Chapter 521: I Disagree

    Chapter 521: I Disagree

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    The number in Mo Wuji's hand was 3; he was the third to walk into the transfer array.

    When the transfer array was full, the faint gold light started rotating, the space around them started to become a blur.

    After some unknown time, Mo Wuji felt the ground beneath him; he knew that they have arrived.

    Mo Wuji swept his spiritual will outwards; he soon discovered that they were in a patch of wilderness, and the spiritual energy here was extremely rich.

    In front of him, space was corrugated; Mo Wuji tried to penetrate it with his spiritual will only to be blocked. From the looks of it, the third level of the Broken World should be behind these spatial corrugations. It was just that the third level hadn't opened yet.

    Soon, Mo Wuji discovered that the other cultivators that got transferred with him had a fixed position, and he was right at the front.

    This should be the good position that Gong Yi talked about, but Mo Wuji felt that this sort of advantage could be done without. Standing right at the front would allow him to enter earlier, at the very most. But since he's already here, in Mo Wuji's perspective, there wasn't really much of a difference if he entered earlier or later.

    Days passed. Just when Mo Wuji was starting to feel bored, the space in front of him started to tremble violently.

    A series of rumbling sounds could be heard, and from within those spatial corrugations, tears suddenly appeared.

    The third level was going to open; even Mo Wuji was starting to get excited.

    "Boom Boom, Ka Ka!" The spatial corrugations suddenly ripped apart, and a hazy patch of space appeared in front of everyone.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to stand up, he felt a wave of rich energy flowing towards him. Even though he wasn't cultivating, he could actually feel his cultivation rising because of this energy.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji finally understood Gong Yi's words; so every time a level in the Broken World opens, there would be such benefits.

    There was no need to talk about how the Broken World was still inaccessible. Even if he could go in, Mo Wuji would still spend his time now cultivating.

    It wasn't just Mo Wuji; everyone else was also furiously cultivating. This sort of natural and primal energy was the most suitable for cultivation. Even those at the Great Circle of Xuan Immortal Stage were cultivating as long as they didn't trigger the Grand Yi Immortal Tribulation.

    At this instant, the importance of a good position was demonstrated. Mo Wuji was right at the front, so naturally, he obtained many benefits.

    Huan Xiuran's face turned gloomy; he knew that there would be benefits when the Broken World's level first opened. However, he never expected the third level's benefits to be multiple times better than the previous two levels.

    Even if he didn't cultivate, he could borrow this primal energy to consolidate and reinforce his power. At this instant, he really regretted, he should not have given that seat to Mo Wuji. Now, he was further back, and his benefits would be far lesser.

    Mo Wuji was previously at the late Golden Immortal Stage. Now, when he was enveloped by an energy that was multiple times better than that from the Immortal Training Pool, he was able to reach the peak of the Golden Immortal Stage in a short period of time.

    Just when Mo Wuji wanted to take another step further, that energy weakened.

    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating, the other cultivators stopped cultivating as well, and they all got up to charge into the space in front of them. Mo Wuji naturally didn't want to fall behind. He wasn't sure what lay in front of him, but just the energy when the level first opened was already able to bring him to the peak Golden Immortal Stage in a short time. Clearly, this Broken World was a great place.

    The moment he entered the third level, Mo Wuji could feel the energy that was unstained and protected from human activity.

    Low tiered immortal herbs seem to be everywhere; Mo Wuji could even occasionally find some Tier 3 and Tier 4 immortal herbs.

    This was really a good place; Mo Wuji took a deep breath. Then he did not hesitate to send these herbs (and even their roots) into his Undying World.

    Regardless of whether they were dead, he was going to make these immortal herbs his, and beautify his Undying World.

    A few cultivators brushed by Mo Wuji. When they saw Mo Wuji actually collect these trash herbs in the third level of the Broken World, they all shook their heads in disdain, then carried on swiftly.

    In their eyes, Mo Wuji was just an inexperienced fells.

    Mo Wuji did not care, after he arranged his immortal herbs, he picked a direction and swiftly moved in that direction.

    How vast was the Broken World's third level? Even though there were many cultivators here, they wouldn't be able to bring away all the good things here.

    Mo Wuji wanted to start a pill house, so whenever he saw an immortal herb, he would not let it go. He collected all of them into his Undying World.

    The immortal herbs here, even the lowest tiered ones, were much more valuable than the ones from the Hundred Flowers Manor.

    Even though there were many low tiered immortal herbs at the Hundred Flowers Manor, most of them were human-cultivated. However, the immortal herbs here were all natural and were growing without any signs of human interference. If the two different kinds of herbs were used to concoct the same unique grade pill, the effects of the natural one would still be a level higher.

