong Xiangyu stared quizzically at Mo Wuji's agitation; she nodded, "The flying ship was originally near the edges of Yong Ying Immortal Domain, and the Lifeless Secret Domain wasn't very far from the plaza that we took off in. Taking one year to reach the periphery of Mahesvara Immortal Domain is very normal."

    "Then we're going to alight at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, and use a transfer array to get to the Broken World?" Mo Wuji continued to ask.

    "Yes, it's like that. But we will not be going to the Broken World immediately. Actually, there's a reason why so many Star-grade geniuses were gathered here; it's due to a cultivation exchange session. This process might take one year, or even several years. So the earliest we would reach the Broken World is one to two years later.

    Once this flying ship reaches Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, there will be a gathering of Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Star-grade geniuses; I will bring you over to take a look. Sometimes, discussing cultivation insights might be more useful than years of closed doors cultivation. That's also why every time we go to the Broken World, geniuses from the various Immortal Domains would gather at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins and have a mutual discussion of insights." Murong Xiangyu nodded.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "I'm not a Star-grade genius, so I won't be going."

    Perhaps listening to others' insights might have some benefits, but Mo Wuji really didn't care much about it. He was the progenitor of the meridian cultivation technique; interacting with others would not mean much to him.

    After he reached Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, he would instantly get the f*ck away. Ain't nobody got time for some gathering of geniuses. Moreover, he also knew the reason why Murong Xiangyu came to say these words. She definitely didn't want to bring him to see those geniuses; she was more likely afraid that he would go there uninvited, say some inappropriate words and offend those Star-grade geniuses.

    To be honest, even though Mo Wuji didn't know much about the Supreme Dao Sect, he did feel that this Murong Xiangyu was still far, far away from that 'Emotionless Dao'.

    If she truly achieved the Emotionless Dao, would she still care about the opinions of other people? There was no need to talk about geniuses in the same grade, even geniuses with a higher star grade shouldn't be placed in her eyes.

    Murong Xiangyu was confused with Mo Wuji's reply. Supposedly, any cultivator would be raring to participate in this sort of gathering between Star-grade geniuses. One must now that all these geniuses were definitely going to be powerhouses in the future. There was no need to talk about the insights, just being acquainted with one or two of them would bring him huge benefits.

    Whether it was the immortal world or the mortal world, there would be social circles. Immortals also had their own circles, and the people in the circle would affect the level of it.

    She believed that Yan Ye was really sacrificing himself for the sake of her dao heart, so she wanted to bring Yan Ye over to take a look. Now that Yan Ye wasn't interested, she naturally wouldn't say anything further, "Since that's the case, you can travel around Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. When the time comes, I will send you a message."

    With that, Murong Xiangyu retrieved a communication bead and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    Just as Mo Wuji accepted the communication bead, he felt the shop trembling slightly. He immediately knew that they had arrived at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    Murong Xiangyu stood up, turned, and walked out of Mo Wuji's door; she didn't even say goodbye.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind; he cleaned himself up, then followed the crowd off the ship. Now that he was here, he decided that he should not go to the Broken World, but some Immortal Domain. Naturally, the best option would be Mahesvara Immortal Domain, after all, Sharphorn Immortal Ruins was within Mahesvara Immortal Domain.

    The moment he disembarked the ship, he was greeted by a mass of black hair. This was a vast and boundless plaza; there were at least a hundred huge flying ships parked in the plaza. The crowds of people streamed towards the direction of a huge immortal city's city gate. Above the city gate, floated three words in faint gold colour, Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    With such a huge city gate, coupled with that majestic defensive array around the city, it was clear that if this wasn't the grandest immortal city, it was at least one of the most flourishing ones. This place was packed with people; it was even livelier than a concert venue.

    Mo Wuji saw Murong Xiangyu in the distance; Qiao Qianyan was beside her. The two of them were walking among a group of young men and women; none of the people in the group was ugly, they were all seemingly dragons or phoenixes among man. And this was just a judgment on their appearances; Mo Wuji was the progenitor of the meridian cultivation method, and also had the spiritual eye, he could easily discern many simple falsehoods. Even without condensing his spiritual eye, he could tell that none of those people was weak. Even the weakest among them was brimming with immortal aura; it was clear that their talents were startling.

    They should be the Star-grade geniuses of Yong Ying Immortal Domain, as Murong Xiangyu mentioned. From the looks of it, they did indeed have the ability.

    This group walked into Sharphorn Immortal Ruins in the midst of hearty conversation and laughter. Mo Wuji waited for this group to get further away before he walked in with a later crowd of people.

    The moment he entered Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, the lustre and buster became more pronounced; countless amounts of low-grade immortal crystals could not compare to the rich immortal spiritual energy here. Dense hordes of people entered the immortal ruins, but the roads were as wide as plazas, so there was completely no need to squeeze.

    [1] Mahesvara or Shiva is part of the Buddhist Pantheon which symbolises complete freedom.
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