Chapter 525: Xuan Immortal Stage

    Chapter 525: Xuan Immortal Stage

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    This was already the 26th day that Mo Wuji was heavily injured. Mo Wuji's vitality channel, spirit storage channel and elemental storage channels were circulating simultaneously and had finally suppressed the devastating cold energy in his body.

    The moment that cold energy was suppressed, Mo Wuji's recovery sped up.

    His Scholar's Heart swept across all his meridians, and under the Scholar's Heart's blanket sweep, that cold energy finally transformed into ten ice cold drops of liquid which were forced out from his fingertips.

    After forcing the talisman's cold energy out, Mo Wuji could not help but sigh in praise. So impressive. If he wasn't so unique, he would have definitely been killed.

    Indeed, these Star-grade geniuses were not easy to kill. From the looks of it, he needed to quickly level up. He needed to at least be in the Xuan Immortal Stage, then he would be safer.

    As he casually opened Bai Chitian's storage ring, Mo Wuji received a pleasant surprise. Besides the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit, there were also five to six hundred thousand high-grade immortal crystals. There were also piles of ores and magic treasures. However, these weren't the main cause for his pleasant surprise; what left him feeling the most excited was the pile of immortal herbs that were mostly Tier 5 and above.

    Clearly, Bai Chitian's standards were much higher than his: there were very few low tiered immortal herbs, he didn't even see many Tier 4 immortal herbs. As for immortal herbs that were Tier 3 and below, Mo Wuji did not even see any except for a few valuable ones.

    To Mo Wuji, what he was lacking the most now were Tier 6 immortal herbs. Also, he wanted to advance to the Tier 7 Pill Emperor level, so Tier 7 immortal herbs were indispensable things which he required.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to arrange the things within Bai Chitian's storage ring then placed them in his own Undying World. Thereafter, he flashed out from his Undying World.

    It was incomparably silent outside. Mo Wuji didn't know that less than one month ago, a person had been searching around this area for several days. If it wasn't for the fact that his Undying World was too ordinary and looked just like another grain of sand, and that the person searching for him was only a Xuan Immortal, he might have already been discovered.

    Mo Wuji swept his spiritual will outwards and he did not detect any signs of other people. He directly threw out one hundred thousand immortal crystals and started to install a spirit gathering array.

    If he didn't pass his tribulation and advance to the Xuan Immortal Stage, then his power would be insufficient for the Broken World. At the Great Circle of the Golden Immortal Stage, he was able to deal with an average late stage Xuan Immortal. But in the Broken World, there were too many experts. A Star-grade genius at the late Xuan Immortal Stage was a completely different affair from an average cultivator.

    As for choosing a more remote location to experience his tribulation, that thought never crossed Mo Wuji's mind. As long as a tribulation occurred, no matter how remote a place was, it would still be noticed. Moreover, his Lightning Calamity was extremely strong, anyone that wanted to do anything to him during his tribulation would have to think twice.

    After swallowing a Xuan Crossing Pill, all his 108 meridians went into reverse circulation; the surrounding immortal spiritual energy swept towards him like waves.

    For other cultivators trying to charge into the Xuan Immortal Stage, they would cultivate till the very peak, or even wait till the Lightning Calamity comes, before they took the Xuan Crossing Pill. But for Mo Wuji, he first swallowed the pill before drawing in immortal spiritual energy.

    When the skies turned dim, Mo Wuji directly threw another Xuan Crossing Pills into his mouth.

    Waves of immortal spiritual energy were quickly converted to immortal elemental energy. Even without Mo Wuji's incitement, his immortal elemental energy violently crashed against the cultivation shackles between the Golden Immortal Stage to the Xuan Immortal Stage.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The tribulation lightning came faster than Mo Wuji expected. Just when he had prepared himself to absorb the lightning essence, multiple thick lightning bolts crashed against him.

