Chapter 507: Assessment At The Fourth Level

    Chapter 507: Assessment At The Fourth Level

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    Mo Wuji had already reached the Pill Dao Pagoda's second level. Its layout was exactly the same as the first level; the only difference was that the number of people here were far lesser than that in the first level, it probably wasn't even 10% of the number at the first level.

    With the experience of one assessment, Mo Wuji immediately found a place to sit and palced his jade token into the groove in front of his seat.

    The moment the jade token entered the groove, the question appeared on Mo Wuji's display screen, "Please write, what must be taken note of when concocting the Immortal Clarity Pill? How can one improve the quality of the Immortal Clear Pill?"

    This question was even simpler than the previous one. Mo Wuji's Pill Dao was completely manifested from his own cultivation technique. The details to concocting pills was exactly like when he cultivated, he gained insights and understood them thoroughly. Perhaps this question might be complicated to other cultivators, but to Mo Wuji, it wasn't anything much.

    The primary use of the Immortal Clarity Pill is for cultivators below the Xuan Immortal Stage to attain a clear heart when cultivating, preventing one from suffering from cultivation deviation. When concocting this pill, one must be free from distractions, and the higher the pill refiner's state of heart, the greater the quality of the pill. When Mo Wuji was practising this pill, he also understood one important lesson: as long as the Immortal Clarity Pill's main ingredient, the Silver Rings Flower, was purified to 98% purity and above, it would definitely yield the highest quality of Immortal Clarity Pills.

    Of course, this sort of purification standards was only achievable by someone like Mo Wuji. For most pill refiners, it would already be extremely exceptional if they were even able to purify the Silver Rings Flower to 90%.

    Mo Wuji even thought of what he should do if such a situation happened. If the Silver Rings Flower's essence wasn't brought to the right purity, another immortal herb could be added, the Tier 2 Immortal Spotted Fruit.

    The Immortal Spotted Fruit would be able to complement the Silver Rings Flower; this was something Mo Wuji thought of from his own experience. Back when he was on Earth, he had also frequently tried reacting different ingredients to produce special drugs.

    However, he had only thought of that method, but he had never actually tried it. After all, he could easily refine the Silver Rings Flower to 90% purity. He completely had no need to add the Immortal Spotted Fruit; it would be akin to taking out his pants as he farted.

    Today, since he met with this question, Mo Wuji would naturally write his own thoughts into the question.

    He only needed a few minutes to answer the first question; Mo Wuji guessed that the second question was to concoct the Immortal Clarity Pill. As expected, after he answered the first question, the herbs delivered in front of him were exactly the ingredients for the Immortal Clarity Pill. The requirements were to concoct a batch of Immortal Clarity Pills, which contained at least 10% of high grade pills and 60% of intermediate grade ones.

    The number of Immortal Clarity Pills in a batch was 18. In the past, following Mo Wuji's methods, he was easily able to concoct 18 unique grade pills. As Mo Wuji was concocting the pills, he thought of the question that he had just answered; if he was able to concoct 18 unique grade pills at a go, then wouldn't that mean that his purification degree had already reached 98%?

    Mo Wuji was very clear that the reason why his purification standard could exceed 98% wasn't simply because of his heavenly fire. It was primarily because of his spirit storage channel. When he was concocting pills, the spirit storage channel was much more effective than the Mind Palace's spiritual will.

    When he used his spirit storage channel to control the fluids in the pill furnace, it felt as though he was separating them with his own hands; his control was absolutely clear.

    The spirit storage channel could also be considered his secret. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji decided to reserve his powers; he only purified the medicinal essence to 95%, then he used it to condense three unique grade pills, while the rest were all high grade ones.

    As the Immortal Clarity Pills got transfered away, Mo Wuji's jade token started to exude a glimmer. The gate from the Pill Dao Pagoda's second level to the third level opened.

    As Mo Wuji grabbed his jade token and entered the third level, everyone in the second level was shocked still. One of them even failed in his pill concoction in his daze, and got transported out.

    However, they could not help but be shocked; they had never seen someone spend only a little over half an incense's time to pass the Tier 2 Immortal Pill Monarch assessment.


    As he entered the Pill Dao Pagoda's third level, Mo Wuji only saw five to six other pill refiners there. Mo Wuji was already familiar with the procedures. After he injected his jade token into the groove, he found out that this level only had one question, which was to concoct the Drizzle Pill.

    Mo Wuji immediately felt especially fortunate that he was able to get the Drizzle Pill pill formula back in the Ying Bian City. Otherwise, even if the herbs got delivered here, he would meet with some delays. After all, this was an examination, and he only had one try. Even if he was any stronger, he did not dare confirm that he was able to concoct the best batch of Drizzle Pill in a single try whilst without the pill formula.

    What was a pill formula? A pill formula was not only the record of the different ingredients required for the pill, it also contained the specific quantity of the herbs required and the order it should be place. It even contained the key points to note when concocting the pill.

    Of course, to Mo Wuji, he only needed the ingredients to concoct the pill. Even without the pill formula, he would still be able to gradually deduce it. However, since this was an assessment, he would naturally follow according to the pill formula to save time and effort.

    A batch of Drizzle Pills was easily concocted. Even though Mo Wuji was reserving his abilities, he still concocted half a batch of unique grade pills and half a batch of high grade pills.

    This time, Mo Wuji used even less time. He merely spent half an incense's time before the gate to the fourth level opened.

