Chapter 529: Don’t Involve Me In Your Games

    Chapter 529: Don't Involve Me In Your Games

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    Mo Wuji's gaze fell upon Murong Xiangyu, who stood some distance away, and asked, "How did the seven pages of the Book of Luo end up in her hands?"

    Even though Murong Xiangyu could not be considered the weakest present, but she was at least one of the weakest few. So no matter how good her luck was, once push came to shove, how could such a treasure like the seven pages of the Book of Luo end up in her hands?

    Murong Xianyu stepped forward and explained herself pitifully, "I was the first to discover this place, and helped everyone find such a large amount of immortal essence crystals together with a top grade immortal herb garden. Only after I arrived, did more people come over, and now not only do they want to split the things here among themselves, they want to snatch the seven pages of the Book of Luo from my hands too."

    At this moment, regardless whether the person before her was Mo Wuji or Yan Ye, to her, he was a stranger. Yan Ye had always been the lowest life form in her eyes, that also had the greedy attitude of a toad wanting to eat a goose's meat.

    "Immortal Friend Mo, things like xiantian treasures are not something that a single person can possess. The seven pages of the Book of Luo are the best out of all the treasures here, so I'm suggesting that each Immortal Domain gets one page. If you, Immortal Friend Mo, with such a high position, entered the Broken World, and couldn't get a piece of the best treasure inside, how would that be fair?" Chen Jushan pointed out confidently. With his loud and bright voice, it seemed as though as he was on the side of justice.

    After hearing Chen Jushan's words, Mo Wuji understood what was going on, he nodded his head and replied, "Dao Friend Chen, how much have you gained since entering the Broken World? Could it be that you obtained some xiantian treasure too?"

    Immediately Chen Jushan frowned, and his tone turned sour, "While I did obtain some treasures, but I've never even seen a xiantian treasure."

    "Then are you willing to pass me your ring to take a look?" Mo Wuji asked calmly.

    Chen Jushan's eyes turned cold. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he would definitely not allow Mo Wuji to climb over his head, "What's the meaning of this? Don't you know that it's taboo to look into other people's rings?"

    Mo Wuji simply chuckled, "Is it so? Even if I find something good in your ring, I'll only take some of it. There'll definitely be some left for you."

    A long flute landed in Chen Jushan's hands with a quick wave, and he loudly declared, "Mo Wuji, regardless of whatever your background is, my Lei Sect does not fear you." He did not say that he himself did not fear Mo Wuji. No matter how strong he, Chen Jushan, was, he was not strong enough to blow Fu Bei away with a slash.

    "You want to fight with me?" Mo Wuji's expression darkened, his killing intent extending into the surroundings.

    The suffocating killing aura engulfed him, causing Chen Jushan to take a deep breath of cold air. This killing aura was too strong. He suddenly experienced what Fu Bei felt previously, and he worked hard to calm himself down, speaking one word at a time, "You want to look into my ring and take stuff that belongs to me, so won't you let me at least have the chance to fight back? What logic is this? I, Chen Jushan, might not be as strong as you, but I'm not some piece of dough that you can beat around."

    In response, Mo Wuji spoke uncaringly, "What you obtained in the Broken World belongs to you, but what others obtain must be split. How shameless can you get? Why don't you join the Supreme Dao Sect, I think that you're rather suited for it."

    Although he understood what Mo Wuji meant, since Mo Wuji had not made any moves yet, Chen Jushan naturally could not stupidly provoke Mo Wuji. He gradually raised his long flute, while his gaze landed on the other geniuses that wanted a piece of the seven pages of the Book of Luo.

    If the remaining guys all attacked at once, he would have attacked without hesitation too. But if he was going to take the fall against Mo Wuji, then there would be no chance in hell that it would happen.

    However, no one responded to Chen Jushan. Monk Yining even rubbed his bald head while smiling, "Brother Mo, with one look I know that you're someone who's reliable. Once we're back to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, I'll treat you to the strongest alcohol."

    Mo Wuji was rather speechless. Everyone else referred to him with the title 'Immortal Friend", but this monk called him as 'Brother' and also wanted to treat him to the strongest alcohol there was.

    He had heard of this Monk Yi Ning from Dou Hualong. Monk Yi Ning was a nine star genius, hence he naturally had to return a bow.

    The black robed Lu Jiazhi also stepped forward, and spoke to Mo Wuji with a slight smile, "Immortal Friend Mo, you still owe me a favour."

    After finishing his sentence, Lu Jiazhi sent a message to Mo Wuji, "Bai Chitian and that beast was burnt away by me. That was one of your works right?"

    Hearing that, Mo Wuji laughed, directly replying, "Even though I don't understand what Dao Friend Lu is saying, I'm definitely befriending you now."

    No matter what method was used, there was no way that he would admit to killing someone from the Vast Ocean Immortal School.

    Yi Ning and Lu Jiazhi were all nine star geniuses, and both of them had gone forward to get acquainted with Mo Wuji, while Fu Bei was chased away by a single slash of Mo Wuji, so Gu Zijian couldn't just step out to ask to split the seven pages of the Book of Luo. On top of that, Gua Yi was completely forgotten too. As for Huan Xiuran, he had faced off against Mo Wuji once before at the Transfer Tower, hence there was even less of a chance for him to speak up at all. Thus, after Chen Jushan stopped bringing up the topic, the issue of the seven pages of the Book of Luo had resolved itself just like that.

