Chapter 533: The Golden House

    Chapter 533: The Golden House

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    Cang Heng sneered, "Why would they bother about the lives of those who soared up from the cultivation world? The numbers didn't matter because even if there are a lot of cultivators soaring up from the cultivation world, the other domains wouldn't do anything. My master once told me that some sects knew about the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's filthy acts but chose not to do anything so that they could use it as an excuse to attack them in the future."

    Excuse to attack them? Mo Wuji understood it instantaneously. The calm looking Immortal World was actually filled with stormy incidents. Yong Ying Immortal Domain was a fatty piece of meat that everyone fancied and the reason why they didn't do anything yet was that all the other domains were still garnering their strength. The moment they believed they were strong enough, all their fangs would be exposed one after the other as they start biting Yong Ying Immortal Domain apart.

    No matter what the Yong Ying Immortal Domain did, they would definitely fall sooner or later. In fact, the Yong Ying Prison was not a secret at all as everyone was already well aware of its existence.

    Mo Wuji sighed and shook his head because the whole generation was filled with cunning people everywhere. These people knew that the disciples of their sects were being slaughtered or captured but pretended to be clueless, all because they wanted an excuse.

    If Mo Wuji was the sect head, this would never happen. If the disciples of his sect were being held back and slaughtered by the Yong Ying Immortal Domain, he would fight his way to the Yong Ying Immortal Domain even if he, Mo Wuji, was the only member of the sect left.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. Wasn't he from the Tian Ji Sect? Is the Tian Ji Sect still around? If the Tian Ji Sect was a big sect of other domains, isn't he just an ant that was abandoned by the Tian Ji Sect?

    If this was the case, why would he continue establishing the Tian Ji Sect here? They would be considered fortunate if he didn't burn the whole existing Tian Ji Sect personally.

    "Have any of you heard of Tian Ji Sect?" Mo Wuji couldn't hold back anymore as he simply shot out this question.

    At the thought of the Tian Ji Pill Court which Mo Wuji mentioned earlier on, Zuo Yixian and co. were starting to understand the situation.

    This time, Murong Xiangyu was the one who answered promptly, "My master told me about this sect before. Thousands of years ago, Tian Ji Sect was one of the many intermediate grade sects of the Luo Ling Immortal Domain. Afterwards, nobody knew what happened to it as it disappeared and eventually perished."

    "Big Brother Mo, even though there were rumours about the Yong Ying Prison's incident, this is still a top secret. I knew a little about this only because my master was involved in it so..." Cang Heng said with slight hesitation.

    Mo Wuji patted Cang Heng's shoulder, "Brother Cang Heng, there is no need to worry about me spilling the beans to others. The fog has subsided yet again so everyone please follow me out of this place."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Zuo Yixian shouted to the rest of the cultivators, "We will follow Big Brother Mo out of this place now. Everyone, please remember to try your best to not walk off on your own."

    Even without Zuo Yixian's reminder, no one would be foolish enough to separate from the crowd.

    After leaving the hall, Mo Wuji walked in front of everyone else. A while after the group of them walked out of the hall, the fog started moving towards them again.

    Everyone drew out their immortal equipment as they observed for any slight movements of the surrounding.

    Mo Wuji tried to use his spiritual will to seep through the fog but realised that his spiritual will was repressed immediately. Previously when he was not within the fog, he could clearly see the range of which the fog covered. Now that he was within the fog itself, he couldn't use his spiritual will to see anything at all.

    Almost without further consideration, Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye and then extended his spiritual will from the spirit storage channel at the same time.

    What made Mo Wuji relieved was that the spiritual will of his spirit storage channel was much more effective than the spiritual will of his sea of consciousness as it could see far beyond the fog. As for his spiritual eye, nothing within the fog could even think about hiding from it.

    "My spiritual will is being repressed and I can't use it at all. It feels like I'm walking with my eyes shut," Zuo Yixian was the first to exclaim.

    "Mine too," Following Zuo Yixian was everyone else's panicky voice.

    Everyone started to feel terrified because even if most of them were Xuan Immortals, none of them could hide their fears as they were simply walking through the unknown blindly.

    Mo Wuji said in a deep voice, "Everyone stop worrying and follow me by listening to my footsteps. I am still in control of the situation temporarily and there is no danger yet."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's confident voice, the terrified experts started to calm themselves down. They were still on guard as they grabbed onto their magic treasures as they followed closely behind Mo Wuji.

    What made Mo Wuji astonished was that after traveling for over one hour with 20 people behind him, they didn't meet a single danger. Other than not being able to use one's spiritual will, this fog seemed normal.

    "Big Brother Mo, other than not being able to use our spiritual will, there seemed to be nothing dangerous," Zuo Yixian also realised that after walking for some time, they still had their full strength accounted for.

    Mo Wuji retracted his spirit storage channel's spiritual will, continued walking for over an hour and everyone was still safe.

    "Golden House!" Cang Heng shouted to everyone's surprise.

    Cang Heng wasn't the only one who saw the Golden House as all the other cultivators saw the Golden House in front of them too. They might not be able to see anything else in this fog but this Golden House was simply too eye-catching. It was almost like a sun which could emit golden radiance.

