Chapter 539: Mo Wujis Disappointment

    Chapter 539: Mo Wuji's Disappointment

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    At this instant, that blonde girl finally understood that her choice was right; this Elder Mo was indeed biased towards Tian Ji Sect. She hurriedly said, "Senior Mo, Senior Brother Bian Huiyu and Senior Sister Su Rou'Er has been locked up in Empty Mirror Immortal Dao's merchant house."

    Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold as he turned to Fu Zhensong and said, "I give you half an incense's time. Bring the other two people here, perfectly unharmed."

    "Yes..." If Mo Wuji said these words when he just arrived, Fu Zhensong would have taken it as a joke. However, Fu Zhensong no longer had such thoughts. In his eyes, Mo Wuji's words were more tangible than gold.

    He immediately took out his communication bead and sent a message, then he stood by the side and smiled. He could not help but be afraid; even if Mo Wuji wasn't a honorary elder of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, his identity as a Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King was enough for him to casually join any supreme sect. For a Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King, it wasn't impossible got a supreme sect to destroy his Empty Mirror Immortal Dao.

    "Elder Mo, I really came to the right person this time." At this point, Du Ju finally came forward and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji with a face full of smiles.

    "Brother Du, I had some minor matter just now which was why there was a delay. I wonder if Brother Du has anything you need of me?" Mo Wuji's expression became warmer as he asked that question.

    Du Ju looked a little awkward as he said, "I have a friend that's stuck at the Great Circle of the Xuan Immortal Stage; he's just lacking a Grand Yi True Pill and I was just intending to ask Brother Mo to help me concoct a batch of Grand Yi True Pills."

    With that, Du Ju took out a storage ring and passed it to Mo Wuji, "This contains the immortal herbs for the pill."

    Mo Wuji accepted the ring and discovered that besides the immortal herbs for a batch of Grand Yi True Pills, there were also 200,000 high grade immortal crystals and ten pieces of smithing materials of considerable grade. Clearly, the additional items were his remunerations.

    Mo Wuji accepted the ring and chuckled, "Brother Du really came at the right time, I happen to have some Grand Yi True Pills here."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji brought out a jade vase and handed it to Du Ju.

    Du Ju scanned it with his spiritual will and a hint of pleasant surprise immediately emerged on his face, "This is too much, I only need half."

    Mo Wuji's jade vase actually contained six Grand Yi True Pills which was indeed too much. Usually, it was already not bad for a pill refiner to give the customers 40% of the batch. A full batch of Grand Yi True Pills contained 12 pills and Mo Wuji gave him six which was equivalent to half of the full batch.

    But this wasn't what startled Du Ju the most; what startled Du Ju the most was that all these six pills were unique grade. The value of these six unique grade Grand Yi True Pills vastly exceeded a full batch of high grade Grand Yi True Pills.

    Usually, it was already considered a huge fortune to be able to get a pill king to concoct a batch of Grand Yi True Pills, much less unique grade ones. In the market, most of the Grand Yi True Pills were intermediate grade or low grade. Occasionally, some high grade pills might be sold. As for unique grade Grand Yi True Pills, they could only be purchased in auctions.

    His little bit of remunerations were completely not worth mentioning in front of these six unique grade Grand Yi True Pills.

    Mo Wuji patted Du Ju's shoulder and said, "I will be leaving for a trip soon. I will need to trouble you to help take care of my store."

    Du Ju knew that Mo Wuji was merely saying words of courtesies; Mo Wuji was an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch here in Sharphorn, why would his store need help taking care of? He still said emotionally, "Brother Mo, rest assured. I will definitely come here frequently to take a look."

    With that, his gaze turned to Fu Zhensong. In his perspective, the 'taking care' that Mo Wuji mentioned was to prevent blind idiots like Fu Zhensong from causing a ruckus.

    By the side, Fu Zhensong saw this scene with shock in his heart. A pill king was truly impressive; even an Immortal King couldn't casually take out a vase of Grand Yi True Pills.

    The two continued to chatter for a bit until a middle-aged man hurriedly brought a man and a woman in.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about the middle-aged man; he knew that this fella must be from Empty Mirror Immortal Dao. His gaze landed on the man and the woman.

    The man looked young, his aura was disturbed; clearly, he had yet to fully recover from a heavy injury. The woman had pretty features and looked much more mature than Yi Lan. Her injuries were clearly not light as well, but her expression was very calm. She wasn't uneasy or uncertain.

    "Sister Rou, Senior Brother Huiyu..." Seeing the two, Yi Lan forgot her fears and anxiously charged over to support the two of them.

    "Yi Lan, what's going on?" The woman asked calmly. She saw that the knife scarred and the slightly cultivators were standing outside with injuries and Yi Lan looked a little excited so she immediately asked this question.

    Yi Lan hurriedly said, "Elder Mo was the one that helped me..."

    She didn't continue any further. At this instant, Fu Zhensong was standing respectfully in front of Mo Wuji with an anxious expression on his face.

    "Elder Mo, we've brought them over." Fu Zhensong's voice was filled with uncertainty.

    Mo Wuji's expression was slightly ugly but he didn't say anything. It wasn't because he didn't want to say anything but because he was too helpless; his cultivation was too low to discipline these fellas from Empty Mirror Immortal Dao.

    Tian Ji Sect was truly tragic; back in the cultivation world, it was also destroyed and the survivors found him to become Tian Ji Sect's sect head. Supposedly, after ascending to the Immortal World, he should be supported by the Tian Ji Sect here. Unfortunately, he still needed to act as a nanny here.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's silence, Fu Zhensong hurriedly took out three storage ring and passed them to Yi Lan and co., "These are your storage rings, the extras are my compensation."

