Chapter 530: The Incident In Broken World

    Chapter 530: The Incident In Broken World

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    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, it seemed as though as Murong Xiangyu had hit a pressure point, causing her to be stunned for a moment. She did not feel ashamed of herself, as she would not have brought up the topic of reinstating their marriage if she was.

    Anyone with the slightest amount of EQ wouldn't have been in such a rush to restart her relationship with Mo Wuji. However, Murong Xiangyu did not do so. The way she treated emotions was like a calculative official. Once she realised that there was the smallest mistake in her decision, she would immediately reverse it completely. If it were in business, such an approach would be feasible, but for matters of the heart, how could it be anything like a business?

    Just as Mo Wuji expected, the last of her EQ had been destroyed while cultivating with the Supreme Dao's cultivation technique.

    As Mo Wuji turned around to attack the defensive array with others, Murong Xiangyu stood there, rooted to the ground. Since the day she got to know Yan Ye, she never expected that he would ever reject her, and even in such a direct manner.

    The elation she had from obtaining the seven pages of the Book of Luo seemed to have died down by a low.

    "Immortal Friend Mo, how do we attack it?" Seeing that Mo Wuji had left Murong Xiangyu at one side, a Xuan Immortal cultivator quickly bowed respectfully while asking. Mo Wuji knew the intention of these people. This inhibition array was not that complex, so as long as everyone attacked together, it could be opened. But the reason that it had not been opened up till now, was because everyone knew that whoever made the first move would definitely incur the wrath of the rest of the crowd. Now that everyone was looking at him, because firstly he was rather mysterious, and secondly his act of blowing Fu Bei away with a slash shocked many people.

    "Everyone attack together, once we've broken the restrictions, we'll split the spoils equally." Mo Wuji quickly swung his saber out, leading the charge.

    With mo Wuji starting first, the remaining people soon made their move too. In a short few tens of breath's time, the defensive array was completely blown open.

    Dense immortal spiritual energy gushed out, which made Mo Wuji take in a deep breath.

    After advancing to Xuan Immortal, he understood very well that in the near future, it would be difficult for him to advance his cultivation level any further. If he could cultivate in this immortal essence pond for a few years, perhaps he might have had the chance to advance to Grand Yi immortal Stage.

    It was a pity that this immortal essence pond was not his, belonging to hundreds of people.

    Although immortal essence crystals and high grade immortal herbs were all good stuff, no one went to snatch anything since the defensive array had been blown open.

    Seeing that no one made any move, Mo Wuji said, "There are 302 immortal friends here, and there are over 10,000 immortal essence crystals. Everyone, please queue up to collect your share. For the first round, each of you will get 300 crystals, and any excess will be redistributed again."

    This method of sharing the crystals was fair and just, so no one had anything to say about it. Even though a few of the top geniuses were unhappy, what could they do? Mo Wuji was so strong, but yet didn't give anyone preferential treatment.

    The three hundred over cultivators very quickly finished splitting the immortal essence crystals there, and each of them obtained 320 crystals. Those with lower cultivation levels were the most shocked, as they had never obtained resources so easily since the day they started cultivating. Other than this occasion, when did they obtain any treasure without a fight?

    After the crystals were distributed out, everyone waited for Mo Wuji to speak. Without hesitation, Mo Wuji stood out and explained his plan for the immortal herbs, "Everyone, there are Tier 6, 7, and 8 immortal herbs here. There are the fewest Tier 8 herbs, with only slightly over 10, while there are the most Tier 6 herbs, and about a hundred Tier 7 herbs too. I have a request of my own for the herbs. If everyone doesn't mind, I would like to get more Tier 7 immortal herbs. I don't want any Tier 8 or 6 herbs."

    There was simply too few Tier 8 immortal herbs, so they were not of much use to Mo Wuji. He also had large amounts of Tier 6 herbs with him, which was sufficient for him to advance to Tier 6 Immortal Pill King. Thus, to Mo Wuji, what he lacked the most was Tier 7 immortal herbs, because only with an abundance of them would he be able to advance to Tier 7 Pill Emperor.

    While there were many treasures in Broken World, in reality, immortal herbs of Tier 7 and above were not that easily obtainable.

    As Mo Wuji had the strength, and a mysterious background, when it came to asking everyone to give up the Tier 7 immortal herbs, no one dared to speak up.

    When everyone benefitted, they felt that Mo Wuji was rather decent, especially those weaker people. But once their rewards were threatened, nothing was for sure. If there were many Tier 8 immortal herbs around, then it wouldn't have mattered what Mo Wuji said. However, now there were only slightly over 10 stalks of Tier 8 immortal herbs, so it didn't matter whether Mo Wuji wanted them or not.

    The crucial part was that Tier 7 immortal herbs were much more valuable than Tier 6 ones. They were nowhere close to being on the same level. Sometimes, not even a hundred stalks of Tier 6 immortal herbs could be exchanged for one stalk of Tier 7 immortal herb.

    Since no one spoke up, Zuo Yixian stepped forward and bowed respectfully, "I, Zuo Yixian, representing Yong Ying Immortal Domain, hereby announce that Yong Ying Immortal Domain gives up on the Tier 7 immortal herbs, and will give all of them to Brother Mo."

