Chapter 540: The Origin Of The Tian Ji Pole

    Chapter 540: The Origin Of The Tian Ji Pole

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    "May I ask why senior helped us, and is there a reason why senior named your pill house, Tian Ji Pill Court?" Seeing that Mo Wuji was about to leave, Su Rou'Er braved herself and asked.

    Mo Wuji turned back and said, "Because I was the sect head of Tian Ji Sect, however, my Tian Ji Sect is in the cultivation world. Ever since I entered the Immortal World, I never heard anything of Tian Ji Sect and I always thought that there wasn't a Tian Ji Sect here. Because of that, I was actually prepared to establish a sect under the name of Tian Ji Sect.

    But after I heard of the character of your Tian Ji Sect Head, I no longer have such intentions. Even if I want to establish a sect, it will be under a different name. As for this pill house, I may even rename it."

    As they heard Mo Wuji's words, Su Rou'Er and co. went into a daze. Immediately, Su Rou'Er kneeled down and said, "Su Rou'Er pleads senior to rebuild Tian Ji Sect."

    When Bian Huiyu and Yi Lan saw Su Rou'Er kneeling, they quickly followed suit.

    Mo Wuji looked at Su Rou'Er suspiciously and asked, "Su Rou'Er, when I saved you just now, you didn't kneel. Why is it that you've already detached yourself from Tian Ji Sect but you're still kneeling to ask me to rebuild Tian Ji Sect?"

    Su Rou'Er sobbed, "Because Tian Ji Sect didn't use to be like that. In the entire Immortal World, there is only one sect that wasn't established by people, but formed naturally. That is our Tian Ji Sect."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Su Rou'Er slightly adjusted her emotions before saying, "According to legends, when our Tian Ji Sect's first sect head, Yuan Yi, discovered Tian Ji Sect, he found a naturally formed sect stone tablet. Sect Head Yuan Yi discovered that the stone tablet was actually a Xiantian treasure. There were only two words on the stone tablet: Tian Ji.

    Eventually, Sect Head Yuan Yi tried to forcefully refine the Xiantian stone tablet, but it was to no avail. In his anger, he punched the stone tablet. He never expected that this stone tablet, which he couldn't refine, would actually get shattered by his punch. After the stone tablet broke apart, it actually formed five different items."

    "What five items? Oh right, sit down first. And the two of you, also sit down properly." After Mo Wuji asked that question, he gestured for the three of them to stop kneeling.

    Su Rou'Er sat down and continued, "There was a longsword called Tian Ji Sword, a pole made from some unknown material called Tian Ji Pole and two tokens, one black and one white. Additionally, the section of the stone tablet which inscribed the two words 'Tian Ji' still remained. Sect Head Yuan Yi discovered that there was a map in the black and white token, but that map was too blurry and completely indiscernible."

    Mo Wuji suddenly thought of his Tian Ji Sect Head Token, didn't that white token contain a map? Could the map that he couldn't understand be the same one that Yuan Yi obtained, and it somehow entered the cultivation world? Otherwise, how would the Tian Ji Pole also have ended up with him?

    "Sect Head Yuan Yi faintly felt that the item from the map wasn't simple. He spent thousands of years studying the map before he finally came to a conclusion. That was to obtain rewards, he would need to work for it. For him to clearly understand the map on the tokens, he would need to establish Tian Ji Sect. However, after he established Tian Ji Sect, the map remained blurry. Sect Head Yuan Yi did not believe that his conclusion was wrong so he passed his position as the sect head to his disciple, while he prepared a separate body to enter the cultivation world and establish a branch of Tian Ji Sect there..."

    As she said this, Su Rou'Er looked at Mo Wuji and said, "Senior is from the cultivation world's Tian Ji Sect. That should be the sect successfully established by Sect Head Yuan Yi's separate body."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly asked, "Since that's the case, did that Sect Head Yuan Yi eventually find the place where the map led to?"

    Su Rou'Er shook her head, "During that time, he brought the white token, Tian Ji Sword and Tian Ji Pole. On the other hand, he left the black token behind as the sect head token here and it had always been passed down till now. After 10,000 years since Sect Yuan Yi left, he sent a message. Sect Head Yuan Yi said that he would die soon, and pointed out that the Tian Ji Sword and the Tian Ji Pole were the keys to opening the map.

    Ever since then, we no longer received any news of Sect Head Yuan Yi, nor any information of the Tian Ji Pole and Tian Ji Sword."

    Mo Wuji knew that the Tian Ji Pole and the white token were with him, while the Tian Ji Sword was with Lei Hongji.

    "You just said that Tian Ji Sect didn't use to be like this. Then tell me about the current sect head." Mo Wuji was now interested in the blurred map; he also felt that the map wasn't simple. Ever since he came to the Immortal World to cultivate, he became cognizant of the importance of fate and opportunities.

    Su Rou'Er caught her breath and continued, "The current Tian Ji Sect Head is called Yuan Gu, my master was killed by him. This person didn't even deserve to be the Tian Ji Sect Head, he only got this position by plotting against the previous sect head, Sect Head Yan Gechen."

    "Explain in detail." Mo Wuji's face turned serious. He was the Tian Ji Sect Head of the cultivation world. If the Tian Ji Sect Head of the Immortal World had been plotted against and had his position wrested away by someone, then Mo Wuji would no longer be courteous.

