Chapter 537: Tian Ji Sects Survivor

    Chapter 537: Tian Ji Sect's Survivor

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    Mo Wuji went silent. He realised that his previous excitement was nothing but air. How was he going to find the Tier 9 Underworld Heart Flower?

    Without the Underworld Heart Flower, what was he going to do even if he got to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond?

    Seeing Mo Wuji's silence, Lin Gu could not help but say, "Actually, the Underworld Heart Flower is not impossible to find."

    The moment Mo Wuji heard Lin Gu's words, he immediately took a step forward and grabbed Lin Gu's shoulders, "Lin Gu, where can I find the Underworld Heart Flower?"

    A soft sensation immediately entered his hands. Mo Wuji immediately knew that his actions were inappropriate and he hurriedly removed his hands, then said apologetically, "Sorry, I was too emotional..."

    Lin Gu's blush which extended even to her ears gradually receded as she said, "No worries, I can understand your emotions, because I share the same feelings as you."

    Mo Wuji promptly said, "Lin Gu, rest assured, regardless of whether we find the Underworld Heart Flower of not, I will definitely make a trip with you to Devil Moon Immortal School. I'm unsure whether I would be able to treat your mother, but I will definitely try my best."

    "Many thanks, Brother Mo." Lin Gu bowed and continued, "Actually I know of two places that could have the Underworld Heart Flower, the first place is your Pill Dao Immortal Alliance..."

    "The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has the Underworld Heart Flower?" Mo Wuji uttered in exclamation.

    Lin Gu nodded, "Yes, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance does indeed have the Underworld Heart Flower, however, it would be at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Headquarters. Even though Brother Mo might be an elder at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Sharphorn Branch, it would be a little difficult to get the Underworld Heart Flower from the Headquarters."

    Lin Gu was speaking the truth; she knew the value of the Underworld Heart Flower. This sort of peak grade treasure was simply out of the reach of an average branch elder.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Tell me about the second place."

    Mo Wuji wasn't as pessimistic as Lin Gu about getting the Underworld Heart Flower from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Headquarters. After all, besides being a branch elder at the Sharphorn Branch, he was also an honorary elder of the Headquarters. This status should hold some weight right? At the most, he would exchange for it. He might not have many valuable things but his two pages of the Book of Luo would definitely be worth countless of Underworld Heart Flowers.

    "The second place is Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Yunxian Immortal Valley, Yunxian Immortal Valley contains all sorts of peak grade immortal herbs. Some Underworld Heart Flowers were discovered there before. Moreover, the Yunxian Immortal Valley will be opening very soon. If Brother Mo is interested, there's a sliver of a chance that you would be able to obtain the Underworld Heart Flower..."

    Lin Gu said that Mo Wuji had a sliver of a chance to obtain the Underworld Heart Flower, but in her heart, she knew exactly how thin that sliver was.

    There was no need to talk about whether the Yunxian Immortal Valley had such an immortal herb, because Mo Wuji's status as a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch Elder was truly lacking when it came to a treasure like the Underworld Heart Flower. Moreover, Mo Wuji's cultivation was also very lacking.

    If an Underworld Heart Flower really appeared, even Immortal Emperors would rush to purchase it, so how would Mo Wuji get a chance? She only said these words to comfort Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had experienced far more than Lin Gu; he only needed a single glance at her expression to know that Lin Gu had some words which she found helpless to say. As for why she would feel that way, Mo Wuji could roughly guess it. Even if someone found a treasure like the Underworld Heart Flower, he wouldn't even get the chance to purchase it.

    "How do you enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley?" As Mo Wuji thought of this, he knew that his only chance to obtain the Underworld Heart Flower was to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley himself. He also knew the chances of him being able to purchase it was extremely low.

    Lin Gu hesitated for a while before she continued, "That's very difficult. Yong Ying Immortal Domain would soon be organising an alchemy competition; only the top 50 experts would have the chance to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley. Even though I am sure that Brother Mo would definitely be able to enter the top 50 in the competition, I also know that there are limitations to the competition. Pill refiners that aren't from Yong Ying aren't able to take part in the competition..."

    "I'm actually a pill refiner from Yong Ying Immortal Domain, and I even..." Mo Wuji beamed.

    He originally wanted to talk about how he even knew many cultivators from Yong Ying Immortal Domain, such as Cang Heng, Zuo Yixian, etc. However, as he thought about how Zuo Yixian and co. might not have left the Broken World, he subconsciously stopped in his sentence. He asked, "Tell me, how long would till the opening of Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Yunxian Immortal Valley?"

    Lin Gu hesitated, but she still said, "There's still supposed to be three years, but because Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun ordered for the opening to be brought forward, the immortal valley will be opened in a year."

    Mo Wuji looked at Lin Gu's hesitation and he said apologetically, "Lin Gu you've helped me, but I will need to push back the time that I go to the Devil Moon Immortal School. I'm truly sorry. If I don't take part in this alchemy competition and enter Yunxian Immortal Valley, I would never be happy ever again."

    Lin Gu forced a smile, "I know, I can understand Brother Mo's feelings. My mother has been ill for close to a hundred years, even the go a little later, it wouldn't really be a problem."

    Mo Wuji knew that Lin Gu was still feeling anxious so he changed the topic, "Why did that Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor want to bring forward the opening of the Yunxian Immortal Valley?"

    Lin Gu subconsciously lowered her voice and whispered, "According to the rumors, Kui Fengyun has been heavily injured, which is why he needs the Yunxian Immortal Valley to be opened early to search for some healing treasures. However, I know that those rumors are false. He should have felt the Immortal Emperor Dao, and is preparing to realise his Immortal Emperor Dao. Realising the Immortal Emperor Dao requires some of the most peak grade Tier 9 immortal herbs. This is why he would want the Yunxian Immortal Valley to be opened earlier."

