Chapter 516: Three Flower Fire Heartstone

    Chapter 516: Three Flower Fire Heartstone

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    Mo Wuji didn't even wait for Du Ju to return him his elder identity token. He opened his palm and the jade token went back to his hand.

    He was here to collect a debt, so the more arrogant he was, the better. If he showed any favour to a cunning fox like Du Ju, his debt would suffer a severe discount.

    Moreover, he knew that he couldn't destroy this Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion. The key thing that Mo Wuji knew clearly was that while his status wasn't low, he couldn't casually destroy it. It was true that the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Sharphorn Branch had the ability to destroy this branch of the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion, but having the ability and actually using it were two different things.

    If he really kicked this Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion out from Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, not only would he create an enemy for the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, he would also create a notorious reputation for himself as well. That would really affect the relations he could form in the future.

    He wanted to give Du Ju the impression that after he obtained the status as a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch Elder, he was going to be arrogant and despotic, not caring about anything else other than his own benefits.

    Only by doing this, would be have the chance to obtain the greatest benefits. Mo Wuji had climbed through sh*t for so many years, and had gone through two lives, so how could he not know of such a simple logic?

    "Elder Mo, this matter is indeed my Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion's fault," Seeing Mo Wuji domineeringly retrieve the elder jade token, Du Ju's anger had completely disappeared. He hurriedly clasped his fists and expressed his apology.

    By the time you reach a position like Du Ju's, you would naturally knew when you could be angry, and when not to. Mo Wuji was hothead, but based on the fact that his power was so startling and he was able to become an elder at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance at such a young age, it would be weird that his origins were simple.

    One look at Mo Wuji's expression and they knew that this fella was arrogant to the bone. An arrogant fella could live happily till now, so how could his backer be simple?

    Moreover, this matter was indeed the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion's fault.

    Dou Hualong was injured within the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion, and the Pavilion didn't do anything about it. If Dou Hualong was any other random passer-by, then even if he died, no would would care. However, the problem now was that this Dou Hualong actually had such a strong backer. So the situation was completely different.

    "Say it then, how should we handle this matter?" Mo Wuji knew that what needs to be done had been done. Now, he only needed to wait and collect the rewards. After saying that sentence, he deliberately brought his teacup up and sipped it.

    Du Ju said helplessly, "Elder Mo, you can take a look at the things in my Treasure Pavilion. If there's anything you like, you can take it."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will promptly swept the sales cabinets below. He knew that the Void Piercer's best treasures definitely wouldn't be placed within the display cabinets but he couldn't really do much about that. He definitely wasn't able to force the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion to bring out their best treasures. With a simple round of threats, it was already pretty amazing that he was able to achieve such an effect.

    Mo Wuji had his spiritual will scan the cabinets below; soon, he discovered that were various kinds of ores, immortal herbs, and some peculiar and unknown materials.

    Even though some of them were very valuable, they weren't very useful to Mo Wuji.

    More than ten minutes passed. Mo Wuji's spiritual will now landed on an ancient jade letter; the jade letter had a very simple name, Equipment Dao.

    This was a jade letter about smithing equipment. Ever since Mo Wuj started suspecting Master Pu Zi, he wanted to learn smithing for his own. The reason why he had never started was because he never had the time and he didn't have a master.

    As he thought of this, he nodded towards Du Ju, his expression had warmed up and even his tone had become affable, "Dao Friend Du, I'm very satisfied with you. Perhaps in the future, if I need anything, I might come to Dao Friend Du's place."

    Ever since Mo Wuji came, he had been oppressive and domineering. But when Mo Wuji suddenly spoke so amiably, it left Du Ju overwhelmed with favor. Du Ju hurriedly said, "Elder Mo is too courteous. If you need any help from me, Du Ju, in the future, feel free to instruct me. I, Du Ju, do not dare say much about anything else, but I should be able to help you with such rare and peculiar ores."

    This was Mo Wuji's desired effect; he did not come here to push Du Ju to his limits. Now that he had achieved his goals, he naturally needed to leave some favor behind to Du Ju. This matter had been extremely simple, and he had done a favor which costs nothing.

    "I see that Dao Friend Du Ju has many peak grade ores here. But I don't wish to punish Dao Friend Du by taking Dao Friend Du's ores away. How about this, I will just take that 'Equipment Dao' jade letter; consider it as an act of befriending Dao Friend Du."

    Du Ju was lightly startled; in reality, that jade letter was more valuable than many of the ores. But in his perspective, Mo Wuji said such things because he wasn't familiar with the goods sold in the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion.

    However, if he could use this introductory level jade token to settle this problem, and befriend Mo Wuji, an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, then it would naturally be a good thing.

    He did not hesitate to clasp his fists and say, "Elder Mo, in the future, I, Du Ju, am Elder Mo's friend. If Elder Mo has any requests, if I, Du Ju, am able to do it, I definitely wouldn't reject you."

    With that, he extended his hand and that 'Equipment Dao' jade letter landed in his palms. He then handed it to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji accepted the jade letter, and without even looking at it, he threw it into his storage ring. At the same time, he brought out a vase of Yi Immortal Pills and handed it to Du Ju, "Dao Friend Du, I'm glad to be friends with you. This is a vase of pills that I casually took from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's pill house. I'm giving it to Dao Friend Du."

