Chapter 524: The Dangerous Bai Chitian

    Chapter 524: The Dangerous Bai Chitian

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    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, he could feel killing intent creeping up on him. Even though Bai Chitian did not move a single inch, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to flash and teleport away from his previous location.

    Teleportation was one of his hidden cards. At this instant, they had not even battled but Mo Wuji had already used it. This was because of his sensitivity to danger.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji teleported away, a grey light directly slashed Mo Wuji's disappearing shadow in half.

    Mo Wuji's heart jolted. He had only just discovered a peculiar looking demonic beast in the distance. This demonic beast's head was triangular in shape like a snake. Its most peculiar characteristic was that at the top of its head, there was a blade crown that was several feet long.

    Mo Wuji was sure that he had not seen wrongly, it was a blade crown.

    As he sent his spiritual will towards that blade crown, he could feel an icy cold killing intent and baleful aura.

    The demonic beast was roughly 1.5 meters long. Its entire body was grey. Besides its triangle-shaped head and blade crown, it actually only had 3 limbs.

    What a big fella; it just tried to ambush him but he only detected it at the very last moment. If not for his teleportation, even if he detected it, he would still have been struck by this demonic beast.

    This reminded Mo Wuji of his Shuai Guo, but this thing seemed to be much more powerful than Shuai Guo.

    "Eh?" Seeing Mo Wuji dodge his Blade Crown Beast's ambush, Bai Chitian got a shock. Just when he wanted to use his magic treasure to attack Mo Wuji, he felt a sharp sabre light cleave towards him.

    This sabre light was sharp and oppressive to the extreme degree and it seemed to lock in the surrounding space of a radius of 300 meters. At this moment, a sort of suffocating pressure of death loomed over Bai Chitian.

    How was this sabre light? This was simply a space restricting sabre energy.

    With just this sabre, Bai Chitian knew that he had been duped by Mo Wuji. When they were attacking the array, Mo Wuji probably didn't even use 30% of his power. Mo Wuji's power was not much worse than his; in fact, it was in no way lower than his, and Mo Wuji's killing intent was even stronger.

    He originally thought that killing Mo Wuji would have been a very simple affair. Only at this instant did Bai Chitian know how much of an idiot he had been.

    If he knew that Mo Wuji was so strong, even if he wanted to get rid of Mo Wuji, he would not have come alone. And now, he had no means of retreat.

    Bai Chitian furiously formed his domain; he wanted to use his domain to suppress Mo Wuji then attack with his most powerful sacred art. At the same time, Bai Chitian's

    Blade Crown Beast jumped towards the two of them.

    In Bai Chitian's perspective, even if Mo Wuji's immortal elemental energy was very condensed, Mo Wuji's domain would still be weaker than his Xuan Immortal Domain. As long as he could suppress Mo Wuji's crazy power, he could rethink a new strategy.

    The two's domains clashed. Immediately, Bai Chitian felt as though his domain had entered a grinding space. A whirlpool-like power swept over, causing his domain to slowly be grinded and devoured. His Xuan Immortal Domain was actually weaker than Mo Wuji's Golden Immortal Domain, how was that possible? He was an esteemed peak Star-grade genius....

    "Boom!" The sabre light suddenly retracted and crashed against Bai Chitian's Fine Red Copper Pole, exploding forth a boundless amount of immortal elemental energy. Bai Chitian felt as though a huge torrential wave of immortal elemental energy flooding towards him. He felt like he was bursting with immortal elemental energy and he hurriedly grabbed a talisman.

    Immediately, he saw that Mo Wuji was like a kite whose string was snapped, as Mo Wuji got sent flying.

    The panicked Bai Chitian's heart loosened, so it seems like Mo Wuji's attack looked impressive but it was useless.

    "Pff!" A gush of blood shot outwards as Mo Wuji landed on the ground.

    "You!" Bai Chitian stared at Mo Wuji with red eyes. He finally understood why Mo Wuji's attack seemed useless. So it turned out to be intentional; just now, Mo Wuji wasn't aiming for him, but his Blade Crown Beast.

    At this instant, the Blade Crown Beast was lying on the floor and breath no longer runs through its lungs.

    This Blade Crown Beast was Bai Chitian's cherished beast; it had worked so hard for him but now it casually been killed by Mo Wuji. How could Bai Chitian not be enraged?

    After Mo Wuji's grey blade got stained with blood, its killing intent seemed to become richer.

    To Mo Wuji, this Blade Crown Beast must be killed. If he wasn't sensitive to danger and had teleportation, he would have already been ambushed by this Blade Crown Beast. Even if he didn't die from the Blade Crown Beast's attack, he would have still fallen into Bai Chitian's hands.

    How could Mo Wuji simply let go of such hatred? Moreover, he was battling with Bai Chitian, if this Blade Crown Beast was alive by the side, it would definitely be a huge threat. Thus, since the beginning, he wanted to make use of his domain to suppress the Blade Crown Beast, then use Spatial Imprisonment on it, and finally finish it off with his sabre.

    "Go to hell!" The enraged Bai Chitian furiously threw out the talisman in his hand; his Fine Red Copper Pole also conjured thousands of pole shadows which surrounded Mo Wuji.

    The pole shadows formed two illusory dragons on Mo Wuji's left and right, sealing Mo Wuji's space and his path of retreat.