    As Mo Wuji heard this, his heart started pounding and he asked hurriedly, "I previously heard that Yong Ying's Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun was heavily injured in a battle for a purple gourd. He ordered for the early opening of the Yunxian Immortal Valley, it should really be because he needed some peak grade healing herbs, right?"

    Lin Gu sneered, "Injured? Others may not know Kui Fengyun, but I know him.all too clearly. On the surface, Kui Fengyun acts extremely straightforward and magnanimous, and he treats people warmly. However, this person is devious and cunning; his shrewdness is as deep as an ocean, and his heart is as venomous as a scorpion. He did indeed have a huge battle with Gu, but in reality, it was Gu that had to flee with heavy injuries while Kui Fengyun was unharmed."

    "How do you know things so clearly?" Mo Wuji looked at Lin Gu suspiciously.

    Lin Gu inhaled a deep breath and said solemnly, "Because Gu is my master. When my master returned, he was heavily injured. Even now, he's still recovering behind closed doors. That purple gourd should be the Breath of Hongmeng. My master told me that Kui Fengyun obtained the Breath of Hongmeng and would soon become seek the Great Immortal Emperor Dao. This time, he is opening Yunxian Immortal Valley because he wanted to pave the way to realise the dao. Those that think that he had been injured were tricked by him."

    Mo Wuji was increasingly confused, that purple gourd which contained the Breath of Hongmeng was clearly in his Undying World. How did it end up with the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor? Where did this second gourd come from? Were there even two gourds? He was sure that the gourd that he had was the Breath of Hongmeng; it definitely wasn't a fake. Then the gourd that Kui Fengyun had should also be a Breath of Hongmeng. Otherwise, Kui Fengyun wouldn't be able to feel the Great Immortal Emperor Dao.

    The more Mo Wuji thought about it, the less he understood. After a short hesitation, he still asked, "Lin Gu, do you know where Kui Fengyun got the purple gourd?"

    Lin Gu answered, "I heard that when the Breath of Hongmeng first came into this world, it was obtained by a Heavenly Immortal from the Corner of Yong Ying. This Heavenly Immortal was very careful, others would escape from the surface of the Lifeless River, but instead, he hid in the Lifeless Riverbed. Only after the entire matter passed, did he emerge and enter the Immortal Domain through the Immortal Seeking Staircase."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "That fella is clearly courting his death, the moment he entered the Immortal World, his Breath of Hongmeng definitely couldn't be hidden."

    Lin Gu said, "No, that's not true. In reality, he had a treasure which was actually able to hide the aura of the Breath of Hongmeng. However, after obtaining this huge treasure, it truly pained his heart to not take a look at it. Eventually, this cultivator found an extremely remote place, then installed layer after layer of concealment arrays before he finally opened the gourd. And it is as you have guessed, the moment he opened the gourd, the energy from the Breath of Hongmeng instantly got noticed by an expert. My master happened to be in the area, so he took part in the battle."

    Mo Wuji was secretly celebrating in his heart. Before he could invite Lin Gu to head towards Yong Ying Immortal Domain, he heard a loud noise at the first floor.

    Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will downwards and he was instantly enraged; three cultivators had actually caused a ruckus in his pill house. Because he didn't install any seals yet, the row of pills which Dou Hualong just placed in the cabinets were scattered on the floor.

    With a single step, he landed on the first floor. His voice was icy cold as he said, "You really have the guts, to actually fight in my store."

    There were three people fighting; two men and a blonde girl.

    Among the two men, one had a knife scar on his face, while the other was slightly fat. Looking at the two's cultivation, they should be in the late Golden Immortal Stage. That blonde haired girl had a petite figure, and her looks were average. Her cultivation was only in the early Golden Immortal Stage. From the looks of it, it should be the two guys that attacked the blonde girl.

    However, it was the blonde girl that crashed into the pill cabinets. At this instant, when she heard Mo Wuji's shout, her face turned deadly pale. Moreover, her mouth was already stained with blood, so she wasn't able to speak momentarily.

    When that knife-scarred cultivation heard Mo Wuji's harsh tone, he immediately bowed and said, "Senior, please forgive us, we didn't do this intentionally. Just now, we were chasing this leftover evil from Tian Ji Sect. We never expected that she would borrow the power of our strike to enter this store and crash against senior's pill cabinets."

    Regardless of who Mo Wuji was, anyone that could open a pill house here wasn't simple. He would first apologize.

    Tian Ji Sect? Mo Wuji's gaze landed on that blonde girl and his voice was noticeably warmer, "You're from Tian Ji Sect?"

    The blonde girl immediately regained her countenance, and she stammered, "Yes, senior..."

    Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding; this blonde girl should have been chased and had nowhere left to go. When she saw the name 'Tian Ji Pill Court', she decided to grab that bit of hope and borrowed the power of the cultivators chasing her to charge into his pill house.

    "Senior, Tian Ji Sect has committed an evil crime, and it has already been eradicated. We are only chasing after the remaining survivors..."

    "Bull**." Mo Wuji didn't even wait for the knife-scarred man to finish. He continued to shout harshly, "This old man's pill house is also Tian Ji Pill Court, are you going to destroy it too?"

    The slightly fat cultivator stepped forward and grinned as he clasped his fists, "Senior, we're disciples from the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao. We have obtained permission from the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Castellan to catch Tian Ji Sect's survivors..."

    "Pa!" Mo Wuji did not even wait for this cultivator to finish speaking as he directly sent a slap outwards. That slap contained his immortal elemental energy and it immediately sent that cultivator flying; a pile of teeth shot out of this cultivator's mouth.
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