Chapter 514: Was He Crazy?

    Chapter 514: Was He Crazy?

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    "Brother Yan, you..." Shen Muqing stood up in surprise as she saw Mo Wuji walked out.

    Wasn't Yan Ye cultivating behind closed doors? Why did he look like he was a refugee with his messy hair, face full of dust and even had some medicinal impurities on his body.

    Dou Hualong hurried to explain, "Big brother, if it wasn't for Fairy Shen's help, I would have been killed."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head and calmed himself down before turning to clasp his fists towards Shen Muqing, "Many thanks Fairy Shen for your life-saving grace. I, Mo Wuji, will always remember this gratitude."

    "Mo Wuji?" Shen Muqing looked curiously at Mo Wuji. Wasn't his name Yan Ye?

    Since Mo Wuji decided to accept Shen Muqing's gratitude, he naturally wouldn't want to conceal his true identity, "My name is Mo Wuji and I am only called Yan Ye now because Yan Ye needed my help just before u passed on. Now that I've completed his task, I will naturally revert back to my own name."

    One more point which Mo Wuji didn't mention was that given his identity and status now, ordinary people would not dare to touch him so there was no need for him to conceal his identity.

    Shen Muqing finally understood why he could be so calm when Murong Xiangyu was being so close with Gu Zijian and could even give her a piece of advice. So this was only because the two of them were never related.

    Looking how Mo Wuji reacted earlier on, Shen Muqing was even more certain that Mo Wuji was very young. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so enraged at the sight of the wounded Dou Hualong. Without mentioning about experts who had practice the cultivation dao for countless of years, even Shen Muqing herself, would not have such explosions of emotions in such scenario.

    What she didn't know was that Mo Wuji would always have such a temperament even hundreds of years later. He would clench his teeth and bear with it if he didn't have the capability to deal with the other party but when he was strong enough, he wouldn't pretend to be Confucius.

    Noticing how Shen Muqing was looking at his ragged self, Mo Wuji explained, "I am a pill master and I've just finish concocting pills. Because I was anxious, I didn't tidy up myself and the place so I am sorry."

    Mo Wuji didn't continue harping on this as he turned to Dou Hualong and said, "Hualong, hurry up and explain what happened in details."

    Hearing at Mo Wuji was a pill master, she wasn't exactly too surprised. The truth was that most cultivators would have learnt how to concoct pills before but it was just not so simple. Looking at Mo Wuji's appearance, he should have just started learning. Both a Tier 1 Pill Monarch and a Pill Emperor would be called pill masters but the difference between this two pill masters was almost as great as the distance between heaven and earth.

    She believed that Mo Wuji was not a simple man but she wouldn't believe if someone were to say that he was an expert of the Pill Dao at this young age. To progress far, one would need talent as well as large amount of time and resources. The thing Mo Wuji lacked the most was time.

    Dou Hualong said with some grievance, "In the morning, I cruised around the Sharphorn Immortal People Association but didn't reap much so I went to the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion to take a look at the situation there. What I didn't expect was that two people got into a fight at the pavilion for a treasure and because my cultivation level was too low, I didn't manage to get out in time and was hurt.

    Even though I wasn't feeling very happy about it, both of them were star grade geniuses so I didn't dare say much and retreated. Unexpectedly, the person who accidentally hurt me kicked me just as I was retreating and even shot out tens of dark radiance causing me to fall onto the ground motionlessly. If it wasn't for the fact that one couldn't kill another person in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, he would have killed me. I asked him why did he attack me and he actually said because an ant like me obstructed him influencing his attack on his opponent. Attacking me was still acceptable but he went to the extent of destroying my spirit channel and Mind Palace."

    Mo Wuji's expression turned ugly and even if he wasn't an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, he wouldn't let such a matter go to rest just like that.

    Given his character, the least he would do would be to assassinate that fella and then leave the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. Moreover, he was now an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    "If senior sister Shen didn't recognise me in the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion, I could have been dead already," There were still traces of fear in Dou Hualong's eyes as he spoke.

    Even though Dou Hualong had been following a reputable Pill King like Mo Wuji, the fearful and cautious side of him remained.

    "Oh yes, what I've gathered from these few days..."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Dou Hualong's words as he said, "We can talk about this in the future. Where is the person who attacked you? I will avenge you right away."

    Shen Muqing, who was sitting by the side, commented, "Brother Mo, I wonder if you could hear me out?"

    "Fairy Shen rescued Hualong so that makes you Hualong's benefactor. Of course, you can speak as you wish," Mo Wuji nodded his head.

    Shen Muqing heaved a sigh of relief before saying with a gentle smile, "I know both of the experts who were fighting in the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion. One of them is the Seven Star Genius, Ao Tiancheng from the Surging Dragon Golden River of the Zero Heaven Immortal Domain and the other person is also a Seven Star Genius, Cha Kai from the Soul Revolving Dao of the Six Paths Immortal Domain. What I feel is that since junior brother Hualong isn't in grave danger, we should forget about seeking revenge."

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "Where is the law if one could simply bully another someone else for no legitimate reasons and get away with it? Fairy Shen, we could go over together if you are free but if you're not, I can go over myself."

