Chapter 520: Come At Me

    Chapter 520: Come At Me

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    As he finished those words, he opened his hand and a green longsword appeared in his palm.

    The surrounding cultivators silently watched as the situation developed; everyone knew that Mo Wuji was purposely ridiculing Huan Xiuran. The highest level of Star-grade geniuses was Nine Star, since when was there a Ten Star Genius?

    Mo Wuji stood up indifferently; he did not fear a fight.

    "Senior Brother Xiuran, please wait." A resounding voice stopped Huan Xiuran; following which, Shen Muqing walked in.

    "Greetings Brother Mo." When Shen Muqing first walked in, she actually smiled and clasped her fists towards Mo Wuji.

    Just when that action stunned the crowd, Shen Muqing turned to clasped her fists towards Huan Xiuran, "Senior Brother Xiuran, on account of me, can you sit somewhere else?"

    Huan Xiuran's eyebrow twitched and his killing intent became more apparent; Shen Muqing was merely from the same Immortal Domain as him. Moreover, what did the Floating Flowe Immortal Valley count for? It did not deserve him, Huan Xiuran, to care about their face and reputation. It didn't matter who this fella was, everyone could forget about getting him to pick another seat.

    Before he could say anything, he suddenly heard Shen Muqing transmitting a message to him, "Senior Brother Xiuran, this Dao Friend Mo's background is far from ordinary. A few months ago, his junior brother got injured at the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion because of Ao Tiancheng. Because of that, he directly shattered Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion's stone lion. But at the end, I even saw the Treasure Pavilion's shopkeeper personally sending him off, and I guess that Ao Tiancheng must have paid some compensation. So to not cause a huge ruckus, I suggest for Senior Brother Xiuran not to offend him."

    When the infuriated Huan Xiuran heard Shen Muqing's words, he got a shock and he immediately calmed down. Even he wouldn't dare to destroy the stone lion at the entrance of the Void Piercer Treasure Pavilion.

    "Senior Brother Xiuran, this is his first time here going to the Broken World, there's many rules that he doesn't know. I plead for Senior Brother Xiuran to be merciful..." Just at this moment, Murong Xiangyu suddenly stood up, clasped her fists and said.

    Mo Wuji was slightly doubtful, Murong Xiangyu, this woman, was a determined person. Since she had already decided to end things with him, why would she choose to help him at this moment? He soon figured out what was going on: the reason why Murong Xiangyu said those words was probably because of the guilt that she felt in her heart. That was because he had said that he wanted to come here because of her. Those words of hers were meant to write off that guilt.

    After saying those words, Murong Xiangyu immediately turned to Mo Wuji, "Yan Ye, leave that seat immediately. Otherwise, no one can save you."

    Mo Wuji did not even bother standing up, "One, I'm now called Mo Wuji. Two, I sat here first, so why should I move? Three, I don't need anyone's help."

    Murong Xiangyu's eyes turned cold and she turned away. She didn't say anything, she didn't even want to look at Mo Wuji anymore.

    Just when everyone thought that Huan Xiuran was going to attack, Huan Xiuran said indifferently, "Since Junior Sister Shen and Junior Sister Murong have spoken, then I will forget about it."

    With that, he voluntarily moved over to another conspicuous seat and sat down, not speaking any further.

    There were as many experts as there were clouds in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins; no one here was a weakling. Huan Xiuran was from Heaven Accordance Island, even though his background was not ordinary, there were many more people with unordinary backgrounds. Moreover, with his talent, he wouldn't fight with a person with unclear origins over a seat. Even though he wanted to discipline Mo Wuji, it had to be done where no one was seeing.

    The spectators were now even more flabbergasted; Huan Xiuran was the Young Island Master of the Heaven Accordance Island and was a Nine Star Genius. He would actually care about Shen Muqing's face? Moreover, he would get more benefits by taking Mo Wuji's seat. Where did this fella with scars on his face come from? To actually cause Huan Xiuran to take a step back?

    Even though there was Gu Zijian beside Murong Xiangyu, it still wasn't enough to get Huan Xiuran to care.

    Murong Xiangyu also never expected that Huan Xiuran would care about her face, to forget about disciplining Mo Wuji and even chose to step back from the situation. This left a great, pleasant feeling in her heart. Even though she helped to speak up, she would not have thought that Huan Xiuran would step back and find another seat because of her.

    As she thought of this, she even bowed slightly to Huan Xiuran, implying that she had taken note of this favour. At the same time, her disdain towards Mo Wuji grew. Compared to these Star-grade geniuses, Mo Wuji was simply too ignorant to even appreciate favours.

    Mo Wuji smiled to Shen Muqing, "Fairy Shen, why don't you sit beside me. The view here is not bad."

    Shen Muqing hesitated slightly; the seat that Mo Wuji pointed to was for Eight Star Geniuses, but she was only a Seven Star Genius.

    But if she didn't sit, she might distant herself from Mo Wuji.

    This was supposedly a Eight Star Genius's seat, but she was a Seven Star Genius, so no one would fight with her for it right? As she thought of this, she immediately smiled, "Then I'll sit here."

    After she sat down, Shen Muqing transmitted a message to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, that Huan Xiuran is the Young Island Lord of Heaven Accordance Island, as well as a Nine Star Genius. He also comes from the same Immortal Domain as me, Luo Ling Immortal Domain.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Shen Muqing, indicating his acknowledgement. This Shen Muqing really knew what's up; she was an incredibly observant person.

