Chapter 534: Wind Beckoning

    Chapter 534: Wind Beckoning

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    "Big Brother Mo, I couldn't even tell which direction we are heading to. Are you sure we can get out by walking in this direction?" Cang Heng was completely lost as all he could do was to follow behind Mo Wuji. He simply couldn't find any clue as to where they were in the middle of a ruins like this one.

    "I am confident we will be able to leave this place so just follow behind me," Mo Wuji replied with conviction.

    This fog might be an obstacle for the other cultivators but it was simply useless when faced with Mo Wuji's spiritual eye.

    Occasionally, screams of cultivators could be heard but these screams lasted only for a while.

    Four hours later, Mo Wuji finally stopped. Following Mo Wuji were 12 other people and when he came to a halt, all 12 of them stopped in their tracks too. Everyone looked anxiously at Mo Wuji fearing that he might say he got lost.

    Mo Wuji wasn't lost and not only was he not lost, he was aware that they simply needed to walk a few more steps and they would be out of this ruins. The reason why he was in a daze was because he thought of the statue which was on the ground previously. Not only did Mo Wuji helped it up, he found its arm and even rebuild a new defensive array for it.

    Presently, the platform in which the statue was standing on was still around but the statue disappeared.

    Mo Wuji didn't believe that someone took this statue away because not only was this an ordinary statue, he noticed that the defensive array which he installed was also perfectly intact with no traces of it being attacked. There were also no traces of the statue's residues around the platform of the statue.

    Mo Wuji walked towards the platform, bent over and touched the platform only to realise it was indeed built using ordinary stones.

    After standing on this platform for some time, Mo Wuji suddenly had a realisation.

    The reason why all of them were able to remain safe and sound throughout the journey was probably related to this statue. The voice that warned him earlier on could belong to the statue too.

    If a statue could talk to him and warn him of the dangers, the only possibility would be that this statue was not an actual statue but a human flesh which looked like a statue.

    The human body was broken into pieces on the floor and after bringing the body back to the platform, this platform should be the key for the body to recover its primordial spirit.

    No wonder the voice would mention about Mo Wuji helping him because if his guess was right, Mo Wuji really did help this statue.

    Previously, Mo Wuji chose to help this statue was purely because he felt that statue would have feelings too if not for their solidified heart. It seemed like one would indeed be on the receiving end of the help eventually when one chose to help others.

    "Big Brother Mo, are we lost?" Zuo Yixian asked as he was also in doubt as to why they stopped.

    Mo Wuji stood up slowly before saying, "Let's walk, we are going out now."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji only took a few steps and was finally out of this ruins. The remaining of them followed Mo Wuji hurriedly as they stepped out of this foggy ruins.

    At the instance everyone stepped out of the ruins, everyone seemed to heave a long sigh of relief simultaneously. In this foggy circumstance coupled with the occasional cries of dying cultivators made them believed that they might never step out of this place. They were certainly surprised to have made it out unharmed.

    Everyone started moving towards Mo Wuji to thank him but all Mo Wuji did was to wave his hand, "Everyone shall go our separate ways from here. This ruins is too strange and our cultivation level is still too low so I suggest none of you head back in there."

    Other than this ruins, there were many more good items in the Broken World so even without Mo Wuji's warning, no one would actually be willing to enter that ruins again.

    The 12 of them knew that Mo Wuji said this because he wished to leave on his own so they simply came forward to bid goodbye.

    Only after everyone left, Murong Xiangyu came forward and bowed towards Mo Wuji, "Wuji, the incident back then... Thank you for saving my life this time. I shall leave too so please take care... Please accept this storage ring as a form of my gratitude towards you..."

    Murong Xiangyu seemed to have predicted that Mo Wuji would not accept her item so she simply left this storage ring on a huge rock beside him before leaving.

    "Hold on, please take your item back. I have enough items of my own so there is no need for this," Mo Wuji called out for Murong Xiangyu.

    Murong Xiangyu stopped but didn't turn around to take the storage ring back. All she did was to turn her head and said to Mo Wuji, "That Ji Yue is not truthful to you and she is simply using you... You also mentioned that I might not be suitable for the Supreme Dao Sect. After pondering over it for a long while, I realised that you might be right."

    After completing her sentence, she left in a hurry and disappeared soon after.

    Mo Wuji shook his head helplessly because why would he need Murong Xiangyu to warn him that Ji Yue was using him? Mo Wuji picked up the storage ring and used his spiritual will to look into it immediately. In the storage ring, there were only two ordinary looking sesame coloured papers and nothing else.

    Mo Wuji stretched out his hand and the two pages of paper appeared in his hand. Even though it was only two ordinary looking papers, the moment it touched his hand, a vast amount of energy penetrated Mo Wuji's body, mind and soul.

    This is the Book of Luo?

    This was actually two pages of the Book of Luo which Mo Wuji would never have expected Murong Xiangyu to be this generous. This woman actually knew how to repay gratitude and this made Mo Wuji extremely startled.