    When Mo Wuji was advancing into the Golden Immortal Stage, he was almost killed by the lightning bolts. It could be said that if not the fact that he only fainted after advancing into the Golden Immortal Stage, and that there were few lightning bolts left in the Lightning Calamity, he would have already been struck to death.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji was prepared this time around. He would furiously absorb the lightning essence and the immortal spiritual energy, and he would only calm down when he advanced into the Xuan Immortal Stage. His Lightning Calamity had always been more powerful than others'; if he were to simply stand still and absorb the strikes, then he would definitely die.

    Intensely powerful lightning bolts struck downwards; with the assistance of the Xuan Crossing Pill, the lightning essence and the immortal spiritual energy only needed a single try to reach the Xuan Immortal shackles.

    Mo Wuji continued to swallow another three Xuan Crossing Pills, allowing the immortal spiritual energy to flow more violently like torrential waves; the energy was like a wave of flaming water as it started to tear Mo Wuji's meridians open.

    No one would advance to the Xuan Immortal Stage in a manner like Mo Wuji: to use the Xuan Crossing Pill in such an extravagant manner. No one would also be as daring as Mo Wuji, to actually consume the Xuan Crossing Pills in such a crazy fashion.

    Even a genius wouldn't have dared to swallow six Xuan Crossing Pills in the process of breaking through to the Xuan Immortal Stage, but Mo Wuji did just that. If not for his previous near-death experience during his Golden Immortal Tribulation, he really wouldn't have did such a thing. For an average Golden Immortal, using six Xuan Crossing Pills coupled with the spirit gathering array's boundless immortal spiritual energy and the destructive lightning essence, would probably cause his spirit channels to be shredded apart, and he would immediately become trash.

    No one was like Mo Wuji, even a genius that opened many spirit channels would not have the same level of understanding towards spirit channels that Mo Wuji had towards meridians. Mo Wuji could easily get all his 108 meridians to reverse circulate simultaneously, first forming 108 small circulation paths then instantly a combined, huge circulation path.

    No matter how many spirit channels other cultivators had, they would still be unable to form 108 small circulation paths at one go, much less one huge circulation path.

    Even though Mo Wuji's 108 meridians were reverse circulating at the same time, he was still slightly unable to bear the inundating amounts of violent immortal spiritual energy. His violent immortal elemental energy started to cause blood trails to appear throughout his body; his bones also started to tremble.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Another wave of lightning bolts descended. Under Mo Wuji's previous efforts, his Xuan Immortal shackles already started to shiver. With this wave of lightning bolts, his Xuan Immortal shackles were directly struck apart.

    A sense of glee, akin to when a river fish met the ocean, flooded into his mind. At this instant, Mo Wuji could even feel his soul levelling up and getting stronger. Refreshing, freedom, grandness...

    "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji broke his Xuan Immortal shackles and entered into the Xuan Immortal Stage, a sort of gloom which seemed to fill the entire atmosphere with desolation set in; another ten thick bolts of lightning came crashing downwards.

    These lightning bolts seemed to contain the aura of death, as well as the desire for destruction.

    Mo Wuji's eyes were filled with agitation; the various joys that he felt after advancing had already disappeared. He stared calmly at the concentrated lightning bolts; his heart was slightly cold.

    If this was a few moments ago, he probably would have fainted when facing this slew of terrifying lightning bolts, just like during his previous tribulation. But previously, he managed to advance to the Golden Immortal Stage before he fainted, which was why he could survive. However, who's to say that he would be as lucky this time around?

    Fortunately, he had done precautionary actions; before these deadly lightning bolts came down, he used the method of crazily ingesting Xuan Crossing Pills to advance to the Xuan Immortal Stage faster.

    These lightning bolts which would have killed him if he were still a Golden Immortal, would not help him stabilise his Xuan Immortal cultivation, and help him rapidly raise his level.