    When he was at the first level, he used more than an incense's time. At the second level, he used a little more than half an incense's time. Now at the third level, he actually only used half an incense's time. For other people, they would spend more time as they got to the higher levels. But for him, he spent less and less time.

    There was originally very few people in the third level; there were only five to six people. Mo Wuji's flabbergasting act of passing the Tier 3 Immortal Pill Monarch assessment in half an incense's time directly caused two of the other pill refiners to fail in their concoction. They were sent out immediately.


    The Pill Dao Pagoda's fourth level was no longer a rectangular shaped hall; it was a archetypal pill room. There was only a pill furnace in the pill room. Other than that, there was also a rest room.

    Clearly, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance knew that there wouldn't be many pill kings, so one pill furnace was enough.

    At the other end of the pill room, there was a faint gold staircase. The staircase was enveloped in mist, and it was competely unable to be seen through. Mo Wuji guessed that this faint gold staircase led to the fifth leel of the Pill Dao Pagoda. Mo Wuji knew that with his current abilities, he could only concoct Tier 4 Immortal Pills, which was equivalent to being a Tier 4 Immortal Pill King. Thus, he did not really care about the gold staircase.

    Mo Wuji inserted his jade token into the groove beside the pill furnace. An even larger screen appeared in front of him; the screen showed the rules of the level.

    "All pill refiners taking part in the Tier 4 Immortal Pill King assessment, you can choose the pill that you want to concoct. As long as you succeed in the pill concoction, you can bring away two pills as a reward. Pill refiners can choose to use your own pill furnace and flames. Pill refiners that chose the Grand Yi True Pill and fail, would need to pay immortal crystals. No matter what pill you choose, at least 90% of the batch must be in the intermediate grade and above to pass."

    As he continued to read downwards, he found that there were indeed various pill formuas. Right at the front, was the Grand Yi True Pill. Following it, was the Deadwood Pill, the Spirit Cleansing Pill, the Yi Immortal Pill... There was a total of ten pill formulas.

    A failure in the Grand Yi True Pill required a payment of immortal crystals; Mo Wuji could understand. Even though the Grand Yi True Pill wasn't the best pill among Tier 4 pills, it was definitely one of the highly sought after ones. Moreover, the Grand Yi True Pill required the Grand Yi True Fruit, which was an incredibly rare Tier 4 Immortal Fruit.

    After all, this was a pill that helped a Xuan Immortal advance into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage; it could be considered a strategic immortal pill. Every single pill was incredibly easy to sell. Mo Wuji started to hesitate; if he chose the Yi Immortal Pill, he was sure that he would be able to be a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 4 Immortal Pill King within an hour.

    However, Mo Wuji really wanted to concoct the Grand Yi True Pill, primarily because he didn't have the Grand Yi True Pill's pill formula. For any pill refiner, pill formulas were extremely important things.

    Moreover, with his current ability, he wasn't able to deduce the Grand Yi True Pill's pill formula by himself. All the pill formulas that he managed to deduce were for pills that were in Tier 3 or below.

    After spending a few minutes, Mo Wuji finally strengthened his resolve and pressed on the Grand Yi True Pill. Even if he failed, he would get to know the pill formula. That would really help when he wanted to advance into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    And even if he failed the Tier 4 Pill King assessment, he would still be a Tier 3 Pill Monarch in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. A Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 3 Pill Monarch should have some status, right?

    As for the compensation, Mo Wuji believed that he was able to afford it. If he didn't have enough immortal crystals, he could use his immortal lattice stones.

    A faint light flashed and a pile of herbs appeared in front of him; the jade box which contained the Grand Yi True Pill was especially conspicuous.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with emotion; the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was really incredible. They were able to casaully bring out the ingredients for a pill like the Grand Yi True Pill just for an assessment.

    Mo Wuji did not immediately start the pill fire, but carefully arranged the Grand Yi True Pill's ingredients. There were more than 20 kinds of ingredients. Excluding the Grand Yi True Fruit, there were also other valuable herbs. For example, there was the Tier 4 Immortal Cedar, the Tier 4 Phoenix Wood Roots, etc.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji read the "Grass, Wood Stone". Not only did he recognise these ingredients, he understood their special characteristics.

    After organising the ingredients, Mo Wuji started the fire, cleansing the dregs and impurities within the pill furnace.

    This was the first time Mo Wuji was so cautious since he entered the Pill Dao Pagoda.

    A whole incense's time passed. Only then, did Mo Wuji place the herbs into the pill furnace for purification.

    For pills below Tier 4, Mo Wuji could still choose to reserve his abilities. However, when concocting the Grand Yi True Pill, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to go all out. Moreover, he was only a Tier 4 Pill King in the first place.

    One immortal herb after another was purified by Mo Wuji. A whole hour passed before Mo Wuji expelled the impurities and started to mix the medicinal essenses. At the same time, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will started to mix into the medicinal essences, as he started to detailedly analyse the merging and compatibility of the essences.

    Typically, Mo Wuji only spent an hour to concoct Tier 4 pills.

    However, for this Grand Yi True Pill, he spent four hours with the essences before he started condensing the pill. But now that he reached this stage, Mo Wuji knew that he wouldn't face any problem with the Grand Yi True Pill. The next main thing was the quality of the Grand Yi True Pill concocted.


    Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's seventh floor.

    The middle-aged man that frowned at Mo Wuji previously suddenly stood up and stared straight at the huge display screen in front of him. He didn't even react when the jade letter in his hand fell to the ground.
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