    Half a months passed; the immortal herb pile in Mo Wuji's Undying World was now like a mountain. What left him feeling slightly disappointed was that among the huge pile of herbs in his Undying World, the best one was only Tier 6, and most of them were below Tier 6. As for Tier 7 immortal pills, he didn't even have a single one.

    Regardless, with so many immortal herbs, he was sure that he would be able to advance to the Tier 6 Pill King level. In the Pill Dao, he wasn't lacking insights, but the immortal herbs for his incessant practice.

    On this day, Mo Wuji was digging up some Tier 5 Blue Radish Flowers. At this moment, multiple figures sped through his spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji did not really care; there were many people that entered the third level, and he would occasionally meet many people. Even though his cultivation was very low, but because of what happened back at the Transfer Tower, many people would avoid him when they met.

    But when he saw a second and a third group of people heading towards the same direction, Mo Wuji felt that something was wrong. There must definitely be some treasure, otherwise, everyone wouldn't rush to the same direction.

    He was a lone ranger that didn't form any teams when he entered, so he didn't receive any special news.

    Regardless of what the treasure was, since it could draw so many cultivators over, Mo Wuji immediately gave up on his slow digging of immortal herbs. There were plenty of immortal herbs here, and he would have plenty of time digging them in the future. But there weren't many true treasures, the moment he missed them, it would truly be a waste.

    Mo Wuji immediately brought out his flying ship and hurriedly chased after them. As for his flying shuttle, that was a Grade 7 immortal equipment; it was used for escaping, so he really wouldn't use it here.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji stopped. There was already a crowd of people here, this crowd was surrounding a heap of earth.

    Mo Wuji's attainments in the Array Dao had already reached the Grade 3 Array Master level; the moment he saw this heap of earth, he knew that this was a natural inhibition array. Moreover, this array was extremely hidden from view; he was sure that if he had unwarily passed by, he really wouldn't have noticed it.

    From the looks of it, some of these people here were array experts, to actually discover this natural inhibition array.

    Mo Wuji kept his flying ship and walked into the crowd. The moment he walked in front of this earth heap, he understood what was going on.

    This heap of earth was radiating an intense metal-type energy. Even cultivators that didn't know about arrays could tell that there was a metal-type treasure behind this heap of earth.

    On the surface of the earth, there were signs of attacks; clearly, some of the cultivators had tried forcing through it. However, this natural array was very strong and did not break.

    Just when Mo Wuji was observing the array, a black-faced man of average height stood forward. He said to the hundred over cultivators here, "I am Vast Ocean Immortal School's Bai Chitian. Behind this natural array, there must definitely be a metal-type treasure. Moreover, I suspect that there might even be a pocket dimension which contains all sorts of valuable treasures. We have tried forcing our way through this array before, but we aren't able to get through it immediately. I am slightly proficient when it comes to arrays, so I'm willing to lead the attack on this natural array."

    A girl stood forward and said, "Senior Brother Bai is Vast Ocean Immortal School's top genius. We will naturally believe your words."

    After this girl, another person stood up and said, "I agree. We have tried attacking this array for one day and one night, but there wasn't even a single reaction. Clearly, this array is not something that can be forced open by something of our level. Brother Bai is proficient in arrays, so it would be best for him to lead us."

    Mo Wuji seemed to feel something familiar within that metal-type energy. However, he wasn't able to immediately recall exactly what it was.

    Bai Chitian spoke out once more, "Many thanks for everyone's appreciation. I have confidence that we will be able to break this array within 6 hours. However, I have a tiny request: that is after this array is broken, please allow me the first pick. Of course, I would only pick one item. What does everyone think?"



    "No objections...."

    Bai Chitian's words immediately incited the crowd's consent. Even though there were many genius cultivators among them, the number that was proficient in arrays was truly too few. Now that the third level of the Broken World had just been opened, there were many treasures left to be discovered. Thus, it would be best if they didn't waste any time here.

    But if they were to just forget about it, they would feel too unwilling. Thus, naturally, no one would disagree with Bai Chitian's suggestion.

    Mo Wuji, however, didn't have any opinions. If he was the one leading, he could also destroy the array; he didn't even need 6 hours.

    Eh, wait, Mo Wuji suddenly recalled what might be the thing inside the array.

    "Since that's the case, then let's split the groups..."

    Before Bai Chitian could finish, he was interrupted.

    "I disagree."

    These words were too sudden and jarring. The moment they were uttered, everyone's eyes landed on Mo Wuji.

    Everyone recognised Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji was a person that Nai He feared, and someone that even Huan Xiuran didn't want to offend. Even though none of them showed it on the surface, they have all been paying attention on Mo Wuji. Now that Mo Wuji said that he disagreed, the whole crowd turned silent.
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