    Those who originally could receive a part of the seven pages of the Book of Luo did not make any moves, much less others not involved at all. After all, even if they butted their heads into this issue, they would receive no part of the seven pages of the Book of Luo. Some cultivators also secretly respected Mo Wuji for not wavering in the presence of the seven pages of the Book of Luo.

    If it were anyone else, he/she would not be like Mo Wuji, being so calm when facing the seven pages of the Book of Luo. Some people even thought that Mo Wuji didn't want others to lay their hands on the seven pages of the Book of Luo so that he could take it all for himself when he would eventually become alone with Murong Xiangyu.

    As she saw all these events unravel in front of her, Murong Xiangyu was pleasantly surprised. Before all this, she had thought of igniting her vitality and life force to run away, but who knew that Mo Wuji would have appeared at the 11th hour. Moreover, with his overbearing presence, even nine star geniuses were in no position to negotiate regarding the seven pages of the Book of Luo.

    This was the person that she eliminated from her choices of dao companion first? The surprised Murong Xiangyu suddenly felt like her judgment in the past was flawed.

    As she thought of the way that Mo Wuji treated her in the past, a warm feeling emerged inside her heart. Mo Wuji had hidden his skills so well, and had such strength, so wasn't he the best candidate for her to fall in love with? Moreover, she was originally Mo Wuji's wife, hence it would be logical for her to fall in love with him, and no doubts would leave in her heart either.

    Indeed, the best things were always under her nose all this while, but she had been searching all over the world for them.

    "Senior Brother Mo, how should we split the immortal essence crystals and immortal herbs then?" Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Zuo Yixian was the first to walk over to ask about this issue while bowing respectfully.

    Previously, Chen Jushan said that Yong Ying Immortal Domain could get one part, but would get the last pick. Although he had protested that decision, without strength, there was no use in protesting.

    Bowing respectfully to the crowd, Mo Wuji declared, "Fellow immortal friends, the seal here doesn't look like it has been broken before. Why don't everyone break it together, before splitting the goods evenly?"

    "I agree." Zuo Yixian was the first to step out. Yong Ying Immortal Domain did not have a true expert, so since Mo Wuji had appeared, he would not miss out on such an opportunity.

    The suggestion that Mo Wuji made was very reasonable, but if an ordinary person suggested it, the idea would have been thrown out by geniuses like Chen Jushan. However, since it had been Mo Wuji who brought it up, no one dared to protest against it. Just based on his hidden titles, no one dared to make any rash moves.

    Those who wanted to find out the identity of Mo Wuji started asking those who had known Mo Wuji in the past, but after the Fu Bei incident, no one dared to speak about it. Even though Mo Wuji did not mind his identity being exposed, but those who knew him did mind. They had arduously obtained his pledge to refine pills, and if they were to offend Mo Wuji, their ending would be similar to Fu Bei and that cultivator that had been chased away.

    As for Chen Jushan, he had been killed before his the discussion regarding his suggestion had started.

    "Yan... Wuji..." Murong Xiangyu walked to Mo Wuji's side, speaking with a shivering voice.

    You could not compare a person with another. When in the presence of Mo Wuji, regardless of whether it was Qiao Qianyan or Gu Zijian, in Murong Xiangyu's eyes, all of them paled in comparison to him.

    "What is it now?" Mo Wuji frowned. This woman was someone he really did not want to have any dealings with.

    "Thank you for the help, if it were not for you..."

    Raising his hand, Mo Wuji interrupted Murong Xianyu's sentence, "You previously helped me once before, so there's no need to thank me. We've now canceled out our debts to each other. On top of that, even if it were someone else, I probably would have helped him too." He was not boasting here. When he had the ability, it would not be uncommon to help out in such things.

    "I'm sorry, back then on the street..." As Murong Xiangyu spoke, she asked herself whether she should ask for the marriage certificate back.

    With another wave of his hand, Mo Wuji responded, "Don't bring up the past, I've forgotten all about it. I'm not Yan Ye. I'm Mo Wuji."

    Murong Xiangyu was stunned for a moment, but she quickly regained control of her senses and emotions, "Senior Brother Wuji, I shouldn't have returned the marriage certificate to you, otherwise we would still be..."

    Speechless, Mo Wuji stared at the woman standing before him. Was this woman a few straws short, or did she have no EQ at all?

    "Murong Xiangyu, I just said not to bring up matters of the past. Moreover, you're part of the Supreme Dao Sect, so don't come too close to me. I hate your sect. As for whatever game you want to play, there are many people who are willing to play it with you, just don't come looking for me. You don't have to worry anymore either. I believe that at least in this place, no one would dare to make a move against you, but of course how long you can survive will ultimately be determined by you." After Mo Wuji casually spoke, he was too lazy to bother about Murong Xiangyu any further.

    He was also aware that Murong Xiangyu was not someone that eyed influential people, but it was due to her cultivation in the Supreme Dao that caused her to lose all of her EQ. This could be concluded just based on her returning the marriage certificate on the street. No logic or emotions would get through to such a woman, and as for accepting Murong Xiangyu's gratitude, it was something he never even considered in the first place.
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