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks while everyone else had already walked closer to the Golden House.

    Other than emitting out golden radiance in all four directions, the Golden House had no entrance. Rather, the front of this Golden House had no wall and everything inside could be seen in one glance.

    "Oh my god, Grade 9 immortal equipment, Tier 9 immortal pills and what is that? The legendary Grade 12 Red Karmic Fire Lotus? And also the True Fill World..."

    Countless of treasures were displayed within the house and the poorest one was also a Grade 9 immortal equipment. Even Mo Wuji was extremely interested in one of the pill furnace he saw.

    Someone within the group exclaimed but several cultivators had forgotten that this was the Golden House, a place where people died easily. Some cultivators had already walked towards the Golden House unknowingly as greed filled their minds.

    It was true that if they managed to get their hands on just one item alone would result in vast changes to their life and they could finally become a true peerless expert.

    Truth be told, the Grade 12 Red Karmic Lotus was even better than the Book of Luo. Moreover, the Book of Luo with Murong Xiangyu only had seven pages while this Red Karmic Lotus was a complete treasure.

    "Everyone calm yourself down," Mo Wuji shouted at everyone immediately. Mo Wuji managed to resist the temptations as he had opened his meridians to cultivate, reversed the immortal mortal technique and even created a world that belonged to himself so his willpower was naturally much stronger than most cultivators.

    The several cultivators woke up from their daze and forced themselves to stop moving towards the Golden House.

    Even with his warning, three cultivators rushed into the Golden House madly as they grabbed the treasure they fancied the most. What shocked Mo Wuji was that one of them actually managed to grab a magic treasure and even managed to run out of the Golden House with the treasure. The other two didn't grab any magic treasure as they simply ran out of the Golden House for unknown reasons.

    Could the magic treasures within this Golden House be real? Was it not just an illusion?

    The three of them dashed out of the Golden House with a drastic change in expression and all their pupils started to dilate. The cultivator with the treasure quickly threw it away and started running for their lives like the other two cultivators. They didn't even respond to the shouting of Mo Wuji and the rest.

    Before Mo Wuji could use his spiritual will to scan the treasure that was thrown onto the ground, it flew straight back to its original position.

    "Gulp!" A cultivator swallowed some spittle and said with a dry throat, "Those treasure are real."

    "I didn't take... I didn't take..." At this moment, Mo Wuji's spiritual will heard the three of them screaming repeatedly as they continued running away.

    "This Golden House is definitely strange," Zuo Yixian said with a clear voice as even he couldn't control himself at the sight of those treasures earlier on. In other words, if Mo Wuji didn't call out for him, he could have entered the Golden House already.

    This Golden House had neither any restrictions nor illusion arrays so every cultivator would be tempted.

    "There is indeed something strange about this house because even I didn't manage to see what illusion array it was. Everyone waits for me outside and I will go in to take a look," Mo Wuji said in a serious tone.

    Mo Wuji didn't really want to risk his life but even he was tempted by the Grade 12 Red Karmic Lotus.

    Previously, he had only heard about this from fairy tales and even he didn't expect it to exist. He wasn't sure if this was real or not but Mo Wuji was certain that many items in the Golden House were real.

    Seeing Mo Wuji about to enter the Golden House, Murong Xiangyu opened her mouth wanting to stop Mo Wuji. However, she recalled how she almost threw her life away for seven pages of the Book of Luo so why couldn't Mo Wuji risk his life for the treasure in the Golden House?

    Mo Wuji walked to the periphery of the Golden House and was only a step away from entering the Golden House when he heard a voice, "If you are willing to listen to me, leave this ruins immediately... Given your strength now, you are not capable of taking away anything from here. Even if you are, it will chase and kill you for it... Oh yes, thanks for helping me the other time and I have to leave now too. We will meet again if we are fated..."

    Who are you? Mo Wuji used his spiritual will but didn't notice anything peculiar.

    Whoever it was, Mo Wuji kept thinking who would warn him because he didn't even know anyone here. To have such a powerful sacred art to whisper and warn him in his eyes, this person must not be anyone simple.

    Just as Mo Wuji was still hesitating, a few others dashed past Mo Wuji into the Golden House. Following the few of them, even more cultivators rushed into the Golden House. The first group of people came from other places while the next few were cultivators from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain who had followed Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath, sighed and retreated instead of entering.

    Mo Wuji indeed had the spirit storage channel, detoxification channel and even the vitality channel but if someone was controlling this Golden House, even if he could detoxify poison, he was still only in the Xuan Immortal Stage.

    "Big Brother Mo, aren't you going in?" Mo Wuji took a few steps back and Zuo Yixuan went forward to ask.

    Before Mo Wuji could reply, the numerous cultivators who rushed into the Golden House ran out as if they had lost their mind and then disappeared far away.

    Mo Wuji looked at the remaining cultivators and said without any shreds of hesitation, "We will leave now."

    Finishing his order, he turned and led the group away from the Golden House. The treasures in the Golden House might be good but only those who were capable could obtain it. Perhaps when he became stronger in the future, other experts might have taken everything in this Golden House but Mo Wuji would not regret the decision he made today.
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