    Bian Huiyu and Su Rou'Er did not hesitate to take the rings. Even though there were many additional things in their rings, these rings were originally their's. Yi Lan's ring, however, wasn't taken but when she saw her seniors accept the ring, she took the ring as well.

    Seeing the three accept the ring, Fu Zhensong heaved a sigh of relief and turned back to Mo Wuji.

    "Get lost then," Mo Wuji said solemnly.

    Even though he had a lot of grievances in his heart, Fu Zhensong could only clasp his fists and hurriedly brought his subordinates away. He anxiously wanted to inform his sect head of this matter; if Tian Ji Sect had a backer like Mo Wuji, then it wasn't something that could easily be trifled with by their Empty Mirror Immortal Dao.

    Moreover, the one that asked for the destruction of Tian Ji Sect wasn't the Great Sword Path itself; it was merely an elder of Great Sword Path. Even though this entire matter hadn't been settled, it was best if their Empty Mirror Immortal Dao leaves before their grievances with Tian Ji Sect got too deep.

    "I will also take my leave. In the future, if Brother Mo needs my, Du Ju's, help, feel free to instruct me." Du Ju also took the opportunity to leave; his rewards today were not small. Not only did he get to know of Mo Wuji's true identity, he also obtained six unique grade Grand Yi True Pills.

    After Mo Wuji sent Du Ju away and retrieved his two jade tokens from Dou Hualong, he said to Lin Gu, "Wait for me downstairs. I will come back down soon, then we will leave Sharphorn Immortal Ruins."

    After that, he turned to Yi Lan and co., "The three of you follow me up."

    The three of their lives were saved by Mo Wuji. Moreover, Mo Wuji's pill house was called Tian Ji Pill Court. Even if Mo Wuji didn't call for them, they wanted to know of the situation.


    "Tian Ji Sect's Bian Huiyu, Su Rou'Er and Yi Lan thank Senior Mo for your saving grace," The moment they got to the second floor, Su Rou'Er led the three of them to bow and thank Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji waved his hands, "All this isn't important. Who can tell me when was Tian Ji Sect destroyed? And who exactly destroyed it?"

    Su Rou'Er explained, "The sect head's disciple, Yu Ao, offended a genius of the Great Sword Path and even killed a disciple of Great Sword Path's Elder Sa Jian. As a result, in his anger, Sa Jian brought his men to Tian Ji Sect and razed the entire Tian Ji Sect to the ground."

    "When did this matter happen? And what was the exact reason that the Great Sword Path was offended?" Mo Wuji still had some doubts.

    Su Rou'Er answered, "The matter had already happened over 600 years ago. Yu Ao liked a female cultivator from Great Sword Path but that female disciple didn't like him. So he raped that girl then killed her. Because of this, the Great Sword Path's Grand Elder was angered and the Grand Elder brought his men over to destroy Tian Ji Sect."

    Mo Wuji's face turned ugly; if this was the reason, there was no need to talk about how the other party was a elder of a huge sect, even he would have killed his way to Tian Ji Sect.

    "Then what about that Yu Ao? Did the Tian Ji Sect Head hand Yu Ao over but that Great Sword Path's elder ignore that?" Mo Wuji's tone had noticeably turned cold.

    Su Rou'Er could naturally feel Mo Wuji's change in attitude; she sighed in her heart as she answered, "Because Yu Ao is our Tian Ji Sect's number one disciple, the sect head's disciple and had a Grand Yi Immortal cultivation before he was even 100 years old, so it was possible for him to realize the dao and become an Immortal Emperor. So the sect head and several elders were not willing to hand Yu Ao over. Moreover, the Great Sword Path's elder was determined to destroy Tian Ji Sect, it was unknown whether handing Yu Ao over would stop that elder.

    My master tried to reason with them, she said that even if it wouldn't change the outcome, Yu Ao must be handed over. It wasn't simply because she wanted to preserve her life, but because my master thought that a person like Yu Ao should be killed, even if he was a genius."

    Mo Wuji's faced eased up, "Then what happened?"

    Su Rou'Er's voice went downcast, "Then, my master was killed by the sect head and several elders. They said that she was betraying her honor just to save herself; she did not deserve to be a member of Tian Ji Sect. The few of us decided to escape from Tian Ji Sect. Even though we no longer wish to be a part of Tian Ji Sect, the Great Sword Path bad already considered us to be one of Tian Ji Sect's evils, it's already been hundreds of years but they're still chasing after us. Junior Sister Yi Lan was only accepted as a disciple by my substitute master a few decades ago; she isn't even from Tian Ji Sect."

    "Then have the other people from Tian Ji Sect been killed?" Mo Wuji suddenly felt disappointed. The reason why he liked Tian Ji Sect, besides the previous Tian Ji Sect Head from the List Continent, it was also due to the motto of the sect.

    If Tian Ji Sect only had that motto, and ignored the heinous crimes of its disciples because of talent, then this sect truly deserved to be destroyed.

    "I heard that they weren't. A few elders and Yu Ao managed to escape. However, we have already left Tian Ji Sect by then, so whether they managed to successfully escape isn't our concern," Su Rou'Er said resolutely.

    Mo Wuji nodded and he didn't ask any further, he only said, "If you don't have any where else to go, then stay in my store. I will be leaving for a few years before I return. Of course, if you don't want to stay, I'm fine with that.'

    If this was before, Mo Wuji would definitely have asked for these people to stay here to wait for him to come back and rebuild Tian Ji Sect. Now that he discovered this, even if he was to rebuild a sect, he wouldn't necessarily rebuild Tian Ji Sect.
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