Chapter 536: Soul Condensing Immortal Pond

    Chapter 536: Soul Condensing Immortal Pond

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    "I've already forgotten about that matter, it was really nothing much," Mo Wuji said calmly; he was sure that this woman in front of him definitely didn't come to find him because of this trivial matter.

    Indeed, after hearing Mo Wuji's words, Lin Gu seemed to be relieved as she stood straight up and said, "Even though it's hard for me to say this, I can only ask Brother Mo if you could help me once."

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything; he wasn't close with this daoist nun, so why did he need to help her? Even if it was for a reward, he wouldn't do it; after all, he was sure that the other party wouldn't be able to give him the things he needed. Average things really didn't catch his eye.

    Lin Gu did not get deterred by Mo Wuji's attitude as she continued, "My Devil Moon Immortal School's relationship with the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has always been ordinary, which is also why we aren't able to request the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to get this peak immortal doctors to help us..."

    "Wait," Mo Wuji interrupted Lin Gu's words, "you seem to know my identity, right? However, I am very sorry to tell you that the time I joined the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has been very short; I don't know any of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's immortal doctors. Moreover, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance primary focus is the Pill Dao, even though my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's status in the world is very high, we are still unable to request for the peak immortal doctor that you're asking for. According to what I know, these peak immortal doctors have nothing to do with my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance."

    Lin Gu bowed once more and said, "I know, it's just that my mother's illness has already attacked her vitals; I can only plead that Brother Mo can help out this once, to see my mother's illness. Regardless what request you ask of me, as long as I, Lin Gu, am able to do it, I will definitely work hard to do so."

    Mo Wuji's face had turned slightly unsightly as he said, "I am merely a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Elder. When it comes to concocting pills, I might not even be able to concoct the most basic of pills. And if you're talking about treating a person, then you should search for a professional doctor. It's not that I'm not willing to help you, but I don't have the capabilities to do so."

    Mo Wuji was also feeling rather speechless; he really didn't understand what this daoist nun really needed him to treat an illness. He had completely no contact with the Medical Dao, so how was he going to treat her mother?

    Moreover, Mo Wuji knew that the Medical Dao was broader than the Pill Dao; it wouldn't be completely wrong to say that the Pill Dao was a branch of the Medical Dao.

    Lin Gu said anxiously, "Brother Mo, you're an Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King. I know that even in the entire Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, there aren't many Honored Grade Pill Kings. It's exactly because of that, that I'm coming to you for help."

    Actually, there was one more reason, but Lin Gu didn't say it, for fear of angering Mo Wuji. She heard that Mo Wuji had emerged from the Broken Ruins, even after he encountered the Golden House. Not only that, Mo Wuji even brought more than ten other Yong Ying cultivators out from the Broken Ruins.

    Lin Gu was extremely clear that those that could enter the Broken Ruins and still come out unharmed were super, super rare; the worst among them were at least at the Seven Star level. Those peak geniuses had their own methods, which was why they could escape. However, not only did Mo Wujj escape, he even brought so many people out with him. This was definitely something that those Star grade geniuses were unable to do.

    Of course, the most important thing was that Mo Wuji was an Honored Grade Pill King; an Honored Grade Pill King was extraordinarily rare. She didn't believe that an Honored Grade Pill King didn't have his hidden methods.

    If she was asked to search for a peak immortal doctor, where could go to do that? She could only find some pill kings, and among the pills kings she knew, the most impressive one she had contact with was Mo Wuji.

    This woman really investigated on him; Mo Wuji remained calm as he said, "It's true that I'm a pill king, but who told you that pill kings are able to treat people? You're from an impressive sect; you would naturally know of expects more impressive than me. Until now, your mother's illness still isn't treated, you think that I can..."

    As Mo Wuji got to this point, he suddenly stopped. He recalled of a certain matter; this Lin Gu was from the Devil Moon Immortal School, and the Devil Moon Immortal School was from the Six Paths Immortal Domain. According to what Mo Wuji knew, the Six Paths Immortal Domain was the Devil Domain.

    He didn't really care about the actual fact that it was the Devil Domain. He only cared about what he heard from Dou Hualong previously, that the Devil Domain had a path to the Underworld.

    And the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond was in between the Devil Domain and the Underworld...

    "Whether or not you're able to save my mother, I want to do everything to the best of my ability. Even if it fails, I will not regret..." As she spoke, Lin Gu already kneeled down.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand and stopped Lin Gu from kneeling, "Let's talk after we get back to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins."

    "Yes." Hearing Mo Wuji relent, Lin Gu replied happily.


    Sharphorn Immortal Ruins truly deserved its reputation as the most convenient place to get to and fro the Broken World. In merely an hour, the three of them were already walking out of Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's Transfer Tower.

    Mo Wuji grabbed a jade vase of pills and passed it to Liu Fan, "This is for you. You've worked hard to fetch me. You can go your own way now. Next time, if you purchase anything from my pill house, my pills will always be at a 20% discount."

    "Many thanks, Elder Mo. Liu Fan will now take his leave." Liu Fan emotionally kept the pills and bowed.

    He didn't even check the pills that Mo Wuji gave him; but being able to get acquainted with a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Elder was definitely a good thing. Just based on this point, he definitely wouldn't suffer from any huge grievances in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    Waiting for Liu Fan to leave, Mo Wuji then turned to Lin Gu and said, "Follow me to my pill house and we'll talk in detail."