    This was how clever Mo Wuji was. If he simply took Du Ju's things without repaying anything, then this relationship was simply built on fear, and wouldn't be able to take another step forward. He had even damaged Du Ju's reputation previously.

    Now that Mo Wuji wanted to learn smithing, and since the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion had many rare ores, he genuinely wanted to befriend Du Ju. Thus, he wanted to give Du Ju a sense of being equals, and that he was not an overbearing bully.

    "Many thanks Elder Mo." Du Ju happily accepted the jade vase. The bottle of Yi Immortal Pills did not mean much, the most important thing was the respect that Mo Wuji gave him.

    Furthermore, Ao Tiancheng and Cha Kai were here. The respect from a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch Elder would naturally raise his status.

    As he was keeping the Yi Immortal Pills, Du Ju casually scanned the vase with his spiritual will; he immediately changed his previous opinion. Because this vase did not contain ordinary Yi Immortal Pills; all the pills inside were unique grade. This further added on to Du Ju's idea that Mo Wuji wasn't simple. A simply elder couldn't casually take out a vase full of unique grade Tier 4 immortal pills.

    Looks like Mo Wuji didn't casually give him this vase of Yi Immortal Pills, it was because these pills actually had value.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Du Ju, then turned his eyes to Ao Tiancheng, whose eyes looked blank, "Ao Tiancheng, I know that you come from Zero Heaven Immortal Domain's Surging Dragon Golden River, and you're also a Seven Star Genius. You heavily injured my junior brother, and he even wanted to waste him. This matter has only just started."

    This matter had not ended; both Cha Kai and Du Ju did not say anything further.

    Ao Tiancheng sneered and stood up, "Elder Mo, you're a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch Elder, but you're still helpless against my Surging Dragon Golden River. I, Ao Tiancheng, do not fear you."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "It's up to you to try. If you dare to simply walk out of this Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion today, I will get the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to restrict your Surging Dragon Golden River. It's okay that you don't fear this status of a branch elder, not I have other statuses. If you don't trust me, we can slowly play it out."

    Mo Wuji really wasn't bragging; he still had the status of a Honorary Elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Headquarters. Even though this title of an elder was honorary and in name only, it was much better than a simple branch elder.

    When Du Ju heard Mo Wuji's words, his heart pounded. When Mo Wuji first arrived, he had already mentioned it: if his current status wasn't enough, he could change to another one. Could that be true? As he thought of this, he celebrated that he didn't cause turn on Mo Wuji, and even befriend him.

    Ao Tiancheng's expression changed indeterminately; if he were to say that he didn't have any bit of apprehensions towards Mo Wuji, he would be lying. The status of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was not simple; it could be said that in the entire Immortal World, 90% of the peak pill refiners were from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. If the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was offended, the simplest restriction it could do was to restrict the sale of pills. If the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was truly angered, then it could even issue a pill embargo which could end the Surging Dragon Golden River's existence in Zero Heaven Immortal Domain.

    "What do you want?" Ao Tiancheng's face changed multiple times until he finally asked this question. He was only a Seven Star Genius, he really wasn't considered the most important figure in the Surging Dragon Golden River; the Surging Dragon Golden River had three Seven Star Geniuses and one Eight Star Genius.

    "I heard that you injured my junior brother because of an ore. Take it out then," Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    The woman from the Void Piercer Treasure Pavlion hurriedly said, "Elder Mo, the ore is still in my Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion because Dao Friend Ao and Dao Friend Cha have yet to decide who this ore would go to."

    Ao Tiancheng snorted and said, "I have no opinion. Have a good look."

    Du Ju was sly and cunning; the moment he heard Ao Tiancheng say those words, he knew that Ao Tiancheng was relenting.

    Until now, Cha Kai didn't have any conflict with Mo Wuji. He naturally didn't hesitate to say, "I also don't have any objections."

    Since Cha Kai and Ao Tiancheng didn't have any objections, the woman naturally brought a jade box out and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    "Three Flower Fire Heartstone?" The moment Mo Wuji opened the jade box, his eyes glittered. He really never expected to see a Three Flower Fire Heartstone here. This was something that he dreamed of having.

    The Fire Heartstone was a transparent stone. Its difference from the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence was that there would be flowers in the stone's center. The lowest grade of the Fire Heartstone only had one flower, while the highest grade one was rumored to have nine flowers.

    The greatest use for the Fire Heartstone was to evolve immortal flames. A One Flower Fire Heartstone could help his Nirvana Immortal Flames.

    A Two Flower Fire Heartstone could help a Grade 1 immortal flame evolve to Grade 2. And the Three Flower Fire Heartstone in his hands could help Grade 2 immortal flames evolve to Grade 3.

    An usual Fire Heartstone was the same color as the one in his hands, red. In the 'Grass, Wood, Stone', Mo Wuji saw that there were also other colors, such as blue, green, purple, etc.

    Those Fire Heartstones were of higher grade than the red one.

    No matter what, he was going to have this Three Flower Fire Heartstone.
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