Chapter 513: Who Was The One Who Hit You?

    Chapter 513: Who Was The One Who Hit You?

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    Three days passed and Mo Wuji managed to refine his flying shuttle and even carved out a few restriction arrays on it as well.

    Looking at the exquisite flying shuttle in his hands, Mo Wuji was extremely satisfied. With a Grade 7 immortal flying shuttle, he finally had one additional option to escape when in danger.

    Otherwise, no matter how strong his spatial teleportation was, there would still be a limit to it. The moment his spiritual will or immortal energy was completely exhausted, he would no longer be able to escape.

    After keeping his flying shuttle, Mo Wuji took out the dark grey saber to refine. A day later, Mo Wuji managed to finish refining the saber as he finally understood why this saber would exude the same energy as the Half Moon Halberd. There were also pieces of blade fragments inside of this saber. The difference between this saber and the Half Moon Halberd was that the weapon smith refined the blade fragments into the saber which in turn, made it into a terrifyingly vicious Grade 6 immortal equipment.

    Mo Wuji was in shock because if a fragment could forge out a saber with such terrifying energy, how unbelievably strong would the complete saber be?

    After spending a few more days refining the chopping board, Mo Wuji took out the pill furnace as he prepared himself to become a Tier 5 Pill King.

    Mo Wuji learned pill refinement from the Wordless Pill Manual and after he derived his own technique, he managed to turn it into his own pill dao. Most of his pill refining techniques and pill dao's technique used his spirit storage channel and elemental storage channel instead of the normal hand techniques.

    Whether it was skill techniques, meridians or even cultivation techniques, Mo Wuji used his own methods to derive them. This was the main reason why he had close to zero bottlenecks in terms of his progress in pill dao. Perhaps others need over hundreds of thousands of years to advance in their pill dao, he merely needed to keep practicing.

    After the opening of all 108 meridians, his body was like the perfect system to undergo spiritual circulation and he was able to find the answers to almost everything he chose to cultivate.

    To learn how to concoct Tier 5 immortal pills, Mo Wuji chose the Elemental Recovery Pill. The Elemental Recovery Pill was commonly used by Grand Zhi Immortal experts to recover their immortal energy and it was effective to a certain extent for Grand Luo Immortal experts too.

    This pill was very simple to concoct and even the immortal herbs used were the more common ones. In fact, the rewards given by the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance consisted of quite a few of these herbs which made it the best pill to use for practice.

    Mo Wuji took out his own pill furnace he got from the Jing Yun City Square's auction and had a few regrets as he didn't manage to find a top grade pill furnace in the treasury of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Sharphorn Immortal Ruins' Branch. Otherwise, he wouldn't continue using this pill furnace which was filled with some defects.

    The main problem was that there were a few broken restrictions on this pill furnace and it was currently only a Tier 3 immortal equipment.

    Now that he didn't have any other pill furnace, he had to make do with this one.

    The moment Mo Wuji took out this pill furnace, he used his spiritual will to scan through the interior of this pill furnace and got a shock. He knew that there was a problem with one of the restrictions of the pill furnace and back when he used it to concoct pills, all he had to do was to avoid it.

    However, when he used his spiritual will to scan through the furnace, he realised that he could still move this particular restriction. Could it be that it wasn't faulty to begin with?

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will instantly surrounded this 'broken' restriction and now that he was in the Golden Immortal Stage with a much stronger spiritual will and expertise in array dao, he was able to find out what was happening in less than an incense worth of time.

    This was not a broken restriction but a man-made ban. The reason why no one found out about this in the Corner of Yong Ying was that there were very little Golden Immortal Stage experts there. As long as the immortal energy and spiritual will were strong enough, one would be able to see through the mystery of this restriction.

    An hour later, Mo Wuji lifted the man-made restriction and there was only a book made of unknown material.

    After Mo Wuji removed this book from within the restriction, there was a sudden change in the energy emitted by the pill furnace as it advanced directly from a Tier 3 immortal equipment to a Tier 6 immortal equipment.

    The cultivator promoting this pill furnace back at the Jing Yun Auction Place was definitely not lying as this was indeed a Tier 6 immortal pill furnace.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about the pill furnace as he picked up the book and saw the contents of which were recorded clearly. There were three pill formulas and the first pill was the Glassy Blood Exchange Pill.

    What made Mo Wuji shocked was that this Glassy Blood Exchange Pill was a Tier 4 immortal pill and its only function was to exchange blood.

    What was the use of this pill? Why would cultivator need to exchange blood? A strong cultivator could remodel his own body even without a single drop of blood. This was much more useful and effective than exchanging blood.

    Even for ordinary cultivators, one wouldn't need to exchange for fresh blood to heal as long as one had their primordial spirit.

    Even if Mo Wuji didn't cultivate his primordial spirit on its own, he also had his vitality channel and Undying World. Mo Wuji's intuition was that as long as his vitality channel and Undying World remained intact, he would not die.

    Mo Wuji simply skipped through this useless Glassy Blood Exchange Pill.

    The second pill formula made Mo Wuji so surprised that he jumped up. It was the Zhi Nature Pill which he had been rattling about for the past few days. The Zhi Nature Pill was the sister pill of the Zhi Desolate Pill and was in fact, a Tier 7 immortal pill as compared to the Tier 5 Zhi Desolate Pill.

    Regardless, the Zhi Nature Pill was definitely much more valuable than the Zhi Desolate Pill.

    This was the pill formula that Mo Wuji yearned for since a long time ago so very quickly, he was entirely immersed in it.

    After a few minutes, Mo Wuji heaved a long sigh of relief. If he hadn't go through this pill formula, he might never find out why both the Zhi Desolate Pill and the Zhi Nature Pill needed the Heavenly Desolate Grass.

