Chapter 531: I Didnt Move

    Chapter 531: I Didn't Move

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    "Dao Friend Mo, I didn't expect that you were an immortal array master," After Mo Wuji taught Chen Jushan a lesson, Chen Jushan actually smiled and took the initiative to talk to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "There are many more things that you wouldn't expect."

    Mo Wuji had no intention to befriend a person like Chen Jushan. This was simply because he wasn't Murong Xiangyu's real husband and he had no liking towards Murong Xiangyu at all. If he was the true Yan Ye or liked Murong Xiangyu, he would return a fist simply because Chen Jushan injured Murong Xiangyu so badly.

    When facing against Mo Wuji, Chen Jushan couldn't do anything even if he was unhappy with him.

    The fog outside the hall appeared a little suspicious and Mo Wuji could sense the impending dangers within. After installing the defensive array for the hall, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to find the most suitable place within the hall to install another smaller scale defensive array as well as installing a concealment array for this defensive array.

    There was simply no need to hold back in a dangerous place like this.

    After noticing how Mo Wuji found a spot to install a defensive and concealment array before entering his array, the rest of the cultivators followed suit.

    Even though the hall was big, when over 200 people started finding their own turf simultaneously, this big hall was emptied out very quickly. Those with lower cultivation level could only place themselves closer to the entrance of the array of the hall.

    Gu Zijian walked over to Murong Xiangyu before saying, "Xiangyu, I was simply too weak to stand up for you earlier on. I was hoping to receive a piece of the Book of Luo before passing it to you and I certainly didn't expect that I need not do so anymore."

    No matter how poor Murong Xiangyu's EQ was, she was still able to differentiate the truth and lies so all she did was to look at Gu Zijian faintly, "Many thanks to Senior Brother Gu then."

    After saying this, she immediately activated her concealment restriction over her own spot. Even though Chen Jushan was not held in high regard by Mo Wuji and was in fact a little fearful of Mo Wuji, Chen Jushan would never be afraid of her. Moreover, Murong Xiangyu could sense that a few spiritual wills were still revolving around her area and she had a feeling that the moment Mo Wuji left this place, she wouldn't last long here.

    Therefore, after Mo Wuji chose his turf, she immediately chose a spot right next to Mo Wuji.

    Noticing how Murong Xiangyu was no longer interested in talking to him, Gu Zijian started to feel gloomy and didn't continue wasting time as he started setting up his defensive and concealment array in his own spot.

    Mo Wuji wasn't able to find a way to leave this place yet and so were the others.


    The moment Mo Wuji entered his own concealed restriction, he took out his immortal essence crystals to cultivate. Indeed, he realised that the use of the immortal essence crystals to cultivate was indeed fast but the number of immortal essence crystals he had was way too little. Even if he were to exhaust all 300 over immortal essence crystals, he might not be able to advance into the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage.

    Mo Wuji still had no clue as to how to leave this place yet so he could only sigh as he stopped cultivating. After which, he took out a pile of Tier 5 immortal herbs to start concocting some pills.

    After over a month's time, Mo Wuji was a little unhappy as he kept his pill furnace with most of his Tier 5 and 6 immortal herbs were completely exhausted. Presently, he was indeed able to concoct unique grade Tier 5 immortal pills but even after this one month and the great amount of Tier 6 immortal herbs used, he could only concoct low grade Tier 6 immortal pills. In fact, it was the easiest Immortal Copious Pill. This meant that he still had a lot of distance to cover before he could concoct a furnace of unique grade Tier 6 immortal pills.

    As for concocting Tier 7 immortal pills, it was too still too far away for him.

    From learning about pill concoction to having his own Pill Dao, Mo Wuji never had any problems advancing the levels of Pill Dao. It was only a little more taxing when he was advancing from a Tier 4 Pill King to a Tier 5 Pill King but it was still nothing compared to advancing into a Tier 6 Pill King. Moreover, he was not even considered to be a Tier 6 Pill King yet.

    Mo Wuji recalled his way of cultivation and all the way before he advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, his cultivation progress was all smooth sailing. Truth be told, the hardest part for Mo Wuji was when he was trying to open his meridians. After the opening of meridians was successful, he had never experienced a true bottleneck when cultivating.

    If he must name a bottleneck, it would be the fact that he was always lacking in cultivation resources. If Mo Wuji had sufficient resources, he would be able to continue advancing through the stages.

    It was solely because of this mindset which led to his carelessness when trying to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage as he didn't even prepare any Calamity Crossing Pill. As a result of that, he almost failed his tribulation or in other words, he would have failed his tribulation if not for his good fortune to have met the Three-eyed Dove who wanted to frame him.

    After that incident, Mo Wuji would always prepare a large amount of immortal pills and resources whenever he was preparing to advance to the next stage. One example would be how he used six unique grade Xuan Crossing Pills at once when he was advancing to the Xuan Immortal Stage. It could be said that if he wasn't a pill king, who would be able to use pills as luxuriously as he did? If it was any other cultivator, they would have been stuck in the Golden Immortal Stage or they would be looking to collect Xuan Crossing Pills crazily.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji's heart turned cold as he simply overlooked the problem when he first tried to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage. Afterwards, it was only because he was a pill king that he managed to advance so smoothly. The truth was that there was a huge hidden danger which he had yet to resolve. If he had such a hard time trying to advance into the Xuan Immortal Stage alone, how was he supposed to advance into the Grand Yi or Immortal Emperor Stage in the future?

