Chapter 506: Pill Dao Pagoda Assessment

    Chapter 506: Pill Dao Pagoda Assessment

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    The teritory owned by the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins was very huge. Under Dou Hualong's guidance, Mo Wuji was soon able to see four huge green words in the distance: Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    Behind the four green words, there was a luxurious building that occupied tens of thousands of square meters in area. An imposing demonic beast stood guard at the entrance of this building. Even though Mo Wuji had yet to approach it, he could already feel its intense and oppressive aura.

    What a dignified style. To be able to occupy tens of thousands of square meters in a place like Sharphorn Immortal Domain clearly wasn't a simple matter.

    As Mo Wuji and Dou Hualong walked into the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's great hall, they saw a large flow of cultivators streaming in; many of them were here to request for pills.

    The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had a specialised window to request pills. First, you would tell the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance the pill you wanted, then pay the required remuneration and ingredients. After some time, the pill could be collected.

    As he saw the rows of cultivators queuing up to pass storage rings filled with immortal crystals and all sorts of immortal herbs into that window, Mo Wuji could not help but sigh with emotion; this Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was simply making bucket loads of money.

    "Big Brother, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance would take 50% of the pills in the batch, and at the same time, would require cultivators to pay for the service with immortal crystals. If Big Brother is able to become a pill refiner in the Pill Dao Immortal Aliance, you would be able to use your pill refiner token to get a discount on the pills and herbs you purchase. I even heard that Pill Kings, depending on the tier, would even be able to collect a set amount of immortal herbs for free," Dou Hualong whispered into Mo Wuji's ear.

    So good?

    Mo Wuji started to feel that coming to the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was the right choice.

    Dou Hualong clearly came here before; he was quickly able to bring Mo Wuji to the assessment registration area, "Big Brother, register here. After you register, you can go in for the assessment."

    There weren't many people registering for the assessment. After instructing Dou Hualong to wait for him outside, Mo Wuji went to the registration area.

    "May I ask whether I can register to become a pill refiner in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance?" At the registration area, there was only an elder that had white hair and a white beard. After Mo Wuji walked in, this elder did not seem to have any reaction, so Mo Wuji had to take the initiative to ask.

    The elder seemed to find that Mo Wuji was ordinary; after sizing Mo Wuji up, he said, "Yes, if you're registering for the pill refiner assessment, you would need to pay 100,000 high grade immortal crystals."

    "So expensive?" Mo Wuji could not help but lament. 100,000 high grade immortal crystals, this amount was enough to cause even him to have a headache.

    "That is the price." The elder spoke extremely slowly. As for Mo Wuji's comment about it being 'expensive', he completely ignored it.

    Then Mo Wuji said helplessly, "Then this price is for the assessment of which tier of pill refiners?"

    Mo Wuji was extremely worried that he would have to pay 100,000 high grade immortal crystals for the assessment of a Tier 1 Pill Monarch alone. If this carried on, then wouldn't he have to spend 400,000 high grade immortal crystals to get to the Tier 4 Pill King assessment?

    The elder said indifferently, "100,000 high grade immortal crystals registration fee. Only one assessment allowed every hundred years. The assessment venue is the Pill Dao Pagoda; the pagoda has a total of 10 levels, passing the first level equates to a Tier 1 Immortal Pill Monarch, the second level corresponds to a Tier 2 Immortal Pill Monarch level... and so on. The moment one fails in a level, he would be transfered out."

    Mo Wuji finally understood the system, 100,000 high grade immortal crystals would allow him to run rampage in the Pill Dao Pagoda. The level he got to would correspond to his tier as a pill refiner.

    "Senior, may I ask, does the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance have many Pill Dao Pagodas.

    The elder glanced at Mo Wuji unpleasantly; if everyone had so much nonsense to utter, then he would no longer be willing to do this registration job.

    "The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance only has one Pill Dao Pagoda. No matter what Immortal Domain you're from, you would be transfered there for the assessment." Even though the elder was rather annoyed, he still answered Mo Wuji's question.

    Mo Wuji had already settled his doubts. He didn't ask any further questions as he retrieved a storage bag and passed it to the elder, "There are 100,000 high grade immortal crystals in here. I want to register for the assessment to become a pill refiner for the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance."

    In his heart, the elder was cursing Mo Wuji's pettiness. Which one of the pill refiners registering wouldn't put their immortal crystals in a storage ring? Only this fella would use a storage bag to store the immortal crystals.

    After accepting the immortal crystals, he asked in a routine manner, "Name, status, place of origin?"

    "Mo Wuji, rogue cultivator, Chang Luo." Mo Wuji also answered in an extremely simple manner.

    The elder inscribed Mo Wuji's details onto a clean, white jade token, then handed it to Mo Wuji, "This is the transfer jade token that will allow you to enter the Pill Dao Pagoda. Just head over to the top floor."

    After saying this, he went back to his dazed state, acting as though Mo Wuji didn't even exist.

    Mo Wuji didn't care much about it as he brought his jade token to the top floor.

    The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's hall had a total of seven floors. The moment Mo Wuji entered the seventh floor, he immediately saw the spatial array gate. Mo Wuji guessed that this array gate should be the one leading to the Pill Dao Pagoda.

