Chapter 541: Hello Wen Lianxi

    Chapter 541: Hello Wen Lianxi

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    Most of the Yong Ying Immortal City's transfer arrays were built outside the Yong Ying Immortal City itself. When Mo Wuji and Lin Gu walked out of the transfer array, the area outside the Yong Ying Immortal City was overcrowded with people.

    When he first arrived at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, Mo Wuji felt that the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins was the most crowded cultivation city he had ever seen. Presently, the number of people outside the Yong Ying Immortal City was no less than the number of people in the Sharphorn Immortal City. Mo Wuji was well aware that this was only because of the upcoming alchemy competition. The moment this competition ended, the numbers in the Yong Ying Immortal City would decrease rapidly. The difference between the Yong Ying Immortal City and Sharphorn Immortal Ruins would be that the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins would always be overcrowded.

    Another difference between the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins and the Yong Ying Immortal City would be that while Mo Wuji was standing outside of the Yong Ying Immortal City, he could already feel a type of emperor aura from this city. The Yong Ying Immortal City was evidently much more majestic than the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    With violet energy shrouding the area, two ethereal jade pillars under neon lights looked extremely grand. Normally, there would at most be two guards at the entrance of an average immortal city. However, in front of the Yong Ying Immortal City's entrance stood two teams of immortal guards. They were all wearing the same apparels, carrying the same magic treasure and looked imposing.

    Mo Wuji and Lin Gu walked into the immortal city and there seemed to be even more people on the inside than the outside. In a overcrowded place like this, accommodations must be really tough to find.

    Mo Wuji wasn't worried because as long as he could find the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, he would have plenty of accommodations readied for him. However, Mo Wuji had no intention of doing so yet because his main priority would be to find out how to register to participate in the alchemy competition.

    "Big Brother Mo, where are we heading to now? Are we going to find the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance?" Lin Gu's trip here was solely to accompany Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "No, I will go take a look at which powerhouses will be participating... Wait, I see a familiar figure. Wait for me while I go say hi."

    Lin Gu noticed two women in front of them so when Mo Wuji said this, she guessed that it should be these two women. She hesitated for a while before saying, "My master was pretty infamous here so why don't I go look for a place to settle down and wait for you to call for me?"

    Mo Wuji pondered for a moment before agreeing. He knew that Lin Gu's purpose was simply to accompany him and that Lin Gu had nothing to do with his participation in this alchemy competition.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji handed Lin Gu his reputable elder's identity token, "If you couldn't find a place, look for the the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance and say that you're looking for a resthouse for me."

    Lin Gu knew that there was no reason for her to stand on any ceremony at times like this so all she did was to accept the token, thanked Mo Wuji and then bid goodbye.

    Mo Wuji took a few steps forward and walked towards a tall lady in a blue dress before clasping his fists and said, "Greetings senior sister, I wonder how Senior Sister Wen Lianxi is doing now?"

    Mo Wuji had no idea what this tall lady's name was but he recognised that back when Wen Lianxi saved his life, this tall lady in blue was standing beside her.

    One reason why Mo Wuji came forward to greet her was indeed because he wanted to thank Wen Lianxi. The second reason was because Mo Wuji wanted to find out which powerhouses that were participating in the alchemy competition were still lacking in pill refiners. Mo Wuji just arrived here so he didn't even know anyone here.

    "You are?" This tall lady was held up by Mo Wuji so she simply stopped and looked at Mo Wuji in doubt.

    "My name is Mo Xinghe," Mo Wuji was a little awkward as he didn't expect her to not remember him at all. Even though this woman had beautiful eyes, she used her spiritual will to scan Mo Wuji's storage bag back then which resulted in Mo Wuji's not-so-good impression of her.

    "Ah, I remember you now. I really didn't expect you to be here in the Yong Ying Immortal City, this is..."

    This woman didn't continue her sentence but Mo Wuji could probably guess what she wanted to say which is how unbelievable it was to see him here. As for changing his name from Mo Wuji to Mo Xinghe, this woman didn't find it strange because she probably didn't even remember his name from the onstart.

    "Yes, yes that's me and I really wanted to thank Senior Sister Wen for saving me. May I ask if she is here in the Yong Ying Immortal City too?" Mo Wuji said while smiling.

    Mo Wuji still had very good impressions of Wen Lianxi and even though he had no idea why she even took back a pill furnace from him in the end, Mo Wuji didn't really put it to heart.

    He wasn't the type of narrow minded person to only remember the bad sides of people. Furthermore, the pill furnace originally belonged to Wen Lianxi so she had every right to take back what was her's. Just based on the fact that Wen Lianxi saved his life once, Mo Wuji was already extremely grateful. Additionally, after she no longer needed his help, there was no need for her to help him detoxify the toxin in him but she did it anyway. More ruthless cultivators would never do what she did or at least, they wouldn't even take the initiative to help him in the first place.

    The blue dressed woman calmed herself down before saying faintly, "Senior Sister Wen is doing fine so you don't have to worry. I still have something on so I can't continue chatting with you."