    "Crackle!" The intensive bolts of lightning struck against Mo Wuji heavily. Besides tearing apart some of Mo Wuji's flesh and skin, these lightning bolts helped Mo Wuji to raise his level and stabilise his cultivation.

    Now that the terrifying wave of lightning had come to pass, the later bolts of lightning were simply a light breeze to Mo Wuji. After a few simple waves of lightning, the sky started to clear up. This Lightning Calamity seemed to know that it was helpless against Mo Wuji, so it chose to give up.

    Without surprise, Mo Wuji had advanced into the Xuan Immortal Stage. At this instant, the aura around him was overwhelming and startling. Even from afar, one could see the intense aura exuded by Mo Wuji.

    One immortal halo after another started to revolve around Mo Wuji; they were even more eye-catching than those Star-grade geniuses. And as Mo Wuji continuously stabilised his cultivation, those immortal halos gradually concealed themselves within his body.

    Multiple days passed and Mo Wuji reverted back to his previous appearance. If people didn't notice Mo Wuji's face, they wouldn't have known that Mo Wuji had advanced to the Xuan Immortal Stage; the current Mo Wuji was no different from when he was a Golden Immortal. He looked completely ordinary and normal, just like a mortal.

    However, his scar-filled face had now regained its previous appearance; there was no longer a single scar. With his current status, there was no need to continue hiding low.

    As he felt his improved sea of consciousness and his resounding immortal elemental energy, Mo Wuji felt very satisfied; he had finally advanced to the Xuan Immortal Stage. There was no need to talk about other places, at least in the Broken World, he should be able to protect himself.

    Mo Wuji didn't even change his clothes as he directly took out his Scholar's Heart. At the same time, he brought out his Three Flower Fire Heartstone.

    His Scholar's Heart was merely a Grade 1 immortal fire, while the Three Flower Fire Heartstone was used for advancing Grade 2 immortal fires to Grade 3 ones. Mo Wuji was worried that he wouldn't be able to control the Fire Heartstone when he was a Golden Immortal. Now that he had already advanced to the Xuan Immortal Stage, he should be able to control it, right?

    The moment the Three Flower Fire Heartstone came out, Mo Wuji discovered that the three flowers at the core of the stone were vibrating vigorously. And at the same time, the Scholar's Heart seemed to be dancing with more glee than when it met the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence, and it immediately swept the Three Flower Fire Heartstone away.

    "Boom!" A 30 meter tall tower of fire surged into the sky, then expanded and blocked it. At this instant, Mo Wuji felt like he was within a huge mountain of flames. After the Scholar's Heart devoured the Three Flower Fire Heartstone, it transformed into a huge mountain of fire and started to sway in the air.

    Mo Wuji was slightly startled, if the Scholar's Heart wasn't his, he probably would have been burned to ash by these violent flames.

    The violent fire mountain burned unbridled for another four hours before it gradually died down and finally transformed into a thumb-sized green ball of flames. There seemed to be the faint outline of two sprouts within the green ball of flames. Mo Wuji could also clearly feel that the power of the Scholar's Heart was multiple times more than before.

    That was truly some good stuff; Mo Wuji was incomparably excited. It was extremely hard to evolve a fire, but his luck was really good, in a short period of time, he had brought his Scholar's Heart to the peak of a Grade 2 immortal flame; it was just one step away from reaching Grade 3.

    He finally had some capital of his own. To Mo Wuji, the evolution of his Scholar's Heart wasn't a mere increase in level of his flame; it was also related to his pill concocting and his Domain Crushing Fist.

    With a thought, the Scholar's Heart disappeared from Mo Wuji's hand. At this instant, it was completely silent around Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji frowned; he felt that something was amiss. From his Lightning Calamity to the evolution of his Scholar's Heart, he had created such a huge disturbance. Why didn't anyone come?

    There were so many people in the Broken World. Even if they were very dispersed, some people would have noticed his huge ruckus, right? However, the silent Broken World felt rather abnormal.
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