Chapter 535: Touching The Heart

    Chapter 535: Touching The Heart

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    Just a simple Wind Escape Technique, was able to evolve to great sacred art which could beckon for the winds; ostensibly, that's how impressive the Book of Luo was. Moreover, Mo Wuji also found that the Book of Luo was especially able to develop and evolve techniques and sacred arts of the five elements. Whether it was for skills of the five elements, or the unique elements (Lightning, Wind and Ice) which were closely tied to the five elements, possessing the Book of Luo was equivalent to adding wings to a tiger.

    Mo Wuji was sure that if Murong Xiangyu wanted to replace her cultivation technique, her five pages of the Book of Luo was definitely able to do that. Moreover, she wouldn't simply be able to change to an average cultivation technique, but a peak grade one.

    Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't forget about the favour of these two pages.

    Even Mo Wuji could not help but sigh in praise at the impressiveness of the Book of Luo; he only read the opening section and he had already understood a wind-type great sacred art. Even though he had yet to successfully cultivate it, that was merely a temporary problem. What if he read an entire page, how much benefits would he have? And what if he obtained the entire book, he would simply be able to go against the heavens. Previously, he even thought that the Book of Luo wasn't comparable to the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Now that he looked at it, he was really wrong.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji even heard that the Book of Luo was an attack-type treasure. The moment he refined it, he would have a formidable attack method.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't go and refine the Book of Luo. First, two pages were simply too little. To put it in other terms, these two pages were merely a fraction of the entire book. Secondly, he merely read the front section of the Book of Luo and he had already gained enlightenment on a wind-type sacred art, and close to a year passed because of that. If he refined this Xiantian treasure just like that, and gained all its insights, then decades or even centuries would pass.

    As he thought of it, it had already been over a year since he entered the Broken World. Now that a year had passed, everyone could already enter this third level of the Broken World. Finding immortal herbs probably wouldn't be as easy as it was before, so it was better if he left now. After all, he still had a store in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to leave his Undying World, he saw a violent vibration on his array-made display screen.

    This was a spatial vibration? To prevent any sort of unforeseen situations, Mo Wuji had installed a monitoring array outside his Undying World. The moment the monitoring array detected any sort of spatial ripples, his display screen within his Undying World would start to vibrate.

    Looking at the intense spatial ripples, Mo Wuji knew that this was due to a battle. Mo Wuji immediately threw away his idea of leaving now. He even retracted his spiritual will and stared at his display screen.

    The spatial ripple lasted for a short period of time; thereafter, three people appeared on his display three. Among the three, one man and one woman were surrounding and attacking a middle-aged cultivator. Mo Wuji only needed a single glance at their skills to know for sure that any one of these three people was stronger than him.

    This three fellas should be in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    The middle-aged man's power was roughly the same as the individual strengths of the man and the woman. But now that the two of them were working together against him, he was placed at a severe disadvantage.

    Just when Mo Wuji thought that this middle-aged man was going to be killed, the silver hook in the middle-aged man's hand struck against the woman, drawing her blood. The woman immediately retreated with a pale face. Mo Wuji finally had a clear look at that woman's face; she was an extremely pretty woman, compared to Murong Xiangyu, she was not much inferior.

    What left an indelible impression was that this woman had the appearance of an innocent and little girl. The moment one saw her, he could not help but feel some tenderness towards her.

    When the man saw that his companion had been injured, he hurriedly used his spear to conjure boundless spear shadows to trap that middle-aged man. Before the middle-aged man could struggle free from his spear shadows, a flying dagger shot through this middle-aged man's forehead.

    "Meimei, are you ok?" After the man killed the middle-aged cultivator, he hurriedly rushed to the woman's side and supported her up.

    The woman's face was slightly pale, she waved her hand and said, "Brother Tian, I'm fine, there's no need to worry. It's just that the person's hook was lined with poison; I have been poisoned..."

    "Ah, that fella is so cunning. Let me hurry and take a look whether he has an a.ntidote on him." The man immediately turned towards the middle-aged cultivator.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was also thinking: "No wonder". He had thought that this woman had only been struck once by the hook, her face shouldn't be so pale. So it turns out she was poisoned.

    However, at the very next instant, Mo Wuji was stupefied. Just as that 'Brother Tian' turned his body, that woman took out a long sword and swiftly stabbed it from the back of the man's head and through his Mind Palace.

    The man arduously turned his head and asked, "Meimei, why..."

    The woman didn't even bother to answer as she twisted the long sword. The man collapsed heavily onto the ground, and soon, his breath became air.

    Mo Wuji tightly clenched his fist; his entire body was shaking slightly. He saw Xia Ruoyin in this woman, and his past self in this man. Those years ago, this was also how he got killed by Xia Ruoyin.

    After some time, Mo Wuji finally calmed himself down. Unfortunately, his power was too weak. If he was stronger, he would definitely have gone out to kill this despicable woman.

    After the woman killed her companion, she took the rings from the two corpses, then burned them both to ash. Only then, did she swiftly leave the scene.

    What a despicable woman; after she killed her lover, she didn't even bother burying him. She even burned him with a flame.

    After this woman left, Mo Wuji also speedily left his Undying World and rushed away. He needed to get away as soon as possible; he did not feel any sense of security in this place.