    Lin Gu was naturally elated; it was already an extreme success that she managed to convince Mo Wuji to be willing to talk to her.

    Mo Wuji's pill house was not in a remote area, nor was it far from the Transfer Tower. As they casually strolled back, they only needed an hour to reach his pill house.

    "Big Brother!" Just as Mo Wuji entered the store, Dou Hualong stood up in pleasant surprise. It had been close to 2 years since they last met; Dou Hualong's cultivation was much more stable than when Mo Wuji first met him.

    Mo Wuji patted Dou Hualong's shoulder, "The store isn't open yet, what are you doing here."

    Dou Hualong snickered, "Even though the store hasn't officially opened, I have been here advertising it. That way, when we open, everyone would know about us."

    Mo Wuji took out a storage ring and handed it to Dou Hualong, "This ring contains pills. Separate them according to tiers then prepare for our grand opening."

    "Yes, big brother." Dou Hualong excitedly accepted the ring. Every day, he had been cooping himself here in the store with nothing to do. He was worried that he might just wither here.

    "Oh right, the price of the pills and the opening of the store will be left to you. There's no need to ask me." With that, Mo Wuji gestured to Lin Gu, then walked to the second floor of the store.

    Waiting for Lin Gu to sit down, Mo Wuji said firmly, "Lin Gu, I have to be honest with you. Even though I am an Honored Grade Pill King, I don't know much about treating illnesses. You truly found the wrong person."

    Lin Gu hurriedly stood up, anxiety lined her voice as she said, "I also don't know who else I can find. You're the most impressive pill king I know, I..."

    Even Lin Gu didn't know what else she could say; Mo Wuji was a rare Honored Grade Pill King, and he was even able to escape from the fogged Broken Ruins, so he definitely wasn't a simple person. More importantly, it was just as she had said, the best pill king she could find was Mo Wuji. In the eyes of an average cultivator, a pill king could basically be treated as an immortal doctor.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and stopped Lin Gu, "Let me ask you a few questions, do you know about the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond?"

    Lin Gu was slightly startled; even though she didn't understand why Mo Wuji would ask her about the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, she still nodded, "I do."

    "Can we talk about that?" Mo Wuji was instantly spirited; his voice even contained a new sliver of emotion.

    Feeling the change in Mo Wuji's attitude, Lin Gu's emotions also became slightly uplifted as she hurriedly explained, "The Soul Condensing Immortal Pond is within the void between the Six Paths Immortal Domain and the Underworld. The Soul Condensing Immortal Pill can condense one's soul and primordial spirit, allowing a cultivator that still possesses his fleshly body to come back to life."

    "Is this true or false?" Mo Wuji was almost standing up.

    Lin Gu nodded, "It's true. The Six Paths Immortal Domain Heavenly Emperor's daughter, Gai Feiyan, died due to heavy injuries. Because the Heavenly Emperor Palace's people managed to arrive in time, they were able to preserve Gai Feiyan's fleshly body. Thereafter, the Devil Domain's Heavenly Emperor used a Tier 9 Underworld Heart Flower, and at the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, he called back for Gai Feiyan's soul which had to be fully dispersed. This brought her back to life..."

    "Wait, you're saying that that the Underworld Heart Flower calls back the soul which has yet to be dispersed, and not simply bring her back to life?" Mo Wuji immediately caught the main point.

    Even though he wanted to save Cen Shuyin, he had some apprehensions in his heart. He was worried that after Cen Shuyin came back to life, she wouldn't be the same Cen Shuyin. However, if he could call back Cen Shuyin's original soul that was in the Underworld, then that wouldn't happen.

    "Of course," Lin Gu said resolutely, "if the cultivator simply came back to life, then how would we know that he wasn't possessed by some other primordial spirit?"

    "Are there any conditions?" Mo Wuji's tone became urgent.

    Lin Gu nodded, "Yes, typically, the time since the death cannot be too long. The moment it exceeds 49 years, then it would be extremely hard even if you have the Underworld Heart Fruit. After 100 years, it would basically be impossible to call the soul back. Unless you have some great sacred art which allows you to enter the Underworld.

    The Underworld is incomparably vast and it is even separated into different levels. Regardless whether a person was a mortal or cultivator, if his soul wasn't destroyed when he died, his soul would end up in the Underworld. In the Underworld, the souls would search for the chance to reincarnate. Also, the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond isn't a place that we can easily enter..."

    Mo Wuji suddenly bowed to Lin Gu, "Lin Gu, I have a friend that died in the cultivation world. Her fleshly body is complete and preserved. I hope to be able to enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond and call her soul which is in the Underworld, and I need Lin Gu's help for that. As long as you're willing to help, whether or not I am able to treat your mother, I will definitely try my best."

    When Lin Gu heard Mo Wuji's words, she finally understood why he would ask her about the Soul Condensing Immortal Pong. However, this matter was hard, even for her. Not anyone could simply enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond.

    As she thought of how she was also asking Mo Wuji for help, Lin Gu gritted her teeth and said, "I can help you get into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. But even if you enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, it would be useless if you don't have the Underworld Heart Flower or other similar immortal herbs. Without such herbs, you are completely unable to let the soul which is in the Underworld to feel its fleshly body. And the more Underworld Heart Flowers you use, the higher your chance of recalling the wandering soul. However, every strain of the Underworld Heart Flower is a priceless treasure, much less many strains."
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