    Shen Muqing was stunned at the words of Mo Wuji. Law? She simply couldn't think of a reason why Mo Wuji would say such idiotic words.

    People might still abide to the law in places like the true Emperor graded immortal city but how could he talk about laws to the star grade geniuses in a place like the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins? Was he crazy?

    Unless Mo Wuji was desperately wanting to save his pride so he said things like that so that he wouldn't look bad. However, Shen Muqing didn't believe that Mo Wuji was such a person who would offend others just because of pride.

    "Brother Mo, as much as I really want to help you but my status and strength is limited. I am also merely a 7 stars disciple and my sect's heritage couldn't be compared with the Soul Revolving Dao and the Surging Dragon Golden River so I..."

    Shen Muqing tone became slightly helpless as it was evident that as much as she wanted to help, she was simply not qualified to help.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "It's okay, Fairy Shen had already helped me a lot. Hualong, bring me to the current location of the two of them now."

    Shen Muqing could only stand up to bid her goodbyes after seeing how resolute Mo Wuji was to find troubles with the two of them.

    Mo Wuji returned the greeting as his earlier words were to test Shen Muqing. If Shen Muqing dared to go over with him and speak up for him, he would instantly befriend her. However, the truth was that Shen Muqing was a very logical person and even though she wanted to make friends, she wouldn't make such a huge sacrifice. Therefore, he could only be thankful for Shen Muqing's help and not make her his true friend.

    In the future, he would definitely help her if she needed help but he would never risk his life to save her like he did with Chu Qianlou and co. This Shen Muqing was still considered to be open and upright as she didn't find all sorts of excuse to avoid Mo Wuji's invitation to find trouble but only said that she was not qualified. Others might not like her style of doing things but Mo Wuji admired a person like her.

    After Shen Muqing left, Dou Hualong said, "When I came back, the two of them should still be in the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion."

    "Let's go to the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion now," Mo Wuji said instantly.

    Revenge must be seek as soon as possible because waiting too long would kill the fun.


    Shen Muqing didn't leave the Riverface Immortal Resthouse immediately as she stood and observed the rest-house from faraway. The moment Mo Wuji didn't go find Au Tiancheng like he said he would, she would immediately stop contacting Mo Wuji. Even if she believed that Mo Wuji was capable, she wouldn't like a person who said things just to boost his ego.

    What she didn't expect was that a short while after she left the Riverface Immortal Resthouse, she saw Mo Wuji coming out with Dou Hualong.

    Shen Muqing was shocked as she really didn't understand what kind of guts Mo Wuji had to find trouble with Seven Star Geniuses of top sects. Regardless the case, she really wanted to follow behind them and see what would happen.


    Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion did not only exist in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins as there was also one in the Mahesvara Immortal Domain.

    The Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins was only one of the many branches.

    Compared to the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion was much smaller in terms of size and position.

    Mo Wuji was brought to the entrance by Dou Hualong and he didn't realised the intense atmosphere that was in front of them. A lot of people in the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion were admiring all sorts of magic treasures in an orderly manner.

    Before Mo Wuji even entered the treasure pavilion, he drew out his saber and sliced off the head of the stone lion at the entrance.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji broke this stone lion into pieces and the defensive array at the entrance started sounding off. Over ten cultivators who were still admiring the treasures instantly turned and left the place as they didn't even dare to look at who did it. Someone dared to destroy the stone lion of the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion meant that someone was provoking this place. The Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion was not a place which would accept such provocations so there would definitely be a fight coming up. This place was simply nothing more than a wasteland now.

    After destroying the stone lion, Mo Wuji didn't keep his saber as he hung it on his back while walking into the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion.

    Dou Hualong couldn't stop sweating as he saw how mighty his big brother was as he walked into the place. As his small brother, he should buck up and not let his big brother's mightiness fall because of him in the future. At the thought of this, he stuck his chest out confidently as he followed closely behind Mo Wuji.

    Compared to a few days ago, Dou Hualong's current confidence level was on a sharp rise.

    "Was he crazy?" Shen Muqing mumbled to herself as she observed from afar.

    Even Au Tiancheng and Cha Kai wouldn't dare to destroy the stone lion of the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion like Mo Wuji just did. Just because they dared to fight in the pavilion didn't mean that they dared to provoke the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion.

    Mo Wuji's actions was simply offending the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion before courting death inside.

    At this moment, Shen Muqing had this unexplained thought in her head. What if Mo Wuji's previous invitation for her to join him was to see if she was worth being his friend? If she decided to follow Mo Wuji to the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion, it would mean that she was deserving of his friendship and if she chose not to, it would mean that she could be an ordinary friend to him.

    When she realised how possible this could be, Shen Muqing had some regrets as to if she should have agreed to follow Mo Wuji here.

    Following which, she shook her head because she wouldn't do such a crazy thing unless she went insane too. Who knew that perhaps Mo Wuji was simply courting death? If Mo Wuji was really seeking death and she followed him, even if she managed to make it out alive, the consequences she would have to bear would definitely be severe.
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