    One month later, Mo Wuji arrived at the place where he first entered the Broken World. When he arrived, Mo Wuji discovered that this place had already become a simple city square; they were selling all immortal herbs and fruits of different tiers, and they were also selling an eclectic range of pills and talismans.

    The moment Mo Wuji appeared, more than ten cultivators rushed towards him; there were even deep expressions of greed in some of their eyes.

    They could only imagine how wealthy a person who came out of the third level of the Broken World alive would be; these survivors were basically walking immortal herb warehouses.

    "Dao friend, how may I address you? What sect are you from?" A long-faced man with a strong aura directly blocked Mo Wuji's way. In his words, he said 'dao friend' but his actions were nowhere as polite.

    In his perspective, Mo Wuji's spiritual aura was unapparent, he definitely wasn't a disciple of a big sect. To a disciple of a small sect, he only needed a few simple shouts to intimidate this disciple. By the time comes, all the immortal herbs from this disciple would go to him at a crazily discounted price.

    "F*ck off!" Mo Wuji was not polite as he shouted harshly.

    He was a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Elder; now that he had come to a place like this, he naturally had to display the appropriate bearing on an elder. As he integrated into the Immortal World, Mo Wuji knew the rules here; it was also world were the weak were bullied and the strong were feared. If someone was strong, you only needed to be stronger than him; if someone was vicious, you only needed to be more vicious than him. Those people who think that they would use values to persuade others, they can go f*ck themselves.

    Indeed, after he got shouted at by Mo Wuji, this man was instantly stunned still. A small sect disciple definitely wouldn't dare do such a thing; only those Star-grade geniuses of huge sects would dare to speak in such a manner.

    "Who are you? I am someone from the esteemed Immortal Fortune Trade Union." Even though this long-faced man was still trying to intimidate Mo Wuji, his tone had become noticeably warmer; it was no longer as domineering as before.

    Mo Wuji was too lazy to even reply him; he directly walked through the crowd. The surrounding people were stunned by Mo Wuji's imposing manner and were temporarily afraid to say a word.

    Just when the man from the Immortal Fortune Trade Union was suspecting that Mo Wuji was simply faking it, a young cultivator came forward and bowed to Mo Wuji, "May I ask if you're Elder Mo?"

    When Mo Wuji saw that this cultivator was wearing the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's uniform, he stopped and nodded, "Yes, that's me. You are?"

    When the young cultivator heard Mo Wuji's words, a smile instantly appeared on his face as he said, "I'm Liu Fan. I received Deacon Gong's instruction to fetch Elder Mo."

    Mo Wuji was actually clueless as to how he could leave the Broken World. He never expected that Gong Yi would be so dependable, he immediately said, "Not bad, lead the way then."

    When he saw the person from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance bow to Mo Wuji, that long faced cultivator from the Immortal Fortune Trade Union immediately started to sweat. A Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Elder was an existence that could easily crush him. Fortunately, he was careful and didn't do anything horrible.

    Liu Fan smiled as he brought Mo Wuji along.

    "Gong Yi is alright, right?' Mo Wuji casually asked.

    Liu Fan hurriedly replied, "A huge incident had occurred in the Broken World's third level. More than half of the geniuses that entered had perished within. It's rumored that an Immortal Emperor expert had entered the third level, and an explanation of the exact situation has yet to be investigated.

    When he heard that even an Immortal Emperor came, Mo Wuji secretly celebrated that he didn't go and get that Tier 12 Red Karmic Fire Lotus. There was no need to talk about how he might die trying to get it; even if he did get it, it might actually end up in the hands of the Immortal Emperor.

    There were many cultivators that were with him. The moment he got that Red Karmic Fire Fruit, the news would definitely be leaked. This was unless he killed all the people that were with him. However, he, Mo Wuji, would never do such a thing.

    "I've been here for two months. After Deacon Gong instructed me to fetch Elder Mo, he went into closed doors," Liu Fan explained as they walked.

    After an incense's time, Liu Fan brought Mo Wuji to the transfer hall. When Mo Wuji first arrived, there wasn't such a huge hall. But at this instant, they had actually erected a huge transfer hall here.

    "It's Brother Mo in front..." A crisp and familiar voice called out to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji stopped and turned to face the girl that called him; his heart was slightly doubtful. It was a daoist nun with exceptional facial features and a cultivation at the Great Circle of the Xuan Immortal Stage. He was doubtful because he recognised this daoist nun: she was Lin Gu, she should be a disciple of Six Paths Immortal Domain's Devil Moon Immortal School.

    Now that they were already leaving the Broken World, why was she looking for him? Her tone did not seem like she was trying to offend him. It could also be said that with his status, she wouldn't dare to offend him in a place like this.

    "Brother Mo, regarding the previous matter, it was Lin Gu's fault. I seek your forgiveness." Lin Gu came forward and bowed to Mo Wuji. As she bowed, the daoist gown at her chest loosened, and two startling, snow-white lumps appeared in Mo Wuji's eyes. [1]

    [1] The author had a story error here. He mixed up Lin Gu and Nai He and he only noticed it in the next chapter. He said that Lin Gu was the one that tried to take Shen Muqing's seat at the Transfer Tower.
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