    When the surrounding people saw Shen Muqing sit at the Eight Star Genius's seat, they were astonished once more. Many of them recognised Shen Muqing, because Shen Muqing was an amiable person who would smile and befriend anyone, not a person that would intentionally form enemies. Supposedly, such a person wouldn't sit at a seat which does not belong to her.

    There was originally some conversations here, but because of Mo Wuji, this person of unknown origins, the crowd suddenly hushed their discussions.

    A majority of the people did not want to be nosy, and this matter wasn't even related to them, so they chose to close their eyes and meditate.

    As Mo Wuji sat in front of the window, and saw the flow of people below him, he felt a little emotional.

    Even though he knew that his cultivation was very fast, he knew that he was still far from being able to go back to Earth. Even if he managed to go back to Earth someday, times would have passed, and he wouldn't recognise anyone or anything there.

    As for the matter of him being plotted against by his lover, Mo Wuji could only smile emotionlessly. So what if you obtained what you want through that scheme? In the face of time, everyone would turn to dust, without exception. At least, that was the case back on Earth.

    He only had one regret: Shuyin. Whether Dou Hualong's words were true or not, he was definitely going to make a trip to the Underworld and the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond.

    "This seat is mine. Move away." A woman's voice interrupted Mo Wuji's thoughts.

    Mo Wuji turned to see a woman with a head full of white hair. His heart instantly burst with killing intent; he recognised this woman. She was the one that chased him for several months in space, forcing him to that space canyon, and eventually Half Immortal Domain.

    If he wasn't capable, he would have perished back in the Immortal Chasm.

    The white-haired woman didn't recognise Mo Wuji at first glance, but the moment she felt Mo Wuji's killing intent, she immediately knew that it was him.

    Even though she guessed that Mo Wuji's cultivation had yet to reach the Xuan Immortal Stage, she had a premonition that she was no longer a match for Mo Wuji.

    Her prediction actually became reality. Even though she urgently wanted to ask Mo Wuji about the Universal Peak Token, she really didn't dare to do so.

    "I allowed her to sit there. If you're angry, then come at me." The moment Mo Wuji said that sentence calmly, he waved his hand and the grey saber on his back appeared in his palm.

    He could be patient with other people, but against this woman who chased him for months, he really didn't have the tolerance.

    The surrounding people instantly became spirited. Previously, because Huan Xiuran decided to take a step back, there wasn't a battle. But now, a woman with an even fiery temper than Huan Xiuran had arrived; there was definitely going to be a fight.

    Everyone recognised this white-haired woman, she's from the most mysterious Immortal Domain, Gods Immortal Domain, and the Eight Star Genius of the Immortal God Sect, Nai He. Don't underestimate her because she was only an Eight Star Genius; she didn't even put Nine Star Geniuses in her eyes. And because the Gods Immortal Domain was so secretive, no one was willing to offend her.

    By the side, Huan Xiuran also became very spirited; he wanted to see Mo Wuji battle with Nai He.

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't make a move, Nai He could feel his killing intent surging towards her like raging waves. Nai He's heart jolted, this person had really become powerful, from the looks of it, she wasn't able to deal with him. She could dare confirm that if she really dared to engage in battle with him, he would really kill her.

    Moreover, she was already familiar with Mo Wuji's cunning and slyness; this person was too dangerous.

    Taking in a deep breath, Nai He said calmly, "This is the Transfer Tower to the Broken World. I'm not going to lower myself because of you."

    With that, she took the initiative to find another seat.

    When Mo Wuji saw that the other party didn't make a move against him, he could only keep his magic treasure. He was not going to initiate a battle. After all, he was an esteemed elder. Even if he wanted to fight, he would need a reason. It would be unreasonable for him to simply start a battle here. He never expected that this woman would actually choose to retreat; this left him slightly disappointed.

    Mo Wuji was disappointed; Ao Tiancheng was also disappointed.

    "Haha, Brother Mo, you're indeed earlier than me." Just as Mo Wuji kept his saber, Cha Kai walked in.

    Why would Cha Kai know Mo Wuji? Shen Muqing knew the reason for that. But what left Shen Muqing shocked was that Nai He actually retreated. That woman, Nai He, was incomparably proud. She would not cower even in front of Nine Star Geniuses, but she actually did so because of Mo Wuji.

    However, Shen Muqing did not regret that she didn't investigate on Mo Wuji's origins. She knew that if she started investigating on Mo Wuji, she would definitely find some loose threads. But if Mo Wuji were to know that she was investigating him, Mo Wuji's impression of her would worsen. She had already missed out on forming good relations with him once, she was not going to miss it a second time.

    Murong Xiangyu started to feel that something was amiss; it seemed like Huan Xiuran didn't step back because of her. But at this time, she was also unable to ask Mo Wuji exactly what was the reason.

    A few days passed, the number of people joining became lesser and lesser. The third floor of the Transfer Tower was basically filled.

    Mo Wuji, who had always had his eyes closed, got awakened by a hum of melodic music. He saw a faint golden light shine downwards and landed within the room.

    Mo Wuji was proficient with arrays; he immediately knew that this light contained the dao energy of transfers.

    Seeing that the others didn't move, Mo Wuji didn't do anything as well.

    A whole incense's time passed and jade tokens appeared, floating in front of everyone.

    There was also a jade token in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji lifted his hand and grabbed the jade token; the number '3' was engraved on the token.

    At this moment, a loud voice resounded, "Following the order of the jade token number, walk into the transfer array."
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