Chapter 504: The Top Genius

    Chapter 504: The Top Genius

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    Dou Hualong wasn't blindly speaking; Riverface Immortal Resthouse did indeed have an empty room. He helped Mo Wuji arrange for a room, and found Mo Wuji a place to stay.

    Mo Wuji was rather satisfied with his room; there was a big living room, a spare room and a cultivation room. Even though the price was rather steep, the room was actually rather spacious.

    At this point, Mo Wuji only needed to pay Dou Hualong 500 high-grade immortal crystals and their transaction would end.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't immediately pass Dou Hualong the immortal crystals. Instead, he asked, "Dao Friend Dou, do you want high grade or low-grade immortal crystals?"

    The moment he heard Mo Wuji's words, a hint of disappointment instantly appeared in Dou Hualong's heart. Anyone would prefer high-grade immortal crystals, but since Mo Wuji asked such a question, Mo Wuji would definitely want to give him low-grade ones.

    But as he thought of the Green Bamboo Immortal Wine that Mo Wuji gave him, Dou Hualong hurriedly said, "I only need low-grade immortal crystals."

    So this guy has some EQ; Mo Wuji handed a storage ring to Dou Hualong, "This is for you."

    A storage ring? Dou Hualong accepted it happily; at least this ring would be worth some high-grade immortal crystals.

    The moment he sent his spiritual will inside, he actually saw 1,000 high-grade immortal crystals and 500,000 low-grade ones. Besides that, there was even a vase of immortal pills; these were Tier 1 Immortal Pills which were meant for Heavenly Immortal cultivators.

    "Senior, this is too much." Dou Hualong hurriedly passed the ring back to Mo Wuji. The value of the things inside was already close to 10,000 high-grade immortal crystals. He had only helped Mo Wuji find a room. Moreover, Mo Wuji even treated him to a flask of Green Bamboo Immortal Wine.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and smiled, "I'm not giving you these things for free; there's also a communication bead inside. I will be cultivating behind closed doors here, but if there's any important event happening in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, please inform me. For example, if an important figure comes, that sect recruitment event, or others of the like. If you do this well, after I come out, I will be sure to reward you with a good immortal equipment."

    A few hundred thousand low-grade immortal crystals, to Mo Wuji, was completely useless. And as he confined himself here, he couldn't stay blind to everything around him. For example, if a Heavenly Emperor comes to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, he would need someone to relay him that message. Moreover, he saw in Dou Hualong the shadow of himself when he first arrived in Zhen Xing.

    "Senior, please rest assured. I will definitely do this well." When Dou Hualong heard that Mo Wuji only had such a minor request, he immediately patted his chest in agreement. This was practically his usual job; it could be said that Mo Wuji's request wasn't even considered a request.

    "Alright, then you can go off on your own business. I also need to rest."

    After sending Dou Hualong off, Mo Wuji started to install a defensive array in his room.

    Fortunately, all the rooms here had a spirit gathering array, so Mo Wuji didn't need to install one and incite the displeasure from others.


    Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Garden. This place was one of the places in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins with the richest spiritual energy; it was also where the various sects held their gatherings throughout the years.

    Regardless of the seasons, Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Garden was filled with beautiful flowers; its environment was especially pleasing.

    Even though the entire garden was in the open, it was actually protected by all sorts of arrays. Thus it didn't matter whether the outside weather was blustering storms or heavy blizzards, it would always be warm and beautiful Spring in the garden.

    At this instant, the gates to the garden were wide open. One by one, young men and women brimming with vibrant immortal energy walked inside the garden.

    A deacon with a loud and clear voice stood by the entrance; as the cultivators walked in, he would announce their names loudly.

    "Welcoming Mahesvara Immortal Domain Hidden Mountain Immortal Dao Sect's Seven Star Genius Bai Yinping into the Immortal Ruins Garden!"

    "Welcoming Luo Ling Immortal Domain Great Sword Path's Nine Star Genius Fang Shijiang into the Immortal Ruins Garden!"

    "Welcoming Gods Immortal Domain Immortal God Sect's Eight Star Genius Nai He into the Immortal Ruins Garden."

    "Welcoming Zero Heaven Immortal Domain Surging Dragon Golden River's Seven Star Genius Ao Tiancheng into the Immortal Ruins Garden!"

    "Welcoming Sala Buddha Immortal Domain Seven Buddha Great Temple's Nine Star Genius Yi Ning into the Immortal Ruins Garden!"

    "Welcoming Six Paths Immortal Domain Devil Moon Immortal School's Eight Star Genius Lin Gu into the Immortal Ruins Garden!"

    "Welcoming Mahesvara Immortal Domain Lightning Sect's Eight Star Genius Gu Zijian into the Immortal Ruins Garden!"


    Murong Xiangyu, who had already entered the garden, looked calm on the surface, but she was completely unable to calm herself down inside. As a Six Star Genius, she was already considered a genius among geniuses in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. However, in this place where geniuses gather, she found that she wasn't even considered anything much.

    The Supreme Dao Sect, in front of all these huge sects, did not mean much either.

    Standing by Murong Xiangyu's side, Qiao Qianyan whispered, "Junior Sister Xiangyu, that Lightning Sect used to be from our Yong Ying Immortal Domain, and a branch of their sect still remains in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Now, Lightning Sect is one of the biggest sects in Mahesvara Immortal Domain."

    Murong Xiangyu didn't reply as she simply looked to the front. In front of her, not only were there Seven and Eight Star Geniuses, there were even Nine Star ones. She seemed to feel that her vision used to be so narrow.