    This time as he faced the same bottleneck when trying to advance to become a Tier 6 Pill King as during his Heavenly Immortal tribulation, Mo Wuji sounded the warning bell in his head. He realised that whether it was his cultivation or pill dao, once it reached a certain standard, it would stagnate and advancing would be much tougher than before.

    If he needed six Xuan Crossing Pills just to cross into the Xuan Immortal Stage, how many Grand Yi True Pill would he need to advance into the Grand Yi Stage? 10 or maybe 100? What about advancing into the Grand Zhi Stage or the Grand Luo Heavenly Celestial Stage?

    Mo Wuji didn't dare to continue pondering about it because so what if he managed to advance at the expense of a full basket of immortal pills? As a pill refiner, Mo Wuji was clearer than anyone else of the side effects of the immortal pill.

    Pills could turn into poison and it was never a good thing to consume too many pills as overconsuming could cause converged spirit channels and weakened spiritual roots.

    Whatever the cause of this current bottleneck was, Mo Wuji was not willing to try again. Mo Wuji failed to become a Tier 6 Pill King even after exhausting almost over a 1000 Tier 6 herbs; no other pill refiners would be this extravagant except for a few incredibly wealthy pill refiners.

    He only needed about 300 immortal herbs to become a Tier 5 Pill King while he used 1000 Tier 6 immortal herbs and still failed to become a Tier 6 Pill King. So how many Tier 7 immortal herbs would he need to advance to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor? Forget about thousands of Tier 7 immortal herbs because even 1000 Tier 7 immortal herbs were enough to make a sect go bankrupt.

    Additionally, the difference in the gap between a Tier 5 and 6 Pill King was simply not comparable to the difference between a Tier 6 Pill King and a Tier 7 Pill Emperor.

    Mo Wuji sighed as he realised that he was simply too idealistic previously. The reason why there were so little pill emperors around was that the difficulties in advancing to become a pill emperor were something he could never imagine.

    After tidying up a little, Mo Wuji walked out of his concealment array.

    Mo Wuji was astonished as he walked out. He knew for sure that there were over 200 people in this hall but he could only see over 20 people left here.

    Where did everyone else go? Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan and he could sense that the fog was still there.

    "Senior Brother Mo, you are finally out," An average built, ordinary looking young cultivator greeted Mo Wuji the moment he noticed him.

    Mo Wuji asked, "Immortal Friend Zuo, why are there so little people left? What happened to everyone else?"

    Mo Wuji recognised Zuo Yixian as a cultivator from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain and felt that he was a decent person. The reason why he was able to receive over 50 Tier 7 immortal herbs was mainly because Zuo Yixian stood out to speak for him.

    "The fog here will disappear after a while and when the people saw that the fog disappeared, most of them left," Zuo Yixian hurried to explain.

    "So why are the rest of you still here?" Mo Wuji was even more curious. He understood why Murong Xiangyu didn't leave but didn't understand why the rest of them were still here. Murong Xiangyu still had seven pages of the Book of Luo so it would make sense if she wouldn't dare to leave alone.

    Zuo Yixian waved his hand and the remaining cultivators all gathered around before he spoke, "These are the cultivators from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain and while a portion of them left with Gui Yi from the Supreme Dao Sect, the rest of them were willing to stay back with me. I was hoping to greet you after you come out but we didn't expect the fog to come back so soon after disappearing. The fog was still on and off and so we were glad we didn't leave because otherwise, we might not be able to return even if we wanted to.

    Mo Wuji understood his intentions instantly. Murong Xiangyu didn't leave because she didn't dare to leave but Zuo Yixian didn't leave was simply because he was worried Mo Wuji would not understand why no one else was around after he came out from his closed doors.

    Mo Wuji patted on Zuo Yixian's shoulder and said, "Thank you and I will definitely befriend a person like Brother Zuo. I am pretty reputable at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins and even opened a small pill house called the Tian Ji Pill Court. Whenever Brother Zuo needs help in the future, feel free to visit my Tian Ji Pill Court."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Zuo Yixian said yes excitedly. No matter what Mo Wuji's origins was, Zuo Yixian could tell from Mo Wuji's performance earlier that even if his father, castellan of the Sea Canopy Immortal City, Zuo Qianwei were to visit the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, he might not be as reputable as Mo Wuji. Befriending a strong figure like Mo Wuji would only benefit him and not do him any harm.

    "Everyone do not worry because if others could leave this place, I would be able to bring everyone out. Staying here is not a plan for the long term so wait for me to check this out," Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards everyone around him.

    After saying this, Mo Wuji walked to the position of the array entrance and before he opened up the defensive array, the fog retreated.

    A few corpses were seen on the floor and from their clothing, Mo Wuji was able to tell that these corpses belonged to those cultivators who were with him split the immortal essence crystals.

    The only abnormality was that the storage rings of these cultivators were all missing.

    "Big Brother Mo, the fog had been like this and it will come back soon," Zuo Yixian explained to Mo Wuji as he saw Mo Wuji staring out.

    Because Mo Wuji had already befriended him, he immediately changed the way he addressed Mo Wuji to Big Brother Mo. It was truly an honour to be able to call a person who could oppress a Nine Star Genius his Big Brother.

    "I didn't move... I didn't move..." A staggering silhouette was coming over from afar and it was the same fella Mo Wuji saw.

    Mo Wuji was prepared this time around and before that fella's primordial spirit disappeared completely, Mo Wuji charged over and used his spiritual will from his spirit storage channel to protect the depleted primordial spirit. Concurrently, Mo Wuji sent some vitality using his vitality channel to stabilise this fella's small life.
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