    There were two middle-aged cultivators sitting in the center of the room, and there were two pretty female cultivators standing at the entrance. The moment Mo Wuji entered, the two female cultivators bowed respectfully, then proceeded to move to the side. It was roughly similar to a VIP room back on Earth.

    Even though the two middle-aged cultivators were sitting, Mo Wuji could immediately feel the pill aura exuded from the two of them. These two were clearly pill refiners.

    "Assessed pill refiners can use the jade token to enter the spatial array gate. If you have been transported back here, it would mean that the assessment has ended."

    "Many thanks dao friends." After that simple thanks, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to walk into the array gate, disappearing from the seventh floor.

    The moment Mo Wuji left, the middle-aged cultivator that spoke to him began to shake his head, "Ah, the people nowadays are far too ambitious. That young man didn't look very old, he didn't even have any pill fragrance on him, and he didn't even have wood-type spiritual roots, but he still dared to assess himself as a pill refiner."

    "Even though he wasn't old, he was still able to bring out 100,000 high grade immortal crystals. From the looks of it, he should be a disciple from a huge sect," The other pill refiner added.

    "Not necessarily," The first pill refiner shook his head again, "his spiritual aura wasn't obvious and he seemed to be in the early Golden Immortal Stage. For a young cultivator that doesn't have a strong spiritual aura, but yet have such a cultivation, his cultivation should have been the result of countless of immortal pills. This would also mean that his future potential is limited. Big sects wouldn't accept such a disciple. Moreover, it isn't very difficult to earn 100,000 high grade immortal crystals in a place like Sharphorn Immortal Ruins."


    Mo Wuji naturally didn't know that he was being seen as an overambitious person; at this instant, he was in a similar hall. The hall was rectangular in shape, and at the two sides, there were places to concoct pills. The end of the rectangular hall was blocked by a black murky gate.

    Some words were floating at the center of the hall: Pill Dao Pagoda Level 1, Acknowledging Tier 1 Immortal Pill Monarchs.

    Roughly 80% of the spots on the two sides have already been filled. Even without asking, Mo Wuji knew that these people should be the same as him; they were all here to attain the qualifications from Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    No one paid any heed when Mo Wuji entered. Here, there would continuously be assessed pill refiners being sent in, and they would continuously be people being sent out. Everyone came from all the various corners of the universe, so there was completely no need to care about each other's names.

    Mo Wuji walked to one of the pill concocting spots and sat down. Thereafter, he learned from the rest of the assessed pill refiners and placed his jade token into the groove in front of his seat.

    Suddenly, he saw a glimmer of white light from another pill refiner's jade token.

    Just when Mo Wuji was wondering whether this fella had passed or failed, he saw the black gate at the end of the room open. The pill refiner picked up his glowing jade token and excitedly rushed through the gate.

    Everyone looked at him with envy. Being able to leave the pagoda's first level meant that he was recognised by the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance as a Tier 1 Pill Monarch. Only when one succeeded in concocting the pill, would his jade token illuminate and open the gate.

    If the pill concoction failed, he would have been directly transfered out. If someone else opened the gate and you forcefully tried to enter, you would have been transported out, indicating that you have failed. If two people succeeded at the same time, only one of them could enter the gate. After the gate closed, it would open a second time and the other pill refiner would be able to enter.

    So that's what's going on. After understanding the situation, Mo Wuji brought his attention back to what was happening in front of his seat.

    At the side of the groove, a display screen appeared. 100 questions appeared on the display screen. Within these 100 questions, some only showed the name of an immortal herb, and the shape of the immortal herb must be drawn out. Some gave the name of the herbs, and the herbs's special characteristics must be written. There were even some that showed the shape of the immortal herb, and its name and special characteristics must be written.

    To Mo Wuji, these questions were extremely easy. At this point, he felt especially grateful towards Han Qingru; if Han Qingru hadn't given him 'Grass, Wood, Stone' to him, he really wouldn't have developed such a vast pool of knowledge towards immortal herbs.

    Answering the questions were also very easy, he only needed to inscribe words or draw using his spiritual will. In less than half an incense's time, Mo Wuji was able to answer all 100 questions.

    Just when Mo Wuji answered the last question, a green leaf appeared on the display screen. Thereafter, the assessment criteria for the second round appeared: concoct a batch of Immortal Jade Pills, 50% of the batch intermediate grade or above. After which, a pile of immortal herbs was transported in front of Mo Wuji.

    This was simply too easy. Mo Wuji had never concocted high grade Immortal Jade Pills before; all his Immortal Jade Pills were unique grade ones.

    Purification, refining, essence extraction, essence separation, pill condensation, pill seperation...

    Mo Wuji did things one step at a time, not facing a single hitch or delay. In the same half an incense's time, a batch of unique grade Immortal Jade Pills appeared within pill furnace. Mo Wuji placed the pills in the jade vase provided, then placed the jade vase on the transfer array rune.

    The instant the jade vase got transported away, Mo Wuji's jade token emitted a gentle white light. Following which, the black gate to the second level opened.

    Mo Wuji stood up and pulled out his jade token, then he swiftly went through the gate.

    Only after Mo Wuji disappeared, did the other pill refiners in the first level react.

    "Was he even here for an incense of time? He just completed the Tier 1 Pill Monarch assessment like that? Could he be a Pill King?"

    "Even a Pill King wouldn't be so fast. I wonder what's the quality of his Tier 1 Immortal Pill?"
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