    Must she choose to fall in love with Qiao Qianyan? To be honest, she didn't think anything special of Qiao Qianyan. It's just that the seniors from the sect said that the two of them were suitable, which was why her master wanted her to choose Qiao Qianyan.

    But when compared to the other geniuses here, she discovered that Qiao Qianyan didn't even count for anything much. If Qiao Qianyan didn't even count for much, then it would be even more so for Yan Ye. At a place like this, Yan Ye might not even be able to be a gardener,

    Murong Xiangyu slightly furrowed her brows; the reason why she brought Yan Ye here wasn't that she wanted to fall in love with him, but because she wanted to completely erase him from her thoughts. Sometimes, forgetting about someone wasn't about not meeting him, but having a greater understanding of him. As she thought of this, she suddenly thought that she really should have brought Yan Ye for this gathering. Perhaps, she could completely forget about this man that was once her husband.

    However, Murong Xiangyu sighed; would such a place allow Yan Ye? Even the worst one here was a Five Star Genius. Those below the Five Star grade wasn't even allowed here.

    A loud and warm voice interrupted Murong Xiangyu's thoughts.

    "Let me introduce myself. My name is Chen Hu, I'm from Ding Po Immortal City, my talent is rated eight stars. We have gathered here today to have a mutual corroboration of our Daos, to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers, allowing us to reach a higher level. At the same time, the third level of the Broken World would soon open. All of us have yet to break into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage. I believe that this isn't because everyone is unable to do so, but because everyone is waiting to go to the third level of the Broken World. Because the moment you break into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage there, you would be able to reach the fourth level, or even higher."

    Chen Hu's figure was tall and big; his entire face was covered by a beard, and his was simply brimming with immortal energy. For some people, they might never be able to reach the Grand Yi Immortal Stage in their entire lifetimes. But just as he said, for these geniuses, they only need one cultivation session and they would be able to charge into Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Chen Hu's words incited a round of applause. He nodded, then continued, "I believe that many, if not all of the peak geniuses from the seven Immortal Domains are here today. I believe that even the top geniuses of the entire Immortal World are here. For example, Great Sword Path's Dao Friend Fang Shijiang, Seven Buddha Great Temple's Nine Star Genius Dao Friend Yi Ning..."

    A voice suddenly interrupted Chen Hu's words, "It's true that many geniuses are here, but I do not agree when Dao Friend Chen Hu says that the top genius is here."

    Anyone that could come to this garden were the most exceptional geniuses among outstanding ones. Even though Chen Hu was only an Eight Star Genius, many people believed that his talent was no less than a Nine Star Genius. Moreover, he practices fleshly body techniques, which made his combat power far superior compared to others in the same stage. Moreover, it was rumoured that Chen Hu's father was an Emperor-level expert, and his Ding Po Immortal City was one of the top immortal cities in the entire Immortal World.

    So when Chen Hu came forward to speak, no one found it out of the ordinary. In fact, they felt that it was the most natural course of action.

    However, no one expected that before Chen Hu could finish his opening speech, someone would step forward to interrupt him.

    When the geniuses saw who was the person, they all remained silent. No one dared to rebut her, even the Chen Hu who had been refuted was helpless against her.

    She was a girl with a head full of white hair. Her name was Nai He, and she came from the most mysterious Immortal Domain, Gods Immortal Domain. Not only that, she was from the top sect there - Immortal God School.

    Chen Hu clasped his fists and said, "So it's Junior Sister Nai He. I wonder, in Junior Sister Nai He's eyes, who could be considered the top genius."

    Nai He was in the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage. Since Chen Hu was also of great origins, she didn't mind when he called her 'junior sister'.

    Nai He no longer spoke with her critical tone. Instead, she spoke solemnly, "Back when I was in the Great Circle of the Golden Immortal Stage, I met a cultivator in the Worldly Immortal Stage. According to my estimates, that person should have just stepped into the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage, he definitely wasn't higher than Worldly Immortal Level 5. During that time, I fought with him. As a result, both my legs were crippled, while he escaped unscathed. If I didn't have a talisman, I suspect that I would have died that day."

    "What?" When they heard Nai He's words, everyone stared at Nai He in aghast.

    Even if she wanted to joke, she should make it realistic right? A cultivator at the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage was able to deal with a Great Circle Golden Immortal? He even almost killed that Golden Immortal?

    "Dao Friend Nai He must be joking, right?" A cultivator frowned and asked.

    This was the same question that everyone else wanted to ask. Everyone here were geniuses, they were all existences that could challenge those at higher levels. However, the fact remains that no one would be able to fight a Great Circle Golden Immortal while at the Worldly Immortal Stage. Even if an ancient expert reincarnated, it would still be impossible. Moreover, many of them were familiar with Nai He; they knew that this woman was strong.

    Nai He sighed, "Even if I don't want to believe it, it still remains the truth. Even though I was using a regulation talisman then, that person's ability was truly overbearing. Not only was he very intelligent, his methods were also very sharp and decisive. During that time, I fell into a space canyon with him, and while we in that canyon, I got plotted by him. No, 'plot' isn't the right word. I lost to him in a true head-on battle.

    Over these years, I advanced from the Great Circle of the Golden Immortal Stage to the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage. I believe that he had also come to the Immortal World, and he would have definitely closed up on the gap between us. Perhaps he might be reaching the Golden Immortal Stage soon. This was the strongest genius cultivator that I've met. If I were to ever meet him again, even if I'm not constricted by a regulation talisman, I do not have the confidence to say that I will win him. I also dare say that if his cultivation level is roughly the same as mine, I would only be able to flee."
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