    The truth was that this Heavenly Desolate Grass was also called the Heavenly Nature Grass and its tier was not fixed at Tier 5 immortal herb.

    In the description of the pill formula, it explained that as long as the Heavenly Desolate Grass was purified to 90% purity, all the remaining impurities would be removed as well. One would be able to concoct the essence as long as one managed to purify the herb to above 90% purity.

    The moment the purity exceeded 99%, it would be the Heavenly Nature Grass. This would mean to say that the Heavenly Desolate Grass and the Heavenly Nature Grass was the same spiritual herb but to differentiate the two, one should not look at its colour or age but the purity achieved by the pill refiner.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart at this complicated herb and complicated formula. He had tried to purify the Heavenly Desolate Grass before and he knew how tough it was to reach 90% purity, let alone 99%. It was no wonder the Zhi Desolate Pill and the Zhi Nature Pill were immortal pills of the legends and not sold anywhere.

    Given his capabilities, Mo Wuji was indeed capable of purifying normal herbs up to 99% of its essence but he really had no idea how to purify this Heavenly Desolate Grass to even 90% of its essence.

    It seemed like he needed to find some Heavenly Desolate Grass in the future to practice on it. Whether it was the Zhi Desolate Pill or the Zhi Nature Pill, both of them were extremely important pills which he must get on his hands no matter what.

    After letting out yet another sigh, Mo Wuji's eyes fell on the third pill formula called the Five Claws Violet Dragon Pill and it didn't even specify its tier.

    What pill could this be? Mo Wuji continued looking at the description and realised that he didn't even recognise more than half of the immortal herbs needed for this pill. Even those herbs that he recognised, most of them were Tier 9 immortal herbs.

    This was simply too high class and useless to him.

    The pity was that out of the three pill formulas here, only the Zhi Nature Pill was useful to him and yet, he wasn't able to concoct this Zhi Nature Pill. However, it wasn't a complete lost cause as he still gained a Grade 6 immortal pill furnace.

    Mo Wuji kept the pill formulas and started refining the pill furnace. After a couple of hours, Mo Wuji managed to refine this pill furnace thoroughly.

    After putting down the pill furnace, Mo Wuji opened up his palm and a beautifully exquisite flame appeared on his palm. This Scholar's Heart had not only saved Mo Wuji on numerous occasions, it was also the supporting flame for his sacred art, Domain Smashing Fist.

    Once he was done admiring his flame, Mo Wuji took out the transparent Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence.

    The instance the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence was brought out, the Scholar's Heart appeared as though it was jumping in joy as it released a flame radiance which hooked the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence away.

    A split moment later, the flame soared up and an inch wide flame was flashing around the room.

    Mo Wuji had experienced the Scholar's Heart swallowing the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence before so he wasn't too concerned with its intense movement.

    After another four hours, the flame in his hand finally calmed down. The colour of the flame remained blue but Mo Wuji was certain that the flame in his hand was multiple times stronger than before. His flame had advanced and he was confident that he possessed a Grade 1 immortal flame now.

    Mo Wuji sighed once more because it was truly difficult for his flame to advance. He wondered when would the time for his flame to become a Grade 4 or 5 immortal flame.

    Now that he had a Grade 6 immortal pill furnace and a Grade 1 immortal flame, Mo Wuji felt as though his entire body was at ease as he tried to concoct the pills.

    Strands of immortal herbs were thrown into the pill furnace as Mo Wuji started concocting the Elementary Recovery Pill.

    As long as Mo Wuji's Pill Dao reached a certain standard, he would be extremely stable when he concocted pills of the same certain standard.

    Previously when he hadn't reached the certain standard, he would need a large amount of immortal herbs to aid him. However, with his level of Pill Dao now, he believed that the two spiritual herbs from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance and the remaining of his Tier 4 immortal herbs would be sufficient for him to advance into a Tier 5 Immortal Pill King.

    As he started to concoct the pills, more and more wasted pills were thrown out and more and more immortal herbs were being used up.

    As he knew that Mo Wuji was still undergoing his closed doors training, Dou Hualong came back a few times and left again. During the same period of time, Gong Yi visited once and left soon after because he didn't wish to disturb Mo Wuji too.

    "Boom!" Yet another furnace of pills exploded and Mo Wuji finally stopped concocting Tier 5 immortal pills.

    After being behind closed doors for almost half a month and even though he didn't manage to concoct out a batch of Tier 5 immortal pills, he knew in his heart that he was definitely able to concoct a high grade Tier 5 immortal pill if he was willing.

    The reason why he didn't manage to concoct out any pills was that he wanted to be perfect in his concoction as he wanted unique grade pills.

    During the final failed attempt, he managed to condense almost half of the pills to be unique grade but he was still not satisfied. Now that he didn't have any more immortal herbs, he simply had to stop concocting.

    Mo Wuji was an extremely hypercritical person and this was related to his job in his past life. Since he decided to do something, he had to complete it to his best ability. Otherwise, he might as well not do it.

    After lifting up his restrictions, Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan outside and he instantly saw the sluggish Dou Hualong. Dou Hualong's breath was unstable and was evidently hurt by someone. He was currently sitting in the center of the room and a woman sat beside him. Mo Wuji recognised the woman as Shen Muqing. It was the same woman who was rejected by him for a cup of tea about half a month ago.

    Seeing how badly beaten up Dou Hualong was, Mo Wuji's heart was fuming and just because he didn't find trouble didn't mean he was fearful. In fact, he was after all still a Tier 5 Pill King, a recognised honorary Tier 4 Pill King and even a reputable elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. Which b*stard dared to bully his subordinate?

    Mo Wuji didn't even bother cleaning up as he charged straight to the living room and asked in a stern voice, "Hualong, who was the one who hit you?"
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