    If Mo Wuji were to retreat, he would be falling into Bai Chitian's pockets. Now that the Blade Crown Beast had been killed, Bai Chitian's heart was filled with incomparable rage. But Bai Chitian wasn't one who would become an idiot of anger, he still knew that Mo Wuji was impressive, otherwise, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been able to kill his Blade Crown Beast with a single sabre.

    Even though his Blade Crown Beast's class wasn't high, it was illusory and moves around without a trace; it was a demonic beast that was extremely hard to capture. While the two of them were facing off, Mo Wuji was still able to kill his Blade Crown Beast. Even if it was a surprise attack, it still wasn't simple. At this instant, he had treated Mo Wuji as a formidable foe.

    Mo Wuji had never thought of retreating. Not only didn't he escape, he moved towards Bai Chitian and punched forth.

    Mo Wuji's punch looked very casual, but it was far from simple.

    Searing hot energy burnt a path within the space; this fist was his one of his sacred art, the Domain Crushing Fist.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The Domain Crushing Fist crashed against Bai Chitian's two illusory pole shadow dragons. The resounding sound of an explosion reverberated through the air; it was like multiple bombs had detonated at the exact same spot. The explosion even caused ripples to form within the space itself; it was incomparably destructive.

    Because of Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist, Bai Chitian's Fine Red Copper Pole released a series of tremors as it was stopped in mid-air.

    Within the explosion, Mo Wuji did not care about his own safety as he threw an enigmatic wheel towards Bai Chitian.

    This was Mo Wuji's killer move, the Wheel of Life and Death.

    The moment the Wheel of Life and Death appeared, one would die while the other survives. There was no way back.

    At this instant, the entire space dimmed. Bai Chitan suddenly wanted to calm down and enjoy the scenery, he really wanted to stop and reminisce his past.

    He saw a beautiful wheel; within the wheel, there were all sorts of colours. These colours were his past glories and memories. At the same time, he saw a grey colour on this beautiful wheel. The grey colour seemed to be devoid of life force.

    This was a sacred art. Just as Bai Chitian thought of this, he felt that grey colour imprint itself on his chest.

    An overwhelming sense of death flooded towards him. Bai Chitian's eyes were filled with fear. His heart was filled with regret: he regretted coming here to block Mo Wuji; he regretted that he used that death talisman on Mo Wuji. If he did not spend time igniting that death talisman, he definitely wouldn't have fallen into this situation. Even if he was facing Mo Wuji's sure-kill wheel, he would have been able to avoid it.

    But now, it was too late. The talisman that he threw out also couldn't be retrieved.

    At the end of the day, Bai Chitian was still Vast Ocean Immortal Sect's Star-grade genius. Now that he knew he was going to die, he actually became calm. His expression turned indifferent as he stared coldly at Mo Wuji. So what if he was killed? He was going to drag Mo Wuji down with him.

    The moment Mo Wuji used the Wheel of Life and Death, he felt a sense of weakness through his entire body. Almost at this instant, he felt another threat of death.

    "Pff!" Before Mo Wuji could escape, he felt an icy cold energy enter his body.

    Even though his body looked fine on the surface, Mo Wuji could feel his insides tearing apart.

    At this next instant, Mo Wuji's heart tightened. That unstoppable icy cold energy was spreading throughout his body, destroying Mo Wuji's meridians in its path of wreckage.

    Every time it severed a meridian, its power seemed to rise by multiple times.

    No good, he had been plotted against; it should have been that talisman. At this instant, Mo Wuji must be an idiot if he didn't know that he had been plotted against. Mo Wuji was also sure that if he didn't find a place to heal himself immediately, and if his elemental storage channel, spirit storage channel, or even his vitality channel gets damaged, then he would follow the same fate as this Bai Chitian in front of him.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji grabbed Bai Chitian's ring; his figure flashed and he disappeared.

    Half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji had to stop. The damage to his meridians was getting worse and worse. If not for his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel, he wouldn't have even escaped to this point. Even though he knew it was dangerous, Mo Wuji could only penetrate into the ground and enter his Undying World.

    His vitality channel continuously replenished his depleting life force. At the same time, his spirit storage channel and his elemental storage channels circulated furiously, curbing the expansion of the cold energy, and mending his broken meridians.


    Not long after Mo Wuji left, a black-robed youth appeared at where he and Bai Chitian just battled. This black robed youth's eyes were rather bewitching; it seemed to gleam with a sort of magnetic light. His gaze landed on the Blade Crown Beast that was killed with a single slash of Mo Wuji's, then it moved towards the dead and lifeless Bai Chitian.

    After some time, this black-robed youth muttered to himself, "He's indeed very strong. A Golden Immortal was ambushed by a Blade Crown Beast, then faced the late stage Xuan Immortal Bai Chitian in a head-on battle, and he was able to kill both Bai Chitian and the Blade Crown Beast. He was even able to escape. If not for your heavy injuries, then even the corpses would have been cremated. Since that's the case, let me help you once. But I hope that you don't get found by me. The moment he get found by me, then you can only blame your bad luck."

    With that, the black-robed youth lifted his hand and threw out two fireballs, burning Bai Chitian and the Blade Crown Beast. Thereafter, his figure flashed and he actually went in the same direction as Mo Wuji.

    In less than half an incense's time, he stopped. The place that he stopped was only 30 meters away from Mo Wuji's Undying World.

    At this point, he seemed to be using his spiritual will as a probe as he scanned this location.
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