    "Sect Head Yan Gechen had a forthright personality and an approachable character. However, he had many dao companions, one of his dao companions was called Yuan Feilu. Yuan Gu was Yuan Feilu's nephew and he was brought by Yuan Feilu into Tian Ji Sect. My master told me that even though Sect Head Yan had a good disposition, he didn't really care about the sect matters, which was why the sect became very messy. On the other hand, Yuan Feilu's nephew Yuan Gu had exceptional talent, his cultivation rose at startling rates. Because of his relationship with Yuan Feilu, he could even gain access to the most secretive places in the sect.

    Following Yuan Gu's rise in power, his desires began to expand. He secretly got rid of the loyal elders that opposed him. Eventually, 90% of the upper echelons of Tian Ji Sect were his men. There was one time that Tian Ji Sect was accepting disciples and a female disciple with exceptional talent and gorgeous beauty was taken in. Yuan Gu had his eyes on her but that girl's principles were very strong and she rejected Yuan Gu. In his anger, Yuan Gu extracted her soul and refined it.

    He never expected that Sect Head Yan would actually chance upon this scene. Sect Head Yan was enraged and immediately wanted to kill Yuan Gu. However, Yuan Gu's wings had already hardened; with the help of several elders, he surrounded and killed Sect Head Yan. After Sect Head Yan died, Yuan Gu became the sect head of Tian Ji Sect. If not for a gratitude from Tian Ji Sect, my master would have already left Tian Ji Sect. She never thought that she would still die in Yuan Gu's hands."

    Su Rou'Er explained the entire story at a single go. Because she started to reminisce her master, her voice started to choke.

    "No wonder why they would defend Yu Ao. So it's an entire gang of snakes," Mo Wuji sneered.

    Actually Mo Wuji was thoroughly disappointed in Tian Ji Sect. But after he heard Su Rou'Er's words, his idea to rebuild Tian Ji Sect was re-ignited. If the guess of the first Tian Ji Sect Head was right, then he would also fulfil the criteria.

    The cultivation world's Tian Ji Sect had been completely destroyed and he was the one who rebuilt it. If he also rebuilt the Immortal World's Tian Ji Sect, then wouldn't he fulfil Sect Head Yuan Yi's first conclusion about opening the map?

    "It is exactly because of this that I plead senior to rebuild Tian Ji Sect. I don't wish for Tian Ji Sect to end up in the hands of a person like Yuan Gu." Su Rou'Er's voice was filled with anticipation, as well as a hint of imploration.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "The three of you can stay in my Tian Ji Pill Court. No one here would dare to touch my pill house. I have an urgent matter which requires me to leave, it will take two to three years. When I return, I would rebuild Tian Ji Sect."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's promise about rebuilding Tian Ji Sect, Su Rou'Er and co. were incomparably emotional.


    Two days later, Mo Wuji concocted large amounts of low grade pills and handed them to Dou Hualong, then he left Sharphorn Immortal Ruins with Lin Gu.

    Most of the transfer arrays in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins were to the Broken World. Thus, Mo Wuji and Lin Gu had to take a flying ship to Yong Ying Immortal Domain before taking another transfer array.

    The moment Mo Wuji entered the flying ship, he immediately formed seals and handed the ship over to Lin Gu to control. He wasn't going to cultivate, nor practise with pills. With his current pill standards, he didn't even need any last minute grinding. He wanted to refine the two pages of the Book of Luo. Even if he couldn't refine both of them, he would try to refine one.

    In Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, he was the Branch Elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. Those with higher cultivations than him also wouldn't dare to touch him. For example, that Fu Zhensong had a higher cultivation but he still had to bow to Mo Wuji.

    However, the moment he left Sharphorn Immortal Ruins and entered some remote area, no one would recognise who he was. If he had another clash with a Grand Yi Immortal like Fu Zhensong, that Grand Yi Immortal would probably try to kill him straight away.

    Mo Wuji had personally experienced the greatness of the Book of Luo. Now that he had plenty of time and he had two pages of the Book of Luo, he would be an idiot to not refine it.

    Even though he already knew that refining the Book of Luo would be difficult, he only knew exactly how difficult it was when he actually started doing it; an entire month passed but he had only scratched the surface.

    Half a year passed. Mo Wuji estimated that he had refined 10% of one of the pages at the very most. At this point, he received a message from Lin Gu that they had already arrived at one of Yong Ying Immortal Domain's fringe cities, Long Sun Immortal City.

    Mo Wuji kept the two pages of the Book of Luo and sighed with emotion. With his current cultivation, he would need close to ten years just to refine one of the pages. And this was if nothing went wrong. If a problem arose, then the time would extend indefinitely.

    However, after refining 10% of the first page, Mo Wuji was especially clear of the Book of Luo's value. Because he didn't refine it much, he still didn't know the attack capabilities of the Book of Luo. However, there was one point that he was sure of, the defensive capabilities of his Book of Luo was multiple times stronger than that chopping board.

    Seeing Mo Wuji emerge, Lin Gu kept the immortal equipment and asked, "Brother Mo, there's a transfer array to Yong Ying Immortal City here. Should we gather some news from Long Sun Immortal City, or head directly to Yong Ying Immortal City?"

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say, "Naturally, we would first go to Yong Ying Immortal City. The alchemy competition is only a few months away but we still don't know anything about how we could take part in the competition."

    "Alright, then we would immediately go to the transfer array and head to Yong Ying Immortal City," Lin Gu said promptly.

    In her eyes, as long as Mo Wuji was a cultivator of Yong Ying Immortal Domain, then it would be extremely easy to take part in the competition.
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