    As she finished her sentence, she signalled to the woman beside her and left immediately.

    Mo Wuji's mouth remained wide open at the rude actions of this woman. Following which, Mo Wuji shook his head because without mentioning that he looked extremely ordinary now, even if he was wearing majestic clothings, she probably wouldn't regard him highly. There were numerous people in this world like her so Mo Wuji didn't mind at all.

    There was still some time before the alchemy competition so Mo Wuji decided to head to a resthouse to find out more news about Zuo Yixian or Cang Heng. If Zuo Yixian and Cang Heng made it back alive, they would definitely visit the Yong Ying Immortal City upon hearing about it in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Back in the Broken World, he had helped them massively so he was confident that getting a slot for him to participate in the competition shouldn't be too unreasonable.


    "Wenhui, that person knew Lianxi?" After leaving far away from Mo Wuji, the woman beside the woman in a blue dress asked.

    The blue dressed woman replied, "He is a rogue cultivator from the Corner of Yong Ying and Lianxi saved his life out of good will back then. At that time, he should only be in the Earthly Immortal Stage and I really didn't expect him to be that capable to advance into a Heavenly Immortal in just a few years time. On top of that, he even managed to come to the Yong Ying Immortal Domain from the Corner of Yong Ying."

    "But I feel that he looks very ordinary and I couldn't even feel a tinge of spirituality from him. A person like this can advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage?" The other woman asked doubtfully.

    The blue dressed woman answered, "He probably got really lucky but I suggest we leave a person like this alone. Back then, it was because Lianxi helped him that he managed to make use of her... Jiying, we have reached."

    As the two spoke, they reached a entrance of an extremely high grade hall. The two of them took out their name cards and there was already someone guiding them in. The hall was already filled with over 40 to 50 people and about 80% of the people there were females. Beside everyone was a fragrant immortal fruit and immortal wine. Everyone was simply chatting casually or sitting down and enjoying the wine with each other.

    "Wenhui, I was about to send a message to you and I certainly didn't expect you to have reach so early," A soft voice could be heard from a young woman in a faint green dress.

    "Lianxi, you've gotten skinnier again," The woman in blue said helplessly.

    Even though this woman in a faint green dress was not wearing any veil, Mo Wuji would definitely be able to recognise her as Wen Lianxi if he was here.

    Wen Lianxi smiled but didn't say anything while the other woman chuckled and said, "Lianxi is troubled because of love and I really wonder who would be this fortunate to be able to be on Lianxi's mind. Oh yes, we even met an admirer of Lianxi on our way here earlier on. He was even asking about you and if it wasn't for Wenhui, he might have followed us all the way here."

    "Who is it?" Wen Lianxi asked casually.

    The woman in blue dress replied, "It was that rogue cultivator we met many years ago in the Corner of Yong Ying. The Mo guy who kept boasting about him being a Pill Monarch?"

    As she said this, the woman in blue dress couldn't help but chuckled, "Maybe that fella heard about this Yong Ying Immortal Domain Pill Alchemy Competition and is preparing to participate in it..."

    "Ah..." Following this, Wen Lianxi glared and grabbed at the woman in blue, "Wenhui, where did he go? Hurry, tell me now."

    Wen Lianxi spoke so anxiously that her words couldn't even be heard clearly. Her anxious tone and trembling hands were evidence of how unstable her emotions were.

    "Lianxi, you..." Wenhui looked suspiciously at Wen Lianxi.

    "Wenhui, hurry up and tell me now," Wen Lianxi was so impatient that she almost cried out.

    Seeing how anxious Wen Lianxi was, Wenhui didn't dare to ask anymore as she replied, "Earlier on, Jiying and I met him on the streets and he called out for me to ask about you. I didn't bother about him and he didn't continue pestering me..."

    Wenhui hadn't complete her sentence and Wen Lianxi had already rushed out.

    Wen Lianxi was so desperate she wished her spiritual will could scan through this entire place. However, in this place streets that were further away would be obstructed by some spiritual will restrictions.

    A slightly familiar back view flashed across her spiritual will and following which, that back view entered a resthouse by the street. Wen Lianxi's heart which already beating very quickly started to jump around wildly as she hurried to that resthouse. She totally didn't consider if her actions were embarrassing or appropriate.

    In the years that Wen Lianxi had lived, she didn't recall herself ever being so excited.

    Many people entered and left the resthouse constantly so Wen Lianxi's eyes swept across the entire hall once. The moment she saw a familiar figure at the corner of the hall, tears started to form uncontrollably at the corner of her eyes.

    In just a few steps, she dashed forward and stood in front of Mo Wuji.

    "You..." Mo Wuji saw Wen Lianxi standing in front of him and even though this was a face he had never seen before, he felt a deep sense of familiarity in her.

    In just a few moments' time, Mo Wuji recognised her and realised that the person standing in front of him was the woman she had been asking about earlier on. He didn't expect that Wen Lianxi would appear right in front of him when he was still searching for her.
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