    In his heart, Zuo Yixian was very clear of his intentions. If it weren't for Mo Wuji, Yong Yong Immortal Domain wouldn't have gotten any Tier 7 immortal herbs, and even for the immortal essence crystal, each of them would be given only slightly more than 10.

    With Zuo Yixian taking the lead, all cultivators from Yong Ying Immortal Domain agreed with the decision. The weaker cultivators from other immortal domains also began giving up their rights to Tier 7 immortal herbs. After all, even if the Tier 7 immortal herbs were split evenly, each person would get one third of a stalk, while giving up one's share would give Mo Wuji a good impression of them.

    Out of 320 people, over 170 gave up on Tier 7 immortal herbs. In the end, Mo Wuji obtained over 50 stalks of Tier 7 immortal herbs alone, which was barely sufficient for him to advance to Grade 7 Pill Emperor.

    With his current level of pill dao, if he could find a more Tier 7 immortal herbs, it would guarantee his advancement.

    Mo Wuji happily kept the Tier 7 immortal herbs that he needed, and automatically became the host again, helping everyone split the remaining immortal herbs, before finally bowing respectfully, "A big thanks to all those who gave me their immortal herbs. I'll definitely remember this favour. I have a small shop in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, so if you go there to buy pills in the future, you'll all get a discount. For those rarer pills, you can come to look for me personally too."

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, everyone immediately expressed their gratitude. Regardless whether what he said was true, using one third of a Tier 7 immortal herb to exchange for such a benefit was not a bad thing. Even if it were a lie, what could they have done with one third of an immortal herb anyway?

    Mo Wuji then added on," It has been fate that brought us together today. I bade all of you farewell. Let's meet again in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins."

    Everyone bowed respectfully and exchanged goodbyes, but just as they were about to leave in search of more treasure, a piercing scream echoed through the air, "I didn't touch anything... I didn't touch anything..."

    This shocked the whole group of people, and all of them turned towards the source of the scream. A bloodied cultivator with his internal organs hanging outside was charging over frantically. He was screaming as he ran, which made the cultivators around silent. This cultivator had a shattered divine spirit and no light in his eyes, an obvious sign that he was dead.

    Indeed, before he could approach the group, he fell to the ground with a 'thump', losing all signs of life.

    "What thick fog...| A cultivator suddenly exclaimed.

    There was no need for more words, as everyone could see it. The originally clearly visible ruins were covered with a layer of thick fog which even made it impossible to see the person right in front of you.

    "My spiritual will can't extend out for more than a few hundred meters..." Another cultivator exclaimed as well.

    A veil of silence fell upon the group, and they bunched up together subconsciously. It was not only one guy's, but everyone's spiritual will that could not extend beyond a few hundred meters.

    "Ah...." A bloodcurdling cry came from afar before silence took its place once again.

    "Everyone, something must have happened, so let's stay here for the time being. If we group up, we'll have strength in numbers..." Huan Xiuran of Heaven Accordance Island loudly declared.

    Just as he finished speaking, a few more similar cries echoed out, this time seemingly from a nearby location.

    This caused everyone to be on edge. Even the weakest cultivator out of all present was at the Great Circle of Golden Immortal Stage, and they were in the minority. Over 70% of the cultivators were Xuan Immortal experts. In the fog, when a Xuan Immortal was killed, he would only be able to let out a scream, or not even that at all, hence showing how scary this fog was.

    "Immortal Friend Mo, what do you think of this situation?" Lu Jiazhi immediately turned to Mo Wuji. After Mo Wuji had taught Fu Bei a lesson, he felt that his strength was still a little lower than Mo Wuji's. He even suspected whether Mo Wuji was also at the Great Circle of Xuan Immortal like himself, only with a better concealment technique, thus being able to pass off as an ordinary cultivator.

    When Lu Jiazhi asked his question, everyone's gazes fell onto Mo Wuji too.

    In response, Mo Wuji spoke while staring at a broken building not far off, "I have two ideas. The first is that everyone starts escaping in all directions, and whoever is lucky will make it out. The second is for us to immediately go into that building, make it more complete, and set up some defensive arrays. After that, we'll do some investigating before making a move."

    In reality, Mo Wuji had already felt the danger that lay in the fog. Even if it were him, he would not be able to find the source of this danger.

    Once Monk Yi Ning heard Mo Wuji's words, he instantly replied, "Of course we'll go into that dilapidated hall."

    While he spoke, he had already made the first move towards the hall. Only a fool would choose to escape at a time like this.

    Seeing Monk Yi Ning move over, everyone followed suit. Mo Wuji also went along into the dilapidated hall.

    This time, there was no need for Mo Wuji to say much. All of them began to fix up the hall on their own, and within an hour, it was almost completed.

    Mo Wuji also took out some array flags to start setting up defensive arrays. He could not find any friends to help him either, as no one had the ability to match up with his current level of array dao.

    Some people automatically took out the materials for forging array flags when they saw Mo Wuji starting to set up arrays. In half a day's time, Mo Wuji had completed the setting up of defensive arrays for the hall.

    Only then did Mo Wuji realise that out of the 300 over people before, only 230 remained in the hall.
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