    No wonder so many people wanted to fight for the Book of Luo. Even before he looked at these two pages of the Book of Luo, he could sense how valuable this was based solely on the vast energy and magnificent Dao insights he felt just by holding it.

    Mo Wuji finally understood why Murong Xiangyu would rather die than give up on this Book of Luo because he wouldn't have given it up if he obtained something like that too.

    The reason why the hundreds of cultivators didn't fight for the Book of Luo was probably because they didn't know the true value of the Book of Luo. Everyone had only heard of how the Book of Luo was a congenital spiritual treasure of the legends but had never encountered this Book of Luo firsthand.

    If the crowd saw the Book of Luo with their own eyes, he would definitely be unable to stop everyone from fighting over it even if he was twice as strong as he was now.

    Mo Wuji looked at the direction which Murong Xiangyu ran towards and sighed. Murong Xiangyu was simply playing with fire to even dare to give this two pages of the Book of Luo to him. If it was anyone else, they might chase after her after realising the true value of it.

    As Mo Wuji casually took one page of the Book of Luo, his eyes fell on it.

    "Five elements of the Back of Luo, points of the Heaven and Earth, through its change, extremely few..."

    Mo Wuji only looked at these few words and every single word felt like bells and drums sounding out in the deepest portion of his soul. Vast, boundless amount of Dao spirituality surged towards him causing his entire body to tremble in excitement. In a matter of seconds, Mo Wuji realised how crude and simple his Wind Escape Technique was.

    Mo Wuji kept the Book of Luo in his Undying World in an instant.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was trembling excitedly because he was in awe of how formidable this Book of Luo truly was. His personalised technique coupled with these two pages of the Book of Luo would definitely ensure a surge in his strength.

    Mo Wuji was certain that even Murong Xiangyu herself didn't understand how terrifying and important this Book of Luo was. Mo Wuji wondered if she would still give two pages of it to him if she truly knew how valuable this was.

    Mo Wuji didn't stay where he was as he chose a direction and left in a hurry. He didn't bother collecting immortal herbs because since he was unable to advance into a Pill Emperor anytime soon, finding a place to analyse his Book of Luo would be his priority now.


    Several days later, Mo Wuji found a sizable natural lake. One side of the lake was a cliff and it was uneven with low tier immortal herbs growing by the periphery of it.

    Mo Wuji picked all the immortal herbs in a jiffy before entering a gap in the cliff as he dug out an immortal cave to hide. After installing a concealment and defensive array on the outside of his immortal cave, he entered his Undying World.

    While Mo Wuji was inside his Undying World, he took out the two pages of the Book of Luo once more.

    The vast energy penetrated Mo Wuji's body and mind again and every single word of these two pages contained the endless energy of the Dao spirituality which made Mo Wuji indulged in it.

    As time passed by, Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique transformed once more.

    Previously, all he knew was that his Wind Escape Technique would transform once it reached Level 9 but he didn't know for sure what kind of changes it would be.

    As he took out these two pages, his Wind Escape Technique appeared like clear pathways as it started to fill up in front of it.

    After the Wind Escape Technique advanced past the 9 levels, it would reach the 5 Realms. The first realm would be Definite Wind and when it reached this realm, his entire body would turn into the wind and escaped while assimilating with the wind.

    At this moment, even though he still had his form, his energy would be completely identical to the wind and those who hadn't reach the realm who not noticed him.

    After the Definite Wind Realm would be the Formless Wind Realm. At this stage, even if there wasn't any wind around, as long as the space around him had elements of the wind he would be able to vanish within the elements of the wind and then disappear and escape silently. This was many folds stronger than agitating the wind by himself. The speed at which one managed to escape would depend on both the cultivation level and nature.

    The third realm would be Wind Teleportation. As long as there was wind in two positions, he would be able to teleport from one position to the other.

    This was different from spatial teleportation because this required the use of wind. As compared to spatial teleportation, there wouldn't be any changes in space and it would require minimal energy.

    The fourth realm would be the Guiding Wind. This was no longer a supporting technique as this turned the Wind Escape Technique into an offensive technique. One would be able to guide the wind to attack the opponent or used objects around to attack.

    The fifth realm would be the Wind Beckoning. Mo Wuji heard of this realm back when he was on earth where only gods could beckon for the wind and arouse the rain. Gods were indeed someone of the legends and even though they could be addressed as immortals, Mo Wuji was clear that he was not an immortal but only a mortal who cultivated.

    The moment he could call for wind, wasn't that a sacred art? Yes, it would definitely be a powerful sacred art.

    After deducing his Wind Escape Technique, Mo Wuji became well aware that his Wind Escape Technique couldn't be considered as a technique anymore as it was a true wind element sacred art.

    Mo Wuji would definitely find opportunities to learn techniques to arouse rain and eventually deduced a sacred art for arousing rain. This sacred art might not be very useful to him in the future but if he could call for wind and arouse rain, it would be a dream come true for a person who had watched fairy tales.
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